Dolphin Encounter and Turtle Farm

Fun & Memorable
November 29, 2020
We really enjoyed ourselves at both Dolphin Discovery and the turtle farm. Everyone was friendly. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because we had to find separate transportation to get to our destination. I do understand that using a separate service provides more business for several companies, but I still think a shuttle would be great.
Reviewer: T & V Price
4 Stars
Great experience
March 24, 2020
We had a lot of fun on this excursion. Dolphins are always fun and there were a lot of turtles to see!
Reviewer: Jesse Chai
5 Stars
Great experience with my 3yr old!
March 23, 2020
Our scheduled time was 1pm, we embarked our ship at 10am as there was no immediate rush (which was nice). The shuttle stopped at a beach and then to the Dolphin Center. Drive was about 20 min $6/person. We checked in & told to come back at 1:30pm. Went to turtle farm across the street & when we went back a worker went over the arm signals we would do with the dolphins. I had to carry my son into the water as it would have been over his head, water was about 4’ deep. I was able to hold him in front of me and he floated. The instructor was amazing! We each had a turn to do each of the signals with the dolphin. After the kids in the group went we sat them on the dock so the adults could go. Signals included giving & getting a kiss, dancing with the dolphin (hold fins), rubbing their belly, putting your hand up high for them to reach it with their nose. We had a blast! After we were shown the overpriced photo packages & caught a bus for the way back as we were told the taxi was pricey.
Reviewer: Krisoula
5 Stars
Great experience
December 17, 2019
We really enjoyed our excursion. The company did try to up sell us on site. (We said no). The dolphins were humanely treated and very playful. We especially loved the turtle farm. It was small but the turtles!!! Huge huge turtles and teeny tiny ones. So amazing to see them. Again small but incredible.
Reviewer: Erin Kanagy
5 Stars
September 04, 2019
We had a great time with the dolphins and Turtles! The only thing I didn't like and would like to warn everyone about is the Taxi's! If you can find any other means of transportation to the see the dolphins and Turtles do so! They totally take advantage of you!
Reviewer: Tonya Nilson
4 Stars
Wonderful afternoon
June 13, 2019
We had a wonderful afternoon swimming with the dolphins then walking through the turtle farm. We caught a cab at the port ($8/person) and went there about two hours before our scheduled time of 1pm. The dolphin place let us join an earlier group, this helped us relax and not feel rushed to get back to the ship. The dolphin swim was great and I ended up liking it more than I expected. The staff was patient and helped everyone feel at ease and they handled the dolphins with total confidence. The picture package was too expensive so we didn’t buy anything. The turtle farm was amazing. I wish we had been able to spend more time there, I would like to go back some day. We caught a ride on a public bus ($2.50/person). It took us through residential areas and it felt very safe, but it took a little longer to get back to the port than a cab would have. Overall it was a wonderful afternoon and we had no problems on our excursion.
Reviewer: JD Skinner
5 Stars
Well Done
May 07, 2018
The public transportation was used to our surprised and was a pleasant surprise on getting to and from our destination. The farm and experience is well worth the time and travel. Staff very organized!!
Reviewer: Don Chesmer
5 Stars
An amazing day!
January 11, 2018
We went out before our assigned time which gave us plenty of time to explore the turtle farm - they have a small beach and swiming area. The swim with the dolphins was amazing! Our 4 year old was a bit nervous at first, but the staff was great with her and she had a blast. Check at the terminal before you hire a taxi, there's a bus that runs out there for a fraction of what a cab will charge.
Reviewer: Erin Ramirez
5 Stars
Enjoyment with the dolphins
June 03, 2017
This was a great excursion! We were a party of three and they made it worthwhile. Very knowledgeable about the dolphins. It was so much fun.
Reviewer: Kathy Blackman
5 Stars
Dolphin Encounter
March 09, 2017
We had four adults in our group so we were placed in a group with no children - which was good for us because our activities were geared more to adults. It was a lot of fun and well worth the time. Only recommendation I have would be to work with the vendor to make the pictures more affordable and available.
Reviewer: Jamie Estes
4 Stars
Dolphin Encounter and Turtle Farm
March 09, 2017
I was very impressed with the Dolphin Encounter. I appreciated having professional photos of the encounter and the trainer and the dolphin that were in the water with me were wonderful. The turtle farm was educational and interesting. I enjoyed touring this facility.
Reviewer: Francine Hribar
5 Stars
Thank you for the memories
December 01, 2016
Thank you for the memories. The entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They catered to my four-year-old and made it the most perfect excursion there was. Thank you again for everything
Reviewer: Donald lienemann
5 Stars
My kids were in heaven!
March 04, 2014
Well worth the money!!!
Reviewer: Dawn
5 Stars
Dolphin Encourter
June 19, 2012
It was so exciting to be in the water with the Dolphins.
Reviewer: Belinda
5 Stars
well worth the price
May 15, 2012
This was a once in a lifetime event. would recomend it to anyone. The dolphen trainer was great and very knowlageable and made it fun and awsome.
Reviewer: cathy
4 Stars
Great Experience with Dolphin Encounter/
May 03, 2012
Great experience for entire family! Not enough time left for Turtle Farm. Would like to go back and visit again! Staff were great. Pictures are expensive! Did not include travel to and from cruise ship unfortunately. Highly recommend Shore Excursions Group!
Reviewer: Laura
5 Stars
Wonderful Experience
January 05, 2012
Swimming with dolphin & Turtle is my daughters favorit! They had so fun on this event, and keep asking me for another trip again!We spent over hundred fifty for the photo package, souviniars which are well worth the money as well! The only thing we think inconvinence is that we have to take the taxi to the dolphin discovery center by our own. and next time we will try the dolphin pull, push & ride activity since we didn't realize that our excursion is the basic one.
Reviewer: Mary
4 Stars