Cenotes of Cuzama

The Most Awesome Experience!
February 06, 2020
We sailed on Carnival Dream into Progresso and had a blast! The instructions we printed out were clear and the tour guides with your sister company Iguana Maya Shore Excursions at the terminal were helpful and informative in ensuring we got to right place. Our tour guide Steven was AMAZING! He answered any questions we had and even went out of his way to educate us about the locals and the culture. When we got to the Cenotes after about an hour and 20 minutes he explained the need to preserve the delicate balance of nature by showering thoroughly before swimming. We were able to swim in 3 different Cenotes which were breathtaking and refreshing. After our swims in the Cenotes, we were offered to purchase for a very nominal fee, an authentic Yucatanian lunch. After lunch, we were transported back to the bus station where we waited just a few minutes to board the shuttle bus back to the terminal. We came back in plenty of time to spare and never once felt rushed. We'll be back!
Reviewer: Cindy M Hall
5 Stars
The most awesome experience
January 28, 2020
We traveled on Carnival Dream and were taken to shore by shuttle where we met our guide Steven. There were only 5 of us and we all had the most awesome and memorable experience! Steven was wonderful and attentive and is a pro at what he does! I would highly asking specifically for him! He knows about the history of Cuzama, how the Cenotes were formed and educated us about them and the surrounding villages along the way. The food for a nominal charge after going through the Cenotes was delicious and it was a welcome refreshing lunch. Steven constantly kept up a dialog with us being both friendly and courteous. He reassured us that we would be making it back to the ship on time with time to spare and we did! None of us felt rushed and would do the tour all over again. Thank you Steven for such an unforgettable experience!
Reviewer: Cindy M Hall and Gregg Wiesinger
5 Stars
The guide was nice, but the sinkholes...
September 09, 2019
The guide was very sweet and knowledgeable, however, the sinkholes we went were overdeveloped. It's easy to access but lacking characters. We went to three and they were very similar, but it's still nice to swim at cold spring water in hot Summer. We will spend money on something else next time.
Reviewer: Pei
3 Stars
Absolutely Amazing
June 19, 2019
The instructions given were exact & easy to follow. We easily located the correct person to check in with & the whole process was smooth. Everyone was very friendly. We ended up being the only people on the tour & had a driver take us out to the cenotes, which were incredible!! Our guide was super friendly & very knowledgeable (I wish I could remember his name!) & even gave us recommendations when we got back to Progresso. I can not recommend this tour or company enough - especially if you want to get away from the busy crowds on other excursions. We never felt rushed & got to see & do everything we wanted. This day was the highlight of our trip, hands down. And the cenotes are truly incredible. Thank you thank you for this tour!
Reviewer: Andrea Scott
5 Stars
Beautiful Cenotes
May 16, 2019
This is a trip worth taking. The cenotes are beautiful. The ride to them is long (1 hour, 20 minutes), but we didn't mind because we got to drive through several Mexican villages. After swimming, we had lunch at a quaint Mexican restaurant that was delicious. It was only my wife and me on the excursion.
Reviewer: Joe Z
4 Stars
Sublime Cenotes
March 13, 2019
It was a small group, just 5 of us, and our guide was relaxed and friendly. He was full of fascinating information. We went to four different cenotes, each with a different vibe, all of them full of cool, clear water. I had been wanting to do this ever since my first visit to the Yucatan 32 years ago and the trip did not disappoint. I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Debra McQueen
5 Stars
December 04, 2018
My wife and I really enjoyed the day with our guides from this outfit. Nice to get a look at the surrounding area beyond Progresso. The cenotes are spectacular.
Reviewer: Andrew Clark
5 Stars
June 11, 2018
This excursion was the best. However, when we got at the port there were no one from the agency waiting for us. There were a booth with the same company's name (Iguana Maya) with a very rude employee who just told us they have nothing to do with the excursion. The Progresso's bus driver saw the discussion and was much nicer and explained he would be able to take us to the location we would meet with the agent. After that little confusion and misunderstanding we met the agent who took us to the Cenotes. His name is Manuel and he was just excellent. The cars pulled by horses were another special treat (and a happy surprise). How fun! After swimming we were hungry so he took us to a wonderful restaurant by the beach. I'd recommend and take this excursion again....
Reviewer: Solange Gomes
5 Stars
Unique chauffeur led trip
September 13, 2017
Driver picked us up where we were dropped off from the bus. Easy to find. Went on a fairly long drive (an hour and a half of so) through some really authentic looking places. Had the chance to see some Mayan ruins as well as a horse drawn rikety cart ride to these really neat caves that you could swim in. Bring a bathing suit and some cash to tip your car driver & cart drivers. Really enjoyed this excursion!
Reviewer: Paul
5 Stars
November 29, 2016
My husband & I were the only ones on the tour. The guide was very nice but we quickly realized he knew very little english. The drive was about an hour. When we got to Cuzama there were several horses and carts waiting. The cenotes were about a 15 minute ride on the rail cart. The first cenote we were taken to was the biggest and prettiest one of the three we saw. The water was cool and very blue. Had we known that this one was the nicest, we would have stayed and swam more. We got back on the rail cart for about 5 minutes & went to the other 2 cenotes. The second one was a small hole with a wooden ladder that spiraled down. It was really pretty interesting. The third cenote had a large opening but the swimming hole was rather small.. We swam in all three cenotes with goggles and life vests that the tour provided. We had plenty of time to go shopping in town(Progresso) had we wanted too but we decided to go directly back to ship.
Reviewer: Barbara Reed
5 Stars