River Tubing Safari & Beach Adventure

River rafting Jamaica
March 25, 2020
Great time on the river with 2 other people Hiked to a waterfall Nice trip down the river, about 45 minutes At the end Towed to a beach
Reviewer: Rick
5 Stars
rivet rafting
March 11, 2020
most enjoyable the bus ride was quite long but when we got to the area we were welcomed by tour guides that got everyone loosened up with there happy go lucky smiling faces. the rafting took over an hour of lazy river and small series of rapids good fun for all ages. we had 5 on our group and our guide keeped us involved having a great time. a picnic area at the end severed food and drinks, all in all it was worth taking this excursion
Reviewer: vin lombardo
5 Stars
River Tubing Safari & Beach Adventure
March 04, 2020
We would do this excursion many times over. Our guide Jordan was amazing, he was very friendly and made sure we were safe at all times. We all would have taken him home with us we enjoyed him so much.
Reviewer: Lynn Sanborn
5 Stars
Awesome excursion with small children
January 26, 2020
This excursion was amazing as was our tour guide Davion. We had two small children (ages 5 and 6) in our group and Davion went out of his way to include them and even spent more time with them to ensure they were having just as much fun as the others. He also was very attentive in the river to make sure we all stayed to together and no one fell off their tubes. There was also a photographer that followed us the entire way and took some amazing photos of our group. We were able to purchase a flash drive with 130 photos for $40. Overall, I would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: DDANIELS827
5 Stars
EXcellent service
January 17, 2020
a lot of fun
Reviewer: Joe zhao
5 Stars
Best experience for our 1st time in Jamaica
December 30, 2019
We had a blast! Even though there was another family on the bus with us they got a different guide so we were by ourselves. Our guide was Greg and I can't express enough how incredible he was. The minimum age for this excursion is 4 however until age 8 you can't have your own tube. To my surprise Greg found a tube just right for my 5 year old so she didn't have to ride with one of us. She was beyond ecstatic.The ride was so much fun & we laughed the whole time. They also took some amazing photo's that we bought at the end for $40. After the tubing portion a boat met us & we climbed into rafts to be brought over to a beach. There's a vendor that serves authentic food (it's a plate of jerk chicken & some sides for $10) & there's a full bar where you can buy drinks. There's restrooms too. Greg exceeded our expectations & I can't thank him enough for this wonderful experience! Book this adventure & ask for Greg!
Reviewer: Lynn Scott
5 Stars
A great family adventure
December 17, 2019
We had a great time! Wish the excursion was a little longer. It seemed that the bus ride was longer then the excursion. We came in on NCL and it was about a 40 min ride each way.
Reviewer: Mary Clemons
4 Stars
Mrs Jacqueline Beery
August 31, 2019
We had a fantastic time and it was a great experience, the guide and all the staff around us were very kind and helpfull. Our guide (a young man that we are very sorry that we do not remember his name) provided us with information about the area keep us safe and entertained. EXCELLENT!
Reviewer: Jacqueline Beery
5 Stars
Greg our Guide was AMAZING
June 10, 2019
What an awesome adventure! We got lucky and were given Greg for our guide, what an amazing day we had not only did he make sure we were safe at all times while in the water he shared what surrounded us, gave us the History, sang to us and just made the journey down the river an awesome refreshing experience! For those that go ask for Greg you will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Stacilynn Gutierrez
5 Stars
Had a blast
May 15, 2019
Hidden gem. Don’t miss out
Reviewer: Heather cameron
5 Stars
Oh Jamaica
May 09, 2019
Great time!!!
Reviewer: Darnell JACKSON
5 Stars
Enjoyable but bring bug spray.
May 07, 2019
Our family of 4 had our own guide. Water was refreshing. Occasional faster running areas but always shallow and definitely not "whitewater class rapids". The rope swi g was fun. Remember to swing out as far as possible before letting go. Spouse let go to soon and landed in a shallower spot twisting her ankle. Last piece of advice is bug spray. The trail walk to where you enter the water was swarming with mosquitos. Several bites each before starting the tubing trip.
Reviewer: Jeremy Thompson
4 Stars
head and shoulders above the rest
May 04, 2019
We took this excursion in lieu of booking an excursion w Princess, in Jamaica's port stop. I was a bit anxious as most of our excursions were through the ship. This one was safe and absolutely a blast. Courtney and Davion were our guides and they grew up on the river we went down. they personalized it with stories and a short hike to a waterfall where we were all dunked under, briefly. It was awesome. The tiny beach was lovely and we had it all to ourselves. the lunch was great and of local flavor. It was totally worth it!
Reviewer: karen Bauer
5 Stars
April 18, 2019
Errol was my guide and he did a fantastic job. We had a fun safe trip. Rapids are not strong. It was a relaxing trip
Reviewer: Lorry Aslinger
5 Stars
March 20, 2019
Great excursion. River tubes were fantastic.. Colton and Jordan were exceptional guides
Reviewer: Sandra Lawrence
5 Stars
February 28, 2019
This is such a great excursion! Our family had a wonderful time playing in waterfalls, tubing down the river and jumping off the dock! ERROL is an asset to this company!! He was our guide and did a great job informing us of some of the history while we journeyed down the river. He also kept our children engaged by teaching them some of the language and pointing out items as we traveled to the beach.
Reviewer: Karen Ann Brouwer
5 Stars
February 07, 2019
The River Tubing was a great excursion. It began with about a 40 minute ride to the location which we thought was great because we saw so much of the coastline along the way. When we got there my husband and I were assigned a guide with a group of about 8 altogether. The guide was very competent and made the tubing even more fun. The tubing was not rough but just fast enough to be a little exciting...just really fun. The beach part was mostly time to shower off and dry before returning to the bus (where you can leave a towel and change of clothes). We would highly recommend this one.
Reviewer: Patricia Koksal
5 Stars
Great fun!!
January 20, 2019
We had a private group of eight adults and had a blast! (we all found our inner child!) Our guides; Travis and Duane, were hysterical! It was a definite highlight during our cruise! Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Aaron C.
5 Stars
River Tubing Safari & Beach Adventure
December 30, 2018
Definitely a good excursion, which is very fun and save for all ages. The guide was great and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Shan He
5 Stars
Great River Tubing Trip
November 29, 2018
This excursion was awesome. The guide was so much fun, and it was both exciting and relaxing. I would recommend this to everyone.
Reviewer: Charlotte Shovestul
5 Stars
Excellent adventure
September 17, 2018
At first i was hesitant to book an excursion with a third party , as we usually book these directly with the cruise line. To our surprise, this was one of the best excursions we have ever taken. The representative promptly met us at the cruise port, had a very comfortable and enjoyable drive to the excursion site. Once we got there, we were met by our tour guide, and had the most amazing river tubing experience EVER. It was a small group of 4 and our guide went above and beyond to make our excursion absolutely awesome.! I would highly recommend this adventure !!!
Reviewer: ani
5 Stars
River Tubing
April 16, 2018
Enjoyed the river tubing very much. The trip to and back from the launch site took longer than expected. Had to really rush back to the dock after the tubing to meet the re-boarding time.
Reviewer: Buzz Hayworth
5 Stars
Very enjoyable excursion
April 16, 2018
My wife and kids (11 & 7) enjoyed this excursion and talked about Shawn for the rest of the vacation! From the port, there is a 30 minute van ride. Once there, there are restrooms and concessions while you sign in, get gear on and assemble your group. The four of us plus another couple walked 5 minutes up to a small river waterfall/swimming hole to get wet and take pictures. Once in the tubes, we held onto each others tubes and floated in a group with Shawn entertaining, splashing and guiding us down the river. In March the river was refreshing. We had a chance to use a rope swing and free float. We then boarded rafts that were pulled over to the beach. There were restrooms, a small bar, food and souveniers for sale. Again a great opportunity to have fun and relax. This is not a whitewater thriller or a world class beach, but a time to get off the ship, experience Jamaica and have a great couple of hours. Shawn really added to the experience and made it fun for the adults and the kids.
Reviewer: Ben Sarver
5 Stars
October 19, 2017
The place the river and also the operator guy was awesome. Recommended! :)
Reviewer: Attila Nemeth
5 Stars
September 18, 2017
I was a little afraid at the beginning because I didn't know what to expect but it was great. Our guide was Everton, he took care of us super nice, respectful, very responsible and super cool guy. After tubbing they took us to a super nice beach. I would do it again. Thanks Everton.
Reviewer: May
5 Stars
Great family excursion - VALUE !!!
August 29, 2017
The tubing was awesome, the guide even better, the small private beach was charming. This was really money well spent. Look - nothing is ever perfect. Was the nearly one hour ride what we expected, no... but we drove through some 'real' places in Jamaica that you'd never really see cloistered in a compound for tourists.... the driver was really nice, informative, friendly. Was the 'waterfall' like Niagra, no... but the guides made it really memorable - we even got ours to lead Marley sing-alongs (LOL) as we floated down the river. After the tubing we got a small-boat ride to a private beach. Was it pristine/post-card material, no... but it was all 'ours' with friendly folks, local food and drink available to buy, a gift shop and plenty of room to enjoy. We were there with two of our kids (10 and 14) and just had a blast. Found a 4Lb conch shell that is now home in Boston with us... Really, it was a great time, a lot of fun, and not expensive. We would do it again!
Reviewer: Antonio Wendland
5 Stars
Float Down the Good River
April 24, 2017
We decided on this excursion because Dunns River Falls would have been too crowded to enjoy. There were only 9 of us on this and our guides were great. One of them sang while floating with us and I thought that was quite charming. We jumped in the water and got a massage by a waterfall before getting in the tubes and floating down to a platform that we jumped in the water from. The rafts then picked us up and took us down to the beach which was beautiful and no one was there! There's a small, open air bar at the end. Highly recommend this excursion but make sure to bring mosquito repellant!
Reviewer: Elizabeth
5 Stars
lots of fun
April 13, 2017
This excursion was lots of fun. We had a nice small group that traveled together through the river. Our guide made sure that we all stayed together and that we made it safely down the river. The trip was very relaxing with a few fun mini rapids to float through. Would definitely recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Christine Duane
4 Stars
Wow, relaxing and fun
March 30, 2017
The bus driver shared history of the area.Guide floats down with you, making sure you don't get stuck on the shore.My kids & I really looked forward to this.It was not scary or rough. It was almost like an extended log ride but more wet.We had a rafting group go by us, later on the ship someone from the group said they wished they had done the tubes as we looked like we were having more fun. I was worried my son who is 6'7" & 285 would be too heavy, it wasn't even mentioned of his size. The walking is very easy. Be sure to have water shoes! You want to sit under the waterfall before you float down! It's a great experience. Some people didn't have water shoes and they missed out this and had to be careful walking the beach to the shack at the end. We wore light shirt over our bathing suits just in case for chafing. My son didn't and he was fine. After the trip they offer photos for $40 on CD. Have cash for this because the card machine doesn't always work. Definitely recommend this!
Reviewer: Brande McGill
5 Stars
River Tubing
February 03, 2017
Totally awesome! This is the best excursion in the Caribbean!
Reviewer: Staci Thomas
5 Stars
river tubing jamaica
December 14, 2016
Really enjoyed this the guide was excellent and very entertaining and phitography was great.this is a must tour eill do again.anyone can do this.
Reviewer: patrick mitchell
5 Stars
Tubing down a river
August 18, 2016
Absolutely worth it! While the ride was a lot longer than expected, you did get to see the island a lot more, away from the touristy stuff. You gain a greater appreciation for the people and the island. Everyone was especially kind and funny, from the driver to the guides. The guide that went down the river with us worked sooooo hard!! He was splashing and paddling around to make sure we rode down the river without getting stuck on the river banks and he pushed us down into the rapids so that it was fast but safe!!! At the end, we were all able to jump off a ledge into the river. What a treat! Well worth it and highly recommended. I went with my husband and two girls ages 10 and 12.
Reviewer: Reina
5 Stars
River Tubing Safari in Jamaica
August 03, 2016
This excursion was great fun. The guides were very personable and professional. My friend did not want to do this excursion but when we were finished she wanted to know if we could do it again.
Reviewer: Linda Tucker
5 Stars
River Tubing
July 18, 2016
Pros: The drive to the river was average. I really enjoyed the tour guide he was very knowledgeable. The driver was nice he stopped on the way back so we could get something to eat (tried jerk chicken it was very good). Cons: This company is a little disorganized with schedules. There was not enough shopping time when we got back. Pictures were expensive and took a long time to download. Overall good experience I would recommend.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Exciting, intimate, family adventure!
June 07, 2016
Light hiking, beautiful landscapes and relaxing guide down the river. A bucket list must!
Reviewer: Elease G.
5 Stars
Beauty all around. Loved it
April 13, 2016
We absolutely loved this excursion and still talk about it weeks later. Robert, our guide was fun and knowledgeable. He had his hands full with our group, but fantastic time. Our 8 year old was loving it as well. After the river trip, there is something special for the young and old. No spoiler alert here. Try it and you'll agree. Could have stayed on that river all day. Our trip was in late March. The water was temp refreshing.
Reviewer: Valerie, travel agent
5 Stars
Great fun!
February 24, 2016
We were a group of six with two guides. My butt never dragged a single time.
Reviewer: Marilyn M
5 Stars
Loved it, great guide
February 16, 2016
Garth is fun, excellent guide.
Reviewer: Zeb
4 Stars
Private Tour
January 31, 2016
This was like a private tour. It was just my brother and I on the whole thing. The river was low at the time which was abnormal, but fine for us as it made a for a relaxing ride. Everything was taken care of from start to finish. Always felt very safe. Only downside was the river tubing part was pretty short. Maybe 30 minutes at the most.
Reviewer: Trendyfed
5 Stars
Great Shore Excursion
January 02, 2016
Great product, we love it. Thank you.
Reviewer: Jamie
5 Stars
Best Excursion of Our Trip
January 01, 2016
Darlen and Leroy were kind and accommodating. The whole experience was awesome. I can't wait to go back.
Reviewer: moneeky
5 Stars
Fun excursion
December 30, 2015
We were a group of only 4 adults and were given a lot of personal attention.
Reviewer: Jim, the golfer
4 Stars
One of the best excursions!
March 21, 2015
We have cruised more than 10 time and this was one of the best excursions we have ever done. The ride to the river was a little longer than expected but once we arrived Errol took great care of us. We were the only 3 is his group-talk about personal service. The rapids were good although the river was a little low when we were there. After the relaxing river float through the beautiful rain forest we were picked up at the mouth of the river and put in a raft that was pulled by a boat. It was like a banana boat ride! Not much time at the beach-maybe 10 minutes. Overall it was a great excursion. Errol was an outstanding guide,
Reviewer: Kelly
5 Stars
Great excursion, definitely recommend
March 03, 2015
This excursion was fun and exciting! Robert and Ulrich were awesome tour guides. Ulrich even serenaded us with Jamaican songs. We wish the weather cooperated, but it was still fun. Before the tour started, Robert escorted us to the falls where we took pictures and enjoyed the fresh water falls. I recommend this excursion. :-)
Reviewer: Tony
4 Stars
Great tour, would do it again.
October 27, 2014
I've done other tubing tours in here before, but this was a new one that I would rate as the best one I've taken. The best rapids of all I've been on. Very small group so we had almost a one-on -one with the guide. Safety was #1 issue, which was good. Only weak spot was the beach time, not much there only the three of us. Food and snacks were there but I did not feel comfortable buying there.
Reviewer: HK the Cruiser
4 Stars