Cayman Rum Making & Tastings

Cayman rum tasting & tour
February 14, 2023
This was a great tour. I’m not even a big fan of rum but I think they changed my mind. Very informative and tasty. Our only problem was when we were waiting for our bus, they all seemed confused and wanted to take us to the 7 mile beach. Fortunately it was worked out quickly.
Reviewer: Lori Valari
5 Stars
Yummy rum
January 20, 2023
It was a great tour and the rum is delicious I would highly recommend doing this tour
Reviewer: Kathy Nayduk
5 Stars
Good rum
October 20, 2022
Arrived early but the tour person asked us to come back at the appointed time. About a ten minute ride to the distillery while the driver pointed out some landmarks. He took us inside the facility and said he would be back. We had the opportunity to look around the shop while we waited for others who would join the tour. Our guide was friendly and each variety of Rum, vodka, and liqueur was very good. We toured the distillery works while the guide explained some of the steps involved. The product was available for sale and their main Rum product -- seven fathoms Rum - us available to be shipped to 27 U.S. states. Our driver picked us up after a short wait. A good time.
Reviewer: Charles Taraboletti
5 Stars
Great Excursion
April 15, 2022
Arrived early at the pier and made contact with person in charge of this excursion. She asked if we wanted to go earlier as they had room and we did not hesitate. Upon arriving, we were welcomed. Tried many different kinds of rum. Especially liked that they played music that matched up to the flavor of the rum. That was fun! The tour of the making of rum was very imformative. Had no idea how many steps it takes to make rum. Of course, we purchased some of the wine we tasted. We particularly liked the Blackberry rum. Give this excursion a try as you will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Diane Beedon
5 Stars
Grand Cayman Rum Excursion
December 03, 2019
Tour provider was very difficult to find; asked several people w.ho had no idea where our tour bus was located. After we did find it the driver, he took us to one larger rum company but changed his mind and then drove us to a small local factory. The local factory treated us well and was very generous with the rum tastings. We did have a good time and were returned to the port in plenty of time.
Reviewer: Karyn Prois
5 Stars