Progreso Beach Getaway (Beverage Package)

Beautiful beach
March 05, 2020
This was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. It wasn't crowded at all and downright gorgeous. Our guides and driver was amazing. Keep in mind if you eat it drink there are tip jars everywhere, so bring cash.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Vaughan
5 Stars
December 19, 2019
Nice looking resort with excellent food. The swimming pools were great for the children in our group. The beach was not pretty the time we were there. Good value for the money.
Reviewer: CT
5 Stars
Enjoyable Beach Time
August 29, 2019
Although it took the company a while to reorganize upon finding one of their vans had broken down [it wouldn't even start to leave the meeting point], we all made it to the beach and had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sand and sky. The resort location seemed to take longer than "20 minutes" to get to, but it was clean, the people were kind and we enjoyed the drink package they offered. There was a nice price on the food package as well, but we'd eaten so much on our cruise ship already that none of us missed the food. My family of four had a fantastic time making memories on this excursion.
Reviewer: Kelli Proehl
4 Stars
September 27, 2018
After finding the right representatives for the excursion, the rest of the day was great. Our guide was great and very accommodating. We were the first group to arrive at the resort so we had our own private beach for most of the trip. It was really nice and well worth the price. The food was delicious, though the drinks expectedly weak (granted others guests did manage to get drunk). The beach was great. Fish swam right to your feet. Best excursion of the cruise.
Reviewer: AJ
5 Stars
July 30, 2018
I didn't think it was going to be as nice as it was because of how cheap the excursion was. The beach resort was very nice and clean. Service was good. Food was excellent. When we got there they offered me the food buffet for $15 and kids free!! So it was well worth it.
Reviewer: Ruth
4 Stars
Relaxation at Progreso
July 02, 2018
We did not have high expectations due to the low price but what we received in service far exceeded our expectations. We are extremely satisfied.
Reviewer: Song Kim
5 Stars
Beach day
June 25, 2018
Perfect relaxing day on the beach!
Reviewer: Sara
5 Stars
Relaxing Excursion
April 09, 2018
The beach is great and plenty of drinks! The drive out to the resort does take about 30 minutes but they have buses to transport you there and it's worth it once you arrive.
Reviewer: Allison
5 Stars
Good Times
April 09, 2018
Had a great family time in resort, Pinacolada, Guac, Chips, Private Swim for 3 year old and Massage. Great tour guide.
Reviewer: Chintan A Shah
5 Stars
Progreso beach getaway
December 19, 2017
Everybody was very friendly at the resort. Loved the service Daniel gave us. Never had a dry glass the whole time we where there. The water was cloudy but it rained the night before. Everyone in our party of 12 said they will recommend this beach getaway.
Reviewer: Carl Pitre
5 Stars
October 05, 2017
We enjoyed this beach house. The Hostess and the staff helping her were friendly, The food and drinks were wonderful. I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Debbie DeBerry
5 Stars
Once you get there 5 stars!
August 24, 2017
Ok, do what the instructions say. ONLY get on the white bus even if somebody tries to tell you to get on theirs. It took a while for the bus to leave, but it did. Before you get off the bus you will hear a sales pitch but once we got off they were helpful in directing us through the dirt market area to a side road where we met the rep from the "resort". She sent us into a cantina that had AC to wait. Finally we were told the bus to the "resort" was there. The ride was about 30 minutes and not as AC'd as you'd like, but once we got there they explained everything very well, the kind of small pool was excellent, the drinks were constant and good, servers friendly (I tipped mine at beginning and end), the food was great (I ordered off the menu and my children were free at the buffet), and the beach was superb! Be patient. You will get the full promised time at the "resort" (probably a timeshare place) and you WILL enjoy yourself for this very reasonable price.
Reviewer: George Kammerer
5 Stars
Very relaxing
August 21, 2017
We ended up paying a little more for the food package as well, and had the option to also go on a Mayan ruins tour but decided against it. The water was warm and was shallow, so you could walk pretty far out. Then staff was also really nice.
Reviewer: Katelyn Campbell
5 Stars
Beach resort
April 25, 2017
This was not the beach resort I expected. The beach itself was small but the water was beautiful. There were no water 'toys' to use or rent at the facility. There were two pools. Try the one around the building if you want less ppl. The food was fresh and good. Our highlight was spending $15 more pp to get all you can eat buffet and driving to a small Mayan ruin, stopping at the salt beds on the way. The tour guides were excellent and very informative. This added one hour to the trip but it was more than worth it!
Reviewer: Audrey McConaghy
5 Stars
March 02, 2017
Short ride to beach. The drinks and food were ok. Lots of shots served. Drinks did not have much liquor but then you are there all day so its ok. Beach is like Mexico not real clear but it was ok. Met some nice people. For the price it was great
Reviewer: Judy Graves
4 Stars
August 04, 2016
Every part of this excursion was amazing, I would do this again and again. It really was a once in a lifetime chance!!!! My 20 year old did not want to leave.
Reviewer: S.S.
5 Stars
Progresso Beach Excursion
May 02, 2016
Nice and clean environment. The staff works VERY hard for you. Food was above average and drinks were ok as well. Not a lot of choices at Progress, but this one was very nice. Had a ok massage and was a little pricey for Mexico at $25 per 1/2 hour. All in all was a nice relaxing day.
Reviewer: MF
4 Stars
We had so much fun! Will definitely do this again.
December 09, 2015
We were on a cruise that stopped in Progreso, Mexico and this was a beach excursion. Highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Cruisejunkie
5 Stars
October 02, 2014
The drinks were great and they had plenty of waiters to make sure you always had a drink in your hand. Water wasn't as nice as Cozumel but that's expected. They had a great beach with a shallow spot that went out atleast 200 feet (waist high).
Reviewer: Garrett
4 Stars