River Rafting & Beach Adventure

Exhilarating and Awesome
February 10, 2020
We are very please to have chosen this excursion. The staff was very friendly, and safety conscious. We had a great time and were able to experience all aspects of the excursion without feeling rushed. I did not have my glasses with me so it was difficult to see around but the staff took me by the hand and made sure that every step I took was safe. The river was crystal clear and the rapids were fun but manageable. I would recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Ali Sardinas
5 Stars
Fun for the whole family
January 19, 2020
This was a great excursion, one that we will remember for years to come. Great combination of a light hike to a waterfall, then a river rafting adventure that was low key but fun. Each raft had their own crew member who gave us individual attention. They shared interesting facts about everything we were seeing, and made the experience so enjoyable. We even had a photographer follow us around getting amazing pictures that we will cherish. We were able to purchase all of the pics on a flash drive at the end of the trip. Would recommend this excursion for sure!
Reviewer: Wendy L Ruiz
5 Stars
December 27, 2019
this was far better than i thought it would be. we had friends who booked through cruise ship. they went down river in groups of 20. we did it in groups of four...way way more fun must do
Reviewer: michael daly
5 Stars
November 01, 2019
great time , fun and exciting!
Reviewer: Jodi L Mclendon
5 Stars
Pouring Rain But Loved It
October 27, 2019
We drove to the river area with a knowledgeable driver. Then we got our gear and walked to the clearing. We started our journey. Due to the rain, the river was up and out guides said the wildlife one sees during this ride were not out. I can’t imagine how wonderful this would have been on a sunny day with clear water. We still had a good time.
Reviewer: Kris Daugherty
5 Stars
Rafting in a Monsoon
February 21, 2019
We loved our rafting trip with Elvis. Right before we left, the skis opened up and it was raining like crazy. We opted to go anyway, and it was a BLAST! We loved the smaller group of 6. The group behind us was a group of 20 or more. This was our first time purchasing an excursion that wasn’t sold by the cruise ship. We will definitely do this again!
Reviewer: Cjneeds
5 Stars
Wonderful Experience to Jamaica
January 16, 2018
Out tour guide was very informative about the culture of Jamaica and its wonderful traditions. He guided us down the river and helped us to all stay in the raft.
Reviewer: Carol Coghlin
5 Stars
Perfect Day
June 26, 2017
Scheduled this excursion with my brother and our dads. We absolutely loved this excursion and would do it again in the future. Our guide noticed we really wanted to do the raft but also wanted to enjoy the water. So he allowed us to cool down and play around while others were loading up on their tubes. He really took care of us and made sure we enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you!
Reviewer: Cody Morris
5 Stars
Lots of Smiles and Laughter
March 09, 2017
Great Adventure. Very refreshing, we had so much fun. very safe, I don't swim so safety was important. Its up in the mountain unlike Dunn's.
Reviewer: Barbara Anderson
5 Stars
I want to do this again
March 31, 2016
It was so fun rafting down the river
Reviewer: Julee and Jerry
5 Stars
Absolutely worth the money!
March 31, 2016
This was a very enjoyable excursion! I would do it again in a minute!
Reviewer: Todd O
5 Stars
I'd do it again ANYTIME!
January 26, 2016
We choose to raft rather than tube and loved it! My wife was concerned that we would get separated if we tubed, so this was a great choice and alternative. The rafts are small and only hold a few people so you get very personalized guide service and our guide was better than we could have hoped for. We generously tip him because he had earned every penny! I'd highly recommend this gentle, fun, and mildly adventureous tour.
Reviewer: Pops
5 Stars
Very Fun and Nice Experience
December 10, 2015
Good experience, we like it a lot.
Reviewer: Pete
5 Stars
Fantastic tour minus the crowds
May 14, 2015
Good activity for a variety of age groups. We took our 72 year old mother and she was challenged but had an enjoyable time. Errol is an excellent guide. He made the rafting fun, safe and was able to provide historical and educational details. There are ample opportunities to drink red stripe too!
Reviewer: Family cruiser
5 Stars
Great family time.
January 21, 2015
It was a great family excursion, our guide was great and our boys really enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Regular cruiser
5 Stars
Great excursion
January 19, 2015
We really enjoyed the friendly staff Elvis and Lance. The Overall excursion was good relaxing and yet adventurous at the same time. My only con is there wasn't much to do at the beach at the end of the tour which wasn't that big of a deal since we were a bit tired anyway
Reviewer: Jeff
5 Stars