Grand Cayman Icons - Turtles, Hell & Seven Mile Beach

Great tour guide
July 20, 2023
The tour itself was nice, except for the beach because it was incredibly crowded. What really made the tour was our guide, Damian. He was friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. He asked where we were looking to spend the most time and adjusted the times so we could have more time at the turtle sanctuary rather than the beach. If you are a turtle lover and plan on getting in the pools with them I would definitely recommend taking more time there and less time at the beach as we did. As I said the beach was so crowded it was difficult to enjoy however it was beautiful!!!!
Reviewer: Kim W
5 Stars
Turtle Center
March 31, 2023
Loved the turtle center, was very interesting to hear about how they take care of the turtles and the eggs. Seven Mile Beach was gorgeous.
Reviewer: Renee Childress
5 Stars
Grand Cayman Icons Excursion
February 14, 2023
Our excursion was delightful! We first went to Hell, then to the Turtle Center, and on to Seven Mile Beach. Our driver was extremely considerate! He returned to the port to pick up some late arrivals and agreed to make two trips back to the ship to accommodate those who did not wish to remain at the beach as long as others! And, he gave us an interesting history of the island en-route. We'd do it again, for sure!
Reviewer: Wanda Dunn
5 Stars
Great day!
January 11, 2023
Booked this tour for 8am which turned out to be great for beating traffic and other ships in port (total of 5!). Our party of 7 had the van to ourselves. We stopped at Hell first and greatly enjoyed speaking with "The Devil" since we were the only ones there. We headed next to the turtle center and again were alone except for a handful of others. By the time we left there were dozens of people there. Lastly, we headed to the beach and had our choice to stay 2 or 3 hours. Traffic was very busy on the way back to port so again, good to get out early as possible. Very organized and professional excursion!
Reviewer: NB
5 Stars
Small group
November 15, 2022
There were only 2 other people on this tour with us. It was nice to be shuttled around without the hustle and bustle of tons of people. Our driver was excellent and took good care of us. Our only complaint was that the beach was extremely crowded. Perhaps a different area would have been nicer with less people.
Reviewer: Linda
4 Stars
Neat Experience!
April 23, 2022
We had a wonderful time at the turtle farm. We got to see so many huge sea turtles and learn different things about them. We were able to wade in the water with some of the smaller turtles as well. We got to see some other neat wildlife and get some cute souvenirs. Hell was interesting for a quick picture, postcards to mail, and to get stamped on your passport. This was the quickest part of the tour. We had fun spending time at the beach with areas to change and restrooms and a restaraunt looking over the ocean where took a break for lunch. The water was beautiful. Our tour guide was very friendly and offered many fun facts and info on the trip.
Reviewer: Ashtin Hoskins
5 Stars
Mostly Worth the Visits
March 05, 2020
Great tour guide, very personable and made the visits that much better. Could pass up Hell. Not all that interesting. An exposed reef that someone should fish the trash out of. Seven Mile Beach was very nice. The beach attendants were on the ball. Best to arrive early in the day. Food an drink available for purchase and the burgers we had were good.
Reviewer: Greg L
4 Stars
Expecting a group tour, but had private van/guide
January 27, 2020
The tour didn't arrive on time but, very unexpectedly, the tour turned out to be with a private guide in a very nice passenger van. The total time spent on the tour was even more than expected, lasting over 5 hours! Hell was meh, the turtle sanctuary was by far the highlight of the trip, and the beach was super fun. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Should you? Don't even question it. Just book it! Book it now!
Reviewer: Rus Batten
5 Stars