Tortuguero & Plantation Exploration

Tortuguero canals and banana plantation
February 03, 2023
Our guide on the bus/boat was very knowledgeable, and stopped for us to view wildlife when he spotted some animals or birds. On the canal boat tour , he knew where to look for sloths and Caimans, and we even got to pet an orphan baby sloth that was being raised for release back into the wild.
Reviewer: Pamela Bolesta
5 Stars
December 30, 2022
We loved this excursion and our guide was very informative and catered to our small group of 5.
Reviewer: Jeannie
5 Stars
Costa Rica
December 02, 2022
We really enjoyed this tour. We had never been to Costa Rica. The tour guide was excellent in telling us all about the area.
Reviewer: Diane Nelson
5 Stars
Fun and informative
April 28, 2022
We did so much! Our guide was very knowledgeable. He provided snacks of fruit, roasted cocoa beans and very sweet tiny bananas and explained various fruits and trees. We saw sloths on our canal tour. It was very enjoyable. Well worth the price.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Jane Speidel
5 Stars
January 09, 2020
Great tour. Informative tour guide
Reviewer: DJ
5 Stars
Excellent Experience
January 06, 2020
This excursion included a boat ride down the Tortuguero Canal and a visit to a banana plantation. The tour leader was exceptional. It was apparent that he loved his country. He shared many facts about Costa Rica. We saw quite a bit of wildlife on the boat. We were only able to go to the entrance to the banana plantation but it was still interesting.
Reviewer: Christy Moore
5 Stars
December 26, 2019
This was very informative! Our guide was hands on and extremely knowledgeable!
Reviewer: mark lawrence
5 Stars
Beautiful place
November 16, 2019
Very friendly guide Jesus provided with a bus WiFi also with a very informative tour throughout the excursion
Reviewer: Israel Enciso
5 Stars
November 15, 2019
Our tour guide was knowledgeable and informative. We saw a lot of the area. The bus ride was comfortable and air conditioned. Just the right amount t of time
Reviewer: Laura Wallett
5 Stars
Love Costa Rica
November 11, 2019
Beautiful country, friendly people. Small group with friendly knowledgeable tour guide. He was very proud of his country & happy to show it to us. Highlight was seeing the tiny bright coloured tree frogs.
Reviewer: Victoria Mayhue
5 Stars
Tortuguero and Plantation tour
March 07, 2019
Tour guide Pablo was wonderful! Really enjoyed the tour. Very informative and fun.
Reviewer: Phyllis Jenkins
5 Stars
Enjoyed it!
February 16, 2019
Great way to see the area, the wildlife, and the plantation. Excellent guide gave us a thorough background. I highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Cheryl Nelson
5 Stars
Tortugueo and Plantation
February 15, 2019
Thought the tour was quite good. The boat trip was quite good as well as the banna plantation. The beach stop was not needed. Adonis was our guide and he did a very good job telling us about all the sites.
Reviewer: Harvey and Phyllis Louderback
4 Stars
Animals and Bananas
February 14, 2019
The tour guides were excellent and very knowledgeable. I wish we would have seen more animals, but I had my first very close sighting of a sloth and was surprised to see that it was adorable!!! It was a bit difficult to locate the tour when we disembarked from the ship, but once we found them, it all worked out smoothly.
Reviewer: Debra Greenberger
5 Stars
Nice nature encounter
January 18, 2019
This tour was cute. The tour guides were very nice and did their best to show us various animals. Bring binoculars! The animals mind their own business and do not care how well we can see them.
Reviewer: Veronica
4 Stars
San Limon, Costa Rica
January 03, 2019
Very knowledgeable guides. Enjoyed the tour very much. The boat pilot, Albert; was very helpful and would move the boat around so all sides could see the sloths and monkeys up in the trees. The guide,Jesus; seemed to really enjoy telling us about his country.
Reviewer: Joyce Hutcbings
5 Stars
Tortuguero & Plantation Exploration
December 24, 2018
The guide and captain of the river boat were amazing. They spotted wildlife that we would never have seen and even took our pictures for us. We fresh fruit snack came at a welcome time and we were glad we chose the tour. Thank you.
Reviewer: P. Hoad
5 Stars
Costa Rica tour
December 23, 2018
Knowledgeable about area. Found sloths, monkeys, other wild life for tourists to see. Knew about the country and its inhabitants and the politics of Costa Rica. well worth the money.
Reviewer: H. Truman Addington
5 Stars
5 stars
December 23, 2018
Really great guide. Showed us interesting places and not much walking at all. Great for us seniors.
Reviewer: Judith Yarbrough
5 Stars
Fun tour, great guide
December 18, 2018
We had an excellent guide through the Tortuguero canals and a quick stop at a banana plantation. Saw some wildlife, though there were lots of other boats. Small group on boat, large group on bus.
Reviewer: Mike Dugger
4 Stars
bananas & turtles
December 09, 2018
Very pleasant and informative excursion in a comfortable, air-conditioned bus.
Reviewer: werner krempels
4 Stars
Wonderful tour
November 09, 2018
Really an excellent guide, with quite informative story telling abilities. Loved the tour and the banana plantation.
Reviewer: Simply Joy
5 Stars
The Tour Guides Were Amazing!
August 13, 2018
We did a tour of the canals in Costa Rica. The tour guides as well as the boat's captain were extremely informative and knowledgeable. They pointed out all of the wildlife including howler monkeys, sloths, and beautiful tropical birds and fish. They delivered us back to the ship safely and in plenty of time. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Rosemarie B.
5 Stars
Tortuguero and Plantation Exploration
May 21, 2018
Hands down, this the best excursion that we did on our Panama Canal cruise! Our tour guide and driver were amazing and went above and beyond to assure that we saw as many animals as possible during the day. We stopped at a local market for fresh fruit and coffee, as well as had the chance to shop for local crafts. Totally awesome tour!!
Reviewer: Joann Fortier
5 Stars
Great Tour Guide
May 14, 2018
Walter led our guided tour of Puerto Limon with a vast knowledge of its history which he imparted to us as we traveled along. Couldn’t have had a better experience!!
Reviewer: Joanne Van Dyke
5 Stars
Must do tour
May 14, 2018
Tour guide was excellent, tour sites were excellent.....I would do this again. The tour description should be a little more expletive as where to meet the guide.
Reviewer: ray
5 Stars
Super Experience
May 07, 2018
Jesus was our tour guide and did and excellent job. We did our river exploration in a smaller boat than other boat tours, but was still big. This allowed us to get to many places the other tours couldn't get to. Jesus took us off the better roadways to see spiders, colored frogs, and many other creatures. I highly recommend this tour and be sure to pick Jesus as your tour guide if possible. I am sure the others are also good.
Reviewer: Grant Summers
5 Stars
Costa Rica tour
April 30, 2018
The people were EXCELLENT so friendly. I was alittle nervous at first but I do this again with GEO.
Reviewer: Mary Beth Williams
5 Stars
Gio Tours
April 30, 2018
The tour guide, the boat captain, and our driver were all extraordinary in their jobs. They showed a lot of passion for their country and for Puerto Limon. Many many kudos to them!
Reviewer: Kathy Sallade
5 Stars
Nice to see but not a Tourist City
February 25, 2018
This east coast city only started a tourism business due to cruise ships. It's not the same as west coast port(s). This was also mentioned by our tour guide. Driving portion was somewhat interesting but showed off all the security bars on windows and lots of razor wire around properties everywhere. Boat ride was good. Saw different wildlife as described in the tour. Professional Tour Company that also serves the west coast locations. Minimal walking. Near brand new bus. Very Nice.
Reviewer: Kevin Cook
4 Stars
Enjoyable excursion in Costa Rica
February 22, 2018
We had a wonderful tour through the country with a knowledgeable guide Jesus , He grew up in the area went to school on horseback through a river. He explained all about the banana plantation how one plant only produces one bunch of bananas then dies and a baby plant will grow . It takes 9 months till bananas are ready to pick. As we drove through the lush green country Jesus could spot wildlife and point out the tiny red frogs also green and black frogs. We also enjoyed a boat ride down the river where we saw birds , monkeys, herons to name a few. At the end of the boat ride we were treated to a bowl of fresh fruit. This was a very enjoyable tour. One of the best!!
Reviewer: L&C Bauman
5 Stars
Shore Excursion in Costa Rica
January 30, 2018
This shore excursion was fantastic. It was fun, educational, and gave us a great overall picture of the canals and banana plantations. I believe we got more for our money on this excursion than any I have ever taken. Our guide, Jesus, was outstanding. He took the time to search out the wildlife, monkeys, sloughs, lizards, alligators and explain the eco-system. He seemed as excited as we were when we discovered something. The boat and its driver were also great. Jesus went above and beyond at the Banana Plantation explaining the process and getting a banana tree bloom and taking it apart to explain the growing and cultivating process. Even though our ship was late getting into port, Jesus and his driver were patiently waiting with a smile and did not skimp on the tour. It was a 5 star tour.
Reviewer: William & Connie Mayfield
5 Stars
Enjoyable tour with an excellent guide!
January 25, 2018
This tour was one of the highlights of our 11 day cruise due to the tour guide Jesus. His mix of explanations and humor combined with his ability to spot and point out wildlife on the canal (and along the road as we drove) made this one of the best excursions we've been on anywhere. Well done and I highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Don Slice
5 Stars
Makes me want to come back and see more
January 18, 2018
There were 8 of us on the tour and we had our own driver in an air conditioned van, and a tour guide as well. This made for lots of personal attention. We saw all the animals listed in the tour description. The boat driver was an extra set of eyes that helped us get within a few feet of many of the animals. The people on the ship's canal excursion were in much larger boats, and could not see things up close as we did. The banana plantation was also interesting and well presented. Jesus, our guide, explained the system and works pulling many bunches on a cable and explained, first hand, what hard work it is. He also explained in detail how the plants grow and are harvested. Now I want to go back to Costa Rica to see even more. I felt very safe and cared for during the course of the day. We were provided a generous portion of cut up fresh fruit after our boat ride which was definitely refreshing.
Reviewer: Leslie Hersh
5 Stars
January 14, 2018
Amazing tour, amazing guide Jesus - our guide grew up in this area, was extremely knowledgeable & knew where to look for the wildlife on the river. As a result, we saw many sloths, various birds, iguanas, a crocodile & lizards. Although the banana plantation was not operating, as it was Sunday, Jesus again provided us with much information regarding its operation. Would highly recommend this tour to everyone!
Reviewer: S.L. Montague
5 Stars
Great tour
January 08, 2018
We enjoyed this tour and would recommend it. Our guide Jesus, was great. He had an unusual level of area knowledge as well as an understanding of and passion for the animals and fauna. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the time went by too quickly. One note: this is advertised as a banana plantation and packing facility tour. Unfortunately, the plantation is closed on the weekends. So any tour on a weekend is just a drive into the entrance of the plantation. Jesus filled the time with information about the cultivation of bananas and a drive to a mountain side to look for more animals. We would tour with Jesus again.
Reviewer: David Marsden
4 Stars
Wonderful tour & fantastic tour guide!
January 08, 2018
The tour was much better than we expected. The tour guide was excellent and knowledgeable, he put in extra efforts to make sure that we saw all those hard-to-find wild animals/birds. He even caught with his bare hands a red Pumilo frog for us to have a closer look.
Reviewer: Rey Chang
5 Stars
Local tour
January 08, 2018
This was the best tour of our entire cruise. It was done by a local man that grew up there. He took us to places that none of the other tours went. We told others on the boat about where we went and what we did and they were in awe.
Reviewer: milt ruebush
5 Stars
November 27, 2017
Had a great time, Jesus was a very friendly & informative tour guide.
Reviewer: Elsie
5 Stars
May 11, 2017
Our tour guide was excellent. We weren't able to tour the plantation because it was a holiday, which was disappointing, but our guide explained the process of growing bananas. The boat ride was very good and we saw a lot of wild life along the way. Also enjoyed the fact that it was a small group (13).
Reviewer: Sue Lavoie
5 Stars
Canals in Costa Rica
May 11, 2017
Excellent tour and visited many areas.
Reviewer: Joanne K Brogis
5 Stars
River cruise, jungle and banana plantation
April 28, 2017
Amazing day of exploration in Costa Rico! Our guide Jesus was fun, knowledgable and very eager to show us the beauty of his country. By far the best shore excursion ever!!
Reviewer: K. Fairchild
5 Stars
Only One Thing
April 26, 2017
Great excursion and phenomenal guide. Grew up in area and knew a lot about the local wildlife and plants. Only negative was distance and route to pickup point. Longer than advertised and not in the general pickup area for other excursions but actually in the port town area well beyond that.
Reviewer: John M
5 Stars
April 06, 2017
Very good tour. The boat driver and the guide did very good at spotting things of interest for the group to see. Excellent!!
Reviewer: gary gabelein
5 Stars
Excursion review
April 06, 2017
This was a tremendous excursion!!! The ride through the rain forest was fantastic!! Seeing the animals in their natural habitat was a highlight of our trip. Jesus was a personable and knowledgeable guide. The excursion was well worth the money spent.
Reviewer: Patricia Harmon
5 Stars
An Excellent Excursion
March 30, 2017
After a quick tour of the city, we headed to the Tortuguero Canal. Along the way, our guide, Pablo, provided an excellent history of Limon, along with what life is like in Costa Rica. Once aboard the canal boat, the other guide, Jesus, pointed out the many different animals that make the canal their home. Dozens of egrets, herons stood along the shore. Jesus also pointed out a caiman, a few different lizards, toucans and a sloth. While on our way to the banana plantation, the vans quickly pulled to the side of the road, so we could get out and observe a family of howler monkeys. They also took us to an area to get a close up look at some of the tiny, colorful, poisonous frogs. The plantation tour was just as fascinating, although because our tour was on a Sunday, the plantation was not actually in operations, so we couldn't visit the packing facilities. Finally they took us to a fruit stand, where we sampled bananas, pineapple & coconut water.
Reviewer: Jeff
5 Stars
March 24, 2017
Jesus was an excellent tour guide. He knows a lot about his homeland. The Torguguero boat ride was peaceful and both Jesus and the boat captain were very good at detecting the wildlife along the river. The banana plantation was interesting to see and quite informative. My only complaint was that the tour was about 1/2 hour short for some reason. (Possibly because we were only 11 passengers so thinks went more quickly)
Reviewer: Bobbi Sussman
4 Stars
Panama Canal week of 2/5/17
March 17, 2017
This tour was fantastic and the tour guide was most informative. He knew his island and everything about it. He had a full bus and several people with walking issues and he was so careful and caring for everyone. This involved a bus and boat trip. When we were getting on the boat my husband with walking issues he made sure he was seated in the front seat. The helping of getting into the boat was such a relief for me knowing there a caring person watching out. He was terrific in helping everyone get good pictures to produce great memories. I wll be cruising again in April. 17 and plan to book plans thru Shore Excursions. They are the best tour group. We have built great memories. AM and JR
Reviewer: Anne Marie S Souter Loring
5 Stars
March 17, 2017
Everything about this excursion was phenomenal! The guides really made it spectacular, siting animals and amphibians that we did not notice. The banana plantation was so interesting, especially when we were able to see and hold the banana "pod". Such an informative excursion. A+++++
Reviewer: Grandmom Cruiser
5 Stars
Great excursion
February 24, 2017
We went on this excursion at the beginning of February. We saw a lot of wild life and thoroughly enjoyed it. Isaac was a great tour guide. He made the tour interesting and we would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
Excellent guide, nice tour
February 11, 2017
We booked this tour instead of the much pricier ship tour, and we both loved it. Much smaller group, very personable and knowledgeable guide Jesus. Marcos, our driver, was also very attentive and helpful whenever we got on and off the van, walked up steps, etc.
Reviewer: Susan Brigden
5 Stars
Tortugero and Plantation Tour
February 02, 2017
Jesus was an engaging and knowledgeable guide. This tour was excellent. We saw lots of wildlife; learned about the banana harvest and got to eat some; and visited his secret spot.
Reviewer: J Geisz
5 Stars
No plantation
February 02, 2017
Our tour guide was excellent but storms closed the plantation and I was disappointed to not have seen the operations of a plantation.
Reviewer: Rick
3 Stars
February 02, 2017
We had a wonderful guide who was so enthusiastic to show us his country. He knew so much about the wildlife. He showed us beautiful scenery. I learned so much about bananas. His tour was my favorite.
Reviewer: Harriet Basel
5 Stars
Tortuguero & Plantation Exploration Review
January 21, 2017
What a Pleasant Surprise! We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure to see the local wildlife, plants and countryside, and the banana plantations. Our tour guide, Jesus, and driver, Marco, were awesome. They made sure we saw & heard Howler Monkeys, Slooths, Caiman, Dart Frogs, Fruit Bats, and numerous birds. We learned how banana are grown, visited a roadside fruit market, tasted fresh fruits of the area, and learned about life in Costa Rica. Would do tour again, and strongly recommend Jesus-very knowledgeable and personable tour guide! Money well spent for small group adventure!!!
Reviewer: John Dorfe
5 Stars
Tortuguero and plantation exploration
January 17, 2017
The tour guide on our van has very good knowledge and did extra mile for us. He is #1 tour guide we have ever had.
Reviewer: David Chen
5 Stars
The High Point of the Land Portions of Our Cruise!
January 15, 2017
With Jesus as our primary guide, our rides through the Costa Rican countryside and our visits to various facilities of the fruit plantations were, except for the passage through the canal itself, the high point of our Panama Canal Cruise with Holland America Lines. All the personnel were friendly, courteous, and professional. Jesus was exceptionally pleasant, helpful, and informative, as was his fellow guide (Omar?) who did the guide duties on our delightful boat ride in rain forest canal. We saw up-close any number of colorful and unusual animals and insects and all stages of banana production on the Del Monte Banana Plantation. We enjoyed our walk along the Banana River through the rain forest and our short stop at a local fruit stand where we could sample local produce. Our van was modern and airconditioned, and our driver (Marcos) and our boat operator (Carlos?) were professional and pleasant. I highly recommend this tour as we receivedit on December 18, 2016.
Reviewer: Gene
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
January 12, 2017
The Tour Guide, Jesus (GIO Tour), was so good that he tried his best to show us the ' Blue Jean frog'. He actually managed to 'catch' one to show us. We are all impressed by him!
Reviewer: Dr M D Chan
5 Stars
A wounderous place
December 30, 2016
Our tour guide was fantastic. this was the best tour of our trip. the boat ride on the canal was full of exotic monkeys birds, lizards, iguanas, and sloths. The bus ride to the banana plantation was over rough roads. Seeing how bannanas are grown was very interesting. The stop at a roadside market to have a drink and a vine ripened banana was yummy.We learned alot about Costa Rica.
Reviewer: Lorne J Ulven
5 Stars
Tortuguero and Plantation exploratioin
December 12, 2016
EXCELLLENT tour guide...Jesus
Reviewer: Joyce Warriner
5 Stars
Excellent Tour and Would Recommend It
May 07, 2016
Tour guide was local to the area and went out of his way to make our experience fun and educational. He loves his home and his excitement for it was contagious. We were able to see many animals because of his exuberance towards the live on this island. The driver was also very informative and fun. The two worked well together. Both listened to our questions and were able to answer them. It was a very very worthwhile experience and one that we will cherish.
Reviewer: Self cruise explorer
5 Stars
Costa Rica: behind the scenes and real!
May 06, 2016
Jesus really knows this island! He took us around the island, on the river and to a banana plantation with the eye of an insider! We were in the right place at the right time to see caiman, howler monkeys, sloths, toucans and more birds than I could name. It is definitely THE shore excursion to book.
Reviewer: JustPat
5 Stars
we will be back
April 27, 2016
all things great
Reviewer: jim
5 Stars
Excellent tour guide.
March 25, 2016
Great variety and well explained.
Reviewer: Jesu
5 Stars
Excellent Experience
March 01, 2016
A very comprehensive excursion, greatly enhanced by the knowledge, experience & personality of the guide Jesus & the driver Manual. Every effort was made to provide information that would enhance the understanding of the participants. An excellent tour at a reasonable cost in a quality tour vehicle.
Reviewer: PK
5 Stars
Wonderful Tour
February 23, 2016
We had a great guide, Jesus. The driver, Manuel, was also very nice. This was an excellent tour seeing the canals, banana plantation, and some hidden gems.
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Best Excursion Ever!!!!!!
February 11, 2016
Our guide, I believe Jesus, was extraordinary. He's love of nature was infectious . I would highly recommend this tour. Never had a better guide.
Reviewer: Bonbon
5 Stars
A very informative, personalized tour.
February 10, 2016
Jesus, our Gio Tours guide, and his driver were very experienced with the area, the canals, the plantation and the local foods and people.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars