Florida Everglades Airboat and Wildlife Experience

One with nature
December 30, 2022
Thanks to our Priceline agents connecting my family and I to experience this wildlife excursion experience. Beautiful blue ducks a color so vibrant and vivid that seeing is believing sooo beautiful, the weather was awesome and Cpt John was driving our air boat and he was filled with a plethora of knowledge on the wildlife and the everglades. Very interesting..five stars+ for the little food wagon, they had alligator balls,fries many other items to sit down and enjoy after the excursion. The beautiful birds that help you eating your food(yes) they literally are beggars and a peacock named Kevin he too helps himself to any fries thrown at him. The staff from the store and the photo booth guys were awesome. Nice experience my family and I loved this excursion. Plan either before or after your cruise. We planned ours two days before our sail date.❤👍
Reviewer: Linda Cox
5 Stars
Nice tour
February 27, 2022
Me, my husband and daughter enjoyed the Everglades airboat ride in February. It was a fun ride. We only saw a few birds and fish. Disappointed not to see an alligator on the ride. There were a couple on display in the exhibits, however. The staff was tentative and knowledgeable. It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours before our flight home.
Reviewer: Victoria Mainwaring
4 Stars
Fast and fun!
February 17, 2022
We went in January. Even in Florida, it was winter for the animals, so not as much to see. Our guide was knowledgeable about the wildlife in the Everglades. He did his best, even when the wildlife didn’t want to cooperate.
Reviewer: Dane Gilson
5 Stars
February 25, 2020
A fun experience for the family
Reviewer: Amy
5 Stars
A ride of a life time
January 17, 2020
The information about provided of the Everglades was very interesting. The caption of the airboat provided us with a up close encounter an alligator. It wouldn't been nice to see more than one during the ride.
Reviewer: Yolanda R. White
3 Stars
Really neat
December 28, 2019
We did this in early December when it was about 55 degrees out so it was pretty cold in the boat, however, being able to see the gators was awesome and the tour guide was fabulous! I do recommend this excursion, just maybe when its a tad warmer :)
Reviewer: Anna
4 Stars
December 04, 2019
5 Stars
November 10, 2019
Enjoyed The Experience
Reviewer: Silas Shumate
5 Stars
Airboat Ride
August 30, 2019
Wow !!! What a fun trip this was! Our guide made it very clear up front. "I can't guarantee that you'll see alligators...but you'll probably see alligators". And did we ever...we saw six...with virtually all of them swimming right up to the boat for great photos. Jetting thru the Glades was something I'll never forget. Knowledgeable guide, great scenery, and a "boatload" of fun! Highly recommend you give it a try.
Reviewer: Tony
5 Stars
Informative and Fun
May 16, 2019
This was my first and definitely not my last time enjoying an airboat ride. Our operator was so knowledgeable about the history, ecology and future of the Everglades. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves adding an educational element to their vacations.
Reviewer: Mellissa Jeffrey
5 Stars
show me some gators!
April 28, 2019
What a super fun excursion. Even though we went in April and that is mating season, we saw plenty of alligators. Our Captain was awesome and very informative and the rescue/wildlife center was cool too. I recommend this for anyone that has a little extra time before or after your cruise. We went the day our cruise returned.
Reviewer: JaAn Littlefield
5 Stars
Enjoyed it
April 27, 2019
I plan on doing it again so my daughter can do it with me. I had never done it before and I enjoyed it. We did it before we home on our flight right after our cruise.
Reviewer: Patricia McCready Lucus
5 Stars
Fun Times
March 17, 2019
The Airboat ride was fun and informative didn't see as many alligators as we would of liked but certainly not the fault of the tour. The Wildlife experience was informative and fun. Holding a baby alligator was not at all what I expected.
Reviewer: Ron Mumm
5 Stars
Everglades airboat
February 09, 2019
Great time. Our captain was extremely knowledgeable of the area and would slow down for photos and was always willing to answer questions. He had a great sense of humor too.
Reviewer: Caryn Smith
5 Stars
Airboat Tour
December 10, 2018
This tour was both exciting and educational. Our guide was knowledgeable about the vegetation and the everglades. She took us to the area where we could see an 8 foot alligator up close and personal along with a snapping turtle. We also visited the wild life area where we were able to hold a baby alligator. This excursion was well worth the money and time.
Reviewer: Antonia Slaybaugh
5 Stars
Airboat Ride
November 12, 2018
This was good. Got there early and went out with the driver and one other couple. Only saw 2 alligators but that was OK. Display of animals was good also.
Reviewer: Wayne Warden
3 Stars
Boat tour
August 06, 2018
It was a fun thing to do with our 12 year old son.
Reviewer: Lori Graffious
4 Stars
Florida Everglades Airboat
April 16, 2018
The trip was good, the guide gave great info about the Everglades and the eco system and future of the Everglades and the life in it. We saw a number of alligators and some birds. The animal 'shelter' adjacent to the site was home to a number of animals that had been seized from various private owners. The guides described the animals housed there and the projects they were involved in with regard to their rehabilitation and care. It was great to see jaguars, birds, tortoises, turtles and foxes and birds and very interesting to hear about the plans for the future. The only drawback was the organizing of transportation to the Airboat and back to Fort Lauderdale for our cruise. The hotel organized the taxi/Uber transportation for us, but as there were many ships leaving harbour that day all using the services, it was a bit nail-biting waiting for our return ride. That said, I would recommend this excursion with a caution regarding the time available for the 32 mile drive each way.
Reviewer: marie a wilson
5 Stars
Good Excursion and Easy to Book
March 25, 2018
This was a good excursion and easy to book. All I had to do is print out the coupon and show up. When I arrive, they assign me to a group (approximately 20 minute wait to get onto the boat). While I waited, I went to the mini zoo and got to held a baby alligator. I like the mini zoo. They had mountain lions, tortoises, peacocks, and a couple of other animals. The boat ride was fun. The driver went really fast and it was nice to feel the breeze. We did not get to see any alligators and the boat did break down out in the middle of the swamp (30 minute time limit). Despite this, my family still had a good time.
Reviewer: James Nguyen
4 Stars
Extremely Fun Air Boat RIde
December 18, 2017
We had a great time on the air boat - the guide was very knowledgeable, and made it fun! The boat was very loud and windy, but we saw lots of crocodiles and he pointed out lots of wildlife. The trip wasn't very long, but definitely a high point of our visit!!
Reviewer: Janel Tingey
5 Stars
Florida Everglades Airboat And Wildlife Experience
April 17, 2017
Great excursion! The tour guide Disco was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. We actually came up to a 9 foot alligator next to our boat. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Anthony Gin
5 Stars
Ride the airboat on the everglades
March 23, 2017
We had difficulty with the taxi driver understanding where to go and arrived at the wrong place. Fortunately we were early and another company's bus took us to the correct location. The taxi driver reimbursed the amount we paid the bus driver, which was fair. We did enjoy the airboat experience very much as well as the description of the everglades given by the boat driver. The wildlife display was O.K.
Reviewer: lynnette guthrie
4 Stars
Skimming on the Everglades
February 21, 2017
An air boat ride was on our bucket list and this excursion earned us a check mark. The boat ride was about 45 minutes, but that was all we needed and the price was very reasonable. Our guide found alligators and other wildlife and was a very smooth driver. The zoo part was also interesting and very informative. We saw all this and were only about 20 minutes out of downtown.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Quick overview
January 29, 2017
This is a very quick, 30 minute ride in an airboat. You really don't go out into the Everglades, there just isn't the time. You take a 5 min. ride to the center of an inlet, stop, the operator points out a few of the wildlife that is around. You sit there, ride another 5 mins. and do the same then it is back to the shop. Would have actually had a "30 minute ride" to see more of the Everglades but it was a nice little tour.
Reviewer: BA
3 Stars
June 05, 2016
Was a very nice ride. Only saw 1 gator though. Learned a lot about the everglades. Food portion at the food shack was small portion for the price but was good.
Reviewer: Dawn
5 Stars
Gators Up Close
January 30, 2016
Can't beat the price for a great experience. Saw two gators up close in the wild. Guide told some interesting facts about the everglades.
Reviewer: DartheBean
5 Stars
Awesome trip!!
December 26, 2014
Surprise to my wife!
Reviewer: J the surpriser
5 Stars