Enchanted Gardens, Bird Aviary and Mini Waterfall from Ocho Rios

Enchanted Gardens, Bird Aviary & Waterfalls
March 23, 2020
Enjoyable excursion, especially the bird aviary where the birds perch on your head, shoulder, hands while you feed them. The guide was very good.
Reviewer: Sandra Coyne
4 Stars
Enchanted Gardens and Bird Aviary & mini waterfall
March 03, 2020
Jordon gave a very enthusiastic introduction to spices, waterfalls along with the bird aviary. It was a beautiful gem of a place. He was our favorite guide on the whole cruise.
Reviewer: John and Margo Tritt
5 Stars
It's a must excursion !!
January 30, 2020
Great shore excursion !! Jordan our guide around this lovely place was so much fun and very knowledgeable. Hand feeding the tropical birds and seeing the beautiful waterfalls was a brilliant experience.
Reviewer: Karen Rigby
5 Stars
November 22, 2019
The is was an awesome, beautiful, really feel like you're in the midst of unaltered nature. Tour guide is very knowledgeable
Reviewer: DD
5 Stars
Enchanted Garden Tour
August 14, 2019
We had a great guide for our tour. He gave us a lot of information on the gardens and stories about the waterfalls. We enjoyed interacting with the birds. As good as it was, the property really needs to be updated and repaired... broken boardwalk boards, cracked walkways, broken handrails,etc. Even with this, we would recommend this tour.
4 Stars
Ocho Rios ,garden,waterfall, birds
May 01, 2019
Loved it. Guide was delightful. Refreshing, and cool. Birds were tame and colourful. Would go back!
Reviewer: Arda MacIntyre
5 Stars
Best excursion
April 24, 2019
This was by far the best excursion experience we have ever had. This was our 2nd cruise and our 3 excursion on this trip but the best by far. It truly lives up to the name enchanted gardens. We had done the dolphin excursion and flown over Grand Cayman island but this was just breath taking, relaxing. Not to mention our camera man and tour guide were so much fun and so full of information.
Reviewer: Kristina Reister
5 Stars
Perfect hidden Gem!
March 06, 2019
This excursion has to be one of the best hidden gems in Jamaica! The whole experience was flawless, from the Yardi tour guide, to the enchanted Gardens. We ended up being the only ones on our excursion (my wife and I), and had our own personal tour of the gardens and waterfalls, which was AMAZING!
Reviewer: James
5 Stars
Fun for all ages & a great find!
January 01, 2019
What a find! We were a group of 10 people, ages 3 to 74 and we had the entire park to ourselves for most of our visit. We were met just off this ship and driven to the park. Our guide, Jordan, was very friendly and informative and taught us a lot about the local plants. We were able to swim and climb the falls when we wanted. The water was so refreshing and the canopy of trees also kept the heat from being uncomfortable. Jordan sang to us, took pictures of us with our cameras and taught us a lot. Feeding the birds was a hoot. Our driver was available to us afterward for as long as we wanted him. He took us somewhere for lunch, dropped us off for shopping and even took us to a beach at our request. I would have enjoyed spending more time swimming in the falls but am glad we were not fighting the crowds I have heard about at Dunn's River Falls. There are a lot of stairs to climb. Not steep, but if you have trouble walking this might not be the excursion for you.
Reviewer: Robin Mills
5 Stars
Beautiful and friendly
November 15, 2018
Our tour guide was excellent. He knew so much about the plants and animals, as well as local culture.
Reviewer: Judy K
5 Stars
Magnificent creation
September 10, 2018
Best secret excursion of all.
5 Stars
Beautiful scenery
February 21, 2018
Enjoyed this tour although I thought there would be more time just to explore trails without guide. I thought that trails would be longer so more to explore. Guide was great-sang to us almost the entire time.
Reviewer: Lynn Hascher
4 Stars
Enchanted Gardens Tour/Ocho Rios
November 06, 2017
We loved this tour! Lovely walk through lush landscaping filled with beautiful flowers and waterfalls. Jordan our guide was excellent! Very knowledgeable about the area with a great sense of humor and enjoyed the Bob Marley songs he sang to us! There are many steps to climb so would classify as moderate and not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities. Would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Ocho Rios.
Reviewer: Michael Backenheimer
5 Stars
We didn't want to be with a crowd so we took this
May 06, 2016
We enjoyed the private walk up the easy stairway next to the falls. He said some people walk up the falls but we didn't want to get wet.The guide was very knowledgeable and told us about all the plant life and creatures that were in the garden plus the history. We took a lot of pictures of scenery without all of the people in them. We came to the aviary and went inside. The guide gave us bird feed and the birds came to eat out of our hands, We were the only people there that day. It is too bad that more visitors don't go there.
Reviewer: C & P
4 Stars
fun activity
April 27, 2016
We found where to go off the ship, but there were other excursions mixed in as far as transportation to where we needed to go so it was a little confusing. It was raining the day we went on this, but they provided everyone with umbrellas.The description said to have water shoes or similar, but we did not walk in any water. My feet weren't even wet from the rain.There are stairs involved, but I think all had railings. Not a bad hike. The birds were awesome. They land on you, so if that freaks you out, stay on the outside. Not much to see for gardens, but it might have been the wrong time of year. All in all, fun, informative trip.
Reviewer: Pam
4 Stars
Beautiful Rainforest!!
March 31, 2016
The guide and the photographer were very knowledgeable and friendly. The bird Aviary was really neat but the birds do land on your head and there is very little you can do to keep them from landing on you. One bird pooped on a lady's head so I would wear a hat for this excursion. The birds are friendly and you can feed them. The waterfalls were better than Duns Falls as far as I am concerned because they are not as high up and not really that dangerous to climb. You get to see 8 different falls within the rainforest. Very awesome and worth the cost. The photographer took excellent pictures and sells you the dvd for $25 again worth the money.
Reviewer: Darlene
5 Stars
Excellent Experience
March 01, 2016
We really enjoyed the Enchanted Gardens and the waterfalls were just delightful. Our guide was very considerate of our age and stopped several times going up the steps to the top of the gardens. We especially liked the tour because it was small (8-10) people. You are able to speak with the guide and get to know your fellow tourists. It was a very wonderful day.
Reviewer: RichnBonie
5 Stars
Excellent excursion
February 06, 2016
Great trip!
Reviewer: Pegatha
4 Stars
The best, so glad we went
December 23, 2015
Turtle River Falls (formerly Enchanted Gardens) exceeded our expectations. We were looking for a uniquely Jamaican place without the crowds and commercialism of Dunn's River Falls. This is it. We were the first ones there and had a private tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the plants and falls. A photographer follows you around and we purchased the disc of photos for $25, well worth it I believe. The waterfalls are beautiful and numerous. I think one would have to be in relatively good shape as there are a lot of stairs to climb up the hill. We were also permitted to climb the falls, some of which are rather high. Wear water shoes with good gripping soles. We went with our two kids, ages 4 and 6. They had a great time and marveled at the experience. They were a little nervous on some of the falls though. I imagine that one could just look at the falls and not get wet or climb, but the experience wouldn't be as memorable. In December the water was cold but I wouldn't miss the experience (as our guide said, ""no wet, no fun""). The aviary was spectacular. You get to feed the birds and they perch all over you. at the end of the tour you are permitted to stay on the property to explore. They have a swimming pool (not heated, was cold in December). There are no restaurants on site but they had a vending machine. We brought snacks with us. I learned about this place through Costco, but we actually went on our own as the admission is very reasonable and is only half a mile from the pier and we didn't want to feel rushed (the last bit is up a winding hillside road, no sidewalks so use caution. And the locals do call out for rides, selling things etc.). So glad we went here, it was the most memorable place of the vacation. It is a hidden gem, but I think they are hurting for business, when we left they told us to tell our friends!!
Reviewer: ladybug9678
5 Stars
I loved it
April 02, 2015
great excursion! I would recommend to take it.
Reviewer: haimkele
5 Stars
Fantastic tropical scenery
January 06, 2015
We arrived in Ocho Rios to rain and were worried about our shore excursion. When we arrived at the waterfall however, there was no problem. Large umbrellas were provided and the paths to the waterfalls were not slippery. It was fantastic to see the waterfalls. Fortunately the weather cleared as we went to the aviary. We got pictures of the tropical birds eating out of our hands. This tour would be great for children
Reviewer: Karen Cruiser
4 Stars
Scenic Jamaica
December 30, 2014
We had this tour in the rain, but paths to waterfalls were not slippery and umbrellas we provided. The weather cleared before we went into the aviary where we hand feed the tropical birds. The guide got some great photos!
Reviewer: Karen Cruiser
4 Stars
Lush Beautiful Scenery
December 29, 2014
The guide was fantastic. We not only experienced the beauty of Jamaica, but we got to feed tropical birds in the aviary. The guide even took great photos.
Reviewer: Karen Cruiser
4 Stars
Hidden gem
August 02, 2014
Enchanted gardens/ Turtle River I don't know why I couldn't find any reviews on this little gem, but I' m glad I found it. We were picked up at the ship, inside the gates where the taxis are, and driven about 10 minutes away to a beautiful tropical garden/aviary/waterfall site. The Turtle River that flows through it is a smaller version of Dunn's River and its falls, but has all the same characteristics, including the swimming possibilities but with nobody else around. We were taken on a 70 minute (about) tour by Jordan, a very knowledgeable young man who knew all his flora and fauna very well, shown each of 8 beautiful waterfalls, a photographer followed us around and took pictures of us as well as the property as we went. After the walk up a slight incline ( with well maintained concrete shallow steps) to the uppermost falls, we came down and went to their aviary where we interacted with the dozen or so tropical parrots and macaw. Our guide whistled as he approached, all the birds clustered at the entrance. He gave us food to hold, put some on our hats and the birds climbed on our arms, our heads, hands, etc. gorgeous birds. All the while, the photographer was snapping pictures and so were we, all on our own cameras. We were given the opportunity to buy a cd with all the photos on it at he end of the tour. We must have been in that aviary for a half hour, playing with the birds. In our past experiences, we were lucky if we got 5 minutes before the guides would be rushing us out to the next stop. This was the last stop, and we were then given about a half hour to go into the river, climb falls and splash about in the cool pools of sparkling mountain river water. Our only complaint was that we were expecting an hour after the tour for our own exploration but only received 30 mins. We would have liked more time to spend In the water, as it was so refreshing on a hot humid day. We could only go the first falls, as it was the closest. It would've been fun to investigate the others. Apparently the place is popular with the locals on weekends and school kids of field trips, and we could understand why. On the large property is also a pretty pool with a swim- up bar (which wasn't operating when we were there, not that we had time anyway). Our van driver was waiting for us when we were done, and drove us back to the ship, or would drop us off to go shopping downtown if we wished. The whole property was very well maintained, compared to some of the other island properties I've experienced. The walkways were wide and new, steps were not steep. It was an easy walk. Not wheelchair accessible, however. Bathrooms were clean. All of the falls we viewed had platforms that appeared to be recently built and in excellent shape. And there was nobody there except us and the staff. We felt very safe and protected, there were no people hawking their wares, and no other tourists to trip over on the trails or in the water. It was ideal, and a good way to see the beauty of jamaica.
Reviewer: Birdy
4 Stars
Enchanted Gardens
July 07, 2014
the waterfalls were nice. But what surprise me was feeding the birds I like that......
Reviewer: corey
4 Stars