Mayan Family and Seven Color Lagoon

Amazing Day
December 26, 2022
We had an amazing day with Rosie as our guide. Making tamales and tortillas from scratch was so much fun. You could see how much pride the family had in their craft and land. The seven color lagoon was beautiful and very relaxing. A perfect way to spend your day.
Reviewer: Laura Martinelli
5 Stars
December 18, 2022
We usually book our excursions through Royal Caribbean. We booked this through a private booking and it was by far the most enjoyable excursion. Rosie and her driver were amazing! It was so awesome to encounter authentic natives and experience cooking with them. The garden and food were amazing and the women were so hospitable. It is as others mentioned about a 10-15 min walk to the meeting point. I would definitely wear shoes/ sneakers as there is also some walking through a garden and the last part is a lagoon / beach resort for a drink and relaxation. This is truly a gem of an excursion!!!!
Reviewer: Lee
5 Stars
Amazing Excursion
December 01, 2022
Great excursion. Our guide and driver were extra special. Rosie explained everything as we went along and the Mayan family really showed us how to make tamales, etc. At the beach, Rosie and all the staff helped with everything. Whatever we needed, they were there. It was a beautiful day & a beautiful lagoon experience.
Reviewer: Jon Klein
5 Stars
A great family foodie experience
August 23, 2022
I will agree with another reviewer that it is a good walk from the port. I will say the port of Costa Maya is not easy to get out of. Once you are out the walk is not too bad. The excursion itself was great. Our guide was Selena and she was awesome. Very informative about the experience. After a 45 to 60 minute drive we arrived at our Mayan Family experience. We were shown how they take simple ingredients to make a great meal. We were taught how to make tortillas and made outselves a taco for an appetizer. We were then treated to a fantastic lunch feast. Afterwards we went to the 7 color lagoon. Unfortunately for us there a weather disturbance passing over the yucatan penninsula that day and the lagoon was not seen in all its glory. I highly recommend the Mayan Family Experience.
Reviewer: Kevin Chapman
5 Stars
Wonderful experience!
August 22, 2022
My family of 4 teenage children and husband all REALLY loved this tour! The tour van was brand new and modern. Our tour guide Rosie and driver were the best. We drove deep into the village and experienced real Mayan cooking. Rosie explained all the fruits and spice trees in their garden (cinnamon tree, all spice tree and vanilla bean) We got to make our own corn tortillas and tamalis. The full meal the women made us was so delicious. We then stopped at the 7 color lagoon which would have been nice th kayaks, tubes and drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) were included in the price. This was my family's favorite tour of our entire cruise trip! Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewer: Diana DiNenna
5 Stars
Mayan family and seven color lagoon
June 28, 2022
Really enjoyed spending time with and learning about the Mayan family
Reviewer: Allen Moser
5 Stars
May 17, 2022
The excursion company was awesome!! We didn’t know our clocks would switch to local time and we were late getting there our van had left but they had another driver take us to our van and they waited. The food and the ladies were awesome and Diego gave us such good info. The lagoon after lunch was amazing and it was a great day. Love that it was small and we had lots of personal attention.
Reviewer: laura potts
5 Stars
Memories for life
April 10, 2022
We had an incredible experience. The family was so kind. They taught us how to make traditional food. We had a feast. The food was delicious, the home was beautiful, the grounds were well taken care of. The hibiscus tea was so good I just kept refilling my cup. We highly recommend this adventure. Everyone was so welcoming. The lagoon was beautiful. Honestly I would do this excursion over and over again.
Reviewer: Tiffany Carruthers
5 Stars
Great private tour!
February 11, 2022
It was a bit of a walk (10 blocks to be exact) to get to the excursion office but we were greeted by 3 very nice people that explained everything about our journey. We stopped at the Mayan village and had a wonderful lunch with great conversation with our tour guide. We then stopped at the lagoon which was almost a private beach but only shared by 2 other couples. It was too cold to swim but we still enjoyed a beautiful sunset before our drive. back to the port. We had about an hour to spare before the ship departed so we did have some time in the port to do some shopping.
Reviewer: Lisa Scimeca
4 Stars
Excellent tour!
February 05, 2022
First, we were the only two on the tour! Our guide David was so nice and personable and knowledgable. We loved him! The lunch and cooking lesson at a private can't beat a local experience like that! Awesome! Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Kathleen Santini
5 Stars
Great Option
December 10, 2021
My 12 year old daughter and I took this tour on November 22, 2021. We had the BEST tour guide. His name was David!!! He made the tour fantastic. He was so knowledgeable about Mexican history, customs, culture. He was kind and checked on us through out the day to make sure we were doing okay and if we needed water, which was provided. It was our favorite tour so far!
Reviewer: Lisa Cornett
5 Stars
Mayan Family and Seven Color Lagoon
April 22, 2020
Excellent trip. Learned a lot about spices from trees and how they are used.Excellent food. Very great tour guides
5 Stars
Great Way to Spend the Day
January 01, 2020
This was a fantastic excursion. The directions of where to meet were clear, concise and correct. We didn't have to wait around before we got going after we were offered bottled water and time to use the restrooms. Our guide Elliot was phenomenal, a wealth of information and our driver was very safe. During the drive we were given a brief history of the Mayan people, culture and as well as how they live in Mexico today. The time with the family was very nice, making the tortillas was fun and the meal was absolutely amazing! Next we had a short drive to the eco-resort; so beautiful and peaceful. Elliot told us to relax, enjoy and he would come and let us know 10 minutes before it was time to head back to the ship. We enjoyed fresh and delicious drinks, the lagoon and if we had wanted we could have kayaked. All in all an absolutely stellar excursion that I would recommend to anyone going to Costa Maya!!! Thank you Shore Excursions Group!
Reviewer: Rachel Dickinson
5 Stars
Amazing Nearly Private Tour
September 17, 2019
We had such an amazing time visiting the Mayan Family and having lunch! Our guide, Elliott, was so friendly and full of information. The home was beautiful and the ladies even more so. The Eco Resort that we visited the Lagoon at was so nice, small and private. It was a wonderful relaxing day!
Reviewer: Sharon
5 Stars