Jamaica Sky Explorer from Ocho Rios

Jamaica Sky Explorer
December 25, 2019
not bad. I liked this tour
Reviewer: Nick Kohut
4 Stars
Nice view from above.
January 30, 2019
Worth the price. Nice.
Reviewer: Elsa Horn
4 Stars
Jamaica sky explorer from Ocho rios
July 23, 2018
MSC seaside
Reviewer: Anne Marie Linker ep Battah
5 Stars
January 08, 2017
Good van, nice and clean. Guide was good too, very prompt.
Reviewer: Sherry Ortman
4 Stars
Pleasant and Relaxing
January 08, 2016
Not sure what you mean by travel frequency but I was away for about 13 weeks in 2015 and 5 months in 2014 so that is more than 11 nights if I got that right. As for this excursion, I had been to Ocho Rios before and done the normal tourist sights so this was supposed to be a relaxing change of pace and it indeed was. If you wanted you could have added a zip line experience or a water bob sled. However the chair lift which was high enough and long enough along with the optional hike was enjoyable and peaceful as were the animals, i.e. hummingbirds and mongoose. For someone looking to kill a few hours in peace I would recommend this.
Reviewer: Pensivelaw
5 Stars