Chacchoben Ruins & Beach

November 23, 2022
I can't even begin to tell you how informed our guide, Carlos, was. He had photos of the temples to help give a visual of what the history of them meant. This is a real good excursion for history buffs. And our lunch at the beach was really good despise the rain we had all day.
Reviewer: Debbie Hayes
5 Stars
Great Tour
May 14, 2022
Had a great experience on this excursion. It is about an hour drive to the ruins. They stopped at a store with restrooms on the way, and a food stand on the way back with street tacos and empanadas. Make sure that you take some cash with you if you want to eat or buy anything. The park is remote and very well maintained. You can actually climb on some of the ruins. Also, there are spider monkeys in the area. The tour guide, Carlos was excellent, and the vehicle was a brand new van.
Reviewer: Scotty Lewis
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins & Beach...& so much MORE!
April 07, 2022
Not only did we get what was promised, but also stopped at several street side vendors to buy fresh fruit and snacks/drinks. We saw the beauty of a local cemetery, and enjoy the scent of clove leaves in nature. Def recommend. It's the little cultural things that make the memories.
Reviewer: Tony G
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins excursion
March 14, 2020
The driver & tour guide were excellent in sharing information. The ruins were a magnificent, historic site that was well enjoyed. The beach was beautiful too. This excursion would be well liked by everyone!
Reviewer: Patty Heller
5 Stars
Excellent adventure
February 07, 2020
ruins and snorkeling were awesome!
Reviewer: j furlong
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins & Beach
January 15, 2020
Loved that excursion. The guide was interesting at the ruins. Enjoyed the food at the beach. Very enjoyable!
Reviewer: Ricki Cranford
5 Stars
Great experience
January 14, 2020
The ruins are really amazing, our local tour guide is very knowledgeable about the ruins. We had great time chatting with him during the 1hr car ride from the port to ruins. The 2nd stop was the white sandy beach, lunch was included inside the package. We enjoyed the delicious food, it was a lot to finish. There was also shopping area along the beach, good place to get the goodies before returning to cruise.
Reviewer: Hua Deng
5 Stars
Excellent trip!
January 08, 2020
Thanks for sharing so much information about the ruins! Very interesting and fascinating! I definitely recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Richard Dunn
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins & Beach
November 17, 2019
Our whole family group of 11 totally satisfied with the excursion on Nov 9. Our guide Carlos was very knowledgeable, he explained to us Chacchoben's history, culture, animal and plants in great details and in entertaining way. The lunch buffet was great and the beach was beautiful. Can't expect anything more. Thanks a lot.
Reviewer: Stephen Chan
5 Stars
Mayan Ruins and Beach
August 25, 2019
Had a wonderful time, the guide was very professional and very nice. Much better than the excursions with the ship, smaller and more personalized.
Reviewer: Carmen Cochran-Krissinger
5 Stars
Great excursion!
August 07, 2019
We loved this excursion! Our guide Carlos and driver were super friendly and knowledgeable. We had a small group of about 10 people which was great. Some other tours had 30+ people. The ruins were beautiful, Carlos explained Mayan culture as well as stopped to explain the landscape and agriculture. The beach lunch afterwards was quick but good food and drinks.
Reviewer: Emily Para
5 Stars
Ruins and Beach Town
August 05, 2019
Great tour of the ruins, the beach town lunch food and drink was excellent and shopping. The beach area was not nice enough to swim.
Reviewer: Gabriela McNiel
5 Stars
Amazing from start to finish!
August 01, 2019
Guides were friendly and knowledgable. Constantly provided ice cold bottled water. Ruins tour was so cool and our guide was very informative. The beach experience was lacking... lots of people crammed into tiny little areas of beach that were sectioned off by nets. Food was good though!
Reviewer: Shanna Hogeland
5 Stars
Enjoyable trip
July 18, 2019
The excursion to the ruins was a pleasure from start to finish. The ride was in a nice Airconditioner vehicle. Water was provided on the trip. Our guide was knowledgeable and professional at all times. The last part of trip was to a beach which included a meal and drinks, and ride back to the ship. I highly recommend this excursion through Costco Travel, cannot beat price and service.
Reviewer: Rosalie Jackson
5 Stars
Awesome tour
May 24, 2019
Chacchoben Ruins is beautiful and historical. Our guide was very informative. I’ve always wanted to see these !Mayan ruins and was not disappointed. Our driver was also good even though his English was limited. A fellow traveler was nice enough to translate. He even let us stop at other spots to take pictures and buy local food products. The lunch was delicious. Highly recommended. Only draw back is you have to walk a significant distance outside the port to meet your tour. If you have someone who has limited mobility;that can be a problem (I went with my 79 yo mother). Overall though, it was a great tour.
Reviewer: CV
5 Stars
Excellent tour
May 15, 2019
What a great experience. Maria and her crew are just awesome, knowledgeable and entertaining. A must see in Costa Maya. The food deal and drinks, you can not beat it, right on the beach, big plates, plenty of food and excellent drink selection. Highly recommended, better experience from locals than from cruise scheduled tours.
Reviewer: Carlos n Wilda
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins & Beach
May 12, 2019
This was a wonderful excursion. Once we found the "office" outside the port, everyone was very helpful. Our escort was very knowledgeable and informative. It was nice to have the local aspect of the area.
Reviewer: BETH BROWN
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins and Beach Combo
May 01, 2019
This was definitely worth the money! We first went in an a/c van and the driver was also our guide at the ruins, it took a little while to get there but it was very cool and educational! We then went to the beach and had chicken fajitas and 2 drinks that were included. Loved it! Well worth it!! Also, we were thinking we would have to take a taxi back because we were late getting stuff together from the beach but the driver was still waiting for everyone to get back so it all worked out!
Reviewer: Mark and Michelle Davis
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins & Beach
April 30, 2019
The tour was very organized. The ride was about 45 minutes to the ruins where the guide provided us with water and information/history about the area and the ruins. The ruins were awesome. After we went to a very nice beach area and had a very good lunch. There was also a souvenir shop with washroom facilities. It was a very good excursion for the price.
Reviewer: Jan Northey
4 Stars
Would Do It Again In A Second
April 30, 2019
Finding the tour operator was a bit chaotic, but that was our fault for being a bit late. The tour operator is located completely outside the Costa Maya port area. The tour is much smaller than what's offered by the cruise companies, so it's much more intimate and interesting. The drive to Chacchoben is interesting in itself to see Mexican life in the area. Our guide was fantastic and it felt like he was giving us a private tour. The ruins are definitely worth the price of the trip and something you will always remember. Also make sure to bring cash to pay a local fee to the village that was displaced from the Chacchoben site years ago - it's only $1 each person. Afterwards we traveled back to the port where the nearby beach is located. It has a great natural beach and the lunch was tasty. You don't have much time, so start swimming as soon as you arrive if that's important to you. Eventually you are driven back to the port to complete the day.
Reviewer: thomas
5 Stars
A must do!
April 29, 2019
Would definitely recommend this tour. Our guide was extremely thorough and provided detailed information. He described life in Mexico in a way that you could appreciate the culture and history. We stopped in front of someone's house which was basically built with sticks and palms, he showed us where one would cook for the family, and explained how people spent most days. We stopped in front of a cemetery which may seem strange but to hear first hand about tradition was intriguing. We went on a few excursions but I would have to say hands down this was the best one as we got to experience Mexico from the local side opposed to the touristy stuff. Thank you, Chacchoben Ruins & Beach!
Reviewer: Sylvia
5 Stars
Great family tour
April 10, 2019
Our group of three families enjoyed the Chacchoben Ruins and Beach tour. Check-in was quick and we were off in our own small tour bus. The ruins tour was interesting and tour guide was excellent. We enjoyed some delicious tacos at a stand near the entrance of the ruins. On the way to the beach, the driver stopped at a local fruit stand where we purchased sliced pineapple, mango, guava, and coconut for just a few dollars. A nice fajita lunch was served at the beach. I highly recommend the tour for all ages. Two things to be prepared for: 1) The walk from the cruise ship to the tour company is about 10-15 mins. 2) Bring cash for the tacos and the fresh fruit!
Reviewer: Kyra Richter
5 Stars
Great Ruins Exploration
March 25, 2019
Great day of viewing and walking around the ruins. Beach lunch was very good and service was great
Reviewer: Mike Vanairsdale
5 Stars
March 01, 2019
Very interesting excursion. The guide was excellent and gave us many incites into what transpired there, It was interesting to see history and how these people lived.
Reviewer: Elsie Taylor
5 Stars
March 01, 2019
Very interesting & relaxing.
Reviewer: Shari Smith
5 Stars
Ruins, Lunch and beach
February 07, 2019
We were a group of 7 and had our own Tour Guide. He was amazing. Explained everything and even showed us pictures of how things were hundreds of years ago. The Ruins were clean and we enjoyed learning about the history. Drive to the beach was pleasant. We got a table right on the beach and were waited on immediately. Food and drinks were delicious and the time on the beach was much needed. The beach was clean and the ocean water was amazingly clear. I would highly recommend this excursion to all.
Reviewer: Seny Kerfonta
5 Stars
Worth it!
January 27, 2019
Carlos and Israel are AMAZING! They served complimentary beer and water upon arrival. The drive was enjoyable because Carlos gave loads of information on the way (mixed with good humor). The ruins were STUNNING! And not super crowded so you have great photos with no one else in them. We even saw a monkey! Israel took us back and stopped at a roadside stand for fresh fruit which was delicious and only $1. The beach was beautiful and the lunch/drinks included were delicious. Felt very safe the whole time and loved every moment!
Reviewer: Ash Alexander
5 Stars
Our Mayan Ruins Excursion
January 20, 2019
We enjoyed our excursion so much! The ruins were fabulous. Our guide was so knowledgeable and went above and beyond to teach us so much. When we stopped for pineapple he even got the vendors to sing happy birthday to someone in our group.
Reviewer: Debra
5 Stars
Educational and fun!
January 17, 2019
The tour guide was so fun and taught us a lot! He even made the bus ride a blast!
Reviewer: Kerri Scaccia
5 Stars
Had a great time
December 23, 2018
Had a great guide, Carlos took us on a tour of the ruins and was a fountain of knowledge, not only about the ruins but also on local things such as the tree that grows leaves that is used for toothaches. My tongue is still numb from chewing one of it's leaves. The beach excursion was great, with great service from the restaurant staff. All in all, was definitely worth it!
Reviewer: Mike Manser
5 Stars
Fun & Informative
September 10, 2018
Our guide made this experience wonderful! The ruins itself were very interesting and easy to walk around. Our guide provided fresh pineapple with Chili power option, which was a delicious local treat. Guide was very personable, funny and had a wealth of Maya knowledge. Would highly reccommend
Reviewer: Mike Zecchino
5 Stars
Great Tour Group
July 23, 2018
Toucan/Tucan Tours was professional and helpful. However, finding the check in point was sketchy. We had to leave the port area and walk down a road with barbed wire on both sides with people trying to get us to come with them along the walk to the check in point. The tour guide (Carlos) and driver (Israel) were amazing - friendly, helpful and polite. While walking the ruins Israel brought umbrellas out when it rained and cold waters out twice while touring the ruins. The meal was good, but the restaurant didn't have restrooms - 2 outhouse-like rooms. Tables were on the beach which was nice, but people walked up to the table trying to sell us things entire time. By the time we stopped for lunch we had to meet up 1 hour later to go back to the port - no time for the beach which was frustrating since we had bathing suits on under our clothes all day per the instructions.
Reviewer: Kim
4 Stars
Easy and beautiful
July 16, 2018
We really enjoyed how our tour guides really took care of us during this entire tour. We enjoyed seeing the ruins. Our guides told stories as we stood at many parts of the site. It was also quiet, so tranquil. The beach after was a perfect ending. Good food, nice quiet small beach. Truly enjoyed this relaxing tour.
Reviewer: Rhoni Davidson
4 Stars
Mayan ruins were interesting
June 18, 2018
I liked this tour vice the ones offered by the cruise ship because it was smaller and the guide was very knowledgeable about the ruins and the Mayan way of life.
Reviewer: Robert J
5 Stars
Wonderful Place, Great Guide!
May 21, 2018
Highly recommend this tour! We only had 8 people for our tour, which made the whole thing so smooth and intimate. The guide picked us up in an air-conditioned van, and on the 30 min drive he told us all about Costa Maya! He is a local and gave lots of insight into the Mayan culture and current day communities that live there. The ruins are really really cool and you can walk right up to them - you can't climb very high but I think that is a safety issue. It was not very crowded and we had plenty of time at the site. We saw monkeys in the trees too! On the way to the beach we stopped and bought fresh pineapple and it was utterly delicious. The food took a really long time to come out at the Beach but luckily the beers were quick! :)
Reviewer: Erin
5 Stars
Great value!
May 14, 2018
This is basically the same trip as the cruise line offers for less money. The guide was very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Kimberly McVey
5 Stars
Awesome tour and tour guide Carlos
May 14, 2018
To get to the actual place where the van picks you up is a little hike but we made it. Outside of the port there was a guy named Charlie that helped us the rest of the way to the pick up spot. They were very nice and offered us various drinks. We had a group of eleven people which was nice. We got into a nice and air conditioned van. Carlos our awesome tour guide gave us a lot of history on that 45 minute drive to the ruins. Once there we were able to shop at the mayan shop which was nice. The actual tour was great. Definitely need some sneakers. We were a little tired but it was also very hot but Carlos and Israel had cold water for us the whole time. After the tour we were taken to the beach where we were served delicious Mexican fajitas and two drinks of our choice. Carlos even gave me a special drink for my birthday. Afterwards we were taken back to the port with plenty of time to shop in the port also. Oh try the pineapples on the side of the road. They are AWESOME.
Reviewer: Candice Cummings
5 Stars
Great Time
May 07, 2018
Tour guide was great and very knowledgeable. Had a wonderful time.
Reviewer: Linda Lee Rabine
5 Stars
Very entertaining and a great experience!
April 09, 2018
The company (Costa Maya Tucan Tours) was excellent in that we were confused on how to get out of the Costa Maya Port, which made us a bit late. A representative was waiting for us in a conspicuous spot. Directions on where to find them were excellent, just follow them. We were taken to the ruins first by Carlos Juan. He gave us information about the Mayans on our van ride. Was very knowledgeable and shared so many interesting facts. We later stopped by the side of the road to support Mayan vendors selling the BEST pineapple and mango we have ever tasted. He also bought us various bread loaves to try. Pineapple, cheese and corn breads. They were delicious. We were taken to the beach after the ruins. Food and drinks were excellent. We were allowed to choose the amount of time we wanted to stay. Carlos was very accommodating. I wish we had chosen to stay longer as the water was so gorgeous and refreshing. Such a beautiful area. We long to go back and experience more.
Reviewer: CDM
5 Stars
Fun day at the ruins!
March 14, 2018
This was a really great time. The ruins were beautiful and our tour guide was funny and knowledgeable. The van driver pulled over on the side of the road to get everybody fresh sliced pineapple! Made for a really fun day.
Reviewer: Matt Troxell
5 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins and Much More!
January 19, 2018
We had a wonderful driver and guide for this excursion! He bought pineapple for everyone at a road side stand and took us to a pharmacy for much-needed allergy meds. He also took another party in our group to a place where they could purchase specific spices they asked him about. Our lunch was delicious! The beach was overcrowded and we could not take advantage of it. We enjoyed the ruins and the unique view of the entire area that our guides provided.
Reviewer: Doris Hanneman
5 Stars
Chacchoben ruins and beach
January 17, 2018
a little difficult to find pick up location. Very wonderful and informative trip. Would recommend trip.
Reviewer: alleen dicks
5 Stars
Great Excursion
January 08, 2018
My husband and I enjoyed the excursion very much. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Always keeping us in the loop of what was happening. The history lesson given to us was easy to understand and enjoyable. I would absolutely book another excursion with this company.
Reviewer: Mayra
5 Stars
Great tour!
December 18, 2017
Really enjoyed this tour! Tucan Tours were very organized and professional. Joel our guide and Antonio our driver were fantastic! Joel was very knowledgeable and informative. Ruins were great and the food on the beach was excellent. Would definitely recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Michelle Schmidt
5 Stars
Amazing view of architectural history
December 11, 2017
A short walk to an awaiting van. It was hard to find out who your real tour guide was because the locals were all claiming to be your tour group. But once we were on board, things were much better. It was a bit of a ride to the ruins. The ruins themselves were awesome! They allow you to climb on most of them. It is an activity the you need to be able to climb a bit, so wear close toe sensible shoes. The guides were really great. They offered us water during the tour. Then we drove back to the beach, which was very nice. where we were seated at a table offered 2 drinks each and lunch. There the locals were just relentless with hawking their wares for purchase, it was constant. I was happy to return to the ship after the beach
Reviewer: Coleen Mitchell
5 Stars
One of the most remembering time of our cruise.
November 23, 2017
The best part of the excursion was our tour guide Joel. Very friendly and knowledgeable. He answered every question we had. He lives in the community around Chacchoben, therefore he knows the history and the people. He spoke excellent English. Explained the Mayan history and the ruins. He even explained the religious beliefs of the Mayan's (very interesting to me), He even made a stop to get us fresh out of the field pineapple (awesome), Joel also explained the roads, community, and holidays. Our driver (Antonio) was very friendly and patient. Definitely would recommend Tucan Tours with Joel and Antonio as your guides. The beach was beautiful. Our meal was from Big Momma's on the beach. The presentation of the chicken fajitas was amazing. The best looking plate setting I have seen with Mexican food. We got to eat within 50 feet of the ocean. Very rememberable excursion. Would diffently recommend this tour. Wish we had more time and daylight but, limited to the cruise time.
Reviewer: Joey and Heather Gambrell
5 Stars
awesome trip
November 10, 2017
Excursion was very well organized and managed. Especially the selected local location for a lunch close to be beach was fantastic for us.
Reviewer: Reiner
5 Stars
A must see
August 03, 2017
Typically, Mayan ruins are a must see on a cruise like this. Especially if you haven't seen them before. The guide was not very fluent in english and sometimes maybe too detailed? The beach visit afterwards was great. The trip included an mexcian lunch at the beach and the beach was great, a bit more rustic vs. the more "developed" beaches, but that's a part of the charm.
Reviewer: Hans Erik Standal
4 Stars
Chacchoben Ruins & Beach review
July 27, 2017
Very well organized tour. The tour guide was informative and polite. He pointed out sights along the way, such as the spider monkeys in the trees. He included stops along the road so we could taste some fresh pineapple and bananas, and they were absolutely delicious! The meal at the beach was excellent, too. Unfortunately, it began raining so we did not use the beach, but it looked beautiful.
Reviewer: Eileen Minto
5 Stars
Love Gus Gus
July 05, 2017
We loved our tour guide. We didn't like that included in our price was a trip to the beach and lunch, which we did not receive either. If we ever return to Costa Maya we will definitely use this company, but be more selective of our package.
Reviewer: Samantha Clark
4 Stars
Great Tour
July 03, 2017
This was a great tour. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and kept everybody including our teenagers engaged! Lunch at the beach was good food and beautiful beach. Not much beach but it was just perfect for a relaxing lunch and quick dip to end the tour.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
June 30, 2017
Una excursión muy buena. El personal fué muy amigable, profesional y muy organizado. El chofer y el guia muy conocedor y amigable. Las ruinas es un lugar bellísimo, en verano les recomiendo llevar ropa muy cómoda yprotector solar, el sol y la calor es muy fuerte pero valió la pena porque es un lugar maravilloso. El guía tuvo disponible agua fría todo el tiempo. La playa a la que nos llevaron es hermosa, agua cristalina y arena blanca. El lugar muy bonito y buenas facilidades, sillas de playa, hamacas, bohios con sillas para comer, ofrecían masajes en la misma playa, muchos vendedores de prendas y souvenirs, muy respetuosos y amigables. La comida que ya estaba incluída tacos o quesadillas, simple pero raciones abundantes y muy rica. Incluye 2 bebidas de elección por persona. También te ofrecen menú con otros platos y aperitivos por costo adicional. Les recomiendo probar las empanadas de pollo son sabrosas. Una excursión muy buena, lo pasamos de maravilla, se las recomiendo 100%.
Reviewer: Angel
5 Stars
March 30, 2017
I loved this experience! We had an amazing guide and the best part was that the driver stayed with us all day making sure we got back onto the boat safely and on time.
Reviewer: Hannah
5 Stars
March 04, 2017
We found this to be more than what we expected under the circumstances. My breathing had worsened and back was giving much problems so had resigned myself to staying in the bus/van when the tour explored the ruins. Instead of that happening we ended up with Carlos(tour guide) and Jimer(driver) in a separate car and when we got to the ruins Jimer carried two plastic patio chairs so we could sit whenever the need arose. This was way above expectations and can't thank them enough for the fact that I got to see the ruins. The ruins and the peaceful lunch we had were really nice and the yummy pineapple that we were treated to in Pineapple City was like no other pineapple I have ever tasted. Thanks again to Carlos & Jimer!
5 Stars
February 22, 2017
Our family of 6 really wanted to see some of the Mayan ruins but didn't want to have to travel 2 hours each way with the kids like some of the other cruise stops would have required. This was perfect! We were met with wonderful hospitality by tbe lady who we checked in with. We were transported in a clean air conditioned van by a very safe driver. Our tour guide Juan Carlos who was a Mayan descendent was super knowledge and taught us so much. Seeing the ruins themselves was amazing! Our driver let us stop at a little pineapple stand where you could buy pre-sliced pineapple that was literally the sweetest we have ever tasted. Then a crazy delicious lunch on the beach and a bit of time to splash in the water. This is a must do worth every penny!
Reviewer: Annette Gower
5 Stars
Chacchoben ruins
February 03, 2017
This was the reason we chose this particular itinerary and I am so glad we did!
Reviewer: Jennifer
5 Stars
Great choice
January 20, 2017
My family had a great experience. We were a little late, but that was ok. They put us on the next van, the tour guys were very good, they provided drinks, took good care of us, even bough some pineapple to share with us. These ruins are not to far and the walk is ok. We went with our 2 kids and grandpa, and they were able to handle it fine. Just one advise, please give some tip to your tour guide. They make the best effort to make us happy. They deserve it.
Reviewer: Erick
5 Stars
Amazing Ruins
January 15, 2017
The port is nice but confusing to exit. Once you make it to your tour location they offer you water or Mexican soda. You get onto a van that is large&has AC.The drive is pretty long but scenic.You do go through villages, it's a third world country. People sell pineapple on the side of the road$2 a bag&worth it. Once to the ruins, we had a guide Gus.He was very nice&knowledgeable. You see monkeys swinging from the trees. You tour a lot of different ruins.Gus would tell you about each type of ruin then give you time to wander&look around it then you moved on to the next.Once your time is up you have some time to look at the shops at the front.You board the van again and head to the beach for lunch.The restaurant has sitting on the beach. You get the choice of frozen drinks and food items.Be aware if it's the high season it is going to take some time and the tables take up most of the beach.After eating there wasn't much time left for the beach. There are sweet animals that walk the beach
Reviewer: Ashleigh
5 Stars
Unforgettable Experience
December 27, 2016
We took our 3 kids (aged 15, 8 and 6) on this excursion. We walked outside of the port area, where someone from the tour company in a clearly marked outfit was waiting and walked us down to the tour stand. They offered us cold drinks. They stopped at a roadside pineapple stand and gave us all fresh pineapple. This wasn't part of the 'tour' but it was special and local. Our guide made the bus ride seem short by keeping our drinks refilled, and sharing information the whole ride. At the ruins, our guide was mindful of other tour groups and made sure we were on our own at each point of interest for the informational part. My boys were able to climb and parkour around some of the ruins. Unlike the rest of our group (only 13 of us), our excursion included lunch and a beach break. After dropping off the rest of our group at the port, our driver(German, who is of Mayan descent) took us to the beach and waited with us until we were ready to go back to the port.
Reviewer: AmyKaye O'Brien
5 Stars