Highlights of Limon

A great day!
March 30, 2023
We had a delightful day with Arial and Hector was our driver. He first managed to get out group of eight on the same van, then regaled us lots of helpful information about Costa Rica. Our walk through the national park was very worthwhile, particularly getting a video of a momma and baby sloth. Arial takes care that his folks are comfortable and feel taken care of. It was a delightful 6 hours
Reviewer: Susan Glor-Scheib
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon
January 09, 2023
This was a very excellent tour that all participants seemed to enjoy. Most importantly, our guide was knowledgeable, personable, and responsive to tour participants. The highlight of the tour was a boat trip on a canal where we were able to see a range of monkeys, sloths, and birds, as well as the businesses and residences along the canal. The visit to a made-for-tourists banana/coffee/cacao "plantation" was highly informative as well, with our tour guide being the guide there. Since we had some time before our ship departed, our guide even asked if we wanted to stop at a restaurant for lunch, but we voted for our "free" lunch back on the Eurodam, instead.
Reviewer: Richard Levine
5 Stars
Excellent tour
January 08, 2023
Our tour guide and driver went out of their way to ensure everyone was having a good time. They pointed out lots of wildlife and we all had equal opportunity to take turns at taking pictures. I highly recommend this tour. You see the best of Costa Rica!
Reviewer: Timothy Perez
5 Stars
Tour review
December 31, 2022
The tour guide and driver were excellent. It was a fun and informative tour. The tour guide had a map of Costa Rica and showed it often during the tour. The bus was very comfortable, and water was provided as it was a hot day. At the end of the tour, we were taken to an authentic Costa Rican restaurant and the food was very good.
Reviewer: Jeff Barkey
5 Stars
Excellent Limon Excursion
April 19, 2022
We thoroughly enjoyed our Limon excursion booked thru AAA. The company they selected was the best. We saw LOTS of animals. Our tour guide was able to spot them before anyone else saw them. We got lots of great photos. We especially enjoyed the National Park portion of the tour where we saw white faced monkeys in the tree canopy.
Reviewer: Linda Nowicke
5 Stars
Lots of Wildlife
January 27, 2020
This tour met at the entrance to the port, and we had no difficulty finding our driver. We had a small group, and this tour was the best of our Panama Canal trip. Our guide was excellent and very informative. We saw lots of wildlife, both on the Tortuguera Canals and the Cahuita National Park.
Reviewer: Diane Remick
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon
January 02, 2020
We had a group of 16 and this was one of the best excursions we had on our panama canal cruise. Our guide was awesome and very informative.
Reviewer: c stevens
5 Stars
Best Shore Excursion EVER!
December 26, 2019
First of all, our tour guide, Gerardo, was excellent! His English was perfect and he just plain knew all about his beautiful country. I'm only allowed 1000 characters here, so I have to be brief. We were unable to tour the rainforest because of rain - a storm coming from the Pacific. It was pouring down rain, and even after we stopped to buy ponchos, we all decided the rain was too heavy. Further to the north, it wasn't raining, so we totally enjoyed the banana plantation, sampling Costa Rican coffee (better than Columbian) and the jungle cruise. We saw howler monkeys, sloths, many, many different types of birds and lizards. Bottom line, this was a great shore excursion, worth every cent, and made me want to return to Costa Rica to see more of the amazing country!
Reviewer: Pat Lee
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon
December 07, 2019
This excursion gave a taste of all of the best parts of Limon. Finding the excursion as we left the ship was easy as the courteous staff were clearly positioned. I particularly enjoyed the nature walk and boat ride to see wildlife.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Barker
5 Stars
again please
November 17, 2019
Best excursion of our trip. Guide was really informative, and knowledgeable, Large bus not over crowded, Stops and sights were not to long but nice. The boat ride was nice and the rain forest was very nice, Would do this one again.
Reviewer: Larry Panther
5 Stars
March 28, 2019
This was a great tour! Roberto the tour guide was amazing and we saw so much! We even had an unexpected event happen and he handled with professionalism and always had our safety in mind. This tour company should be so proud of this tour guide!! Would take this tour again if in the area!
Reviewer: Kathy
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon
March 21, 2019
We enjoyed this tour completely and were quite impressed with our tour guide.
Reviewer: Helen DiLoreto
4 Stars
December 19, 2018
This was a very comprehensive tour. The guide was exceptionnal. He was well informed and took the time to show us interesting animals. He took excellent pictures of animals and us during the tour and made them available on the facebook site.
Reviewer: Yves Plante
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon
December 03, 2018
This was the best excursion we had on our cruise. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. The bus was a great size (small). We would encourage anyone to take this tour!
Reviewer: David and Annabell Harr
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon review
August 20, 2018
recommend this tour. good value for the money.
Reviewer: kathy fry
5 Stars
Wildlife everywhere!
May 02, 2018
I highly recommend this excursion. Our family’s tour began with a scenic drive in Eric’s air-conditioned van through the Limon countryside to the Tortuguero canal, where we saw loads of wildlife on our hour-long cruise, including spider monkeys, howler monkeys, iguanas, a toucan, oropendula, and more. Thereafter, we stopped by a banana plantation and observed part of the process of raising the crops. We arrived shortly thereafter in Cahuita National Park, where we took a walk through the jungle adjacent to the beach to observe sloths, a raccoon, a boa, medicinal plant life, and more. Our last stop was at a roadside souvenir shop, where I sampled and bought the amazing Costa Rican coffee. Aside from the attractions, my family truly enjoyed riding around Costa Rica through towns and countrysides, listening to Renato’s stories about life in Limon. The tour felt very intimate, which will make us remember it forever. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to experience Costa Rica.
Reviewer: Kim Akhavan
5 Stars
Well done tour
March 08, 2018
11 of us boarded a small 14 passenger Mercedes bus at the ship terminal and were driven through the small town of Limon to an area with access to numerous canals via 25-person boats. Lots of wildlife and flora, some more interesting than others depending on what happened to show up. Then off to the centerpiece of the tour at Cahuita national park on the southern seashore. Lots of monkeys, sloths, raccoons, termites, and a large variety of birds in about a half mile walk on a sandy path. Lots of locals use the park. Able to stop along highway to get close to banana plants, which could not be done with larger buses. Return trip to Limon stopped at a local restaurant with excellent food and also at a decent sized souvenir shop. Tour operators very aware of concerns about returning to ship on time, which is exploited by ship-sponsored competing tours. No problem at all. Our tour director, a young woman, spoke clear English.
Reviewer: Michael Moore
5 Stars
Limon tour
May 08, 2017
Tour guide was informative and fun. Enjoyed our day alot
Reviewer: John Chase
5 Stars
Wonderful tour
April 13, 2017
Everything went well, beginning with an easy pickup at the Pier. The guide and driver both were knowledgeable and helpful. We saw a variety of animals, reptiles and birds. Overall, a very good tour
5 Stars
Costa Rican Sampler!
March 23, 2017
What a wonderful way to experience the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Wonderful guide that shared his knowledge and love of his country. He took us for authentic food that was not on the itinerary. We learned how bananas grow, saw sloths and monkeys, hiked and boated through rain forest.
Reviewer: Robin Stearns
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon
March 18, 2017
Appreciated river trip and look at wildlife. Very interesting and well trained and dedicated guides. Walk through the natural park by the beach was also much appreciated. Definitely worth the while.
Reviewer: Terrence W. Hall
4 Stars
Highlights of Lemon
March 17, 2017
Tour host was very knowledgeable about the area, had very good timing, answered questions about the flora of the area. Seemed very passionate and proud of his country. The boat tour driver was always on the lookout for interesting things to see and brought the boat close for us to see the animals in trees and water. Highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Margaret Gilboyne
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon Excursion
March 07, 2017
This was the best excursion of all of the ones we had, because we had an excellent guide. He was a teacher who was very knowledgeable and gave us lots of information, while keeping our attention. He also found lots of wildlife for us to see and was able to answer all our questions. I also like that we had time to eat at a local place, and our guide translated for us so that we could sample the local cuisine.
Reviewer: Linda J. Selinger
5 Stars
Costa Rica Does Not Disappoint
February 03, 2017
Cordial and knowledgeable tour guide and his trusty driver transferred us in a comfortable air conditioned bus from the cruise ship to our canal adventure, banana plantation excursion, and nature park walk. Flora and fauna abounded virtually everywhere which is on par for CR. We stopped for lunch at a roadside diner that offered wonderful local cuisine at a reasonable price. It was relaxing to eat in this shaded, open air environment especially with the accompanying cold beverage of choice. This tour is not inexpensive, but if you are deciding what ports you might forego a land excursion, this should NOT be one!
Reviewer: Lee
5 Stars
Fantastic Naturalist
January 15, 2017
Our guide Alberto was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the manyl animals and plants in the rain forest. He had a trained eye and could help us see and identify the animals among the trees. He engaged all the 5 couples and family in the van with his enthusiasm. Wonderful information at the banana plantation also! Limon is actually a very small portion of the day.
Reviewer: Susan Rodgers
5 Stars
December 27, 2016
Very nice, the bus was nicely decorated and cool and clean. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly an spent time with us.
Reviewer: Sherry Ortman
5 Stars
Absolutely wonderful!
May 02, 2016
Met my expectations. Saw lots of monkeys, 2 three toed sloths, toucans, many frog species and even a two toed sloth! Great excursion! !
Reviewer: Helen the agent
5 Stars
Good nature excursion
April 27, 2016
Very easy to meet bus at port. Bigger bus/group than we expected, but guide was very knowledgeable and accommodating. I like having a good option to the cruise ship excursions.
Reviewer: Fairly new cruisers
4 Stars
April 16, 2016
taste of local fruits. very educational for the kids.
Reviewer: dwit
5 Stars
Very interesting.
April 03, 2016
Pickup at the dock. Easy on-off. very enjoyable.
Reviewer: Popeye
4 Stars
great experience
March 26, 2016
The trip was very well thought out and the guide was very interesting
Reviewer: Bob's adventure
5 Stars
This was quite a great trip
February 20, 2016
This excursion was a culminating activity of our Panama Canal cruise. WOW! What a fantastic way to finish this cruise. we enjoyed each part of this trip, from the time we left the ship through the re-boarding. We watched the entire process of the Banana harvesting to the finished packing. The walk through the jungle was educational and extremely interesting. The boat sight seeing on the canal provided a unique view of the jungle. I would do this trip again and I encourage others to embark on this adventure.
Reviewer: Tieman
5 Stars
Outstanding tour
February 12, 2016
Reviewer: na
5 Stars
Very well organized.....no worries at the port.
February 03, 2016
The tour guide was very knowledgeable, young and spoke perfect English.
Reviewer: Daniel
5 Stars
This was an outstanding excursion.
January 08, 2016
Guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. He made the excursion come alive for us. It had a nice variety of activities. Some were more strenuous then others, but we got to rest in between
Reviewer: fdhtieman
5 Stars
Limon tour
January 01, 2016
Even the bus driver went out of his way to show us things.
Reviewer: Von
5 Stars
Really Enjoyed this Tour
January 01, 2016
We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the variety of wildlife and points of interest pointed out by our lead tour guide during the jungle walk and canal tour. The guide found poison frogs, ants, wasp nest, howler monkeys and sloths during the walk. The boat guide in the canals did an excellent job of moving the boat up close to a crocodile, under a python and close to various birds, iguanas, lizards and sloths. Lots of great photo opportunities. When one traveler could not walk any more, the guide lifted her onto his back to carry her along the jungle trail. This is an example of excellent customer service. I would recommend this tour to friends and family. Although there was minimal crew working at the Dole Banana Plant we were able to view the plants with mature bananas and get an overview of the production process.
Reviewer: Foogirl
5 Stars
excellent excursion
December 18, 2015
good guide , respect itinery time , well served
Reviewer: hassan
5 Stars
Best excursion ever
July 14, 2015
Wonderful excursion . It was a perfect sized group, the guide gave all such persona l attention. She made sure each one of us got to see the Sloths and made sure each of us got pictures, even if she had to hang off the boat to get the best pictures for us.the trip was the perfect combination of adventure , education ,and lots of fun.the river cruise was made to accommodate each one of us . If anyone missed anything , the driver turned around and got up as close as he could. The banana plantation was so educational . We have been to banana plantations before and never enjoyed it so much nor learned so much. It was such a fun filled day. The most perfect day of our trip.
Reviewer: Woody
5 Stars
Super, duper excursion
March 22, 2015
A rainy Sunday in a rain forest is the way to go!
Reviewer: Millie
5 Stars
Loved this Tour
January 28, 2015
This was an interesting and fun tour. The banana plantation was informative. We really enjoyed a walk through the rainforests. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the trees, insects and flora and we learned alot. We saw howler and spider monkeys on the canal trip and many birds, bats and crocodiles. Our guide was excellent.
Reviewer: Go Go Travelers
5 Stars
Highlights of Limon with Beto
January 23, 2015
Talked with other passengers who took excursions from the ship, and ours was by far better. The guide (Beto) was personable and was able to answer everyone's questions in English and Spanish, both.
Reviewer: Birds on the Bat
5 Stars
Excellent - one of best tours ever
December 23, 2014
Good variety, well organized. Alberto of Greenway Tours was very knowledgeable , attentive to iindividual's interests and safety. His knowledge of his country of Costa Rica including Rain Forest inhabitants - plant , animal and insect was at a level of a nature guide. He made the whole tour an adventure and dealt professionally with a client who experienced a medical incident..
Reviewer: R&J
5 Stars
Wonderful excursion
November 26, 2014
Guide was wonderful , lots of personal attention. Tour was so interesting and fun. Great value for the price. Loved it.
Reviewer: Woody
5 Stars
Leasurely, educational tour
December 13, 2013
No further comments
Reviewer: Bill
4 Stars
Best tour of our cruise!
November 21, 2013
This small group tour was led by a wonderful, personable, well informed guide. The wagon ride through the forest was educational, as was the short treetop level walk on the bridges. The subsequent jungle river cruise yielded views of birds, monkeys and even a sloth. The banana plantation and harvesting was interesting as well. Our fresh fruit snack before returning to the city was refreshing. Before returning to the ship we drove through parts of Limon city as well. Our guide absolutely made this tour the best!
Reviewer: P and B
5 Stars
Wonderful tour!
May 30, 2013
Even thought it was raining in the Rain Forest we had a wonderful time. Our tour guide was fantastic and brought a lot of knowledge and humor to the tour.
Reviewer: say what
5 Stars
The forest tour was great
March 15, 2013
great first visit and a good price. We plan to return to see capital and would use your tour
Reviewer: Nelson/Nancy
4 Stars
Great overview of the area.
July 30, 2012
This tour was everything that was advertised.
Reviewer: Mack truck
5 Stars
The best excursion of all!!
May 08, 2012
Wonderful excursion!!! The guides went over the top for us, stopping along the way to pick fruits and let us taste them. Even stopped along the road and got a spider and let us hold it and take pics.One of the guides was so knowledable about the wildlife & fauna.The tour really gave us a wonderful adventure and the desire to come back to such an enchanting land.
Reviewer: Lola
5 Stars
Everything I expected.
May 04, 2012
I would highly recommend this tour as our guide, Ollie, was very knowledgable and the whole tour was very interesting and fulfilling.
Reviewer: Mack truck
5 Stars
April 17, 2012
This shore excursion was very well organized and educational. There is some walking but nothing you can't do. It is well worth spending the time and money to do. I highly recommend it!!
Reviewer: The Bucket List
5 Stars