Beach Day at Playa Mia Deluxe with Transfers

The Best Time!
February 22, 2023
Our day was better than expected! Transportation was already there at the pier when we arrived and we were brought right to the entrance of Playa Mia. The staff was so nice. The food was delicious, and the margaritas were refreshing. We enjoyed the inflatables in the water, as well as the kids' area. We are cruising again in a few months and going back to Playa Mia.
Reviewer: Melissa Brown
5 Stars
July 27, 2022
This tour was very relaxing. Everyone was very friendly from the time we got off the ship until we returned. Having the transfers made it very easy. Will definitely do this tour again.
Reviewer: Anna Courville
5 Stars
Day in the sun
March 27, 2020
The facilities were great and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our day in the sun!
Reviewer: Bernard Williams
5 Stars
February 19, 2020
It was a fairly long ride out to the location, but the beach was nice, aside from had to sit next to smokers, no designated area for them,, lotsa kids, Really good food buffet and drinks
Reviewer: Trish Munnoch
4 Stars
Beach excursion
February 13, 2020
We were so impressed with the Playa Mia Deluxe excursion we are choosing it again this year!!
Reviewer: Brenda Rodriguez
5 Stars
Playa Mia Beach Day
January 15, 2020
The floating water park is so fun, and good for both children and adults. Food is ok, not much choices though.
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Playa Mia Deluxe
December 29, 2019
It was a wonderful experience. The excursion is worth the price great shops, great food, great customer service
Reviewer: Chavanna fluker
5 Stars
Beach Day at Playa Mia
December 02, 2019
If you want to relax this is the excursion to book. Food, drinks, and staff were wonderful. Thank you for a great day.
Reviewer: Lori A Kedrie
5 Stars
Nice day at the beach.
November 21, 2019
Nice day at the beach . Service was excellent they were there with fresh drinks all day. The water slides were cool and the water obstacle course was challenging. also so many non motorized toys available. The Buffet was pretty good. This was our third time here and would definitely go again.
Reviewer: Victor
5 Stars
October 09, 2019
i loved it
Reviewer: Magienoire Ducha
5 Stars
September 11, 2019
beach and resort were beautiful, pool and slides for kids at pool were great. service and food were wonderful. however the slides on the inflatable island was a nightmare. had to swim 100 yards and tow a 7 year old to get there, trying to get onto the "island" would have been impossible had my husband not regularly worked out and had the ability to press his weight. not only did he help our 7 yo, but helped a frustrated dad and his kid that couldn't get on the island. getting to the top of the slides was even more of a challenge. Also, the taxis to/from Playa Mia were less than modern. On the way back we thought we'd have to open the floor boards and help run like barney and fred (flinstones). and it had every engine light possible on and NO AC and was passed by every vehicle because we were going so slow. We'd stay on the ship next time or ????
Reviewer: Nan N.
5 Stars
Friendly and fun
August 10, 2019
This place was set up super nice. Lots of activities and beautiful water. Only disappointed in the buffet that we paid for. We were expecting authentic local food and instead received chicken nuggets and American food. Otyer then that definitely worth the price to get to and from and thevdays stay.
Reviewer: Julie H Daw
4 Stars
Relaxing day on beautiful beach
June 28, 2019
Great staff who was always available to help with any requests. Beautiful resort with plenty to do. Nice, clean beach. Lots of water activities. Drinks readily available and served quickly & a decent buffet definitely made this excursion worth the money. Would definitely return to this resort.
Reviewer: Karla Claycamp
5 Stars
A great way to spend the day
May 16, 2019
Such a nice and relaxing day. The kids had water slides to go down of all different sizes and the adults could easily be in the other pool and see them without a problem. The food wasn't great but the all inclusive made the day very relaxing.
Reviewer: HMG
5 Stars
Playa Mía Review
May 04, 2019
We started not to do the excursión with an outside group but glad we did. Everything went smooth from the time we met off the ship, transfers to resort and back. The resort is beautiful and the all inclusive is the way to go.... If you are looking to be away from Kids this might not be the best one.
Reviewer: Patricia
4 Stars
Awesome for kids and families!
April 26, 2019
Our 4 year old had a blast! He’s an adventurous guy. He loved the water slides and splash area, as well as, kayaking and the jungle gym in the ocean. Food was decent for Mexican buffet and frozen drinks were good. Beer was a little flat. The only downside was that our son wanted to ride the big bikes in the ocean, but we were told he was not old enough. Something to look forward to next time!
Reviewer: Candice Perry
5 Stars
Great day at the beach
April 11, 2019
Bin to Cozumel many times and enjoyed many excursions. There was plenty to do and at Playa Mia for everyone. the drinks kept flowing and the buffet wasn't bad.we swam, snorkeled and enjoyed the water sports available. Even went sailing. well worth the price we'll visit again next time we're in Cozumel witch will be soon.
Reviewer: Victor Dume
5 Stars
Playa mia deluxe
February 23, 2019
Playa Mia was a very nice place to visit. We rode the jet ski and got our hair braided. It was very pretty and it was clean. The food could be a little better was kinda plain I wish it would've been more Mexican authentic. But it was a very nice family spot.
Reviewer: Jennifer
4 Stars
playa mia
February 19, 2019
great beach and facilites, good service the food buffet was very good and the open bar was also good. good variaty of drinks
5 Stars
beach day
January 26, 2019
It was ok. More for younger kids. Food and drinks were good. And plenty to eat and your drink was never dry.
Reviewer: Harriet McNeill
3 Stars
Cool Place
December 12, 2018
This was a cool place for families. Lots for kids to do. I have teens, so there was not a ton for them, but they did enjoy the slides. They would not venture to the floats because there was a huge influx of jelly fish with people getting stung often. The food was good, the place was clean.
Reviewer: Mindi Davidson
4 Stars
Enjoyed our visit to Playa Mia
September 02, 2018
The connections to/from the cruise port to Playa Mia were excellent. Our day at the resort was wonderful, though the food selections weren't terrific. I needed to do the water slide as I'm still a kid at heart and it was fun! The Playa Mia staff were very friendly.
Reviewer: Ed Bishof
4 Stars
Absolutely Fabulous!
September 01, 2018
This place was amazing! We purchased the all inclusive package, includes transportation, all activities, food and drink. The food and drinks were delicious, the pina coladas and margaritas kept coming. The beach was perfect. The water slides, pools, ocean and in ocean water park were a lot of fun. And Victor, our "caretaker" for the day was the best! I would definitely recommend this place.
Reviewer: Erin
5 Stars
Loved Playa Mia
August 20, 2018
Had a great time! The service was amazing, food and drinks were too. Very clean and everything you need is there!!
Reviewer: Danielle Lawless
5 Stars
Great Day!
July 30, 2018
Great Day overall. The buffet looked disgusting and unappetizing with no posted signs that described what was being served, but the drinks were good and the facilities were clean and presentable.
Reviewer: Dr. Marc Brunelle
4 Stars
Beautiful Beach
July 23, 2018
Our transfer to and from the beach required a mechanical lift van, the driver was so accommodating. The servers also saw to our every need. We had time to truly enjoy the beautiful beach. It really made our day fun and stress free.
Reviewer: Joanne Montgomery
5 Stars
Fun activities
July 16, 2018
Entire family had lots to do to stay busy. Everything was great, from the water sports to the obstacle course. Buffet wasn’t bad. Drinks were good and kept coming. Transfer was easy and very friendly staff. Finding the excursion desk was a little trying but not bad.
Reviewer: Justin
4 Stars
Snorkelling Adventure
June 11, 2018
Snorkelling was unforgettable :) Was extra cost, but overall we were very well taken care of: drinks, services, pools and oceans.
Reviewer: Jasmine
4 Stars
Good day at the beach
April 02, 2018
This was a wonderful way to spend time at the beach. Food was decent. Staff was very friendly and provided good service. View was awesome.
Reviewer: Kim Carlson
4 Stars
Beach day at Playa Mia
April 02, 2018
The resort was very beautiful. Unfortunately, it rained almost the whole time we were there. But the food and drinks were great, and the staff was very friendly.
Reviewer: Linda Tojek
4 Stars
Playa Mia
March 21, 2018
We had a great day at Playa Mia. There were 5-6 ships in Port that day and it was good to know that we had arrangements made already for a day on the beach. We met our guides an hour before our appointed time (just to be safe) and they put us right in a cab and sent us on. (We got an extra hour of beach time!). We would book this excursion again!
Reviewer: Gerald
5 Stars
Cozumel Beach Day
March 21, 2018
It was awesome, took us to a wonderful beach, with kayaks, bikes in the water , sailboats, our own server and chairs, wonderful buffet and swim up bar also. Definetely would go there again.
Reviewer: Greg and Dawn Szabo
5 Stars
Fun Trip
February 24, 2018
This is our second trip to Playa Mia. We walked to the pick up location and waited 20 minutes for a taxi but once we got to the beach it was great. We enjoyed the jet ski experience for an additional price. They also had massages and hair braiding on the beach. The food was not as good as our last visit, but it was decent. The restrooms are well kept. The drinks are strong and even stronger upon request. I would definitely recommend this excursion
Reviewer: Jessica Saenz
5 Stars
Great spot for families
January 08, 2018
Nice beach and lots to do for kids🏝. Food was ok. Transfer from port was easy and great taxi service
Reviewer: DWoodworth
4 Stars
Beach Day at Playa Mia
December 22, 2017
We enjoyed sitting at Big Mamas and eating and drinking. Never entered the water but didn't feel the need to. Our server was very friendly and we would go back again.
Reviewer: Seana Anderson
5 Stars
Highly Recommend
December 18, 2017
This day was amazing. The Playa Mia staff were incredible. Pancho was our server and he took great care of us. The facility is clean and small enough that we didn't feel overrun in a major tourist attractionl.
Reviewer: Jennifer Sinclair
5 Stars
The best excursion resort in Cozumel!
August 21, 2017
Third trip to Playa Mia in two years and I think it just keeps getting better! Everything from the booking to the ride back to the cruise terminal at the end of the excursion is a breeze. The resort is great! Two nice pools, included bars, buffet, water slides, beach, and the available massages make for a great time. You can choose your departure time to stay as long as possible, or make it back in time for some shopping or other activity in the port. I'm planning to book my forth trip to Playa Mia in the next week!
Reviewer: Afton Fletcher
5 Stars
Relaxing at the beach
August 03, 2017
We found a table under a palm tree and a waiter took our drink order before we sat down. The free buffet wasn't spectacular, but the fish ceviche, pico de gallo and a cucumber dish they had were fantastic. Our glasses were never empty, there was plenty of places to sit or lounge, umbrellas were available if you wanted one and the water was right there.
Reviewer: Lloyd C
5 Stars
Playa Mia
May 04, 2017
Nice facilities, beautiful beach.
Reviewer: Allison
5 Stars
Best way to go to Playa Mia
April 19, 2017
If you want a beach day, this is the way to go. No need to wait for the RCL bus...a personal taxi whisks you away and back. You get there early enough to have the pick of chairs. As far as the beach experience, nice. Staff really helps when you ask...they don't hound you for anything pretty much. Better than the RCL island from that standpoint.
Reviewer: Bob Gorski
5 Stars
Beach Day at Playa Mia Deluxe
April 06, 2017
A fabulous day at the beach made very special by the wonderful staff!
Reviewer: Jill Miller
5 Stars
January Cruise Stop in Cozumel
February 24, 2017
Extremely well worth the money; purchased all inclusive package to Playa Mia Deluxe. The tour company was extremely helpful with arranging transport to an from the cruise ship. We enjoyed ourselves immensely; wish we would have stayed longer
Reviewer: Joe S
5 Stars
Beach Day
February 09, 2017
Beach was great. Kayaking and sailboating was fun. Drinks and buffet just what expected. No problems at all.
Reviewer: kirk salvatore
5 Stars
Fun Day!
February 07, 2017
We enjoyed our day at Playa Mia. Everyone was very accommodating. The staff was attentive and the food and drinks were plenty. So much to do: the water slides, the pool and the ocean activities!
Reviewer: Ada Neikens
5 Stars
Fun family day
January 22, 2017
Views are gorgeous! Beach is clean, staff is prompt and courteous, food was ok (was hoping for more authentic), inflatables were FUN, sailboats were a surprise but awesome!
Reviewer: Dawn Whitmire
5 Stars
Convenient Trip to the Beach
January 22, 2017
We have been to Playa Mia many times and have always enjoyed ourselves there. When Carnival stopped offering it as a shore excursion we tried a couple of their other options for a day at the beach in Cozumel and they just didn't stack up. So for this trip we decided to book Playa Mia separately and we're glad we did. Not only was it a better location than what the ship offered, it was great to be part of a small group rather than crammed in a bus and having to wait on that one last person to arrive. After a short walk from the boat we were in a taxi and on our way. We will definitely book more excursions this way. As to Playa Mia itself, the descriptions of what you get are accurate. They keep everything well maintained and there seems to be something new each time we go.
Reviewer: Robert & Becky E
5 Stars
The resort was excellent!
December 25, 2016
The resort was great. The food was not. It was a poorly executed Americanized buffet. I would have preferred traditional local food.
Reviewer: Mandy Waldrop
5 Stars
You can't go wrong with Playa Mia!
December 15, 2016
This was my second time visiting Playa Mia through Shore Excursion Group. It was once again flawless. Everything went great from the check in, transfer, service and amenities at the resort, food, and drinks. I highly recommend this Excursion for Cozumel!
Reviewer: Afton Fletcher
5 Stars
I'd go back!
November 04, 2016
Transportation was seamless. Water was aqua blue. Sand was white. Service was super friendly. We paid extra for snorkling. They were great guys and we got some good underwater pics. Open bar and buffet were sweet. This is a good one.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
September 28, 2016
This was a fun and relaxing day. The water was a little choppy. The inflatable kid zone was pretty cool and tiring. The pool felt good. The food and drinks along with the service was great.
Reviewer: Rebecca
4 Stars
A + Experience
August 11, 2016
The was my first excursion not booking through the cruise line. This excursion was outstanding!! Friendly prompt service. I would book this again without hesitation.
Reviewer: John Stone
5 Stars
If I could click my heels..and go back
August 10, 2016
My mom and I took a 5 day western Caribbean carnival cruise. This excursion was perfect and all we did was eat, drink and chill. There were plenty of activities but relaxing was fine with us. The food was good, the drinks were nice and strong..especially when tipping. It was a little confusing to find the excursion office..a small walk to the mall outside of port but the vendors were really friendly. I would do it again. Made my 35th birthday celebration awesome!!
Reviewer: LARITA Lane
5 Stars
Shipmate Excursion
August 06, 2016
I was hesitant to book an excursion outside of the cruise ship that we were on because I had always been told not to because there was no garuntee you'd make it back to the ship on time or whatever. We wanted to do Playa Mia and it wasn't available through the ship we were on, so I booked it through Shipmate. Everything went like clockwork with the check in, transfer, at the resort, and return transfer. We had a great time at Playa Mia, the food and drinks were great, water slide, pools, beach, activities, and staff were outstanding. I was very pleased with the service of the excursion overall and will definitely book excursions through Shipmate (Shore Excursion Group) in the future!
Reviewer: Afton Fletcher
5 Stars
The Best Jerry! The Best!!!
May 19, 2016
Very Awesone day at the beach!! We went jet skiing & scuba diving!! Great food and very fun for the kids too!! We would definitely do it again.
Reviewer: Big Mike
5 Stars
Smooth as silk!
May 04, 2016
I LOVED this excursion. Everything went smoothly from point A to point B, no complaints. I am guessing that the day that we went, there were not a lot of people/tourists but that was fine with me, no lines. My 10 year daughter and me had fun. I experienced the fish pedicure, my daughter went on the water slides and the obstacle course in the water. I would definitely stay at this resort again. The staff was very accommodating and helpful.
Reviewer: Oneatie1
5 Stars
I would definatley buy this one again.
April 30, 2016
The service was excellent.
Reviewer: Carol
5 Stars
Just a day to relax
April 29, 2016
This was our trips last excursion so we wanted a day to just relax and unwind. Finding the location from our ship was a little difficult but once we found it we were quickly placed into a cab and whisked away. Arriving to the resort we were met by someone who escorted us to the window were we were given bracelets which gave us access to the amenities and food and as much as we wanted to drink. We had lunch from the buffet and the food was ok. One of the salads tasted funny so I let the staff know and the immediately pulled it off the buffet. We initially sat on the beach but the water was full of seaweed so we moved to the pool. Napped briefly on the chairs and then headed back to the boat.
Reviewer: Joe and Trina
4 Stars
Fun! Sun! Good for all ages
April 19, 2016
Great time!! No problems getting there. They take you right there and get you settled. Great atmosphere. Servers take great care if you. Loads of activities for my teens. Great time.
Reviewer: Beverly
5 Stars
What a great day in Cozumel!!
April 19, 2016
We truly enjoyed our day at Playa Mia! Great pool, water sports and strong drinks!! Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Rosey
4 Stars
March 01, 2016
Reviewer: DON
5 Stars
Nice facility
February 24, 2016
The staff were nice and accommodating. The office was further than we anticipated and my husband was having ambulation issues. The facilities were clean and colorful. Restrooms were clean. I was disappointed to have to pay for an umbrella (other than deposit) given the cost of excursion. Drinks were small (even the soda). Food smelled good but didn't eat there. Pools were nice. Water was littered with seaweed.
Reviewer: Okie
4 Stars
Beach Day at Playa Mia
February 05, 2016
The team was more than helpful in accommodating our requests! We enjoyed a relaxing day on the beach! Rum bunch and the buffet were fabulous! Thank you!
Reviewer: Bob and Kathy
5 Stars
Fun Excursion!!
February 04, 2016
We both enjoyed this excursion a lot and felt it was a good value. Transportation was nice and not as crowded as ship tour. Nice relaxing atmosphere at Playa Mia, adequate seating on the beach, friendly staff, nice buffet and good drinks! Only negative at all were the printed directions could have been a little bit clearer and we had to ask for directions to get to proper meeting place which was a bit further than expected. Other than that I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!
Reviewer: Metsmom
5 Stars
fun day at the beach
February 03, 2016
Would do it again
Reviewer: Angela
5 Stars
Fun Excursion !
January 16, 2016
Overall the excursion was really fun and nice. They had so many activities for the whole family. The only minor issue we had was finding the meeting place. They had switched meeting places from Playa Mia's souvenir store to near the Hard rock cafe, but didn't send the email to us in time informing us of the change before we got on the cruise. It took us more than 30 minutes to look for the place.The bus left but they immediately got us a taxi. Customer service was very prompt and nice.
Reviewer: Hannah
5 Stars
Fun at Play Mia
January 02, 2016
Only thing is guacamole was an extra to the all you can eat buffet,,,saw jelly fish by their air platform otherwise it was a relaxing day at their beach
Reviewer: Frank E
4 Stars
Well worth with. Transfers and helpers were amazi
January 01, 2016
Everything was perfect. Food, transfers, helpers.
Reviewer: Pop
5 Stars
Awesome Fun in the Sun Experience
December 29, 2015
Great beaches, Huge covered pavilion, Exceptional kiddie/small children pool. There was something for everyone, even a very reasonably priced gift shop.
Reviewer: Landlubber
4 Stars
Best Excursion We Took
December 25, 2015
Staff was fantastic, beach was clean, food and drink were great. Ask for the spicy salsa!!
Reviewer: Jon
5 Stars
Exactly the same as Cruise Ship--but $20 less!
December 18, 2015
Exactly the same as offered on Cruise ship, but $20 less, and Travel was WAY BETTER. Private taxi going and coming--when you are ready, included in price. No waiting on crowded busses!
Reviewer: Tommy
5 Stars
Anytime we cruise, we'll always choose this
December 09, 2015
My husband rented jet ski's, my children got to go down the waterslide, and we all played in the pools. Not to mention the great food on the buffet and the even better service.
Reviewer: Whitney
5 Stars
Worth the money
December 04, 2015
Good deal
Reviewer: Detroit Larry
4 Stars
We will be there again next year...
November 30, 2015
Had a blast...
Reviewer: Dee & Richie
5 Stars
The Best!
November 19, 2015
The quality of the facility was superb
Reviewer: Deb
5 Stars
I love the beach!
October 30, 2015
The beach was beautiful. There was 8 of us, and there was so much for everyone to do. The food was awesome. Everyone was so nice. Would go again. Would definitely recommend. There was a big difference in price, with the cruise ship and on line. I am actually cruising again October 23, 2016, and would definitely use this website again.
Reviewer: becky
5 Stars
Enjoy Relaxing
October 28, 2015
ONly commplaint was the beach was full of seaweed
Reviewer: Walshie
4 Stars
Perfecto (Perfect)
October 23, 2015
I enjoy every minute
Reviewer: joser
5 Stars
This beach day at Playa Mia was well worth the mon
October 20, 2015
Me and my mom truly enjoyed Playa Mia beach .This was my second time,planning to go again. Food was nice and drinks good.
Reviewer: Scorpio
5 Stars
most fun we had the whole trip!
September 11, 2015
Omg it was so fun. There is so much to do!we had unlimited drinks! The bees we're everywhere but hey what could you expect. Also the food could have been better but I wouldn't make it a con. They took pictures of us and they were a nice price. The guides were nice I just wish it was a little more organized. My in laws took the package with the tour and they loved it as well. Will definitely go again and will order from shore excursions because the prices were great
Reviewer: Wolley504
4 Stars
September 05, 2015
This was an excellent excursion. The food and drinks were great, service was excellent and we had a nice relaxing and fun day.
Reviewer: shubbard2011
5 Stars
Very relaxing
May 22, 2015
We found this to be a wonderful excursion. It was well worth the money. Nice non motorized vessels included for your fun. Nice gift shops. Food and drinks were delicious and service was spot on! Would recommend!
Reviewer: Looty
4 Stars
Something for everone
April 18, 2015
Playa Mia offered something for everyone. Great activities, great food, friendly staff. Loved it so much, we plan to go back the next time we are in port. Beach volleyball, obstacle course in the water, relaxing nap (could get shaded or in the sun), some organized activities - really was a good variety and fun for all (4 adults, 3 teens in our group). Food was good, with a decent variety on the buffet. If you are really picky, may be a little tough, but for us, met all diet options (bring it all on to health conscious). Couldn't say enough about the staff, from the bartenders, serving area, store, everywhere we went.
Reviewer: TxAggie90
5 Stars
Best way to go!
April 18, 2015
Felt welcome as soon as we arrived! The drinks kept coming & the food was excellent. The watervslides were very fun & everything was very clean!!!
Reviewer: Sylvia
5 Stars
Great Drinks and Waiter
April 09, 2015
The food was okay. The drinks were good and plentiful. The waiter was great, very friendly, and always available.
Reviewer: Tami
4 Stars
What a day in the sun!
March 14, 2015
It was great to get off the ship for a day in the sun, with shade trees! Plenty of people watching; there were families from over 40 countries on our giant ship and 2 more ships were in port. Loved the sand and the ocean and the food was the best!
Reviewer: Pa Pa G G
5 Stars
November 11, 2014
Reviewer: MARION
5 Stars
Great relaxing time
October 31, 2014
This is a great place for a relaxing day at the beach. Huge water park on the beach. Had a blast.
Reviewer: Yoda
5 Stars
Great place for a day trip
October 14, 2014
My group went in mid-September. Perfect timing. We almost had the place to ourselves. There are several pools, a sand volleyball court, paddle boats, kayaks, floating obstacle course, slides, and a kid area. The open bar was great. Food was nothing special, but still good. Friendly staff. Just a ten minute ride from the cruise ship terminal.
Reviewer: Sean C
4 Stars
Day at the beach
October 03, 2014
This is a beautiful day at the beach. Great water park. I think they could start paying the local youth by the pound to remove most of the rocks in the water.
Reviewer: Marilyn
4 Stars
Beautiful Resort
October 02, 2014
There were not very many people there. The resort was very nice and clean. The workers tried their best to keep us entertained despite the fact that it rained all day.
Reviewer: logan's run
4 Stars
great excursion,well worth the cost!!!!
September 14, 2014
This excursion is totally relaxing and fun.beautiful,clean is delicious!!!!
Reviewer: recruiser
5 Stars
Day of fun!
July 23, 2014
Was kind of a long swim out to the floating trampoline against the current...but my kids had a blast! Pools were refreshing! Service was great by staff. Great relaxing day! Will do it again for sure!!
Reviewer: Experiencing different places
4 Stars
Excellent place!
June 11, 2014
Relaxing at the beach with all the food and drinks you want. The service is great.
Reviewer: kat yat
5 Stars
Fun Day!
May 23, 2014
We were looking for a relaxing beach day and we definitely weren't disappointed. We did an all-inclusive food and drink package and we really enjoyed both. The buffet was delicious and drinks were plenty. The park organized games if you wanted to play and you could take advantage of add-ons like massages if you wanted. The kids park looked fun as well. Taxi ride to and from was not long. Overall we were able to relax and read our books with drink in hand, which is what we wanted!
Reviewer: AMS
4 Stars
Fun in the Sun
April 05, 2014
We had a great time, there are so many things to do and the kids had a blast. My family rented jet skis and that was awesome. I highly recommend this excursion. There was plenty of food although it was just okay. Personally, the alcoholic drinks were not the greatest, the alcohol are no where near top shelf. But overall experience is top notch and would definitely do it again.
Reviewer: Tanisha Had a Ball!
5 Stars
Good time
February 26, 2014
Good if you want to relax and drink and eat all day
Reviewer: Mike
4 Stars