East Side Island Electric Bike Tour

Small group fun
November 30, 2022
This excursion started with a short walk from International Pier to the bike shop. After signing waivers and getting instructions we loaded a taxi to be taken to a nature reserve that had a paved biking trail along a beautiful shore line. The E-bikes were easy to manage and the guides were patient. They were very friendly and informative about the area. We stopped at a well manicured beach resort area had a nice lunch and a tequila tasting then rode the bikes back to the starting point. Along the trail we got to see wild pigs, eagles and other seas birds. We stopped to take pictures at a natural bridge and various gift shops. It was all in all a great excursion and a fun ride!
Reviewer: Penelope Fail
5 Stars
Great scenery, breezes, and fun!
October 20, 2022
This was our first time riding ebikes. It was an awesome experience as we traversed over 30 miles along an abandoned costal road that is off limits to cars. The ebikes were of the type (Class 2) that did not require pedaling for the electric motor to propel you up to 20 MPH. At the halfway point we stopped at a roadside and beachside restaurant for authentic local Mexican food and tequila tasting. Our guide Carlos was outstanding and very knowledgeable about the areas and sites we stopped at along our journey, which provided impressive scenery and photo opportunities. I would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Dennis Vander Linde
5 Stars
Wonderful Experience in Cozumel
December 28, 2021
Great tour not sponsored by the cruise line, so it was only 4 of us on the tour which took us out by truck to the end of the island in Cozumel and ended up on a paved road along the beach without any car/truck traffic. Guide was great, area was safe and enjoyable and lunch was also very nice. The overall experience was wonderful. Could be somewhat hard to find the bike shop once off the ship, but if you follow their instructions there is no problem. Don't worry about the "look" of the outside of the bike shop it is by far the best tour we took while on the cruise. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Dave Brockwell
5 Stars
Bike ride to remember
February 29, 2020
Half mile walk,easy to find,met guide and delightful American couple,25 min taxi ride to start point,bikes waiting,safety check and away,spectacular,safe track by breaking seas,just great,a good lunch,good company,all in all could have gone longer,don't worry about age,we were all knocking on a bit,..a great experience.
Reviewer: C minty
5 Stars
Great experience
December 20, 2019
My kids had a great time. It was good exercise and very beautiful view.
Reviewer: Ben
5 Stars
A Refreshing Treat Away from the Cruise Crowds
March 30, 2019
My friend and I were a bit skeptical about signing up for the electric bike tour, mainly because we are both 68 and not exactly the most coordinated of riders. We were in a group of seven plus two guides. Our bikes were loaded into a van, and we were driven to the starting point of the sanctuary. They adjusted all the bikes before we headed out on the paved bike trail. It was an absolutely beautiful and refreshing ride along the ocean and a perfect getaway from the cruise crowds. The guides were knowledgeable. We made a couple of stops along the way to enjoy the scenery and then made a final stop at a beach with some time to enjoy the water and then treated to a delicious lunch overlooking the beach before leaving the sanctuary. It was nice to see something besides the throngs of people and the shops.
Reviewer: Josette DeBruyne
5 Stars
Loved It
March 11, 2019
We did this tour on the day of our 50th anniversary. We just loved it. Our guide and driver were excellent and took good care of us. There were three young ladies with us on our tour. What fun it was to ride along the ocean on a beautiful day. We'll never forget it (and might do it again!). Had lunch in town (wonderful chicken quesadilla). Great fun.
Reviewer: Sally K Dye
5 Stars
A fun way to see the untamed side of the island
March 09, 2019
This is the perfect excursion to see a side of Cozumel not normally visited by cruise passengers. The bike path begins near the south-eastern tip of the island. Our guides made sure we were comfortable with the bikes and showed us how the electric motor works. One guide led the way on a bike while the second guide followed in a van on the main road. We left our backpacks in the van so we could comfortably ride the bikes. The bike path follows the coastline; we made our first stop at a place where there were blowholes in the limestone rock. Our guide managed to get some pictures of us in front of one right when the water was spraying out. We made a second stop at a rocky outcropping to take some more pictures. The journey ended at Playa San Martin where we had a fantastic lunch and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the ocean. This excursion was worth the price and we certainly would do it again. You get to see the undeveloped side of the island away from the cruise ship crowds.
Reviewer: Rob Girard
5 Stars
Nice relaxing excursion
January 02, 2019
Ricardo was our guide and David drove the van which transported us to Cozumel National Park where we rode the electric bikes on mostly paved bike paths. Both were fantastic. Scenery was fantastic and crowds were light...and the e-bikes were awesome. Food was good plus the margarita and view at the second restaurant overlooking a bluff were not to be missed! I would most definitely recommend this excursion. The van follows the group in case anyone has trouble but no one did. Ricardo had a little trouble with his but easily handled. There was only 5 in our tour. It was great and relaxing! BOOK THIS TOUR!!!
Reviewer: Rich Polwort
5 Stars
Best Excursion of Our Curise
July 30, 2018
This is one of the most fun excursions we did. It was a great an up close and personal view of the island. Fernando and David, were awesome. They made sure we were safe and comfortable. I expected that we would have a large group but as it turned out my husband and I were the only ones which was awesome after the crowds on the cruise ship!! Fernando shared a lot of Mayan information and kept the pace perfect. The electric bikes were so much fun, despite the fact that I haven't ridden a bike in a while. The views of the ocean were stunning and we learned so much about the far side of the island. After the bike tour Fernando took us to the tequila factory where I tasted 7 verities of the best tequila and experienced some "real" Mexican tacos!! We would definitely do this again! The cost is reasonable and you will not be disappointed.
Reviewer: Trish Forest
5 Stars
Wonderful tour
June 30, 2017
This is my second tour with Beach Bums and I must say I had just as good of a time as I had on the first tour. The Electric Bikes are amazing. They allow you to pedal or not pedal through out the whole tour. If you can ride a bicycle you will love doing this.
Reviewer: George
5 Stars
A True Trip Highlight
May 26, 2017
This was truly one of the highlights of my trip. After traveling with over 6000 guests on my cruise ship, it was so nice to get away from the crowds and enjoy the quiet side of Cozumel with two of the best guides a person could ask for, Fernando and David. The shop was an easy walk from International Pier. The electric bike was very easy to ride. The "far" side of the island was beautiful. The guides were attentive and personable. They addressed all our questions. The tour group was very small - I'd say "exclusive" feeling. The tour included a light lunch. I couldn't have asked for more!!!!
Reviewer: Michael Natysin
5 Stars
East Side Island Electric Bike Tour
May 13, 2017
We skipped the taxi and walked the short distance from the pier to the bike shop. Fernando and David were very friendly and knowledgeable, gave us a free litre of cold water and drove us to the other side of the island. We saw ocean blowholes, an alligator in a pool in the protected area, and had a nice lunch looking out over the ocean waves by the shore. We would highly recommend this company for this excursion!
Reviewer: Dean & April Cameron
5 Stars
Bike ride in Paradise
April 24, 2017
What a fun time riding these electric bikes. A short distance to the bike shop from the pier, and we then picked out or bikes and were transported to the dedicated bike trail. Rode about 10miles and then enjoyed the included delicious lunch! Would do again next time we're in Cozumel!!
Reviewer: Joyce Jaska
5 Stars
Our Bike Tour
March 06, 2017
First let me say how nice Fernando and David were. They were professional, attentive and friendly. Value to cost was very good. Other than some troublesome equipment/battery issues the tour was most enjoyable .
Reviewer: ron prue
5 Stars
A fun time
March 05, 2017
Glad we did this tour. Fernando was the excellent guide for our 6 person group. Rode along the ocean on a paved path - almost to the north point of the island. Stopped for a Tequila tasting and took several breaks. Easy and very enjoyable. A "chase car" shadowed us the whole distance just in case of a problem.
Reviewer: Chuck Hoffman
5 Stars
Scenic bike tour
February 12, 2017
Fantastic bike tour. You can walk to the bike shop from the international pier. They transport you to the other side of the island where you ride on a bike path where no motorized vehicles are allowed. The path follows the coast so you ride along next to the beautiful waves rolling in on the beaches. Pedal or use the battery. I highly recommend it!!
Reviewer: Marcy Bare
5 Stars
Fun, but a few mishaps along the way
January 18, 2017
Got a taxi to the bike shop, greeted and waited for other party to show up. Got to the trail, and off we went. The view was beautiful, our guide was wonderful but we had issues with batteries. They replaced 1 but later on we needed another one but with no communication available we had to go on without it. Took us a lot longer to take the trip , never received lunch which was part of it and almost missed getting back to the dock before our ship sailed. Just need to have a few more batteries on hand and maybe have the food available half way thru trip. Everyone was friendly and we still had fun!
Reviewer: Schaefer
4 Stars
Bicycle ride
January 02, 2017
Enjoyed the whole ride
Reviewer: Paul Dietrich
5 Stars
Wonderful way to spend the day
December 30, 2016
We really enjoyed the East Side Island Electric Bike tour. The group was small (a definite plus!) so we were able to spend as much or little time stopping along the way as we wanted. This was a wonderful way to spend a day in Cozumel away from the tourists and crowds. Scenery was spectacular. I would highly recommend this to anyone. You can pedal as much or little as you wish. This was FUN!
Reviewer: Wendy McAdam
5 Stars
Something new & great in Cozumel
May 20, 2016
If you want something different then a beach day in Cozumel this is it. The bikes are really fun like riding a scooter but a bike, the scenery is beautiful and you get a lot of stops at shops and bars and restaurant if you want a break. You can stop and go to the beach too it's up to you as the guide is very accommodating. Loved it as it was only 5 us too so a lot of attention and wealth of knowledge from guide.
Reviewer: Jared
5 Stars
I would do this again
April 30, 2016
we liked it a lot and will take family next time
Reviewer: Hana S
5 Stars
March 16, 2016
Great guide, he owned the bike tour business.
Reviewer: Christine
5 Stars
I would take this tour again.
February 21, 2016
Excellent tour.
Reviewer: Bacon jim
5 Stars