Cozumel Jimny Tour

February 26, 2023
WOW what a day. Started out snorkeling with sting rays and nurse sharks at a rehab center. The staff and guides were amazing. Got back into our jeep and traveled down the beautiful coast to a cavern to see fruit bats and what a ride (Mexican Message) it was. Afterwards we traveled to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen at Playa Mia Grand Beach Park. We were treated to a very delicious lunch and spent time soaking up the rays and relaxing in the pristine waters. Our guide the entire time was Luis #Cab 14A, from the start we had an instant bond like we new each other for years. We just knew it was going to be amazing trip. He took very good care of us and hopefully everyone gets the opportunity to have him as their guide...he was absolutely AMAZING!!!
Reviewer: Betty Coco
5 Stars
Great Experience
March 18, 2020
Had a wonderful time touring Cozumel...
Reviewer: JoAnn
5 Stars
Beautiful Cozumel
January 30, 2020
We have a wonderful time on this excursion. The Buggy's were a little worn but the excursion was lots of fun.
Reviewer: Janice Pendleton
4 Stars
Best Day Ever!!!!
December 31, 2019
Our guide, Ivan, was amazing on this tour and this was my favorite excursion by far! The old Jeeps were so fun to drive through the jungle where we stopped at a swamp area with alligators and other wildlife. We briefly saw some ruins and the.n went to climb the lighthouse to see a beautiful view of the island (warning: steps are VERY narrow and not much room at the top. If you have a backpack leave them with someone at the bottom if possible) from there we stopped at a remote location to swim in the beautiful ocean. Then went downtown to eat a delicious lunch and tour a tequila factory! Our family of 11 can’t thank you enough, Ivan, for an awesome adventure!!
Reviewer: Shannon
5 Stars
Great experience
November 06, 2019
Our tour guide was awesome and this tour was so much fun. We got so much more than we bargained for. Worth every penny!
Reviewer: Kendra Foster
5 Stars
Cozumel Excursion
August 21, 2019
The guides were excellent and very accommodating. However, the entire excursion seemed rushed. We actually missed a beach stop because we were running late. Also, the jeeps and dune buggies were in a bit of disrepair. Luckily all our drivers were able to handle them. My suggestion would be that the tour start a half hour earlier.
Reviewer: Mimi Kinderlehrer
4 Stars
Great time
August 11, 2019
We loved the tour. One of the buggies in our group had a little trouble, but it was fixed very quickly. We especially liked the tequila tour and lunch. We saw a starfish when snorkeling and the view at Punta Sur was gorgeous. It was very hot, though. The guides were super!! I was a little insecure with the "meeting place" but t was great fun!
Reviewer: Sabrina McCall
4 Stars
Jeep and Snorkel
May 20, 2019
The snorkeling was awesome and where we stopped for lunch was nice. Our Jeep kept back firing and wasn’t very fast. Our guide was very good and informative. Would do again but maybe try a dune buggy.
Reviewer: Laurie Baucom
4 Stars
Natalie was super
April 27, 2019
This tour was awesome. Natalie is who brings it all together. Suggest having a covered jeep top to prevent sun from beating down on you. Snorkeling was great. Natalie had fish chips which brought all the fish out. Mayan ruin is small but interesting. Plan accordingly with your ship as this tour is an all day event.
Reviewer: Corey Eberhardt
5 Stars
Dune Buggy Adventure
April 23, 2019
We met our guide at the appointed time right by the cruise ship and had a wonderful day. Our guide (can't remember his name) was great. We drove around the whole island stopping several places for views, drinks, climbing the light house, tequila tasting and then snorkeling. Snorkeling was great. It was a great day!
Reviewer: Doug Minter
5 Stars
Amazing Day
March 23, 2019
Luis was a wonderful guide for our day in Cozumel!!! We got to explore the island and see this beautiful part of Mexico. Driving the jeep was SO much fun if not a little scary (ha ha). Would absolutely recommend this excursion to others.
Reviewer: Susan Rae
4 Stars
Best excursion and soooo worth the money
October 08, 2018
We loved our excursion . We had to walk outside the port to the 7/11 to meet the instructor. My friend and I were the only two who booked the excursion. So we had a private vip tour . He took us to our Jeep where my friend drove us around all day . We went snorkeling first . It was so beautiful. Our instructor was so attentive and made sure we were comfortable in the water. We then went to our lunch provided in the price of the tour. I loved that it was a local spot . We were able to see the children coming from school in there uniforms and the hustle and bustle of the Cozumel streets. The food was okay. My friend and I both had fajitas . Drinks were not included at this restaurant so you have to pay extra for those . We then had the option of going to a beach to relax or the lighthouse we chose the beach . Nice local beach away from tourists . The excursion was amazing !!!
Reviewer: Jasmine
5 Stars
Perfect moment in time
September 17, 2018
Fabian was the perfect guide. He explained the heritage of punta sur ecopark and lighthouse. The beach there was absolutely beautiful and not too crowded. Very relaxing.
Reviewer: Wendy
5 Stars
Buggy or Jeep Cozumel Adventure
September 03, 2018
8/13/18:This was the best excursion we have ever been on!Luis was an amazing tour guide he met us across the street from the pier-he was on time and he was super friendly.We decided to go snorkeling/tour the tequila museum/and go to the beach.The current that day was strong so Luis helped our youngest and pulled her along so she could enjoy the adventure and we could also enjoy the snorkeling knowing our daughter was safe! Next, we went to lunch and y'all it was delicious!! After lunch, we went to the tequila museum and had a private tour we got to sample 8 different kinds-each one was fantastic! Our last stop was the beach; it was perfect b/c it was our group and a few other people. Luis had a cooler full of water and soda for all of us during the entire tour and as a bonus we saw two crocodiles and pulled over and took pics!! We highly recommend this tour and will definitely re-book this tour in the future!! Thank you Luis for going above and beyond for our family ;)
Reviewer: Tiffany Perez
5 Stars
Had a Great Adventure
June 11, 2018
My wife and I were the only ones on this excursion so we were able to have the complete attention of our very nice guides, Christian and Alex. I actually did learn to snorkel and it was amazing to see all the beauty of the marine life just below the surface of the crystal blue waters. Went up into a lighthouse and saw unusual wildlife during the tour. Tequila Museum was very educational and we sampled several different Tequila flavors (and my wife had to bring one bottle home of the coffee flavored). We were also taken to a local taqueria and had a nice authentic meal. We highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Steve Valdez
5 Stars
Great adventure
June 11, 2018
Christian was our guide. He was very laid back and took great care of us. We loved riding around the island in the jeep. It was just us in one jeep following him in another one. The snorkeling wasn't very good (better to stick with Belize and Honduras for that) and we couldn't go to the lighthouse because it had been raining a lot prior to the trip which made it a mosquito zone that we chose to skip. The tequila museum was really fun. Lunch was authentic but not really spectacular. The beach was amazing. I wish we could have just gone to the museum and then straight to the beach. Would definitely do this tour again. We had a great adventure that we'll never forget.
Reviewer: Susan Burnam
4 Stars
Buggy’s are fun
May 14, 2018
Roberto and Miguel were awesome! They were organized and thoughtful. Had plenty of of water and sodas. Lunch was great. I would book again!
Reviewer: Melanie Burns
5 Stars
awesome time
April 16, 2018
the buggy was awesome. would like to do it again. probably pick the jeep next time so we can set higher and see better
Reviewer: greg
5 Stars
Great excursion for sun, fun and sight seeing
April 09, 2018
My family and I met Roberto and had a short walk to a beautiful beach where we snorkeled for a couple of hours. Awesome water, great sea life and Roberto made sure we saw it all!! We got our Jeep and drove to a nice fajita style lunch as a group. The tequila museum was so cool. Great information and tons of tequila. Tasted quite a few. We drove to the Punta del Sur park and the lighthouse to spend the rest of the day. We had a fun tour and got to do a little sight seeing. Would hightly recommend Roberto and this excursion. Have Fun.
Reviewer: Mike Darnall
5 Stars
Best excursion ever
March 21, 2018
We did this excursion 2 weeks ago. It was so much fun & just amazing. We chose the dune buggy bc we like adventure & the open air. Had a blast. I’ve been to Cozumel 6 Times and this excursion beats any I have ever done before. Bringing my son on my next cruise in May & hoping he will want to do this one with me again.
Reviewer: Kellie Cormier
5 Stars
This is the Excursion to take on Cozumel!!
January 09, 2018
By far the best part of our cruise! Small, almost private tour of the island, by a friendly and knowledgeable guide. Fun snorkel experience, delicious meal and drinks, informative tequila tour, and the eco-park was beautiful! We saw nearly the whole island on this excursion and felt it was the best part of our trip. We will be returning and be doing it again with our kids in 2018!
Reviewer: Dr Travis J Hedrick
5 Stars
Best Excursion in Cozumel so far
December 18, 2017
Should be 10 stars. Service was great and location were prefect. First we did a short walk to snorkel location. Then drove to real Mexican lunch with free local beers. than off to tequila museum where you learn about tequila and the difference between good organic tequila and that crappy patron with fake and added sugar. No hangover and no burning throat taste, just smooth. then nice drive to Punta Sur park along the beach on other side of the island to beautiful beach where light house it that. Tour guide was great and small group let us enjoy the tour more.
Reviewer: Orlando Martinez
5 Stars
We loved this!
August 28, 2017
This was our best tour, we enjoyed every moment of it and we didn't wanted to end. Our guide Freddy was the best, we booked Jeep for comfort it was great full of fun driving. Snorkeling, tequila tasting, Mayan ruin, Lighthouse all was worth visiting. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Ingrid
5 Stars
Pleasant and relaxed excursion
August 25, 2017
We had a good time with our 2 guides who always made sure that everybody was well taken care of. The food was good - we are vegetarians - and we really enjoyed the snorkeling. Everybody was fitted out with the goggles and fins and given instructions on correct use. The fishes were a plenty and came up to us for a visit. Had a wonderful time - wish it was longer. The buggy ride took us to a Taquilla tour which was very educational and the short beach break was nice too. I wish the buggy tour took us through some countryside areas where we could see some local habitations. flora and fauna - instead of driving on highways. On the whole it was a very good trip, everybody in our group of four (2 teenagers) enjoyed the trip.
Reviewer: Alok Gupta
4 Stars
Such a great time!
May 20, 2017
My wife and I had such a great time on this excursion. Out of the 3 excursions we went on, this was our favorite! Everything was simply perfect, and even though I'm not a huge fan of tequila, the Tequila tour rocked and we ended up buying a 8 year aged bottle! The traditional Mexican lunch was very tasty and was better than the food on our cruise. One serious tip: don't get the dune buggy, get the Jeep!!! The couples that had the buggy had difficulty operating it and said it was very uncomfortable.
Reviewer: Mark Hamm
5 Stars
Looks fun but ruined by weather
April 24, 2017
The wife and I were looking to the buggy adventure because it included snorkling. Sadly, due to weather we were not able to do the snorkling. However, we were still able to drive around, visit a couple fo beach areas and checkout the lighthouses. Oh, and the tequila tasting was amazing! So overall, I would give it a four because I can't blame them for the weather. It's not a 5 star because the restaurant they took us for our meal was bad. The place looked fine and it was next to the beach but the food was horrible in comparison to other tours that include food.
Reviewer: Ed
4 Stars
Review of excursion
January 08, 2017
This excursion was not what I expected it to be. The information that we read on this was not what we did. Such as go to a beach and snorkle off shore. the jeep we had was kind of junky looking, don't get me wrong it wasn't all bad. We enjoyed the tour through the Tequila place and seeing some of Cozumels sights.
Reviewer: Nancy Knutson
4 Stars
December 26, 2016
Absolutely awesome
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
December 25, 2016
5 Stars
fun in the sun
November 04, 2016
What a blast! Didn't even know we were going to the lighthouse, too! The guides were knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. We never felt rushed and were able to really soak in each experience, without having to worry about getting back to the cruise ship on time. When going to Cozumel, every person owes it to themselves to go with Shore Excursions Group!
Reviewer: Leon Cooper
5 Stars
Cozumel Tour
May 03, 2016
Got to see the ""local"" type living and environments. Be aware that some of the vehicles are NOT automatic and we switched to a manual to help out. Great guides and very helpful and work a lot on tips.
Reviewer: MF
4 Stars
Needs Some fine tuning, Great Food, Friendly staff
April 24, 2016
1. Tequila Tour was great. 2. Mayan portion was a stop at a craft store, no actual sites. It would have been nice if they would have given a 10 minute history lesson of the Mayan culture on Cozumel. 3. Beautiful drive along coast to beach visit. Gorgeous beach with protected swim area. Bring goggle or mask to see fish in the shallow water surrounding rocks. if you don not want to swim a nice place for a margarita at the stop with clean bathrooms. 4. Great food at a fun Bar/Dive shop with snorkeling just a walk across the street.
Reviewer: Tequila Joe
4 Stars