Goff Caye Beach Break with Snorkeling

April 14, 2020
This trip was AMAZING!!!!! The Island is the most beautiful place you will ever go to, it is in the middle of no where and looks like a dream. We snorkeling right off of the shore line. We walked pretty far out and the water was not be above out waist, my sister is 5' 4" and I am 5' 8". The water is crystal clear and you can see everything, lots of coral and colorful fish to see. While we were there there was at most 50 people on the Island. There are chair there but they charge $10 per chair and tell you that you will get $3 off any order from their small snack bar. There is also a table as their gift store. The meeting place was easy to find (at pier 4), anyone on the port will show you where to go. The boat ride was faster than you think. The only problem with the boat is that you need to be able to step up and down about a foot and a half off of the seat inside of the boat to the pier. I will do this day trip again in a heart beat!!!!
Reviewer: D. Adams
5 Stars
Small Island
March 13, 2020
Goff Caye Beach is a tiny private island with two restaurants. The island is beautiful, however upon arriving on the beach everyone who went to a beach chair and told the use of the beach chair was $10.00 per chair. Food also seemed somewhat expensive. Everyone encountered on the tour was soliciting for tips.
Reviewer: Daniel Beltz
4 Stars
Tiny Island -- Rocky Beach
December 30, 2019
Not much to it. Walked in water with rocks.
Reviewer: Dave H.
3 Stars
Loved it
November 17, 2019
Beautiful island, great food and drinks on the island. Lots of small colorful fish for snorkeling. Best ceviche there! Boat ride out there was fun
Reviewer: Melanie Otillio
5 Stars
October 07, 2019
5 Stars
Great Day in Belize
August 29, 2019
This island is really beautiful, and was probably my favorite beach we visited on our cruise. It is rocky, so I recommend having water shoes available. Gilbert and our other guides were friendly and made us feel safe despite us having to outrun a thunderstorm on the way back to Belize. We had a group of 5 ranging in ages from 4 to 63, and everyone enjoyed their day. Several of us opted to just relax on the beach versus snorkeling. We did not eat while we were on the island, but the people that did seemed to really enjoy the lobster tails.
Reviewer: Megan H
5 Stars
Awesome Excursion
July 13, 2019
Great day. Snorkeling was very good. The Island was beautiful and peaceful. It was a small group so that was a plus. We ate lobster tail for lunch and it was $8 with your drinks. We have been on a lot of excursions & this is at the top of the list.
Reviewer: Mike
5 Stars
good crew
June 19, 2019
We visited Roatan, Honduras first and the reef was beauftiful. No hurricane hit thereso, everything was clear and undisturbed. This excursion was great and quaint although the reef was hit. The food and beverage served was delicious. The crew was attentive and broke us down in groups for better viewing and experiences.
Reviewer: Karen J Martin
4 Stars
May 15, 2019
beautiful location relax at beach then snorkel got to hold a starfish (feathered?)Found a conch shell got to bring it to boat back to island rum punch relax enjoy could do it everyday
Reviewer: Mary
5 Stars
April 04, 2019
The staff were very knowledgeable and took your safety very seriously. The water was a little rough that day and the current was a little strong however did see some fish and the water was beautiful but the girl wasn't too plentiful right there. The island is tiny but very clean they had a great lunch you could select from I had the shrimp and thrush on the grill and that comes with a drink. I bought the fresh coconut with rum in it and then they added more rum since I didn't get a regular drink with my meal. Would recommend it
Reviewer: Carol Blancato
4 Stars
Interesting Experience
March 31, 2019
After we tendered in to shore, we took about a 35 minute ride in another boat to the 1.2 acre island in the middle of the ocean, Goff Caye. The staff were really great. There is a bathroom on site and change area. There is also two canteens to purchase food (bring cash with you, no interact machines here). The snorkel was pretty good, I just wish we had more time to snorkel. The guides (1 guide per 8 people) were very professional and aware of where everyone was when in the water, safety was first. We were in the middle of the ocean, drifting over the reef and the guides were very diligent in making sure everyone in their group stayed close. Over all it was a good excursion, we just wished we could have spent more time snorkelling over the reef.
Reviewer: Tim Blom
4 Stars
Goff Caye
March 22, 2019
this was Awesome. I recommend you do this.
Reviewer: linda sorrow
5 Stars
A fabulous snorkel trip!
March 04, 2019
During our ride out we seen dolphins. the captain turned around and circled the dolphins so we could all see them and get pictures. I feel that is a nice gesture. They really want to deliver a truly enjoyable experience. the 2 adult and 1 baby dolphin were a bonus to get to see. The boat stopped on the island and if you didnt want to snorkel, you can lounge there, or stay on the boat to go to the snorkel spot. We get to snorkel. it was rough waters for us. We seen some fish, although i expected more. However the coral alone, with all the magnificent colors was unbelievable to see. Made up for seeing only a handful of species of fish. Then we went back to island to relax and we ordered the lobster lunch. We paid $10 for 2 lobster tails and rice with coleslaw. The lobsters were very good, an excellent lunch after your workout of snorkeling. Rum punch was Awesome too!
Reviewer: Deanna Hiller
5 Stars
belize excursion
February 28, 2019
We went to an amazing little island to snorkel and sunbathe. The boat ride was fun, the staff was also fun and friendly. We enjoyed the trip and would recommend to anyone.
Reviewer: Tracie
5 Stars
Highly, highly recommend!
February 16, 2019
This excursion exceeded our expectations. We hopped aboard a motorboat and enjoyed the 20-minute ride to Goff Caye. What a great spot! The beach and water were beautiful. There are chairs and picnic benches and plenty of shady palm trees. The two restaurants on the island sell beverages and freshly prepared food, we happened to ask if they had any fresh fish and ended up with mouth watering red snapper that had been caught that morning. Once we arrived at Goff Caye we took a short break and then those who were interested headed back out in the boat for a snorkel excursion. We had two professional guides and they were awesome. The snorkeling was fantastic. One thing we loved about this excursion, it was a relatively small group (approx. 25?). The island is very small and it did not feel like a typical cruise ship excursion, which is exactly what we wanted!
Reviewer: Ashley Lemons
5 Stars
Best Excursion Ever!
February 14, 2019
This excursion was perfect in every way. The guides/staff are so friendly. Jordan(was our bartender) was freaking such a rockstar. The island is beautiful....great lobster tails and Ice cold rum punch. Goff's Cay is literally my favorite place on earth and I recomend it to everyone
Reviewer: Lonnie Glickman
5 Stars
So fun!
May 21, 2018
We had so much fun! My first time snorkling! I definitely will do it again. The whole trip was great. I can’t remember the instructors name but he was awesome. The food was good. Just a perfect day!
Reviewer: Terena Callaway
5 Stars
Happy customer
May 14, 2018
Great excursion to a tiny island with all you need. Plenty of staff, a long boat ride from shore in safe powerboat, great snorkeling in crystal clear waters accompanied by guides. A couple of restaurants and vendors with great food and cheaper drink prices than on shore. This was the highlight of our cruise, we would go back if the opportunity arises.
Reviewer: Guy
5 Stars
Nice break
May 14, 2018
A paradise island. Small and not to crowded. Beer and food at an affordable price. Nice for swimming. Didn't do snorkeling but friend of us did and apparently very nice. Take at least half hour to get there. Recommended
Reviewer: Guy Marois
4 Stars
Best Last Minute Excursion Ever!!
February 16, 2018
From the minute we got onto the small speed boat that took us to Goff Caye I could tell that the crew was professional!! every one of the crew was very knowledgeable and inviting! you could tell that they were excited to be bringing us to their "office" and I must say that "the office" was the best I had ever seen, yes the island was a bit small and we had to flush the toilets with water from a bucket that was taken from the ocean but they made us feel so at home from the time they picked us up to the time they dropped us off. the crew treated us with respect and looked out for our safety for the duration of the excursion. these people are the best in the business and they will take great care of you if you chose this excursion!! thanks to the entire crew for the wonderful experience!! keep crushing it!!
Reviewer: Patrick C.
5 Stars
Stunning Island
January 22, 2018
Picture perfect island. Excellent snorkeling. (should be a fair swimmer as it is a long snorkel)
Reviewer: Kerry
5 Stars
A perfect excursion
January 16, 2018
We LOVED this one. In fact, I think it was one of my favorites of the whole trip. When our planned caving excursion was overbooked and we got bumped we looked for a replacement. This sounded simple but it was a great time! Fun boat ride out to the island, snorkling around and then up on shore for local music and food. We grabbed lunch and sat in the sand for a perfectly relaxing afternoon. It felt really special and I would seriously consider it again. Definitely recommended!
Reviewer: Jennifer Boles
5 Stars
Very memoriable shore trip
January 10, 2018
Goff Caye island is stunningly beautiful with white sand and blue water, amazing reef deep down in the water. I was so afraid of jump into the water. The tour guides refused to leave me alone on the boat. Two men on the boat held my hands while I descend into the water and a third man standing in the water waiting to catch me. I was able to jump then held the guide's hand and his floating device for over 20 minutes until I was completely comfortable to snorkel on my own. I got to enjoy the beautiful view of the reef in all kinds of shape: tree, shrub, mushroom, Joshua. after that I got to sit in the middle of the crystal blue water enjoying warm sunlight and gentle sea breeze while the guide delivered the barbecue lobster to my hands. The whole experience was just so warm, loving and touching. I wish I could stay there longer than 3 hours. Thank you all for your wonderful guidance and your beautiful island. God bless you and your country you are all so proud of.
Reviewer: Annie Xie
5 Stars
The BEST excursion for families!
December 18, 2017
This was by far one of the BEST excursions I have ever taken. Grandma and grandpa were able to relax by the beach with their 4 toddler grandchildren while the rest of us went snorkeling. The island is in the middle of the ocean with no one else around has the most beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. The sand bar was perfect and safe for the little ones while some locals grilled awesome lobster and chicken kabobs. The snorkeling was great even though we didn’t see too many fish but lots of under water fans and corals and it was still amazing. The tour guides were amazing and I can’t wait to do this again in the near future. Worth every penny!
Reviewer: Natalia
5 Stars
Snorkeling done RIGHT!
October 23, 2017
This was an AWESOME experience! We went on a short boat ride (passing our ship) to get to the island and the water was so clear. 30 foot of water and you can see the bottom while you float over the reef. Our guide was very knowledgable and he didn't care if you stayed right up under him or strayed away to look around on your own. The only complaint is that we had to wait around the port for 2 hours until the excursion departed, so DON'T rush to be on the first tender. Sleep an extra hour, eat a good breakfast, and then tender into Belize. Other than rushing to be on the first tender, this was an amazing trip! And it is very laid back once you get done snorkeling and can lay around the beach and swim and enjoy the good rum punch they provide for you!
Reviewer: Jeremy Hilley
5 Stars
Snorkeling in Paradise
September 13, 2017
Beautiful island, not a rushed day but back to the cruise ship in plenty of time. Food available for purchase was delicious. Clear water, warm, great people showing you a new world underwater!! Would recommend it!
Reviewer: April Mills
5 Stars
Beautiful beach and so much Fun!!!
May 26, 2017
My wife and I took this awesome Excursion!! The best snorkeling experience by far. The water is crystal clear and the guides were friendly and even snorkeling with everyone in small groups. The rum punch was flowing and the chicken, rice, and bean was amazing. We will take this trip over and over again!!!
Reviewer: Robert M.
5 Stars
Great Day
January 26, 2017
Loved this island! Would have enjoyed a bit more time on the island after snorkeling because it was so nice. Food and drink was great! We had 4 children ages 4-12, everyone enjoyed. Everyone on the boat and island were great!
Reviewer: Tara Brown
5 Stars
Good trip
January 21, 2017
Overall a good time but the roundtrip boat ride took longer than expected. Once we were there, it was a good time.
Reviewer: Daniel Salazar
4 Stars
Perfect little island, but get there early!
January 19, 2017
Tendering from ship, to shore, to island, back to shore, back to ship is a process for sure, but island is adorable and water was perfect. We were first boat there so we could grab a picnic table...it gets busy! Place your BBQ order with Hugh so your food is ready when you are. Don't drink too many free rum drinks...people were getting sick on ride back!
Reviewer: jkrouse
4 Stars
Must go adventure
December 29, 2016
Without a doubt are favorite stop on our cruise was Belize and the excursion was top notch was favorite activity that we did the water and snorkeling was amazing the food on the island was cheap but better then any food we had the whole vacation the crew was very friendly and helpful recomme do to everyone and would hire the main guide privately if we had got his info very passionate about what he did
Reviewer: Dalton lipscomb
4 Stars
Amazing Excursion!!
December 12, 2016
This excursion was easy to find the meeting point after our tender to shore, and all was well-organized. The high-speed boat ride was a blast, and we took a great video passing our cruise ship at high speed! The island itself was amazing!! Very beautiful waters and sand, and truly was like a paradise / oasis in the middle of the ocean! The pictures you take here are simply amazing and will likely be some of the best on your trip! Snorkeling starts soon after arrival, and one word of caution is it is fairly strenuous and lengthy as you do snorkel your way from where the boat repositions all the way to the beach. I'm in good shape and was fairly winded by the end. I probably would have been OK with skipping the snorkeling, although we did see a moon jelly fish! All in all, however, this gets 5 stars and was our favorite excursion on the trip! As for food, the grilled lobster tails and lobster kabobs were awesome, as well as the rum punch!
Reviewer: Andy
5 Stars
Beautiful little island
December 07, 2016
What a wonderful little piece of paradise Goff's Cay was. The island was small, but plenty big enough for the amount of people. The beach was beautiful, water crystal blue and the lunch with two grilled lobster tails was great. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the rum punch and sunshine. I recommend this excursion for those who love beaches.
Reviewer: Susan Reis
5 Stars
Goff Caye Beach Break With Snorkeling
November 30, 2016
Loved the island and the snorkeling was really good. One of our guides Matthew was nice enough to sit near us on the boat trip to the island and talk about the culture of the island. He was so information it was really fun. I did not like that we had to rent lounge chairs. But otherwise I really liked this excursion.
Reviewer: Evelyn Dumke
5 Stars
Beautiful Oasis!
November 25, 2016
This excursion surprised us with how much we loved it! It started out on a boat ride past our tendered cruise ships to this acre of island that was in the middle of nowhere. We were the first to get to this island and it was breathtaking. The snorkeling happened on the outer rim of the island where a boat will drop you off and you snorkel back to the beach. The coral was one of the most beautiful. They served food for a fee and most importantly complimentary rum punch, be sure to tip as they work hard to make that punch. We recommend to bring an umbrella for shade as there are no chairs but the ones in the water that are hard to come by. Dont forget your water shoes, the rocks are shallow and sharp! The boat ride is long and loud but worth the wait! A must see!
Reviewer: Lorraine Magney
5 Stars
Beautiful location
November 10, 2016
This little island was gorgeous and definitely little. You do have to tender to the port first and then shuttle out to the island, but from the ooh's and ahh's heard by everyone as we arrived - I would say most thought it was worth it. There were a lot of us, but they put us into small snorkeling groups with a very knowledgable guide. We even saw a manatee swim right beneath us!
Reviewer: jonnaev
5 Stars
November 05, 2016
My family and I are getting ready to go this cruise and want to do this excursion. Is it cheaper to book right from the cruise ship or on the site here? Thoughts?
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Very good
September 28, 2016
My wife and our group of travelers thought this was well done and enjoyable. The Island was fun and not too crowded at the time. The food for purchase was excellent even if a little pricey. The worst I can say about this excursion is it ended too soon.
Reviewer: Norman Pfister
4 Stars
Goff Caye Beach Break with Snorkeling
August 10, 2016
The guides were great! It was sad to have to get to port and wait so long for the trip to start. The snorkeling and island was awesome, we had lightning come in and had to cut the snorkeling short, but it was worth it!
Reviewer: Lori
5 Stars
August 05, 2016
Fun excursion and well worth the time and expense. Island was laid back and fun. Yes, there were a lot of others there, but it did not interfere with our fun. The chicken was excellent! Snorkeling was fun and the guides very capable and safety conscious!
Reviewer: Kari Manning
5 Stars
a slice of paradise
July 13, 2016
this little island is a lost paradise, we booked a snorkeling excursion while we were on the cruise, and it was amazing...the team made sure we had a great time, very professional, I would recommend this to anyone...best snorkel I have ever experience... thank you for the amazing day spent on Goff Caye
Reviewer: annalisa
5 Stars
June 03, 2016
Met at end of Port and brought to waiting area ( very smooth) Quick 20-30 min boat ride to island (exciting ride past the ship) Fun snorkeling then relaxed on beach, had great BBQ chicken and FREE rum punch
Reviewer: Don and Donna
5 Stars
Great experience!
June 01, 2016
The crew was very helpful! The island was pristine! The coral and fish were plentiful! Water was warm and clear. Grilled chicken available to purchase and the crew gave us free spiked punch!
Reviewer: Michelle M.
5 Stars
We would definately book this excursion again !
May 23, 2016
Very attentive,had a great time! food was delicious!! Cant wait to do it again!
Reviewer: Brad the builder
5 Stars
This was the best! Would Definitely recommend!
May 04, 2016
This was our first official snorkeling adventure and my youngest is 5! At the pier, we easily located a representative who had our names on a list and escorted us directly to the desk to check in. We were one of the last to arrive because of the tender process. Be sure to leave early! The shuttle boat takes us out to the private island where the waters are gorgeous!! The island is not developed so you pick your spot as stated to hang out. There is a one stall bathroom for M/F each. We had about 30 minutes on the beach and then our shuttle boat took us out a bit to snorkel! The reef was breathtaking! Our guides fantastic! They especially helped us not so strong swimmers navigate around the area. Life preservers are used a floatation devices for everyone which made it easier for some of us. some only needed them as a tether. They provide water on the way back from snorkel. Great Time!!! Loved it! Loved it!!
Reviewer: Dee
5 Stars
great way to relax in the sun
May 03, 2016
great time to relax and enjoy the island.
Reviewer: Pat
5 Stars
Awesome beach!
April 28, 2016
Bring sunscreen; only a few shady spots. Expect to possibly use your towel to lie on so 2 towels would help. Bring water shoes. Wonderful beach but a few stones here and there. You can wade very far without going under water but shoes would definitely help so you dont cut your feet anywhere. Food/drink line can get long so don't wait to line up if you really need something to drink/eat.
Reviewer: Bonds love to travel
4 Stars
Nice snorkel/beach adventure
April 21, 2016
All in all a very nice excursion. Snorkeling was very good, and the island/beach was nice. The island was very small, and on the day we were there I would estimate 10 boats full of people were there. So it was fairly crowded. The biggest negative for us was that the ride from Belize was 35+ minutes in a boat that was very load and vibrated badly. On the way home we sat toward the front and that seemed to help.
Reviewer: Holly Springs Cruiser
5 Stars
April 19, 2016
This was an amazing excursion! Our own little island get-a-way. Snorkeling was off the charts. Guides are very informative and point out many sights. Food was surprisingly good. Went on a holiday so several islanders there. Very friendly!
Reviewer: Beverly
5 Stars
Waiting in line
April 13, 2016
The purchasing of the food was a little disorderly. Had to wait longer in line for the shrimp while my chicken kabobs got cold.
Reviewer: padamc
4 Stars
March 25, 2016
Reviewer: Mur
5 Stars
Fantastic day snorkeling in paradise
February 22, 2016
This excursion was fantastic. The crew, especially Leon was very fun and informative, made the 30 minute boat ride go by quickly. The island was beautiful and the snorkeling was great, including the barracudas we saw. The waves were a little difficult at some times but it was my sons first time snorkeling and he had a great time so they couldn't have been that bad. We used our own snorkel and masks but that's just us. Bring a little $$ because the chicken on the island was great with the Belikin after the snorkel. We did have an issue with the tender to Belize City in that we were delayed due to weather and if we had waited to get the tender we were assigned we would have missed the excursion. Luckily when wandering around the cruise ship we found the tender area and were able to get on an earlier tender reserved just for people who booked Royal Caribbean excursions.
Reviewer: Lori
4 Stars
I would go here again
February 09, 2016
Reviewer: Sallly Moffits
5 Stars
Fantastic Excursion!!!!!
February 04, 2016
This excursion was absolutely fabulous. The guides were exceptional, the snorkeling was great & the guide was very attentive to all guests making sure they were comfortable with the gear, in the water, & during the !rest period on the island. Can't say enough good things about this excursion
Reviewer: JDU
5 Stars
awesome time
January 28, 2016
Would of liked a list of what was available and cost (didn't bring enough $). Other than that my husband and I had a wonderful time and would do it again.
Reviewer: Tammy
4 Stars
Fabulous! Best Excursion Ever!
January 21, 2016
This was a great excursion. Going out to Geoff Caye was paradise. Would highly recommend.
Reviewer: colorado
5 Stars
Beautiful place
January 12, 2016
Beautiful but I got a jelly fish sting and the guides were of little help. They should be prepared for this.
Reviewer: busy mom
4 Stars
Excellent adventure
January 08, 2016
Lunch and island was phenomenal - Crew was very fun
Reviewer: Kelly and Tom
5 Stars
excellant snorkeling
January 07, 2016
Best snorkeling we ever experienced. Tons of fish. Beautiful coral reef. Terrific excursion. Great guides too.
Reviewer: the travelers
5 Stars
Professional and friendly folks doing this trip.
January 04, 2016
Good people running the show!
Reviewer: Dave
4 Stars
Beautiful Beach/ Great People
December 30, 2015
My friend and I purchased this excursion and both agree we will purchase every time we are in Belize. It was our first time snorkeling and the guides made us not so nervous about doing it. Everyone on the island was so friendly! The snorkeling was such an amazing experience, the water was absolutely beautiful. You could see straight down to the bottom! They have free rum punch for you after you complete your snorkel as well as lunch boxes, that include lobster, rice and corn for only $12!!
Reviewer: Taylor
5 Stars
Amazing experience!!
December 29, 2015
Will definitely be visiting Goff's Caye again!!!
Reviewer: Erica
5 Stars
Goff Caye Beach wonderful day!
December 22, 2015
Very nice crew and attentive to our wants and needs. Grilled lobster was some of the best as was the side dishes. Delightful day with a safe guide for snorkeling.
Reviewer: Mermaid 1 and Mermaid 2
5 Stars
Smallest island ever!
December 16, 2015
The island and waters were gorgeous! The took you out on the boat and you snorkel rd around the island . Coral reefs , colorful fish, blue waters , delicious grill chicken and lobster for reasonable price for lunch. Great day! My family loved it!!
Reviewer: Mj
5 Stars
Great fun!
August 13, 2015
This excursion was great fun for my husband and I! We both had an awesome time! The guides were very kind and helpful. They were also very knowledgeable about the sea life in the area. I wish I had spent a little more time on the beach (and less time in line for food!) My only suggestions would be for a few more picnic tables and a better-organized system for purchasing the food. There was a huge line when all the different excursion groups were there all at the same time. We had 15 minutes before our group was headed back and I still hadn't gotten food. Thankfully, one of our guides put me in the front of the line so we could eat before we had to go back. I don't know if EcoTours has any control over that though. But just be aware! I would definitely do this excursion again! Lots of fun and a gorgeous island to boot!!
Reviewer: momof5
4 Stars
Goff Caye Beach
July 29, 2015
We have tried several tours in Belize this far surpasses them!
Reviewer: mnrsmith
5 Stars
Great Snorkeling Tour!
May 28, 2015
I took this excursion as I was on a cruise and was referred by a friend. Was told the guides would be at the pier with signs, they were not I had to ask several people where to find the booth. The boat trip is .30 minutes to the island. Island is nice with beautiful clear water. Felt the tour was somewhat unorganized, as they make everybody get off the boat, people snorkeling get their equipment and get back on the boat. Giving out the equipment could have easily been given on the boat as like most excursions. People were confused and wondering around. The guides were knowledgeable and provide the rules before we got into the water. We were in groups of 6. however the guides were not consistent. Those who had Jeanine raved about their snorkel tour, and all the details she provided about what the fish were etc. My guide barely spoke and just made sure we were in our group. I would have wished all the guides provide info on fish etc. that would have been great. You snorkel for about 1.5h hours the water was getting very choppy which made it harder to swim. You swim back to shore and walk along a sandbar that has rocks, so make sure you wear water shoes, I wish I had them, but I didn't. They didn't tell you, you would be swimming back to shore. You snorkel around the entire small island. So many fish and reefs, it was AWESOME!!! I would go again. I just couldn't believe how many fish you actually do see, they were everywhere!! This is a must do. Free rum bunch at the end and you stay on the island for about an hour before heading back.
Reviewer: Kiule
4 Stars
Beautiful secluded island
May 07, 2015
Well organized , safe , fun and relaxing , no pressure snorkeling. Uncrowded , conditions in a beautiful clear water environment.......colorful fish and coral. Food offered was uninteresting and not much choice.
Reviewer: Steve
4 Stars
A Lot of Fun
April 07, 2015
Scenic 20 minute boat ride out to this beautiful little island, with white sand and palm trees. Spent over an hour snorkelling with a very helpful and educational guide followed by relaxing with cold beverages. Lots of cool fish, including barracudas. Would definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Eric
5 Stars
Gorgeous, Private Island
March 18, 2015
We loved this whole experience! The guides were great, very well organized. The snorkeling was beautiful and the private island was very relaxing.
Reviewer: Gringos
5 Stars
Great, well organized
March 10, 2015
The food was grilled by the locals. Usually they have lobsters but not this time. The chicken was good, but seafood would have been a better choice.
Reviewer: Nelsek
5 Stars
Paradise Island!!!
March 05, 2015
The Goff Caye excursion was fabulous! With a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable crew we had a perfect day on a small, stunning island with awesome snorkeling in the surrounding reef. It far exceeded our expectations and was a great value for the money. We booked with Shore Excursions because our cruise ship only offered a couple of snorkeling excursions in Belize and they were all booked up. So glad we found this wonderful alternative and we will definitely consider using this company again!
Reviewer: Vicki L
5 Stars
Nice Beach
February 25, 2015
Nice beach, a fairly long day with travel and tendering. Bring sunscreen and note the bathroom facilities are somewhat limited but available.
Reviewer: Capt. Matt
4 Stars
Breathtakingly Beautiful!
January 28, 2015
This was the neatest experience of my vacation! I was visiting Belize as part of a Carribean cruise, so was only there for a day stop. This isn't your top of the line resort retreat if that's what you're looking for, but it is the most beautiful, breathtaking setting I was in of all my stops! The island is very small, only 1.28 acres, but you are out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the most beautiful turquoise waters! I did the snorkeling adventure, and it was absolutely amazing! Our tour guide for the snorkel was Leon, and he was superb! You got to snorkel all the way around this little island, and he would stop us and point out different corals, fish, or other sea creatures and explain them to us. He was incredibly informative and it was neat to actually learn about what you were seeing. This experience gave you a true idea of what the Belize culture is about. There was a bathroom and changing room on the island, but other than that it was just two little huts with food,, arts, and crafts by locals. I can't even put into words the beauty of this location. And Leon was the greatest!! I would absolutely do this again and recommend it to anyone going to Belize!
Reviewer: PZoz
5 Stars
Beautiful Place - Paradise
January 26, 2015
This small Island was so beautiful and the longest guided snorkeling I have attended. Lots of fish and turtles. Would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Connection to Paradise - Julie
5 Stars
Fun despite poor weather
January 24, 2015
This group of guides were intent on showing us a good time! Speedboat ride out to the island took at least 30 minutes; the island is tiny. Snorklers were assigned in groups of 8 to a guide, who tried to point out what we were seeing. Hard for me, since my ears are under water and I want to use every minute to see what I can see! Lots of coral and a few really pretty fish. We had grey skies and rain for much of the tour, except during the actual snorkling (45 min. to an hour). After the snorkling, it poured rain, but the guides made STRONG rum punch, in unlimited amounts. The group became quite happy and the ride back to Belize City was quite merry.
Reviewer: Frona
4 Stars
Goff Caye December 2014
December 25, 2014
Awesome excursion. You take about a 30 minute boat ride to the island. It is literally about an acre large. It was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen! If you want to snorkel you meet back at the boat and they take you out into the reef. This was my first time snorkeling and I was nervous. One of the guides stayed with me until I felt comfortable on my own. It was beautiful. When you got back they had BBQ chicken or lobster which wasn't bad. Overall awesome excursion. Absolutely beautiful! Definitely something to see! Tour guides were great as well!
Reviewer: MW
5 Stars
November 15, 2014
We had a great time...nice ride out to the island! The staff was very well informed and very helpful with instructions and very attentive. We had a fabulous time snorkeling and enjoying the island. The food was delicious and ""Little island"" was so inviting and fun to explore and well kept and exceptionally clean!! *Oops*As I was exiting the water I accidently slipped and fell back into the water and sprained my wrist!! The tour guides were right on top of the situation and was helpful with a fist-aid kit! **Otherwise we had a GREAT TIME...do wish the sun had been out more to make the water more clear during snorkeling, but God is good and all things were Great!! Thank you for a wonderful time. The DeGlandon's Frisco, Texas P.S. **Wrist had Healed nicely!!
Reviewer: Marty
5 Stars
Goff Caye
August 25, 2014
Very nice, relaxing.
Reviewer: Jimmy
5 Stars
Great Experience
August 06, 2014
This was a really nice snorkel trip. There was a nice boat ride out to the little island. The island was awesome, the turquoise water was absolutely beautiful. The snorkel was good, but the day we were there, the water was a little murky. It was not as clear as has been other places, but that was not there fault, the guide I was talking to said the water was real clear the day before. As for the guides they were all great and pointing things out for us to see. The food was great and views were great.
Reviewer: Raazoos
5 Stars
beautiful and relaxing beach
March 11, 2014
The trip was overall very organized, relaxing and beautiful. Highly recommended
Reviewer: ktuk
5 Stars
great time
December 15, 2013
it was a good time beautiful island and snorkeling
Reviewer: tim
5 Stars
Good Snorkeling
December 11, 2013
Good guides and very accomodating. Friendly and made the trip out to the reef fun. The snorkeling was good although the reef was not as colorful as some we have seen. Lots of colorful fish, however.
Reviewer: DennisC
4 Stars
Great Day!
December 03, 2013
The only difficutl part was getting off the boat and to Belize. There was a huge line for a Tender and we were supposed to go early. Once we got off it turned out we had plenty of time. Despite the down pour of rain we still headed out. The weather cleared and we had a goregous day. The guides were great with snorkling. They didn't rush us through like they do on some excursions. They were fun. Rum punch was awesome!
Reviewer: LIZS
5 Stars
Something for everyone!
November 10, 2013
This was the best snorkeling excursion that I've ever taken. We started with a 12 mile speed boat trip to a private gov't owned island. Snorkel guides went into the water with us and stayed with our small group and pointed out interesting things. We then had rum punch & fresh cerviche on the island with an option to buy fresh grilled lobster for only $10. A lot of fun!! Crew on the boat and guides were all excellent.
Reviewer: Cruiser Dwight
5 Stars
Goff Caye Snorkell review
October 15, 2013
Raymond (one of the guides) went out of his way to not only make sure we had a good time snorkeling etc. but he also gave us some history about the country, culture etc. Very informative. You could tell he liked what he does.
Reviewer: Journeychris
4 Stars
Geat time
September 19, 2013
They should have taken us out further. I wanted to see more of the reef. And you don't need to ask for tips, you will get them if youre good.
Reviewer: Mrs.Jones
4 Stars
Goff Caye Review
August 08, 2013
This tour gave us a great opportunity to see the reef then we had the opportunity to purchased an excellent lunch.
Reviewer: Love Carnival
5 Stars
This was incredible
May 11, 2013
This was one of the best things I have ever done im my life. The crew was awesome, the scenery breathtaking and the guides reall seemed to want everyone to be safe and have a great time. I can't wait to do this again. One of my first time snorkeling and I felt like I was in great hands.
Reviewer: Sally the Snorkeler
5 Stars
Outstanding excursion
April 28, 2013
Outstanding trip... Would do it again. Great food on the island.
Reviewer: Ironman 140.6
5 Stars
Goff Caye great for families
April 27, 2013
Our family really enjoyed the snorkeling; 2 guides assisted our 5 and 9 year old daughters in the ocean. That really made the difference. It was their first ocean snorkel. Different than a dive pool! The underwater sights were interesting. Good variety of fish. The guides showed my 9 year old a ray. We enjoyed the professional and relaxed attitude of the personnel.
Reviewer: Beth
4 Stars
Beautiful island adventure
April 25, 2013
Great staff! Beautiful Island! It felt like our very own oasis!! Our tour guide Leon was awesome!!!!
Reviewer: Shannon
5 Stars
Excellent excursion
April 17, 2013
Tour company very well organized, timely. Ship crew engaged and friendly, definitely focused on pleasing the customers. The island is literally a spit of sand in the middle of the ocean, exactly as pictured. The snorkeling was not as great as we hoped it would be, we have done better, but the guide did his best to lure the barracudas closer. Didn't see much, but that's not the tour's fault. Great day all around, even the non-swimming grandma loved it, said it was the closest she would come anything that looked like Tahiti, and it did.
Reviewer: Sim
5 Stars
Goff Caye Excursion Spring Break
April 03, 2013
This is a great excursion. Amazing deal for the price. The guides are very experienced, funny and make sure you have fun. The food on the island was great. There are restrooms. The snorkling and the views are amazing.
Reviewer: ecurtner
5 Stars
"" Who knows what you will find""
April 03, 2013
The Goff Caye reef was beautiful. Lots of coral and fish to see. The guides did a great job !
Reviewer: Snorkel Bob
4 Stars
Small Taste of Island Paradise!!!
March 25, 2013
The snorkeling was really good, guides were well informed and showed us all kinds of things! Very patient with all, experienced through beginners. The island was a little, bitty place with a great beach, rum punch and fruit punch was included, and barbequed food was available for sale. Enjoyed the fact that our excursion had the island all to ourselves as we were the only boat there. Not crowded at all! Could be better organized to make best use of time. We seemed to spend a lot of time waiting and repeating efforts, so to speak.
Reviewer: Bebe
4 Stars
Best I ever had.
February 16, 2013
I loved the snorkeling the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. Came face to face with a 4' barracuda. Wife loved the family environment of the 2 hr beach time. No sellers of merchandise on the private beach. Guides went up the palm trees and brought us fresh coconut drinks.
Reviewer: B & C
5 Stars
Relaxing Get Away
January 28, 2013
The only thing we didn't like about this excursion was the office and check in procedures. After that, it was great!
Reviewer: Cruisin' Benson's
4 Stars
Beach break
January 08, 2013
It was a great experience and great value . Clean bathrooms, plenty of drinks to purchase, BBQ chicken, lobster to purchase but at good price. Water was awesome, lots of fish and coral. Our guides were very helpful and made for a great time. Of course you always have the complainers with whom you travel. We loved it!
Reviewer: my03vette
4 Stars
Simply wonderful
December 03, 2012
The people from the check in desk were very polite. The boat, transfer, and island personal treated you like family. We will be back and we look forward to our next excursion.
Reviewer: Wik the traveler
5 Stars
September 17, 2012
This island and surrounding waters is the most beautiful you could imagine. When snorkeling, the guides were good but it was up to us to stay with him. The waves were big, which made it more challenging (especially for young kids). I was a part of the underwater world, which was fascinating, without scuba diving. I loved it. Then relaxing on the island was paradise. I didn't want to leave.
Reviewer: SMH
5 Stars
Great tour
September 14, 2012
Had a great day ,The guide brough a lobster up and a star fish .lots of colourfull fish to see and we seen a sting ray. Meal was ok the rum punch was good.
Reviewer: Hammer
4 Stars
A must do if you're in Belize!
June 14, 2012
This was a fun excursion all around. The crew were a lot of fun and made the half hour boat ride to the island entertaining. Goff's Caye is a picturesque beach straight off of a postcard. We had fun both relaxing on the beach and snorkeling. Our guide was great and found lots of interesting things for us to see.
Reviewer: Mark
5 Stars
Had a great time
June 13, 2012
Had a fun time on this excursion. Island was smaller than we thought but all in all it was fun. The guides were great and we had freshly caught lobster and chicken cooked on the beach for lunch. Snorkeling was also very good.
Reviewer: Stew
5 Stars
Miles away from ordinary
June 03, 2012
The day started with some heavy rains, but we were still able to snorkel with excellent visibility. Snorkeling was great for first timers and those with some experience. The reef was beautiful and we even saw a barracuda near the drop-off point. The guides were very friendly and helpful (especially Leon!) and the beach was beautiful both in the rain and when the sun came out. The rum punch was also quite tasty, but don't forget to reapply your sunscreen!
Reviewer: Vince Vaughn and Co
5 Stars
May 22, 2012
5 Stars
May 14, 2012
Reviewer: ED B
4 Stars
Wonderful undersea beauty!
April 08, 2012
The snorkeling was fantastic! So many fish, so little time. The water was crystal clear and warm. The beach was also fantastic with marine life to be seen while wading in the water. The food was good. the guides were very experienced and made sure we were as safe as possible. The guides also made us feel very welcome to their country and treated us very well.
Reviewer: Baddog
5 Stars
Great Goff Caye Beach Break!
April 05, 2012
This was a fun excursion we took with about 20 of our high school seniors along with parents. The snorkeling was fun (not spectacular but safe) and the guides were very good. The island was very relaxing, secluded, and beautiful. The only bad part was that there was not enough food (for purchase) for all of the people on the excursion. The beer and punch, however, were plentiful. I would recommend possibly bringing your own food if you can. And the port at Belize is very clean and fun to hang around. All of us loved the guides, particularly Skinny. Thanks for a very memorable visit!
Reviewer: High School Mom
4 Stars
A small Island pardise
February 24, 2012
We enjoyed the boat ride to the island where they dropped me off to lay in sun while they took my husband out snorkeling. The boat ride was kind of long but we got to ask a lot of questions about the local life of Belize and staff were very helpful. The water around island was crystal clear aqua in color. Just amazing. BBQ chicken was delicious and enough to share. Would have liked to spent more time there. Maybe next time!
Reviewer: Marie the Cruiser
4 Stars
An excellent choice
December 22, 2011
The trip was everything and more than advertised. The amount of time spent snorkeling exceeded all of our previous excursions. The personnel in charge were quite experienced and not overbearing once we were in the water, even with safety being a primary concern. All in all, it was an exceptional day...the rum punch after the snorkeling was an added benefit that we weren't even aware of when initially scheduling the excursion.
Reviewer: Carol the beachcomber
4 Stars
Awesome Time!
November 25, 2011
Awesome Island!
Reviewer: Gerson Clarke
5 Stars
Goff's Caye is Beautiful
October 19, 2011
Had to change location of snorkel part of trip due to algae bloom and water was still not that clear. The stop at Goff Caye beach was beautiful and the pelicans kept us entertained!
Reviewer: Serialnan
4 Stars
Pure Paradise!! Don't miss it!
September 14, 2011
Great ""Rum punch"" and grilled lobster available on a ""paradise island"". Beautiful crystal clear waters in a relaxed atmosphere.Very friendly tour guides make the trip ""fun"".
Reviewer: Snorklers
5 Stars
Good time overall
August 14, 2011
Overall my boyfriend and I had a good time on this excursion. It was the first time snorkeling for both of us, and our guide Christa was very good. The island they boated us out to was BEAUTIFUL. The bathrooms were a little on the gross side, but you really can't complain too much, because they were definitely better than nothing. The boat ride to and from the island was about a half hour each way, which was a little tedious, but they did supply us with fresh water both ways. There are also some crafts and food you can buy on the island. It was all lobster tails and such, so as a vegetarian I couldn't eat any of it, but my boyfriend got some food and liked it. They also give you free rum punch, which was ok - don't expect top shelf stuff! My one complaint about this trip was how late it started - after getting off the cruise ship, we had to wait around for about two hours before we left for the island. All in all, all the tour guides were really nice, the island was beautiful, and the snorkeling was fun. Word to the wise though - SLATHER your entire backside in sunscreen, or you won't be able to sit down that night!
Reviewer: Rebecca
4 Stars
Loved it!! Beautiful!
July 15, 2011
The whole staff was wonderful. Very helpful, patient with my 11 yr old granddaughter. Loved the place would have liked more food variety
Reviewer: peggy
4 Stars
Fun in the Sun!
June 15, 2011
The staff was excellent! Very relaxing!!
Reviewer: Marybeth
5 Stars
These guys have it TOGETHER.!
May 25, 2011
This group had it together. The guys were so well trained. Ecological tours were the guys that met us where the tender docked. They tell you exactly what time to be at the boat and tell you the island time. You have a medic on board. That amazed me. We had Doc, Leon, Abel and his brother, and 4 other staff watching over us and 3 in the water with us. It was my first snorkle and doc and abel took my hand, taught me how to snorkle and showed me the beauty of the reef. It was amazing. A+++++ over and over for these guys. After the snorkle they take you to a very small white sand island beach for food and drink. They made the best rum punch ever and the water and island was so beatifully perfect. The bathroom needs a tad of repair but it had 1. I will do this again
Reviewer: Lgonehuntn
5 Stars
Quiet mini tropical island
May 20, 2011
The island provides me with the real feeling of how life would be if I should be lost on a tiny desertic island. The snorkeling tour was so so, but nothing exciting. I enjoyed the tranquility of the island.
Reviewer: Tina
4 Stars
May 13, 2011
A acre and a half island 12 miles off shore with white sand, blue water and palm trees. Do I need to say more?
Reviewer: BS
5 Stars
Pleasant excursion
April 21, 2011
This was a family excursion with 2 adults, 16yr. old, 13rd. old and 8 yr. old. Even our 8 yr. old enjoyed the snorkeling on the reef - except for the jellyfish stings. The reef wasn't as pretty or colorful as we had hoped - probably hurricane damage. the guides were accommmodating (except we left 30 min. late). Overall a nice choice.
Reviewer: na
4 Stars