Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break

Really Fun
July 13, 2023
We had a great day ziplining and at the beach break. The guys at the zipline were super nice and made us feel comfortable. The beach club was fun and the pool was fabulous. The pool could use some striping or markings on the ledges. Hit our toes on a couple of them. The food was yummy and drinks were good too. Overall fun day.
Reviewer: Jane Johnson
5 Stars
You want to take your family on this adventure!
April 19, 2023
Our family LOVED ziplining in Roatan! The staff was amazing! The views were incredible! and the experience was very safe! If we return to Roatan, we'll do this excursion again!
Reviewer: Crystal Stevens
5 Stars
Personal service and wonderful adventures
April 07, 2023
We very much enjoyed our day-long experience on this excursion. Because of varied schedules, we were able to have personal service for only 3 guests with our delightful guide Juan (John). That was a great plus! He toured us around the town, even stopped so we could visit an ATM, and shared his personal experiences as a resident. We even got to meet his daughter on the way home from school! 👍 The zip-line was an amazing experience! Our guides (forgot their names 🤔) were very expert and made us feel comfortable. We loved it! Then Juan took us to the Animal Park where we were able to hold a sloth, monkeys, and a parrot. Great fun! The whole day was wonderful and we will remember it always.
Reviewer: Rand and Laurie Newby
5 Stars
Great way to spend your time in Roatan
January 04, 2023
We met our driver and went to the zip line first. We had never been zip lining. The staff here was great, they were so helpful and very nice. We did 12 different platforms—amazing!!!! Then we went to the beach and our driver arranged for us to use beach lounges at a restaurant on the beach. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Jamie Sabo
5 Stars
We were only able to zipline; no beach.
December 31, 2022
Again, due to weather, we were not able to complete our entire itinerary, which was unfortunate because the island is SO beautiful. We were able to zipline, and our guide Andy Allen was really great! There were 11 lines, all inside the jungle, but the last few had amazing views of the ocean, which was breathtaking! The area from the Port to the zipline place could make someone leery of where you're going, but everyone from start to finish were incredible, helpful and kind. Definitely choose this excursion if you like to zipline!
Reviewer: Annie Simmons
5 Stars
Fun Zip Lines With a View
September 04, 2022
Fun zip lines with a nice view. Then you get to cool down at a price beach with other extra excursions you could pay for. Definitely a must.
Reviewer: Konnor B.
5 Stars
Great Views
July 31, 2022
Thee views were incredible on the zip lines and the staff was fun and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the beach break and it was the perfect way to end it. I would recommend!
Reviewer: Konnor B.
5 Stars
July 21, 2022
This was the best excursion during our whole trip. The zip line was awesome. Jaw dropping heights and lengths. I will say the beach was also incredible and we may have preferred more time at the beach.
Reviewer: Kimberly
5 Stars
Fun Day in Roatan
May 12, 2022
We loved that this was a small group tour and not the large herd you on a cruise ship bus like a cow. They were personable and kind. The beach was a relaxing and secure place.
Reviewer: Candace
5 Stars
Zip line
April 21, 2022
We enjoyed the zip line. I thought it was well organized. Nice small groups. The spot that we went to for the beach break was quite lovely. The water was warm and nice and calm. The tour was just the right length of time.
Reviewer: Margaret Bourbeau
5 Stars
Excellent family adventure.
April 15, 2022
This activity was perfect for my 12 and 9yo girls. The instructor was so conscious of their safety and enjoying the activity. Was an awesome time. Would recommend to any family wanting to zip line.
Reviewer: Rhianna Tortorige
5 Stars
Zip wire
March 19, 2022
Wow this is a day I will never forget, it was amazing zip wire through the tops of the rain forest, our guides were great making sure we were kept safe during the zip wire, such breath taking views. The we were taken to the beach which had a lovely bar & restaurant, the beach was so beautiful & relaxing, calm water to do snorkelling, this is one very special place with lovely friendly people, can’t wait to come back & stay longer.
Reviewer: Sharon Songhurst
5 Stars
Roatan zip and splash
December 09, 2021
The best experience!! Guides were friendly and helpful. Provided safety equipment. So much fun! The beach was amazing and the driver went out of his way to accommodate. A must do excursion!
Reviewer: Tammy Jones
5 Stars
February 28, 2020
We had the best experience zip lining. Our guides were so fun. Carlos and Byron were so great. We had a blast. The lady that took us to the beach was very accommodating also. I believe her name was Loris.
Reviewer: Britt
5 Stars
Very nice guide and ziplines and clear water!
January 16, 2020
Very nice guides that get us to the ziplines and beaches. There were 11 ziplines and it was fun! The beach break was nice. Clear warm water! We went here over the Xmas break.
Reviewer: Z Wu
5 Stars
Faced my fears
December 26, 2019
I was scared to do zip lining but the crew made me feel secure and I ended up loving it. I faced my fear of heights and I can't wait to do it again
Reviewer: Patrick
5 Stars
December 22, 2019
Got to go on nine zip lines and the people were very nice
Reviewer: Anna Gott
5 Stars
Best tour of trip
August 15, 2019
We loved this tour, had so much fun on the zip line and the workers were the best!
Reviewer: Jillian Belfiore
5 Stars
Excellent adventure!
August 14, 2019
This was me & my husband's first time zip lining and it was such as awesome experience! The staff members were very kind and quite funny, and they truly made this an enjoyable experience for all of us! The beach was so refreshing, especially after zip lining. I would definitely do this excursion again!!
Reviewer: Gigi A.
5 Stars
Great Experience for the whole family!
August 01, 2019
All parts of the excursion went very smoothly. We easily found the kiosk to meet even though there was construction and we had to take a slightly different route. Our driver was pleasant. The staff at the zip line were great, knowledgeable and seemed like they enjoyed their job! The beach resort was very nice as well but busy and we only had 2 hours at the beach.
Reviewer: Dawn D.
5 Stars
Even Better 2nd Time!
August 01, 2019
We did this excursion 2 years ago and had such a great time that we HAD to book it again! Our family consisted of 2 adults and 4 kids (ages 11, 14, 15 & 16). My mother in law and toddler rode along and waited while we did the zipline portion. The staff for our zip tour was fantastic and helped all the kids. They really made them feel confident and special throughout the tour. The bus driver was prompt and on time. The bus was clean and very cool/comfortable. After the zip portion, we were taken to a private resort/beach. There was a gorgeous pool as well as pretty beach. Would do this tour a 3rd time for sure!!
Reviewer: Rachel McCullough
5 Stars
Great day!
April 15, 2019
We had a blast zip lining and the staff was fantastic. They were hilarious. You can bring a phone/camera to take pictures, but they have a person that takes them along the route. The pictures were great and you get a zip drive with all pictures of your family for $20. There a lots of long zip lines throughout the course and the views are amazing. After that, we were brought to a beautiful beach for a couple hours to swim and relax. There are locals selling different items, but they were respectful. The beach was at a private resort. This was one of the best days we had all week. Would do again in a minute.
Reviewer: Suzanne
5 Stars
Zip line
March 15, 2019
EXCELLENT! The staff were so kind, caring and fun...will definitely do again!
Reviewer: Gabriela Hucal
5 Stars
Roatan zip and splash break
March 13, 2019
Loved the ziplining guides were awesome! Great fun! Only problem we had was construction was so bad we didn’t get to go to beach
Reviewer: Chris maddock
4 Stars
February 12, 2019
This was amazing..the staff truly were awesome and made sure everyone was safe and comfortable. I would highly recommend you do this zip line excursion.
Reviewer: Ann Stauffer
5 Stars
Must Do Excursion
February 04, 2019
Zipline was awesome and was throughly impressed with staff’s instructions for 1st timers! Not for the faint of heart! Beach break was pleasant and enjoyed the rest of excursion.
Reviewer: BOB V N
5 Stars
Awesome Adventure
February 03, 2019
Went on this excursion and was blown away to say the least!! Wife and I had never done a zipline before, so we didn't know what to expect. Staff was extremely helpful and by the 3rd line we both were Pros on the line! If heights and speed are not in your comfort zone, find another excursion!! One run is 1200ft long and very high with speeds up to 60mph for heavier individuals (like me at 275lbs). Was awesome time!!
Reviewer: Robert VanNorman
5 Stars
Enjoyed it
January 19, 2019
Great experience and my family had fun,
Reviewer: Zhiyong Yan
5 Stars
like zipline and beach, wish we can play longer
January 18, 2019
both activity were very fun. wish play longer. the beach is beautiful, just too many people. not a place for snorkel, but we saw some fishes. zipline is superfun, before you realized it, it's over.
Reviewer: lhyl
5 Stars
September 17, 2018
really was very good
5 Stars
Everything was excellent
September 10, 2018
Everything was soooo much fun. They had a little monkey that was so playful. Zipplining was so nice and the beach was great. Highly recommend it for ANYONE
Reviewer: Eric castro
5 Stars
Best zipline ever
August 20, 2018
We have done ziplines at lots of ports and this one by far was the best. The instruction and guide were top notch and the scenery....well....check it out guys!! It was BEAUTIFUL!! Did I mention I did one zip upside down???
Reviewer: Elizabeth Pritchard
5 Stars
A must!!
August 06, 2018
You must do this! The best ever! All guides were very professional. My fiance is the scared type, yet felt super safe and loved it. There are double cables holding us and safety is first. I highly recommend this!
Reviewer: Vinicius Diniz
5 Stars
Great experience!
July 30, 2018
Our family zipline through Roatan and loved it! The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and a lot of fun. It was beautiful scenery throughout the zipline tour.
Reviewer: Michelle Grant
4 Stars
Great fun
May 30, 2018
We showed up to the pick up point on time but had to wait an hour before we left because they were waiting for another group that never showed up. However, our driver made up a good portion of the time with his speedy driving to and from the ziplines and beach. The ziplines were amazing and they had a monkey we could hold afterward. The beach was gorgeous and we enjoyed relaxing and soaking in the sun. Overall this was an excellent excursion.
Reviewer: Morgan
5 Stars
Very Safe and Fun
May 07, 2018
It was very easy to find the location we had to go to in order to be taken to the Zip Line area. It was about a 30 minute drive to the zip line location, but definitely worth it. We got to see the daily life of the native people and our driver was very friendly and kept us informed. Zip Line itself was AMAZING. once in a life time experience. Very safe and the guides are there with you at all times. They let you venture and try new things as well. You can hang upside down while traveling down the zip line. Definitely worth the money and time. My bf and I would definitely go again if we could :D We did not get to go to the splash beach area because we were running out of time to get back to our cruise ship, but overall amazing experience.
Reviewer: Chandni B
5 Stars
Zip line and beach break
April 09, 2018
We had a great time zip lining over the jungle. Tour guides were great. Very friendly and fun! Beach area was nice. Very relaxing time.
Reviewer: Karen Chance
5 Stars
Roatan Zip & Splash Beach Break
April 09, 2018
This was the first time my husband and I have ever zip lined and it was fantastic. The guides were funny and made sure you enjoyed every ride. The beach break was good because it cooled you off. The beach was beautiful.
Reviewer: Grace The
5 Stars
Perfect for teenagers
January 22, 2018
My husband and I and our two daughters did this excursion. It was well run and professional. We had a blast.
Reviewer: Kerry
5 Stars
Fun but delayed
January 08, 2018
We had to wait at the pick up area over an hour in the heat for this excursion. The people at the booth were nice but the traffic caused the van to be delayed. The drive was nice and the scenery was amazing. Once we got there and the team prepped us for the zip line we were happy again. The team there at the site were super nice and very helpful to everyone. The guides that were with us for all NINE zip line rides were some of the nicest and most helpful I have ever come across. Everything was beautiful but due to some physical limitations in my group, we needed special attention and they gave it freely, patiently and kindly. We will definitely use them again if we go back to Roatan. Then we went to the Beach Resort and it was clean and beautiful. it was a great experience!
Reviewer: Aimee Doss
4 Stars
Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break
December 26, 2017
We had a great time zip lining! We had 11 zips and a great group of guys helping along the way!! The beach break was nice but not a good opportunity to snorkel. It was difficult to find a beach chair since we arrived later in the afternoon but still a good time!
Reviewer: Deborah Moret
4 Stars
November 06, 2017
both my husband and I did this for the first time and it was a blast. Multiple zip lines through the rain forest. the guides were wonderful and willing to go with you if you were hesitant. only suggestion, bring water with you. You will most definitely work up a thirst.
Reviewer: lori mccullough
5 Stars
Zip Lining FUN!
October 23, 2017
This was the first time my wife and I have ever zip lined and even though it rained, it was FANTASTIC! In fact, the rain made the zip lining more fun because it kept you cool and put an awesome fog over the valley. The guides were funny and made sure you enjoyed every ride. The only part we hated, which is why it gets 4 stars, is the beach break afterwards. The locals are ALL OVER the beach and try to get you to buy stuff constantly and you can't really enjoy the beach because of it unless you go get in the water to avoid them. Oh, and watch out for the monkeys and the zip lining place! Some of them aren't very friendly!
Reviewer: Jeremy Hilley
4 Stars
Zip line
May 12, 2017
This was great!! 11 runs and all fantastic. The crew were professional and so fun to be with! You could tell they loved what they did! Very safety conscious! Great time! Ice cold drinks afterward and a nice resort to relax in the sun and enjoy the good food! Kids loved it too! Great pics too!!
Reviewer: Laurie Knight
5 Stars
Lots of fun!
May 04, 2017
We really enjoyed this excursion. Everything went smoothly, and we had a lovely time at the beach after zip lining.
Reviewer: Jenny
5 Stars
Roatan zip line
April 26, 2017
Great group to entrust your life with. Safety utmost concern. Wonderful attitude with all levels on individuals.
Reviewer: Nancy Burnham
5 Stars
Zipline & Beach in Roatan
April 17, 2017
For first-time zipliners such a my wife & I this was a fantastic experience! Well handled by the support team who briefed us well, managed us through the course (which was varied in length, height and speed) and ensured all safety precautions were taken. Enjoyable; thrilling; great fun followed by a short relaxing visit to a nice beach club. Driver was very good and informative re local sights to & from Zipline area. Highly recommended - a real "must do" in Roatan.
Reviewer: Bert Cruickshank
5 Stars
Zip line
April 13, 2017
The wife's first zip line adventure. 74 years and she loved it. Safe and fun! Other groups paid twice as much and got a buffet lunch, but we were very happy.
Reviewer: Darrell Rosen
5 Stars
zip line
April 13, 2017
This is the 2nd time we have done this very excursion. The line are just about right for everyone and the staff work hard to make you comfortable and are willing to help those who are worried. I recommend this one. The beach is beautiful, smooth and enjoyable.
Reviewer: Ilene Simkins
4 Stars
Go for It!
March 23, 2017
Great tour. We did at least 10 legs on the tour and were so worn out that we opted to go back to the ship instead of going to the beach. Safety was first priority with these guys and second was to make sure you had a great time. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Jess Beaty
5 Stars
March 17, 2017
My husband and I had an amazing time! The tour guides were spot on with all the jokes/fun/pictures. I have a picture I wish I could load on this to show you the fun!
Reviewer: Shannan Gordon
5 Stars
Lots of fun
March 05, 2017
My wife and I really enjoyed this excursion. The zip line was so much fun and better than expected. The beach break made a great day in Rotan. The beach included a bar, restaurant and change rooms. We met tour at the Mohagany bay cruise port (Holland America). Only catch is that you need to exit the pier area and meet the tour just outside the entrance. Just follow instructions in your ticket.
Reviewer: Rob Learmonth
5 Stars
Very Safe Zip Line
February 22, 2017
The zip line was very safe and well organized. I have been on several zip lines and this was the easiest to leave the platform. I felt secure and with out fear of danger or harm. That being said, it was a tad bit boring for a zip line. I am a thrill seeker though.
Reviewer: Joe
4 Stars
Rain didn't keep the good times away
February 20, 2017
We arrived with a weather front but thankfully brought some ponchos in the luggage. We were told the only way the excursion would be cancelled would be for lightning. Initially disappointed we would be in for a terrible time, we were quickly convinced otherwise. This was a BLAST! Highly recommended to all. Our 8 year old daughter had a great time too. No beach though.
Reviewer: Rob Schmidt
5 Stars
Roatan Zip
February 15, 2017
We all had a great time. The instructors were fun and very informative. Would definitely do it again.
Reviewer: Sharon Henricks
5 Stars
best excursion you can get!
February 13, 2017
This ended up being the highlight of our cruise! The guides were not only very safety conscious, but also entertaining. They took our cameras and got great photos for us. They took a real interest in us individually and had us doing tricks safely with them on the zip line. There may be many other zip line adventures, but the personal touch made this more than just something to do. It was a true adventure!
Reviewer: Linda Miedema
5 Stars
No Wonder Tarzan Smiled a Lot!
January 30, 2017
We did the zip and splash beach break and the zip was totally amazing. I would do it again tomorrow! My wife screamed on all 11 of the runs! The boys made it fun and were patient with us--we are in our 60s. The beach was pretty, but it was rainy--so we didn't stay. Maybe another day at the beach. But thats ok.
Reviewer: Hiram Perkins
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break
January 27, 2017
This was the all-time favorite. The instructors were very informative, good-humored and patient. This is a "must-do" for anyone who likes trying new things or even just seeing an area from a new perspective. It was great!
Reviewer: Noreen Beesley
5 Stars
Great Excursion!
January 25, 2017
We had an amazing time!! The guys who worked tgere were so nice and helpful!
Reviewer: Lisa Caravello
5 Stars
Excellent tour
January 16, 2017
We really enjoyed this tour well worth the money spent. The guides where great, we all had a great time. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Roger Kozak
5 Stars
Very fun and exciting
January 12, 2017
The experience was great, the staff was great. We didn't feel intimidated at all zipping through the jungle. Everyone was very kind and nice to us. The beach portion was fun. The men snorkels and the ladies laid on the beach. Only negative was the beach peddles were way too persistent. We could not get rid of them, very frustrating.
Reviewer: Danny Adams
5 Stars
loved everything about it!
January 11, 2017
We loved being part of a small group for this tour. Our tour guide, Ever, was great. The zip lining was very fun and personal. Highly recommend. When we got to the beach, we went snorkeling with a local guide called Roatan activities. Be warned if you are spending time on the beach you will be approached by a lot of local people selling products. We will definitely book through Costco again!
Reviewer: kevin
5 Stars
Lots of Fun and Platforms!
January 02, 2017
The zip lines were great, the guides helpful! This was my second experience with zip lining, and I would rate it even better that the first, which was excellent also. I rode tandem upside down and "no hands" by myself! It was raining, and that was awesome because it is so warm! I highly recommend this zip line! By the way I am a 69 year old grandmother of 13. I felt completely safe doing this activity!
Reviewer: Mary Gillis
5 Stars
December 23, 2016
I was scared to zip line and these gentlemen made this experience fun and memorable
Reviewer: Antoinette small
5 Stars
Great Excursion
December 22, 2016
Of all the Zip Lines we have been on, this is by far the very best!! Our guides were awesome - it was well run and there were plenty of guides per group!! Would most definitely do this again!
Reviewer: Denise Ray
5 Stars
Great experience
December 21, 2016
This was on my wife's ""bucket list"" of things to do. While I am afraid of heights, I went along with her and am so glad I did. It was an incredible experience and our guides were fantastic. I would highly recommend this zip-line excursion. The nice thing about pre-booking with Shore Excursions is that we weren't in the massive group from the cruise ship but rather it was just my wife and me with one other couple and two guides. A very personal experience. Note...we skipped the Beach Break part and headed back to the ship after zip-lining.
Reviewer: Tom Chapman
5 Stars
Fun Fun, Fun
December 19, 2016
I am 65 and my grandson 12. We did this zip line and had a great time. The guides were amazing and helped me all the way through. They took our cameras and took great pictures of us on our zipline. Highly recommend this tour. Great guides!!!
Reviewer: Denise Nelson
5 Stars
Good zippin!!
December 17, 2016
The lines were good n fun! Would have liked a little more local info from the guides though. As with all zips, I could have used MORE! I felt rushed through the zips, but I understand it takes an hour to get there by bus, hour back, so they have to make sure you get your boat. but all in all, very cool and enjoyable. Don't get me wrong guides were great! but I just like to hear @ local info, jungle ...etc.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
December 15, 2016
The guides were very professional and safety consious
Reviewer: James Priest
5 Stars
Amazing People and Amazing Time!
December 15, 2016
Had a blast...this was our first zipline adventure and my wife and I loved it. The crew running SouthShore was awesome and made sure guest safety was top priority. Had some awesome views and will definitely be recommending this adventure to my guests that travel to Roatan.
Reviewer: Joseph Caudle
5 Stars
Zip and Dip
December 09, 2016
Finding the excursion meeting place was a litte confusing. The bus ride to the zip start was pleasant with the driver giving commentary about the local history. The 11 zip lines were terrific. The guides were entertaining and helpful. Safety concerns were not an issue. The Beach Break was very pleasant and a great way to relax after the zip lines.
Reviewer: Tom
5 Stars
Zip and Splash
November 08, 2016
I was out of my comfort zone as a senior citizen. By the end of run I was once again that fearless high school boy wanting more. Great
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Excellent Adventure in Roatan
November 04, 2016
We were cautious to book an excursion that was not thru the cruise line, however, this excursion went off seamlessly and included the Beach option which was not offered on the boat. We enjoyed the zip line, but really enjoyed the private time on the beach.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
September 28, 2016
Very well organized, professional team ,encouraging all to participate and enjoy,even those having phobias,amazing experience for all ages ,not scarry at all
Reviewer: Ghaly
5 Stars
August 24, 2016
Good zip line, great guides and knowledgable tour guide. Well worth the money in my view
Reviewer: John
4 Stars
June 10, 2016
The guides were so much fun! Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Karina
5 Stars
excellent experience
May 25, 2016
The guides were very accommodating. There were 11 zips back and forth and down the valley over and thru the trees.
Reviewer: retired
4 Stars
Excellent Adventure!
May 20, 2016
The guides did a fantastic job making everyone feel safe and secure.
Reviewer: Susie
5 Stars
May 18, 2016
It was totally awesome.
Reviewer: J Bell
5 Stars
So much fun!
May 13, 2016
Guides were awesome, we had so much fun and felt very safe even though it was our first ziplining experience.
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
Supper Fun!
May 13, 2016
This was really fun. They were very organized and safe, but at the same time funny and helped you enjoy yourself. We had friends go at a different place and it sounded a little more adventurous, but a little less safe. It did cost a little more than I would have thought, but it wasn't a terrible price. We really enjoyed ourselves!
Reviewer: Kirk
4 Stars
Great fun zipping along 11 different lines.
May 09, 2016
Allow plenty of time to meet your guide
Reviewer: Linda the line queen
5 Stars
Great excursion! Definitely Recommend!
May 04, 2016
This was a great experience for my family! My youngest is 5 years old and he really enjoyed this adventure! Locating the booth took a while as there are so many excursion booths in the area, so make sure you have enough time to locate the area. We were a bit late, but once we were there they checked us in easily. There was a 30-45 minute wait for a shuttle to take us. This was the only con about this outing. Otherwise, once we were loaded up, the drive was uphill for maybe 20-25 minutes. At the zipline location, everything was fairly smooth. We left our belongings in a locker for $2 (not $1) and was guided right over to get setup in our gear. Our guide Jeffrey was the best! They instructed us (especially us first timers) on what to expect and we were off. My 5 year went tandem with our guide through the whole course. The guide was great with him. Once done, a short drive back to the zipline depot. We had the beach included which was really nice. It took maybe 20-30 minutes for our same shuttle to get us to the beach. The beach area was beautiful and really nice, lots of beach chairs, bathrooms were nice with showers, if needed.
Reviewer: Dee
5 Stars
Great zip tour
May 02, 2016
We were a little worried because we had never done a zip line before. We are in our late sixties and had our son who has some mobility issues, but this was great. The guides took good care of you, made you laugh and feel safe at same time. Very thrilling ride. The guides made this trip so much fun. Would recommend to everyone. Also the beach break was a good way to end trip and food and drink at beach very reasonable and good. This one we would do again.
Reviewer: JOJO
5 Stars
wonderful trip
April 22, 2016
The zip line was really wonderful and exciting. The beach was beautiful and quiet and it was good place to relax.
Reviewer: Joanna
4 Stars
Fun and exciting
April 22, 2016
Wonderful. Only bad part was wasting 1-2 hours waiting for trip to leave
Reviewer: Can't remember
5 Stars
April 18, 2016
Great combination of fun and sun! The zip lines were better than our other experience on a different cruise with longer, and more scenic runs with added opportunity to do adventurous variations like the ""monkey"", ""Superman"" and a tandem with your travel companion. The beach at West Bay was spectacular with flat-calm, crystal clear waters. The food at the resort we visited was super-delicious with large portions and COLD local beer. Only negative was that the rest of the tour group got bored at the beach and wanted to depart for the ship sooner than we were ready to leave. Our guide did an awesome job finding us another ride back to the ship that allowed us to stay another 45 mins. We were still back in plenty of time. This was our favorite excursion on this cruise - highly recommend!
Reviewer: Vision Cruise - April 2016
5 Stars
April 17, 2016
This was our first time zip lining, and we loved it! I thought it would just be one line and you're done, but it's a course of many different lines to zip down. Beautiful views surround you as you zip over the trees to your next landing. The beach portion of this excursion could have been better. The beach was a little crowded. I appreciated the free drink coupon, but the zip lining worked up an appetite - it would be nice to add a complimentary lunch into the day.
Reviewer: Kel
4 Stars
It was a great time! Defantantly would do it again
April 16, 2016
The guides made sure everyone was having a good time.
Reviewer: Tammy
5 Stars
April 15, 2016
Awesome group!
Reviewer: Chelle
5 Stars
I would go on this tour over and over again!
April 15, 2016
Great adventure tour, I would do it over again!
Reviewer: Traveler4ever
5 Stars
had a grateful time highly recommend
April 08, 2016
recommend Southside adventures the guides absolutely hilarious and safety always first
Reviewer: suzie
5 Stars
Great zipline experience
April 06, 2016
We did wait at the pick up area for quite some time, over 45 minutes and again, at the zipline station for over an hour before our turn. Other than the wait time, it was a beautiful experience, our guide was very experienced, fun, safety-oriented and kept our group together! We planned this trip as a shore excursion and did not use the cruise line's vendor.
Reviewer: Sky High Di
5 Stars
April 06, 2016
This was a really well planned zip line. It had so many trails and very exciting. I am afraid of heights and the guide was so sweet and rode all of them with me! I wish I could remember his name to tell you. He was precious. My whole family enjoyed this. I would recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Laura
5 Stars
April 05, 2016
Enjoyed the zip line. Not scary at all and what a view from up there! We are 67 and 70 years old and will do it again.
Reviewer: Carol
5 Stars
Great time in Roatan!
March 31, 2016
My husband and son did this excursion in Roatan. My daughter and I wanted to, but her broken foot kept us from it. Except for having to wait for the excursion outside the pier area in some dirt and weeds, they loved ziplining through the jungle and my son thought the buffet was great.
Reviewer: SB
5 Stars
Great time on the Roataz Zip and Splash Beach Brea
March 23, 2016
A group of 6 went on the Zip Excursion - most were over 60 so we were a little hesitant, but had a marvelous time. We didn't feel ""old"" and were treated respectfully. Our guide, I believe his name was Alvin, was EXCELLENT. He said multiple times that he would take care of me, and he did! It is pretty strenuous taking your rigging and moving to the next line but he was there to help me be ready for the next zip line.
Reviewer: Sue the nervous one
5 Stars
Great excursions
March 23, 2016
I enjoyed the last half Ziplining will never be part of me again! I'm a big baby!!
Reviewer: Tamra
5 Stars
Checked one off the bucket list!
March 17, 2016
Had never done this before and it was thrilling! This particular one was great in that it was several segments crisscrossing the valley, rather than just one, fast run.
Reviewer: LaRue
5 Stars
Great time!
March 07, 2016
There were about 4 couples in our group along with 4 guides. We had a wonderful time with the antics of the crew and their great senses of humor. Although they were a very fun group, they were also very concerned with safety and made sure everything was properly hooked up before each person went down the lines.
Reviewer: alittlelf
5 Stars
I did something I've never done before and loved i
March 03, 2016
Well done!
Reviewer: Dixie
5 Stars
Roatan Zip Lne
March 02, 2016
WOW, What an adventure. My husband and I are in our 70's and did this zip lining excursion because we have heard good things about zip lining in Roatan. It turns out that this may have been the most exciting excursion we have taken! Literally took my breath away. Shore Excursions Group did a great job of organizing the experience and the actual workers at the site were patient and helpful. If you have any adventurous spirit hiding inside of you -- this could be the excursion for you!
Reviewer: Zip lining Grandma
5 Stars
Great Excursion
March 01, 2016
Our guides were a fun bunch with lots of laughter
Reviewer: n/a
5 Stars
Best excursion we have ever taken
February 26, 2016
This excursion was very well organized. I liked the fact that our driver stayed with us for the entire adventure. The beach club was beautiful and the service on the beach was great. We were a little apprehensive about the zip line since we are seniors but we felt very safe and would do it again without hesitation. What a wonderful group of instructors. We were on the NCL Dawn January 31, 2016.
Reviewer: CJ
5 Stars
Great Time
February 10, 2016
I had a great time!
Reviewer: Diana
5 Stars
February 10, 2016
My husband and I loved going zip-lining in Honduras!! We both have never done this before and are both over 68 years old! The helpers really took care of us. When we zipped to a platform, someone was here to catch us and we're very positive! Best time ever! The only part that was hard for me was walking up the high concrete steps to get to the next platform. Besides that, everything was super!!
Reviewer: Running Tooth
5 Stars
Best zipline experience
January 22, 2016
Our family loves zip lining. We did it in Costa Rica, Thailand, Dominic Republic. This is one of the best among all. Over 10 platforms and long cables. The guide was nice to hook up our 6 year old onto him. The scenery was beautiful and the experience was really fun.
Reviewer: Connie the traveler
5 Stars
Best Day Ever!
January 21, 2016
Ziplining has been on my bucket list for several years and the Honduran rain forest seemed like a great place to realize it. I was beyond excited! My best friend, less so and she was terrified initially, but was loving it by the end. From my first jump, the adrenaline was pumping. I was Shera, queen of the jungle, at least for the 11 ziplines. Soaking wet, glasses fogged and stoked, I wanted to do it again. Not bad for a 53 y/o grandma. Planning a family reunion on Carnival for Christmas, specifically so my family can go ziplining. Woohoo!!
Reviewer: Glam Ma
5 Stars
Fantastic !
January 21, 2016
A must do ! Fastest Zip Line we have been on.
Reviewer: Caledon Crusier
5 Stars
Outstanding adventure
January 11, 2016
Great adventure. Wonderful guides made it a great value and one of the best things we have done on ALL of our vacations
Reviewer: Busymom
5 Stars
January 10, 2016
We were picked up at our cruise pier. Had a nice tour of the island. Once there, they geared us up and gave us a some instructions and off we went. It was a lot of fun. There were I beieve 11 zip lines? Unfortunately it started to rain but it didn't stop us. Our tour guides were excellent. Very friendly and made you feel safe. Make sure you tip them at the end. They deseserve it.
Reviewer: Patti
5 Stars
This is a can't miss experience.
January 08, 2016
A great course with many different cables with varying heights and speeds. The guides are excellent and very accommodating. I had never been ziplining before and was very nervous but it was so much fun and the guides made me feel safe and I would definitely recommend to anyone that is on the fence about this.
Reviewer: JT
5 Stars
A Wonderful Experience for Anyone
January 08, 2016
Absolutely loved the ziplining crew! It was well worth the price. I wouldn't pick any other. There were so many ziplines and they all brought you through the jungle. The sights were beautiful!
Reviewer: Z the Ziplining Gal
4 Stars
Fast Zippin
January 08, 2016
Well done. Very safe. I'd definitely do this again.
Reviewer: The Army Guy
4 Stars
Bucket List checked Off- Success
January 03, 2016
Just got back from our Norwegian JADE trip to COZ, Belize and Roatan. My wife always wanted to do a ZIP line, and this was her big chance. She was nervous, but went with the guide, and couldn't be more pleased. She was very excited and the group was very professional.
Reviewer: Allan w
5 Stars
some of the safest abd best ziplines i have tried
January 01, 2016
Second time in a few years at this location. The number of ziplines are perfect and some are long. they put you in well kept fitted equipment and have strict protocols, felt very safe. very family friendly. did other in costa rica that were a lot longer and more thrilling, but a lot more dangerous....this is a good safe one for the whole family.
Reviewer: Gary the retired cop
5 Stars
Excellent Excursions - Highly Recommended
January 01, 2016
Guides/instructors very courteous, numerous zip lines, views outstanding, safe and sound structures.
Reviewer: Dennis Palo
5 Stars
Definitely recommend this trip!
December 31, 2015
Loved it!
Reviewer: beth
5 Stars
Awesome experience
December 19, 2015
A great experience. Perfectly executed to be just a head of the crowds. Truly an enjoyable, once in a lifetime xperience.
Reviewer: KW
5 Stars
Great Fun- glad we did it
December 16, 2015
This was supposed to include a beach excursion after Zip Lining which did not occur??
Reviewer: Faulker
4 Stars
Was a blast!
December 16, 2015
First time we zip lines and all had a great time! The staff was extremely helpful and views were gorgeous! The beach club that we went to afterwards was beautiful and all had a fabulous time. Lots of vendors at the beach and should of bought more cash!
Reviewer: Mj
5 Stars
## Don't Look Any Further ##
December 12, 2015
This was my first time ""Zipping"" and it was Outstanding !! The staff was not only courteous, but very effcient and professional . I had also booked some other excursions thru the cruise line and while they were ok, this was superior in both Value & Content. In speaking with some other cruise goers that booked a zip line thru them (cruise line), while they had a fair/good time, this was a much better experience and it was less expensive. One difference was that for this excursion, I had to go to the end of the pier while the cruise line ones ""Hold's Your Hand"" starting on the ship, but at a price. ## Not Worth the difference - These People Have It Set Up Right ##
Reviewer: JB
4 Stars
December 10, 2015
The beach was beautiful and we got a good tour of the island on the bus ride. All together a great and fun excursion!
Reviewer: NIKKY
5 Stars
Great time on the zip, too many locals on beach se
November 30, 2015
Very well organized. Safety was a #1 priority. THE beach had too many locals selling their products or massage services. Iritating at times, no peace.
Reviewer: Short Change
4 Stars
We had a blast!
November 19, 2015
The staff were all very attentative and ensured we had a good time and pictures and videos to remember it by! The beach was beautiful .
Reviewer: Adventurer
5 Stars
We had a BLAST !!!
November 17, 2015
Even thou it was pouring down rain my Husband and I had a blast !! Well worth the money !! Guides knew what they were doing and we felt safe. This was our first time zip lining so we really didn't know what to do. The guides explained everything to us !! We went on at least 12 zip lines and we thought we were never going to stop. Had so much fun, and we were able to purchase a CD $10.00 of us going through the forest.
Reviewer: Sunshine1958
5 Stars
You MUST Zip Line in Roatan!
October 22, 2015
The tour was run by South Shore Tours, and our guides were Jeffrey, Alvin and Lester. Our group consisted of our two adults and two teens, as well as six older adults in their seventies. We heard that there was recently a 91 year old woman who did the tour! The tour included 11 ziplines, making it a great value for the money. After the zipline, we went to West Beach for a couple hours beach time. DO NOT tell the driver to hurry back for you before you see the beach! It is BEAUTIFUL. The sand and surf were amazing, and I could have stayed there for hours. Our tour included a free drink and a beach chair. My only complaint is that the merchants on the beach were the worst we encountered in our travels. I did not want my hair braided or a massage or a bracelet. I just wanted to enjoy my drink in peace!
Reviewer: JRTraveler
5 Stars
Awesome Adventure!!
September 13, 2015
This was the highlight of our trip. The guides were very friendly and helpful. One of the guides, took my phone from me..and took pictures for us...that was awesome. We bought the cd that they took anyway, just because we were grateful to them for their expertise and care.
Reviewer: Big Daddy's wife
5 Stars
August 12, 2015
Reviewer: MIKE
5 Stars
Favorite excursion
July 22, 2015
Me and my one cousin are terrified of heights but enjoyed this. This is a dream of my other cousin and he loved it. My wife as well. Next time I might even look down. Take some cash because they do ask for $20 tip but they earn it your life is in their hands. we ranged from 40 to 58 years old. I would say low on the fitness side. Very easy.
Reviewer: Mr B
5 Stars
Fun in the tree tops
July 02, 2015
Everyone involved with the excursion was wonderful!! We had such a special day and adventure. Everyone was helpful and friendly and the reason I would return to Roatan for a longer stay.
Reviewer: The Wright Family
5 Stars
June 18, 2015
This is great for all ages!! We were concerned because we took my 80 year old mother with us; the guides were wonderful they helped her and went with with her on all zip lines. She was ecstatic and has been telling everyone about her zip line experience. We had a group ranging from early 20s to my 80 year old mother and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. After zip lining they took us to a lovely beach resort. Definitely would recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Tina
5 Stars
What a ride.
June 04, 2015
The zip line adventure was excellent. If you book ""off cruise"" there is a short walk to get to your pick up point. The ride out to our location was like a guided tour through Roatan. Very interesting and some beautiful scenery. Our group had to wait over an hour for the return trip back to the ship. At first, we were told twenty minutes, then thirty more, then any minute now, which was another half hour. I'd rather get an honest answer the first time then know I had time to look around or whatever.
Reviewer: None
4 Stars
Great experience
June 04, 2015
Guides are fun
Reviewer: Kevin
5 Stars
i would do this again and again
May 14, 2015
my guides were wonderful i am a senior citizen and it was a very easy adventure to participate in - zipping is not as physically challenging as it looks. i was not on this excursion with friends so when i arrived at the beach i was unable to swim because there was no locker facilities so i had to stay with my possessions
Reviewer: AndySue
5 Stars
As Nike says ""Just Do It""
April 24, 2015
Our most exciting excursion! And the most beautiful beach on our cruise. Fun for all ages.
Reviewer: Tracy
5 Stars
Great views, friendly staff
April 18, 2015
Our family has been on some wonderful zip line adventures and when the staff asked who in the group had ziplined, they let us know that this one would be the best. I have to agree, it was one of the best that we've been on. Long runs, great views, lots of runs. Staff was friendly, safety conscious, and really added to the fun. If you want pictures, bring your own camera with a strap. They do have a photographer at a couple of spots, but don't take many pics and the hut to check them out at the end is crazy. Excursion would have been great even without the beach break. Felt like an extra that wasn't really needed. Not bad, but only for a short time so seemed like an add on.
Reviewer: TxAggie90
4 Stars
Best of the excursions
April 17, 2015
I really loved this tour the beach was beautiful and relaxing. The zip lining was off the charts my tour guide was really fun, I can't remember his name but he looked like Tony Parker, he stayed with me and accompany on my rides as I was too scared to go alone. He was very hospitable and informative and he made sure I felt the thrills of zip lining. Because of this excursion I'm thinking of going back to Roatan for a longer stay.
Reviewer: Collette
5 Stars
Adventures with the family
April 15, 2015
We got to the zipline platform, were given a brief (but instructive) on how to zip, brake, sit, etc. My daughters went first, I went 2nd and my husband followed. I don't remember how many platforms there are, but they range from not very long to pretty long. Amazing scenery, felt safe the whole time and Preston helped me out when I kept braking to soon. After the ziplining we went to a beach. If you go to the beach, be sure to get on the outer edges to keep the locals from trying to sell their wares. I'd recommend this company and if I ever get back to Roatan, I'd use them again!
Reviewer: Angie
5 Stars
Don't pass this one up!
April 01, 2015
Everyone in our group enjoyed the Zip lining including teenage boys and the adults! It was very well organized and I felt completely safe as the employees were very friendly yet always checking the lines and our equipment. The beach was absolutely beautiful and clean. You could stay under the large hut where they served cocktails, beer, and food. The service was perfect while the kids enjoyed the beach and water. I would definitely do this one again!
Reviewer: Susan Allen
5 Stars
Best excursion ever!
March 25, 2015
can't recommend this excursion enough! We had the best time ever and our guide Jeffrey was a hoot! Please don't forget to TIP!!!
Reviewer: Adventurous Mimi
5 Stars
March 24, 2015
This was perfect! The zip lining was super fun! I would recommend it to anyone a million times over. I wish I could do it again! Our driver said there were 7 zip lining courses in Honduras and this one was ranked #1. I can definitely see why! After they took us to a beautiful beach. My only complaint is people were constantly trying to sell you something which got annoying. I got a 45 minute massage for $20 though!
Reviewer: Alicia
5 Stars
Above and Beyond
March 23, 2015
Father and son took us on the wonderful ride. They were a good team getting us to our destination and sharing information about their country. Zip lining was exciting. Guides helped inexperienced and frightened customers without issue. Beach portion was relaxing. Could have spent a little longer at the beach though. Overall a great time.
Reviewer: 1st time cruisers
5 Stars
So much fun!
March 20, 2015
Our zip line adventure was very well organized. We had no trouble finding our meeting location after disembarking the ship and we were soon on our way. The equipment was in tip-top shape and the experience of our guides made us feel safe and comfortable so we could relax and enjoy the ride. I think we rode 11 different lines and each one was a fun experience. The beach part of our excursion didn't work out due to rain and we returned to the ship early but the beach facility was gorgeous. Everyone wished the weather had been better so we could have enjoyed an afternoon in the sun.
Reviewer: Walt
4 Stars
best zipline experience
March 07, 2015
This was a great time the three guides we had were great !I only wish I could remember their names.
Reviewer: the three guides we had were great
5 Stars
fun fun fun
February 26, 2015
just great
Reviewer: lucky lou
5 Stars
Zip Line was a fun experience!
February 15, 2015
The whole experience was well handled. Saved over the cruise line excursion prices.
Reviewer: CraigJ
4 Stars
Loved this excursion-outstanding guides!
January 31, 2015
I loved the entire excursion--a small group was just perfect for me a 68 year old woman zip-lining for the first time. The guides were fabulous and filled us wth a wealth of information about their country and history--Fun day and the 19 year olds in our group had a blast too--just so you don't think it's for old ladies!!!
Reviewer: Kdeegs
5 Stars
Great Zip Line and Tour Guides
January 28, 2015
Our guides made the zip line part a blast. They made us feel comfortable even though none of us had zip lined this far in the past. They kept things moving and did a great job explaining what to expect. This was so much fun that we want to do it again on a future cruise. Would recommend it as a family activity. We took our two 19 year old sons and they loved it as much as we did.
Reviewer: Minnesota Family
5 Stars
Zipline was Great and Splash was OK
January 22, 2015
Transportation to/from the locations was clear and easy. Since this was our first cruise and first excusion, we were a little worried, but it was no problem. The Zipline portion of the excursion was great. There were plenty of guides who all spoke good English and were very professional. In fact, my 5-year old son had just gotten off his leg cast (another long story), so we were ready to audible and leave him off to the side if needed. We didn't have to do that because we had a guide who took special care with him the whole way down. It was more than we expected and made for a great experience. The ziplines were great and just the appropriate number. I highly recommend this part. The beach excursion was a little different experience. We were dropped off at a nice location, but it was very crowded and we were basically left on our own to find chairs and figure out what to do. It was great to be in warm weather and go into the ocean, so we were fine. Just a little disappointing considering the initial part of this excursion. Overall, we had a great time!
Reviewer: First Timers
4 Stars
Even in the rain it is fun
January 19, 2015
Everything was great. Workers were very professional and the monkey was a delight for the children.
Reviewer: Russ the zipper
5 Stars
January 15, 2015
Found this tour on line last year and enjoyed the family experience enough that we made this our first choice in shore excursion this year. Zip Line and beach snorkel was a great combination. Bus driver added significantly to the Island experience and gave us ideas for return trips. An included snack at the beach would be nice.
Reviewer: Fischer
4 Stars
best excursion ever!
January 08, 2015
I enjoyed this experience so much. I can't wait to go again. The guides made it so fun and I felt they really wanted us to have a good time.
Reviewer: Kathleen
5 Stars
OMG Amazing is the only way to describe
January 06, 2015
OMG this was amazing, we have been on zip lines before, this was BY FAR the best we have ever done...13 or 14 zips, the guides are great and fun and very helpful... they let us go upside down if you wanted... we had SO MUCH FUN!! the Driver that picked us up at the gates to the dock(you have to walk a ways up and down some decent hills) was so very informative and grew up there spoke wonderful english so you could understand when he told you about the local culture and residents, we fell in love with the Island... and would love to go back just to stay and explore.. The docks are owned by Carnival so they dont let ""non carnival Groups"" pick up the guests at the dock, but have no fear they will bring you back right to the doors, so you can spend some of that MONEY before boarding the ship again, the weather wasnt the greatest, it had rained so the ground was wet and slippery, but it didnt reall effect us, the wind was blowing and overcasty when we went down to the beach resort for an hour or so... I could have done without that part.. alot of beach venders trying to get you to buy their stuff and the water on that side of the island was very rough and not really good for swimming, but all and all a MUST DO when you get to Roatan...
Reviewer: tomegot
5 Stars
wonderful zip experience
December 31, 2014
Well done. Once in a lifetime experience for me!
Reviewer: Miss Daisy
5 Stars
Lots of Fun!
December 24, 2014
Unfortunately, it started raining so we didn't get to do the splash beach break but we weren't impressed with the beach area anyway, so that was ok. Our only con is that this excursion took all day and we had no time to shop in Belize city which was very disappointing. I was concerned whether zip lining would be appropriate for a senior such as myself, but there were no problems. Loved it!
Reviewer: Grannyfranny
4 Stars
Awesome views!
December 17, 2014
This had multiple zip lines withe last one you go on beig about 150 ft long and reaching speeds probable close to 25 mph. Equipment is safe (I ised to be a rock climbing instructor) anyltuple guides are with a group of about 10 people. The guides make it fun and enjoy antics such as flipping you upside down (if you want). Not being with the cruise line this is definitely tucked away and you get to see amazing views that are away from the tourist areas. It was by far my favorite excursion!
Reviewer: the Hearns
5 Stars
Awesome Experience!
December 02, 2014
We had Alvin as our guide and he was awesome. We also were in a great group. People were friendly, supportive, funny and happy. You need all this for great adventures on a very rainy day! I also liked that Alvin says this company change their zip lines every three months. He says the other companies do 8 months.
Reviewer: Vonny
5 Stars
Great Time
November 27, 2014
Had the best time. My wife who is afraid of heights is no longer afraid. She was even hanging upside down zip lining. Our Guides Poncho and Joshua were the best very friendly, funny experienced and of coarse had our safety first. Will come back again for sure. They made the excursion the best we have ever done.
Reviewer: Bruce
5 Stars
A blast!
November 14, 2014
This was so much fun. The guides were great, the views were gorgeous, and the course was exciting. No complaints.
Reviewer: First time cruiser
5 Stars
October 29, 2014
Absolutely awesome! This experience is definitely once in a life time! The guides were fantastic and loads of fun. This by far was the best excursion we took.
Reviewer: Supercouple
5 Stars
Don't miss this one!
October 25, 2014
We are happy to support the local economy; the guides were well organized and professional, and they definitely made this adventure fun. In addition, we were taken on a tour of the island, a visit to a beautiful beach, and got a better understanding of the culture of our hosts. What a beautiful location and wonderful, professional people.
Reviewer: Liz
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break
September 27, 2014
Experienced guides who have patience and are kind and make you feel comfortable even if you have done done this before. recommend this experience.
Reviewer: Christina
5 Stars
Had a blast
September 25, 2014
The only thing that we can see as con is that walk to when you get to the pier. Only the excursions through Carnival take off from Pier the rest of us have a long walk to meet the guides. Once we passed that the drive was very nice, our guides were extremely friendly, the zip line part of the excursion was so much fun. The we went to the beach and it was just what we expected, relaxing, refreshing and fun. Picked up on time, he took us on a drive by the island on the way back, very informative, two thumbs up.
Reviewer: Vero
5 Stars
I would do it again
September 03, 2014
Zip lining was great and Fun. ! Then the trip to a beautiful beach !!!crystal clear water !! I enjoyed myself and would do it again next cruise
Reviewer: Pamela Harris
5 Stars
lifetime experience
July 12, 2014
Be sure to bring the camera, with a wrist strap.
Reviewer: super flier
5 Stars
Zip lining was exhilarating!
June 23, 2014
Our tour guide was great and very knowledgeable. Each person on the zip line platforms were courteous and friendly! We had our own snorkel gear & loved the white Sandy beach we snorkel at.
Reviewer: Stronzo1950
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break
June 16, 2014
The entire thing was exceptional. I was nervous at first but your team was exceptional, would do it again. They all had a great attitude very welcoming. Didn't need the bug spray though.
Reviewer: Donna
5 Stars
Awesome zipline!!'
June 15, 2014
This tour was awesome! The tour guides are great! Everything was very well organized and knowledgeable. The price was reasonable! The zips were amazing! The 1250 ft long zip was the BEST! Can't wait to do it again!
Reviewer: Tina
5 Stars
An adventure
June 13, 2014
My husband loved the zip lining- second best zip lining ever next to Costa Rica! Beautiful views, and he was able to zip doing all kinds of tricks! He loved it. (I am too chicken for this.). Later, the beach was beautiful, white sand and clear, turquoise waters. Some beautiful sunny and shady spots to lay out. Lots of vendors on the beach, but they didn't get overbearing. Loved this! We had a couple of hours to enjoy this. No food was provided, but there was food available at a variety of restaurants on the beach.
Reviewer: Lizzie lee
5 Stars
An amazing zip line experience!
June 06, 2014
Great guides! 13 -yes 13 - zip lines! It was so worth the money!!!
Reviewer: Mswempress
5 Stars
Very exciting!
May 29, 2014
I had a great time but was not aware how strenuous this activity could be! I would love to go again on a zip about half this length.
Reviewer: Sandy
4 Stars
Great Experience!
May 15, 2014
From beginning to end this was an awesome experience! The ziplining was a lot of fun and very well organized. Lockers are available for your stuff and there are some monkeys to take photos with. Our bus driver was great and gave us a lot of good information about the area. The beach break afterwards was in a beautiful place with good facilities. We were able to connect with a local and have him take us out to the reef to snorkel for $15 a piece. This was the best snorkeling I have experienced compared to Half Moon Cay, Coxumel, and Grand Cayman. Definitely the best day of our cruise.
Reviewer: Jack
5 Stars
May 11, 2014
From the top of the mountain down to the beach it was a rush and then a relaxing hush. A great combo of experiences.
Reviewer: H.T. Flea
5 Stars
Highly recommend!
May 06, 2014
Absolutely loved this. I'd been zip lining before, but this was on a whole different level. The guides were super friendly and fun and always made sure we were safe. They gave us the chance to have a lot of fun and were fantastic at taking our pictures.
Reviewer: RRS
5 Stars
Best Zip Line!
April 28, 2014
After leaving the Pier you can take a cab ($2.00pp) or walk 200 yards over a small hill and you will find your guide. Best Zip Line I have been on! You sail back and forth across a beautiful valley. Safe and fun for all ages! The beach was relaxing. My wife received a massage there on the beach for $20.00 and said it was as good as the one on the ship for $150.00!
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
Great experience
April 11, 2014
This was a blast. Our family of six had a great time.
Reviewer: Art
4 Stars
Amazing experience
April 11, 2014
I am terribly afraid of heights and almost 50 years old traveling with 3 kids, the youngest was 9 handicapped with arthritis. This was by far our favorite experience of the cruise. We had a group of around 10 with 4 guides who were amazing. They were so sweet to my daughter, they even carried her up the stairs so she wouldn't have to walk. I felt perfectly safe with the equipment and instruction and found myself loving it. The views were awesome the guides friendly and helpful and the ziplining was thrilling. I would definitely go again and recommend to everyone!
Reviewer: Betsy
5 Stars
Great trip
April 10, 2014
lots of fun. Great guides.
Reviewer: dude
4 Stars
Amazing and Unforgettable Experience
April 07, 2014
We took advantage of the ziplining experience while on our honeymoon cruise. The experience was wonderful from the beginning to the end. We were escorted by a friendly, funny, informative guide from the dock to the ziplining. The crew was very experienced, safety conscious, efficient and enjoyable. At the finish I wanted to do it again.... We would definitely take advantage of this exceptional adventure again if we are ever on Roatan Island again.
Reviewer: A Happy Honeymooner
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Splash Beach Break
April 03, 2014
This was the BEST ziplining our family has ever done, and we have zip lined many times before! We liked how it was so organized, there were guides at every ending ramp, young children could participate in this by going with guides, and it the ramps were large enough where yu cold land on your feet safely.
Reviewer: Rowe Family
5 Stars
Amazing Combo Excursion!
March 19, 2014
We totally recommend booking this excursion! My friends and I all booked this combination excursion because it included 2 hours of ziplining and 2 hours of beach time. This was our first time ziplining and we're definitely doing it for our next trip. Plus, we unexpectedly received one beer ticket per person for the bar at the beach. There is not much to do at the port in Roatan, so book this excursion!
Reviewer: Q-sive
5 Stars
March 07, 2014
This was the most exciting excursion!!However not for the faint at heart!! You will be out of your comfort zone if you have any fears of heights etc. The guides however are fun, and will even ride with you if you are nervous or scared to proceed. The zip lines are thrilling and by the end you will feel like a pro!! I would definitely do it again!!
Reviewer: Maine-iacs
4 Stars
See Roatan from the top down
March 07, 2014
Great first experience doing a zip line. Carlos and Herman took great care to get us geared up and trained to safely maneuver through the zip lines. They helped everyone get great photos and have a wonderful time. Our van driver stayed with us from start to finish getting us safely back to the ship. Restrooms were very clean. The facilities at the beach were very nice. Food and drink readily available.
Reviewer: John Boy
5 Stars
A must do in Roatan!
March 06, 2014
Ziplining in Roatan is one of the best excursions we have ever experienced! It is very safe, experienced fun guides, beautiful weather and not crowded. You can even go upside down tandum (with a guide). Our excursion included going to a private beach afterwards. That was a wonderful way to end the rest of the excursion. The beaches were clean and sandy. The water was clear, blue with fun waves. Lots of benches to sit or lay on. Fun and relaxing. We would definately do it again!!
Reviewer: pko
5 Stars
What an amazing day we had!!!
February 13, 2014
We were so impressed with our guides - they made us feel safe and did everything they could to make sure that we had a wonderful memory of our trip to Roatan!
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Spalsh Beach Break
February 12, 2014
It was a gasser.
Reviewer: wcrooster7
5 Stars
Great time
February 07, 2014
We enjoyed the van ride and scenery en route. Beautiful area!! zipline platforms were stable and sturdy. Guide instructions were clear and they were very attentive to our needs. Harness felt secure and double zip was nice. Very little waiting. Ride back to the meeting area was interesting. Vehicle kept stalling on the hills. Our trip to the beach was disappointing as there were waves and it was overcast when we got there; so group concensus was stay for an turned sunny and was actually not bad for swimming,but had to enjoy it quickly. The beach was pretty crowded, but a pleasant beach area with a nice outdoor bar.
Reviewer: jbeth
4 Stars
Great Excursion!
February 01, 2014
This was a great excursion with terrific travel mini van that was air conditioned. We had nice knowledgeable drivers that spent a lot of time making sure we were happy.
Reviewer: Lynn
5 Stars
Good time!
January 31, 2014
We really enjoyed this excursion. We were a little worried about the zip line portion as we had never done it before but the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly and helped put us at ease. We had a really good time. The beach portion was very pretty. There were a lot of people on the beach but it was still worth seeing.
Reviewer: JB
4 Stars
just gliding along
January 28, 2014
Let yourself go and have some fun
Reviewer: Norman Paperman owner Coral Reef Club
5 Stars
The whole family had fun!
December 19, 2013
From the bus driver to the guides on the zipline, these guys were GREAT! Very helpful with my dad who just had 2 knee replacements last yr and he was nervous about it, but he had a GOOD time too!Plus my young duaghter was nervous too but did awesome, would do it again. All of us! The beach was nice, not too many fish though, had a few people trying to sell stuff but it wasnt too bad. And we had plenty time to get back to cruise ship! All in all my whole family enjoyed it. thank you!
Reviewer: Harleys Princess
4 Stars
If you live for fun, don't miss this one
December 19, 2013
Wow!!!, just too much fun, our thoughts about what it would be like were nothing like what it actually was, we thought just one Zip Line, there had to have been at least 18 probably more, it lasted for over an hour, we were totally taken back in the over-all experience, and to top it off, we paid for our photos of us on the zip line on a DVD that when we got home was totally BLANK, but one E-mail to the company from their brochure and we had our pictures E-mailed to us in 1 day, a real class act. Go again??? goes without even thinking. Thanks so much Shore Excursions Group Rocky & Vicki Markham
Reviewer: Rocky & Vicki
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
December 04, 2013
Appreciated the guides helping me with all 11 Zip Lines so I could do it. It was enough for me to cross my legs and just hold on to my harness without having to hold the cable as well. Great customer service!!!
Reviewer: Gene and Pat Puestow
5 Stars
Fun, Fabulous, Friendly!
November 30, 2013
This was a great excursion! The staff/guides were so helpful, friendly, and fun on the zip line. The equipment was in great condition and the zip is a dual cable and I hear that is the best. You are in small groups so there is not a long wait to get on all the zips. Had a great time and the beach in Roatan is amazing. Definitely a must do!
Reviewer: Bobby
5 Stars
Zip Line fun
November 22, 2013
Very fun to do. Recommend this highly. Guides were great. It is very safe.
Reviewer: Zipper
5 Stars
Exciting! More Than Just A Zipline Ride
November 22, 2013
Lots of platforms. Very knowledgeble (told me to hold the line furter back to stop body going side to side). Wasn't crowded at all and they werre very personable. They were happy to take pictures with your camera, would change the harness rigging if you wanted and the guide would take you upside down or in horazontal position or have you and your partner travel the line together. So much better than the other zipline rides I have taken. I am out of shape and didn't find climbing the steps hard at all. I would raate this as one of my best excursions.
Reviewer: Crusing 2013
5 Stars
Amazing experience, pushy beach locals
October 20, 2013
This was the best zip lining experience! The guides are so funny and want to make sure you are enjoying yourself the whole time. You can pay $2 for a locker to hold your beach items. You'll get harnessed and start taking off right away! The best part was the guides will take pictures using your own phone/camera so you don't have to pay for any!! I loved that!! They took us to the beach afterwards. Wonderful location except you are completely bombarded by locals selling you things the second you walk in until you leave. The water was gorgeous, but there was too much dead grass on the bottom and not enough fish. You can pay for a snorkel guide if you want. The water was so warm! Such a fun excursion for kids and adults!
Reviewer: Two bucks
4 Stars
Great Zip lining, pushy locals on beach
October 20, 2013
These guys are rated #1 for Zip lining and its obvious as to why. They are so much fun and make sure you are laughing and having a good time the whole time they are with you. you can buy a $2 locker for your beach items and then you get harnessed and start taking off almost immediately. My favorite part was that the guides take your phones/cameras and take pictures for you! You don't have to buy some outrageously priced picture. They'll take as many pics as you want! After, you head to the beach. You are bombarded the second you walk in until you leave by locals selling you things on the beach. That was pretty irritating. The water was beautiful and warm. We tried snorkeling but there was so much dead grass/seaweed on the bottom and not enough fish to see. You could buy a guide if you want for another $25. We came to the conclusion that the Norwegian Western Caribbean stops didn't have great snorkeling sites unless you purchased a tour guide. OVER ALL, GREAT ZIP LINING!!!
Reviewer: two bucks
4 Stars
Great Adventure - very cool!
August 30, 2013
Something to do at least once! The Zip line experience is great. I recommend taking the Eco-tour walk through the forest after the zip line trip. Very informative and fun.
Reviewer: Tropicalaurs
5 Stars
Great Zip Line tour, nice beach
August 05, 2013
The Zip line adventure was great. We had never done it before, and one member of our group were pretty nervous. But the guides were terrific, and even the skeptic had a great experience. It was the highlight of our trip. Afterwards we went to the beach. They gave us a drink coupon and dropped us off. The beach was pretty & nice, nothing spectacular.
Reviewer: Ken in COS
4 Stars
I will do this again
July 31, 2013
This was the first time on a zip line for my wife and me. The equipment appeared to be well maintained and the guides were very capable instructors and provided local flavor to the adventure. The splash break after zip lining was not bad, but the zip line was certainly the high light of this excursion.
Reviewer: Rick
5 Stars
July 22, 2013
Such an amazing excursion! My husband and I had the time of our lives zip-lining through the jungle! We went down 16 different zip lines and they even taught us how to do tricks! We even got the chance to hold a monkey! Afterwards we enjoyed relaxing at the most beautiful beach. Our tour guide Alvin made the drive so much fun and took us to some amazing spots for pictures! He was so funny and entertaining. The zip guides were all fantastic as well! Roatan was my very favorite destination. We had a much more personal experience than the excursions the cruise line provided. This one is a must do!!
Reviewer: JessicaN
5 Stars
July 18, 2013
Need to let people know that there will be around 4-5 hours at the beach so they can plan extra activities there and that they would be available for them to do other things at the beach before heading back to the ship.
Reviewer: Ron
5 Stars
tons of fun
July 12, 2013
was great fun for all ages
Reviewer: acmike
5 Stars
Great Time!
June 19, 2013
This was a great excursion. There were 5 of us, with the youngest being 7 yrs. old. Our group of guides were outstanding. Very helpful with the younger one and ALOT of fun. We had never zip lined before but would do it again in a heartbeat. We felt very safe and not worried about my younger daughter. She had a blast. For our entire cruise, this was our favorite excursion for sure. She says her favorite place in the whole world is now Honduras! The beach stop afterwards was also nice and relaxing. Got corn rows in the little ones hair and got to buy souveniers on the beach. They also had a nice area with food and drinks. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants a little excitement/adventure and a great time with some fantastic guides! The walk outside of the retail area to get to the pick up point was not too bad. Never felt in danger or unsafe. Lots of people walking with us that also booked outside of carnival. Great value for the money!!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone. My 7 yr old daughter had a blast.
Reviewer: Happy Cruiser
5 Stars
Very fun!!!
June 12, 2013
This was a great adventure ... guides were very knowledgable and helpful ... made you feel safe when skimming through the trees!
Reviewer: Mike the world's most boring human
5 Stars
Flying free
June 08, 2013
Great long zip on last line. You can see the mountains and the ocean during the zip. We have zipped here twice and will do it again when we come back.
Reviewer: Flying Bobby
5 Stars
Best Excursion EVER!!
June 04, 2013
This was our favorite stop and favorite excursion by far! The island itself was gorgeous and the area that we zipped was spectacular! The guides were absolutely amazing and we had SO MUCH FUN!! Then going to the beach resort to relax was perfect but they needed better areas to change into your suit. We had a blast and can't wait to go back!!
Reviewer: Andrea
5 Stars
Felt Like Flying
May 31, 2013
The guides were amazing the experience unforgettable the favorite activity overall for my family. The guides were playful but very safety orientated the view was just wonderful. Would do this again.
Reviewer: Looking for Sun
5 Stars
April 26, 2013
This was my second time on a zip line but this was by far more exciting. Lines are very high and very long. Staff was amazing and made us feel very safe. First time ever pictures very fairly priced. Snack bar was also reasonably priced. Never felt taken advantage of. It was an awesome adventure, one of my favorites on the trip.
Reviewer: Bonnie b
5 Stars
Very good
April 15, 2013
Great value
Reviewer: Mick
4 Stars
Great Zipping Fun, Okay Beach Experience
April 12, 2013
The zipping portion was great. The guides were funny and took lots of pictures of us in the air. The beach part was kind of lousy- the beach and water was lovely but there were lots of ""vendors"" walking up and down the beach trying to sell us stuff all the time.
Reviewer: Captain Sarah
4 Stars
Awesome Experience!
April 11, 2013
This was our first time to zip line...thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can't wait to do it again! The transportation from the port to the excursion was comfortable and the guide was knowledgeable and interesting. Enjoyed seeing different areas of the island. The beach excursion was relaxing and much needed after the zip line.
Reviewer: Ladydy
5 Stars
Fun excursion beautiful beach break afte
April 10, 2013
Lots of fun 13 zips some quite lengthy ones well organized . Then taken to a nice beach but lots of people trying to sell you stuff! Beautiful beach though great experience I loved it.
Reviewer: Beth n Dave
5 Stars
Gorgeous views, great excursions
April 07, 2013
This was well organized, fun excursion. The driver and the staff at zip lines were helpful, friendly and safety conscious. The zip line portion had great views and many zip lines that moved at a quick pace. Food, drink, gift shop and lockers were available at zip line. The beach portion was at a nice beach that wasn't extremely crowded. There is bathroom facilities and a large palapa covered beach bar and grill. We were given a ticket for a free drink. Beach lounge chairs were 5$ each, a little pricey for two hours. Food prices and taste were not bad. There was constant parade of vendors, but they were not pushy. Great thrilling and relaxing excursion.
Reviewer: Rtripper
5 Stars
Great excursion for our family of eleven
April 05, 2013
Felt very safe with guides on the zipline.
Reviewer: Paula H.
5 Stars
Great experience!
April 03, 2013
tour bus driver to and from the zip line was very knowledgeable with lots of local information and culture. was a great experience!
Reviewer: jerry of all trades
4 Stars
"" Soar above the trees ""
April 03, 2013
Experienced guides put your equipment on you and explain the use. They make you feel safe and secure as you soar high and fast.
Reviewer: Soaring Connie
5 Stars
March 28, 2013
This was such a great time. I wish we would have had more time on the beach, but that was due to our limited time at port.
Reviewer: acctinatl
5 Stars
March 28, 2013
The guides were educated and pleasent. Exciting rain forest sites. Good excursion. The beach part... not so relaxing as the locals bothered you to purchase their items.
Reviewer: Hope
5 Stars
Great view of jungle from zip lines
March 28, 2013
Excellent zip line tour
Reviewer: David
4 Stars
Best Excursion ever!! Great Price!!
March 23, 2013
Great Excursion for a great price! I highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Cherie
5 Stars
We'd do this again in a heartbeat!
March 22, 2013
As first-time Zip-Liners, this excursion could not have been any better! The ziplines are long and quite a few; the guides, Luis and Alfonso, are extremely helpful and fun! It was an awesome experience and we highly recommend it! You just can't go wrong with this one! The beach in Roaton is absolutely beautiful!
Reviewer: The V's
5 Stars
Best trip EVER!
March 15, 2013
This was the best time ever. My sister in law and I are 'on the bac nine' of life and were a little apprehensive to zip through Honduras but we had no regrets and would do it again. These young crew workers take their jobs very seriously and love it at the same time. They accommadate children, older folks,non-athelete types, etc. FUn, Fun and more Fun! Our guide to beach was the best. See you soon Mr.McKenzie!
Reviewer: Janet
5 Stars
AWESOME Even in the RAIN ;-)
March 13, 2013
Needed more variety of food after zipping I was starving!!! We loved it though as I am afraid of heights. WOW I DID IT NO PROBLEM :-)
Reviewer: Gogadgetgo
5 Stars
Absolutely Marvelous
February 16, 2013
Better price than Branson for the zip line. Beach was almost perfect. Only better if there were not so many children selling stuff. However their price was less than the souvenir shops.
Reviewer: B & C
4 Stars
The best ever - I did superwoman
February 14, 2013
The guys that lead the zip lining were super encouraging, even my scared sister and other older women were guided and ended up having a great time. You can go with a guide the whole time or on your own. You can go with a guide to do tricks too. All super safe and professional The bus driver was safe and funny too. He stopped for a pee break when a few of us were in much need. I love Roatan and would go back for a longer trip. The beach break was great with free drink, GREAT food at the restaurant, cover for the rain, and we went snorkeling right from there with amazing snorkeling with our own guide. There seemed to be more than enough time for everything - well organized! This was the best excursion of our whole cruise. Also the only ""shore excursions"" one that I took Karen
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
February 13, 2013
This was the first time I zipped and it was very awesome with multiple zip line platforms. It took awhile to go through them all so it felt like you got your money's worth. Even if its your first time try the Superman and going upside down. They are with you the whole time and it's just so fun! The scenery was breathtaking. They have a monkey named BINGO that you can let climb on you and take pictures with. The beach had the clearest water I saw the entire trip. We also got vouchers for two free rum punches (the strongest I ever had) per person. I got a massage on the beach while my husband hired a boat to take him on the best snorkeling reefs he saw (we were in Cozumel and Cayman Islands too). This excursion was our favorite on the trip.
Reviewer: PoopyMama
5 Stars
My wife's favorite excursion
February 09, 2013
Had a great time even though it was raining. My wife was a little nervous but the guides made certain she understood she was safe. Two thumbs up for Bubba Boy and his 3 assistances, they made the experience fun and exciting especially for my wife of 60.
Reviewer: StanR
5 Stars
I would do this one again !!
February 07, 2013
I purchased this excursion off site of the cruise & was a bit concerned. I was so pleasantly surprised. This wonderful group of young people guided us through the most beautiful canopy & took us to a beautiful beach. The equipment & location was in perfect repair so mix that with courteous, helpful guides & it was perfect !!
Reviewer: The Hewies
5 Stars
ZIP in the jungle
January 31, 2013
I am 76 years old and was a little leery about this excursion but the entire trip was fantastic and beyond my wildest imagination. The guides were awesome and made me feel very comfortable. The guides kept a close watch on everyone to be sure we were all safe.
Reviewer: Lulu
4 Stars
Best Excursion Ever
January 29, 2013
This was an extremely organized and professional experience with the zip line guides. They made it fun and made you forget if you were afraid of heights. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Tracy the traveler
5 Stars
Great Excursion!!! Would do it again!
January 12, 2013
A great all around excursion. Our taxi driver was great. He was there waiting for us when he was needed and was very friendly and helpful. The zip lines were fun and the beach was very relaxing.
Reviewer: Tony
5 Stars
Best Zipline with super nice people
January 10, 2013
The service was well organized. The tour guides were really friendly. We had our 9yr old and 12 year old kids with us and the workers were great with them. I didn't have any worries. The sceenery was amazing. I don't think it could've been better. The harness wasn't the most comfortable that I have been in but I was safe so that was all that mattered.
Reviewer: Family gal
5 Stars
Fastest Zipline in Honduras
January 10, 2013
This was absolutely the best zipline I have ever been on. It was fast, very fast but safe. I will definitely do this again.
Reviewer: Adrenaline Lover
5 Stars
I would buy this product again
January 05, 2013
It was more than I expected. Overall I would do it again, what a rush.
5 Stars
EXCELLENT!!! Money Well Spent!!!
January 05, 2013
We were first time zip-liners and we will do it again!! The staff was exceptional!! The ziplines were very safe and secure!! The staff asked if we wanted to do tricks and it was SO much fun!! They definitely personalized it for each person's level of confidence. It was a small group of 9 and I HIGHLY recommend this tour!!! A+++++
Reviewer: Wendy
5 Stars
January 04, 2013
We loved this excursion. Not only the zip line, but also the ride to it. Guides were very helpful
Reviewer: The Dutchies
5 Stars
it was great!
January 04, 2013
had the best time.we would do it again!
Reviewer: oggi
5 Stars
January 03, 2013
the guides were great and the zip lining was awesome the food and drink werent so good and it was really muggy.but you couldn,t ask for much more thought the price was more than reasonable would defently do it again
Reviewer: sweetness
5 Stars
A must do in your lifetime
December 27, 2012
What a thrill. So glad I booked this excursion. These people really watched over us and made sure we had the best time. We were also taken to a beautiful beach, where we sat in palapas on the beach and had a nice rum drink. Also stopped at a restaurant for something to eat and stopped so we could do a little shopping. What a beautiful island, lush, with beautiful views.(food and drink were not included but recommended)
Reviewer: Randy and Debbie
5 Stars
December 20, 2012
I'm afraid of heights and I would do this again in a heart beat!!!Loved EVERY SECOND of it!!!!!!
Reviewer: Kay
5 Stars
debarulz the air
December 05, 2012
Excellent driver/guide tour of Roatan before the zip line. Wife was reluctant after the first [2] lines but guide rode with her the rest {10} of the slides. She had a great time after that even performing a star stunt with the guide on the last slide. The driver took us to alot of excellent picturesque places and we had time for pictures and to walk around. The restaurant we stopped at had great food at very inexpensive prices. No problems with knees if you are concerned. You sit down in your harness for the slides. Everyone was doing Superman and upside down slides and really enjoying it.
Reviewer: debarulz
5 Stars
So much fun!
September 27, 2012
This was an excellent excursion! Our driver, Alvin, was very funny and shared tons of info about the area, people, and history. He had us laughing as well as educating us. The drive didn't seem very long because he entertained us the whole time. The zipline guides were very nice and funny. They made the experience memorable. If we are in the area again we will do this same excursion!
Reviewer: Anita
5 Stars
Most amazing experience!
September 25, 2012
My husband had to talk me into doing this excursion. I was nervous because it wasn't through the cruise ship company, not to mention I was terrified of heights. I have to say that it was my absolute favorite day of our entire vacation! The locals went out of their way to help us, truly above and beyond. They helped me to feel safe and we'll be doing it again shall we ever make it back to Roatan.
Reviewer: Jackie
5 Stars
Worth the trip
September 17, 2012
The guides took people that weren't sure of themselves and didn't want to go alone. They took everyone that needed it, regardless of their age. They were fun and always smiling and laughing. My daughter is seven and she loved it because the guide was fun and made her feel safe. Another nice surprise was the amount of lines. I think there were 11! Way more than any of us expected. It ended up being a bigger value than we thought.
Reviewer: SMH
5 Stars
Never too old to Zip!
September 11, 2012
This was our first time ever on a zipline. But for my 69th Birthday my wife and I wanted to do something special. And was it ever. From the minute we were picked up at the dock, we felt we were in ""good hands"". Our guide/driver assured us that there was nothing to worry about and to just lean back and relax. The safety briefing and preperation of our equipment was very professional. One person would put on a piece of equipment, and another one would double-check. This was done for about 4 pieces of equipment. My wife(Age 75)and I were reassured after going through this process. I had no problems with the course, but my wife had some problems controlling her speed. One of the guides zipped along side her and accompanied her through the whole course where she ended up having the thrill of her life and most fun ever on a cruise vacation. For first timers (Zipline) we are addicted. This experience was priceless. I would recommend this excursion to anyone looking for, fun,adventure and value for their money.
Reviewer: viejofeo
5 Stars
Zippin fun!
August 27, 2012
At first, my boyfriend and I were a little suspicious about what we got ourselves into. Because this excursion isn't a part of the cruise line, you have to walk out of the port area to a local spot and meet your guides. It looked sketchy and we started to have doubts but we finally met up with other members of our group and headed out. All was well after that! The zip guys were awesome and funny and know how to keep you safe. There are beautiful sites to see from way up top and it is just SO thrilling. The zip is easy to get used to and you feel like a pro at your second line. Afterwards, we were off to the beach which was beautiful and relaxing. I would have been more at ease If I had known about the walk you had to take, but I'm glad we didn't turn back because it was my favorite excursion from our trip and I absolutely recommend it!!
Reviewer: Tatertaats
5 Stars
August 26, 2012
As we drove to the site, our guide provided interesting facts about the country. The guides explained the process carefully in order to make everyone comfortable. There were so many lines & it was absolutely beautiful! Our time at the beach was relaxing - it was gorgeous & private. Great way to break away from the large crowds on the ship. We still had plenty of time to get back to the ship & even shop a little bit, as well!
Reviewer: The ""Zappy"" Family
5 Stars
Very Pleased!!!
August 14, 2012
Taking a chance on this company was well worth the risk! We will book through Shore Excursions for our next trip to Roatan! Awesome Time!
Reviewer: Jeff
5 Stars
July 20, 2012
Despite my fears, this was a great experience. The guides were very helpful and interactive. I would definately do it again.
Reviewer: Shorty
5 Stars
Great Fun!!
July 11, 2012
The excursion was fabulous starting with our drive to the zip line location. Our driver was pleasant and shared a great deal of information about the culture and the area. The zip lines were everything we expected - fast and fun! The guides were great and very concerned about our safety. The beach that we spent the rest of time at was secluded and beautiful.
Reviewer: whimenes
4 Stars
June 27, 2012
We had great instructors and the experience was amazing. They are also expanding for a hiking. Good for all sizes!
Reviewer: Mags
5 Stars
Best Zip Line Experience
June 27, 2012
We had the most fun with our Zip line adventure and it was a wonderful groups of guides and well organized. It was exhausting due to the heat and humidity, but still fun!
Reviewer: RB
5 Stars
Awesome time!
June 14, 2012
So much fun!
Reviewer: Lizzy
5 Stars
June 04, 2012
We had a group of 9 total that went on this excursion with us and WOW! What a great one it was! Our ship had to dock at a different port from where we were scheduled, but it was not a problem at all. Our driver, Sonny, was FANTASTIC, pointing out several key places along the way to the zip line course. The lockers for our bags were all taken, so he sat and watched the van for us. The staff for the zip-lines itself was great. Easy going, chatty, definitely put those of us (ME!) who were scared out of our minds at ease. I was all giggles and grins after the first line! After the course, our driver took us to the beach where we had one free drink and a very lovely lunch (not included). Very reasonable prices for the food: two meals, which we couldn't even eat half of, was less than $25. We enjoyed the beach for a bit then Sonny drove us back to our ship. I can't wait to go back and do it all again!
Reviewer: Beth
5 Stars
May 31, 2012
The guides were a lot of fun. Was fun from start to finish!
Reviewer: Ben
5 Stars
May 30, 2012
These guys were true professionals!
Reviewer: marvin
5 Stars
May 09, 2012
This was an excursion you should not pass up!
Reviewer: djdan
5 Stars
Great Shore Excusion for the money.
May 09, 2012
WONDERFUL ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE. Guides were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Reviewer: Adventurous Tez
4 Stars
Lots of fun zipping through the jungle!
May 02, 2012
It was truly fun and I loved meeting the guide's monkey!
Reviewer: MsAmerica
5 Stars
Want to see more of Roatan?
April 30, 2012
This was a great time. There were a lot of zip lines. The kids had a great time. One of the guides took our youngest daughter and made sure she was safe. She had a blast. The beach they took us too after the zip line was great also! Thank you!
Reviewer: none
5 Stars
Great family fun!
April 26, 2012
My wife and two daughters (11 & 14)booked the zip line tour while our cruise ship stopped at Roatan. The price of the activity was much less than a similar trip through the cruise ship. The tour was well organized and the staff (drivers, guides, etc.) were all very helpful and pleasant. The zip line tour includes between 12-14 zip lines as you work your way down a mountain. I have never done zip lining before so I can't really compare it to others. My youngest daughter was scared to death until after the first run - then she had the time of her life! We didn't want to go to the beach so the tour company took us back to the cruise ship after dropping the other passengers off at the beach. All in all this was a great trip that I would definitely do again.
Reviewer: Jeff
4 Stars
Definitely a must do
April 17, 2012
By far the best cruise excursion we have ever done, and we cruise often. Alvin,our driver,was a wealth of knowledge about Roatan. Guides were very nice, fun and professional.
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
Great Guide; Great Excursion
April 14, 2012
Great zip line experience. We've done this in other countries; This was the best we've seen...
Reviewer: Weazul01
5 Stars
Super Exciting & Great Beach Time
April 14, 2012
Very organized considering how many people they put through the ziplines. The views were gorgeous. Always felt safe. Beach was beautiful.
Reviewer: S & L
5 Stars
First time zip lining!!
April 13, 2012
This excursion was the one I looked forward to the most and I was not disappointed. From the very beginning, we were treated with care and respect with safety always foremost. The guides were helpful, fun and encouraging. Zipping above the jungle while harnessed to a pulley on cables sounds scary -- it was wonderful! We would love to take this excursion over again-- highly recommend it. Roatan beaches were also very enjoyable.
Reviewer: Renie
5 Stars
The best
April 13, 2012
Where else can you zip line between mountains and look out at the Caribbean, then have lunch and a drink on the beach. I will be back.
Reviewer: Georgia 47
5 Stars
April 12, 2012
Our guide Mark, was phenonminal with our 7 year old grandaughter. This was a blast. He also helped some of the older people and made sure everyone was safe and OK. The photos after of each of us were great and well price as was everything in the gift shop. It did not have the pushy, buy this, sales people. Will do this every time I'm in port.
Reviewer: June, the avid cruiser
5 Stars
Rain couldn't unzip the exciting fun!
April 08, 2012
The scenery was beautiful. The guides were focused on our safety first, and fun and enjoyment. The guides were experts, and loved to make sure we had the most fun possible. We felt truly welcomed to their island.
Reviewer: Baddog
5 Stars
A wonderful Adventure
April 05, 2012
Guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and very safety conscious. The bus driver was also very friendly and accommodating
Reviewer: Don & Bev the 'zipping team""
5 Stars
Best of the trip.
April 02, 2012
Great time.
Reviewer: KDOG
5 Stars
March 27, 2012
Does not really apply.
Reviewer: Val
5 Stars
A Wonderful Experience!!!
March 25, 2012
This was an exciting excursion with all the fun and adventure we could have hoped for. Ziplining over the rain forest was a terrific experience. The guides were fantastic and made the tour one to remember.
Reviewer: Judy the Old Sea Dog
5 Stars
zip lining and beach break
March 23, 2012
good overall experience
Reviewer: larry
4 Stars
This is the place to be in Roatan
March 20, 2012
This was the best Zip line we have been on. It was exciting and fast. Others we have been on require a lot of climbing to reach the next level. This had very little climbing involved. The beach break was awesome! Crystal clear blue/green water with white sandy beach gradually sloping into the water. The kids had a great time jumping off the pier into the water. We enjoyed the beach, food and drinks. It was a tropical paradise that made us want to stay.
Reviewer: Ron
5 Stars
Most fun I had at age 65
March 16, 2012
Highly recommend the South Shore Zip Line Excursion. Great Fun. Focused Guides. So Safe and organized. More zip lines then expected. All around great time.
Reviewer: Mary
5 Stars
Good Times!
March 15, 2012
No Comment
Reviewer: Petemoss890
4 Stars
this was a terrific experience
March 15, 2012
this was an extremely organized and safe expeience.for all ages our group consisted of ages from 8 to 68 year old people. the staff was experienced and helpful and friendly.this was the best excursion of the 4 islands that we visited.the zip line was the best. the beach was very clean.
Reviewer: bill
5 Stars
I'm a 53 yr old grandmother & I loved it
March 15, 2012
Guides were great. They answered my questions about the Culture, Cost of living and Govt. in the area. They were very experienced with the zip line and I felt safe. This zip line was alot longer and more fun than the ones the cruise line took passengers on. Great value, can't wait to go again.
Reviewer: Denise the Equestrian
5 Stars
March 13, 2012
Top of the line fun!! The team of guides was EXCELLENT!!
Reviewer: Sindy
5 Stars
Good Time!!!
March 05, 2012
This was a good time!!! I'm in pretty good shape and I was suprised how physical it was. Don't get me wrong, it was not exhausting, but if you maximize the experience (leaning back ""planking"") while on the zip line it is a pretty good ab workout. And there is some climbing of stairs and such. So, you don't have to be in good shape, but if you consider yourself out of shape you might expect to take some breathers. Remember, this is Honduras, so it is pretty hot and humid. The beach after the zip lining was a nice was to kick back for a while before returning to the ship. They gave us all a drink coupon for the beach bar there, which was a nice way to cap it off. And the price was a great deal!!!
Reviewer: BammBamm
4 Stars
I would do this again in a heart beat !
February 29, 2012
Get a group and see who can finish the course the quickest. Anyone who uses the tree for a stop is disqualified.
Reviewer: Gino
5 Stars
A Blast!
February 27, 2012
The guides and employees were very friendly and helpful. I thought it was very well organized and easy to find once I got off the ship. Very convenient transportation to and from the zip line and the beach areas.
Reviewer: Ready to do it all again
5 Stars
Best Excursion!
February 26, 2012
The bus driver gave information about local sites as we were being driven to the zipline platforms. Ziplining was awesome! There were 11 different platforms and we zipped right over the jungle canopy! On the way back, the driver let us pull over to a local restaurant where we sampled local fare including iguana! It was an amazing adventure and our favorite excursion!
Reviewer: Bobby
5 Stars
A great time!
February 19, 2012
This was very fun!! The guides provided a safe and very fun experience.
Reviewer: CB
4 Stars
Fun Fun Fun
February 15, 2012
Most fun we have had in a long time. Wonderful group of guides. Loved it.
Reviewer: ray and carol
5 Stars
Lots of bang for your buck!
February 09, 2012
So glad my travel agent recommended this site, I saved money and had a great excursion as well.
Reviewer: Kim the Canuck
5 Stars
Great family excursion!
February 07, 2012
This excursion was fun for whole family (ages in our group ranged from 8 to 67 years old). The guides were excellent and the outing was well organized. One caution...someone with mobility issues might find steps between platforms too challenging.
Reviewer: Shar
5 Stars
Excellent. Great time will do it again.
February 05, 2012
Excellent. We had a great time and will do it again. The staff were great and helpful in all areas.
Reviewer: Clyde
5 Stars
Great tour!
February 03, 2012
Loved this Zipline Tour with a fun bus tour around the island and a nice beach front lunch and swim after! Excellent value. Excellent guides - particularly Big Al.
Reviewer: Rachel
5 Stars
Great Excursion!
February 01, 2012
Great activities, and far better price than the cruise line. The guides were fantastic, took pictures for us the whole time. You definitely won't be fighting any dragons, though.
Reviewer: Ben the Wizard Slayer
5 Stars
Great excursion
February 01, 2012
Great excursion, Guides were amazing!! very nice and willing to help. I would do this again for sure.
Reviewer: Jay
5 Stars
I was scared, but I would do it again!
January 30, 2012
This was a great tour. We had no problem finding tour meeting place. Small bus was air-conditioned and comfortable. Our driver Alvin was very nice and personable. Organization good. Very fast lession before getting on the line. I felt a little rushed. After doing a few zip lines on my own, I was really scared. But Tony, one of the guides, made it much easier by coming with me on the line. (My 13 and 11 year old sons had no trouble doing it alone!) Beach was crazy beautiful, Amazing. Water clear, no bugs. Soft sand. Food pretty good at resort if you want to buy. We bought lunch for 5 and it was around $50. I felt safe the whole time. Friendly people. I would do it again!
Reviewer: Sara
5 Stars
January 26, 2012
Crew was great, safety conscious yet fun at the same time. Great that we were in a small group(only 8 of us). Nice time at the beach too, so we could relax.
Reviewer: miss sandra
5 Stars
January 25, 2012
This zip line trip was great! More than I expected! The bus driver gave us quite an educational and cultural tour on the way up and back and I had a wonderful time!
Reviewer: Angie
5 Stars
Best day of the cruise by far
January 21, 2012
We truly could not have asked for a better day than this. There were supposed to be a few others besides us on this excursion, but for whatever reason they decided show. It worked out wonderfully for us however. It was just us two and our wonderful guide Shim. On the drive he told us all about Roatan. The zip-lining was fantastic. Each group goes with two guides. One goes first to help you land on the low end, and the other goes last so he can help each person hook up their gear. The runs were long with spectacular views. They also let us do all sorts of crazy stuff ‚ì upside down, superman, even tandems. It was GREAT! And because it was just the two of us and our guides, they let us hop over the larger cruise groups as we went, so there was NO waiting and we got done in record time, leaving more time for the beach. The zip guides were great. They had our camera and took pictures of us the whole time and they came out great. There's also one run where they have a camera in the trees taking pictures. The pictures are pretty good and available on a CD when you're done for a reasonable price. After the zip lining, Shim drove us down to West Bay Beach. He then found us a water taxi to take us out to the AMAZING reef off shore. He dropped us in the water with a guide and let us drift snorkel for about an hour down the length of West Bay and out to the far west point where he picked us up. The reef was some of the best snorkeling I have ever seen, and the water was just perfect. Be warned, you can try to reach this area from the beach, but the reef gets very shallow to try to pass before you reach the good parts. Pay the extra money and hitch a ride. It's worth every cent. After that we lounged on the beach for a while where we cashed in our free drink voucher on some rum punches. We had no problems with the sand flies that others mentioned, though we did put some bug spray on after we snorkeled. Remember not to put bug spray on before as it's damaging to the beautiful reefs. When it was time to go, Shim was waiting for us by the entrance to the beach. He got us back to Mahogany Bay with an hour to spare on shopping. All in all, it was a truly perfect day in what is now one of our favorite places. We'll be back to Roatan soon, and for real that time. Not just a pit stop on a cruise ship. Thank you, Shim!
Reviewer: Nicole & Rob
5 Stars
too much fun
January 17, 2012
This was so much fun that our whole family had a blast.
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Great tour!!
January 16, 2012
It was a great tour and our guides were wonderful all around. I would definitely recommend them.
Reviewer: Rnrhis
4 Stars
January 16, 2012
The ziplining was great. The beach was great. Our 14 year old son got to hold a spider monkey at the end of ziplining. The guides were friendly, knowledgable, and well-organized. The drive to and from the ziplining was scenic and educational. Souvenirs were reasonably priced and a CD of pictures from our ziplining was only $10.
Reviewer: Leslie's first cruise
5 Stars
Book this tour!!
January 14, 2012
We were on a Carnival Cruise ship. My husband and I were a bit nervous to book outside Carnivals suggested tours, BUT the savings on [@] were amazing and the review were all pretty good. All I can say is: DO IT!! Book this tour. It's well done, So much fun!! The savings was amazing and this is rated the number one zip line on the island of Roatan. The zip line are long and fast. And the views are amazing.
Reviewer: Islandgirl
5 Stars
Great adventure! Friendly staff!
January 10, 2012
Guides were very nice and experienced. They really took their jobs seriously. Enjoyed the zip line adventure in Rotan!! I recommend it to others. It was a first for my daughter and myself. My daughter got a kick out out the playing peekaboo with the Monkey "" Bingo "" afterwards. :-) The beach we visited was nice as well. It's nice to have some time to ourselves to relax and walk around. Great time!!
Reviewer: JC Vicente
5 Stars
zip was really fun .your
January 06, 2012
your planning was excellant .tour was on time and very comfortable. although my wife and myself are in our late 70s the zip guilde was very patient with us .we truly had a lifetime expierance.thany you for all your efforts . bill and margit giallonardo
Reviewer: bill
5 Stars
Super, dynamite.
January 01, 2012
View was unbelievable, staff were nice, a thrilling adventure
Reviewer: Sharieb
5 Stars
December 31, 2011
We completly enjoyed our experience. Guides were very kind and respectful young men. Very patient with everyone, young or old. That is what makes the experience memorable. The bus driver was also very nice. Also very afforable. I would definatley give it a 5 star but they said they are going to even make it better adding even a more extreme Zip!! Can't wait!!! Cause this one was thrilling. Our age group 53-56
Reviewer: Grammy
4 Stars
It was awesome!
December 27, 2011
Experienced guides, double safety harnesses, 10 zip lines, some up to 150 ft tall, one over 1400 ft long....but not scary, just awesome! I had five people in our group (they take a maximum of eight per group) with ages of 45 to 65. The oldest said it was the most fun he ever had! I have been on three other zip line tours before; this was by far the best!
Reviewer: Susan the cruiser
5 Stars
For a Zipping Great Time
December 22, 2011
This was great fun for an otherwise bad cruise. The weather was bad until we got to Roatan. Then the sun came out and we got to go zip lining. For an old fat man like me it was extremely fun. And if I could do it anybody can. Seven (7) zip lines one right after the other. I don't mean little ones either, you really had to use your brakes to get stopped. Fun Fun Fun is all I can say, and don't worry about taking pictures. They have a camera setup and it takes beautiful shots of you zipping down toward the camera, and reasonable. I took my own camera and took pictures, but they weren't as good as theirs.
Reviewer: Sea Sick
5 Stars
Just do it!!
December 21, 2011
The zip-line part is so thrilling you may be distracted from enjoying the beautiful Roatan mountains. My wife had never zip-lined before not even the one in our back yard. Her knees were shaking when we first got geared up but after one run she was ready to go! Another well run tour by Shore Excursions Group....just flawless. The guides really make sure you are safe and that lets you relax and enjoy. You can even have them zip with you and guide you if you are afraid....or if you are very adventurous they will assist as you zip upsidedown! Our teenage sons thoroughly enjoyed it!
Reviewer: Boblynn
5 Stars
Terrific experience !
December 16, 2011
As a 60 year old Mother and Grandmother, I never thought I'd be Zip linning, but what a terrific experience. I am afraid of heights so when my daughter suggested we do this on the cruise I had my hesitations. I was put at ease immediately by the staff and how seriously they were about all of our safety and how well they explained all of the equipment to us. After the first zip I never looked back!! What a thrill and great memories I will have for the rest of my life!!
Reviewer: Madre
5 Stars
December 14, 2011
The entire day went smoothly, I felt safe and had a great time The guides on and off the trail were very helpful. I couldn't (still can't) get over how nice and sincere the guides were. I highly recommend this trip.
Reviewer: X
5 Stars
The best excursion we did!
December 12, 2011
This was amazing! Our tour guide was such a great guide and would even pull over for us to take extra pictures. He explained so much about the island living and he really seemed to enjoy his job. The zipline was better than I could have ever imagined! Our guides were a lot of fun and seemed to have one goal- that all of us had the best time possible. It was beautiful and something I will never forget. The beach they took us to was absolutely beautiful. If I had a choice, I wouldn't have left the island to come home. This was amazing and I would definetely recommend it to anyone!
Reviewer: Emily
5 Stars
Great Fun
December 08, 2011
I would recommend this to anyone who's not afraid of heights with a sense of adventure . It was a great value and the staff ( everyone of them ) very professional . Super fun !
Reviewer: Maria
5 Stars
first timer
December 07, 2011
loved the sights over the trees. the guides were very cool an knowageable
Reviewer: crazy
4 Stars
High Flying Fun!
December 04, 2011
I loved flying through the air on the ziplines, and the beach break afterwards was pretty cool, too! The place we had our beach break was relatively small in comparison, but that's ok! It was more personal! We got to know the staff in just a few hours.
Reviewer: Lynn and Todd
5 Stars
December 02, 2011
IT WAS SO AMAZING! The guides were incredible! They took pictures and were super experienced and fun! There were a ton of lines and it was GORGEOUS and unbelievably high up! Super thrilling. The beach was relaxing and a wonderful restaurant. Massage on the beach - what a way to go
Reviewer: Stratton
5 Stars
Loved it!
November 29, 2011
Reviewer: Party time associates..
4 Stars
For the time of your life
November 26, 2011
What a great group of guys!!! If you want to Zip in Honduras South Shore Zip & Dip is the place to go
Reviewer: Big Daddy & Momma
5 Stars
Thrill of a Lifetime
November 25, 2011
I felt safe with the construction of the ziplining venue and confident with the crew.
Reviewer: Adventurer
5 Stars
We had a great time on this.
November 10, 2011
We are both in our 60's and thought we had to try this at least once, and we loved it, we would do again in a heart beat....
Reviewer: Grandmom & Pop Pop
5 Stars
Wow! The time of my life!
November 09, 2011
What a blast! We had an amazing time! I look forward to doing this again and again. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It was exhilirating and thrilling, yet i felt so safe! The staff was fabulous and entertaining. They helped to make it even better! Thank you for providing such an amazing adventure...making this a trip of a lifetime! -Lorraine Lyon
Reviewer: Flying Lorraine
5 Stars
breathtaking experience
September 24, 2011
I would defiintely recommended this experience to everyone
Reviewer: shabah
4 Stars
Great fun
September 24, 2011
I have always wanted to zip line and now at the age of 47 I can say I did it. This was a wonderful experience and very well organized. It's very safe and you can control your own speed on the line in case anyone's wondering about that. This trip was for my daughters highschool graduation and the highlight of it for her came after the zip lining when they took us to a small secluded beach. A man with a spider monkey let her hold the monkey and take her picture with it. Ofcourse it cost [$], but it was so worth it. She was thrilled! I would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Bonsky
5 Stars
Zipline was best I've been on
September 02, 2011
My wife was a little afraid after the first two ""zips"" and wanted to quit, but the guide offered to go with her, and she loved it because she wasn't all alone on the wire. All guides were friendly and professional, the beach was one of the best we've been to. We each got a free beverage with the package, but beer was ONLY $2. As a new port, they are very eager to impress and have us back. Isla Roaton is on my list of Quaint Paradise Locations!
Reviewer: Tony the Tree Swinger and Beer Drinker
5 Stars
Adventure & Fun
September 01, 2011
This excursion was adventurous and fun.
Reviewer: naomifl73
4 Stars
This one's a Can't Miss!
August 25, 2011
I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for a fun family activity for all ages! Our kids are from 9-17 years of age and each had a blast on the zip line adventure. The guides were experienced, careful and good-natured. The beach we visited was sooo beautiful and relaxing, we didn't want to leave.
Reviewer: Fun Family of Five
5 Stars
Amazing experience and wonderful guides!
August 14, 2011
This was amazing! My boyfriend and I had an absolute blast ziplining! Neither of us is too fond of heights, but that didn't bother us at all. It was the first time ziplining for both of us, and it won't be the last! We had several guides zipping along with us, and they even let us zip upside down (don't be too scared of doing this - it was a blast!). They were also SO good about taking pictures of us while we were zipping. We had about 15 or so people in our group, and practically everyone had a camera. The guides were really great about taking our cameras and keeping track of which was which, and they got some great action shots of us! They even took a couple video clips of us, too! The views from the zip course were amazing, and flying above the treetops in Roatan was so liberating! Trust when I say that you won't regret booking this excursion!
Reviewer: Rebecca
5 Stars
August 07, 2011
Reviewer: DAVY
5 Stars
A Blast!
July 25, 2011
Zip lining was terrrific. The guides were great. They were fun, and attentive. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
Reviewer: Ed
5 Stars
Amazing!!! Best excursion I've been on!
July 20, 2011
Was expecting this to be the worst, but since it came with two other I figured, hey, why not? This excursion ended up being my favorite!!! It was adventurous and all around thrilling. It poured, which made jeep riding even funner. It made the beach miserable though (no fault of the guides). We just enjoyed the indoors of the cabana and the food, which was surprisingly good! Absolutely do this tour, if it's the only one you do! And the price is great for what you get. The guide was awesome too!
Reviewer: Ash
5 Stars
Perfect excursion! AMAZING BEACH!
July 20, 2011
Zip-lining was super fun, but make sure to get there as early as possible (as soon as the boat docks). We weren't sure if anyone would be there, but by the time we got there many groups had gone already and they were 2 hours ahead of us because they didn't have to wait on lines! Also, the beach is soooo beautiful, so spend as much time there as possible! Us and the other group in our caravan had decided a meeting time, but they decided to leave an hour earlier. We felt bad that they were just sitting in the van waiting, but that meant we lost more time at the beach. (The pools on the boat don't even compare) so we were bummed about that. Make sure to be on the same page as your group members and get there early!!!
Reviewer: Ash
5 Stars
AWESOME adventure
July 19, 2011
This was really fun. The guides are fun and entertaining and the ziplining speaks for itself. You can't really see much on the zipline, but it is still absolutely amazing. Afterwards, the guide took us to a nearby beach where there was a bar and also a great place to go snorkeling. Then he took us to a little shop that was away from the cruise port, with lots of Mahogany. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for both a fun adventure(zipline) and a relaxing couple hours(beach).
Reviewer: Ben
5 Stars
This was BIG time fun!
July 13, 2011
We loved this excursion! The guides were fun and very helpful and eager to show all a great experience!
Reviewer: luv the beach
5 Stars
Beginner to Pro
July 02, 2011
I'm terrified of heights but I must admit after doing this I think that fear has slowly deminished. We got to go on 12 zip lines starting with the smaller one and ending with a huge one. It was shall I say amazing and the views were breath taking. Our guides took pictures with our camera and even some with there own that we had the option of purchasing. I want to do this again and it is a MUST!!!
Reviewer: Tasha
5 Stars
Best Part of the Cruise/Excursions
June 28, 2011
""This was the best part of our cruise"" says my two children 9 and 18. My 71 year old father and mother loved it, and so did we. I am afraid of heights but this was no problem. Would do it again!
Reviewer: Cruise traveler
5 Stars
Great familyt adventure
June 12, 2011
This was a great excursion. My husband and daughter were not hyped up about this excursion at all, but once we got there and went on the first run, they were hooked. My daughter (is 12 yrs old) had a little touble getting the hang of it, but the tour guide was great. He was with her every step of the way, making sure she was safe, happy, and enjoying herself. My husband is scared of hights, but had a blast. They had a snack bar, bathrooms, changing area, and some cute monkeys, and birds at the launch facility. The ride to the beach was nice, and the beach was beautiful. We would love to do this again!
Reviewer: Julie
4 Stars
June 09, 2011
Being a senior citizen I was scared once I saw what I was getting into but not to fear -- the guides showed me exactly what to do and even "zipped" with me a couple of times - VERY exciting and a LOT of fun. Very clean restrooms, great views, good snacks, GREAT bus driver. Fantastic beach also with great food and drink !!! I can't say enough good things about this activity.
Reviewer: Senior Zipper
5 Stars
Don't let your fears stop you!
June 02, 2011
Afraid of heights...don't let that stop you...would do it again and again!
Reviewer: Donna the cruiser
5 Stars
Roatan Zip Line
May 26, 2011
This was a terrific experience. Would do it again without hesitation. The guides were friendly, helpful and experienced. Even being well into our senior years, the guides did not hesitate to send us along the zip.
Reviewer: Mert
5 Stars
May 26, 2011
5 Stars
Super exciting
May 26, 2011
This was my wife's favorite shore excursion. It was extremely adventurous but very safe also. We got some great pictures that the guides took with our own camera-very accomodating in that we didn't have to worry about losing our camera when zip-lining. The guides let you even zip-line upside down-wow! I didn't expect that. It was awesome! The scenery is spectacular too. If you're a thrill seeker you want to go on this shore excursion. If you're on the heavy side you may have to receive some extra help from the guides. They are very accomodating however.
Reviewer: Randy
5 Stars
May 26, 2011
Reviewer: GTN
5 Stars
It was so cool!
May 25, 2011
I had never done a Zip Line. The experience was great fun! Safety was not a concern and the guides make it something unique.
Reviewer: Ron - Pops (Guides called me)
5 Stars
We would go back tomorrow!
May 13, 2011
We have been on other zip lines and this rates up with the best. The beach we went to afterwards was beautiful and a great time. The guide was from the island and was very talkitive and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: BS
5 Stars
excellent adventure
May 05, 2011
This was great fun a must try in the Islands. Zipping was safety concious but really fun. Thanks
Reviewer: Patty the adventurer
5 Stars
Totally awesome!!!
May 03, 2011
The guides and driver were so friendly and helpful - they really made the tour fun. I'd strongly suggest anyone considering ziplining on Honduras take advantage of this tour. The tour was worth the cost.
Reviewer: Appy
4 Stars
This is a great zip course!
April 29, 2011
This was a well done tour. Our tour guide was Henry, and he went out of his way to ensure that everyone knew where to go and what to do, making this a very nice escape. The zip course is one of the best in the Carribbean. We really enjoyed the beach break, where there was a nice little bar and restaurant with great grouper sandwiches.
Reviewer: Rocky
5 Stars
We LOVED this excursion
April 21, 2011
Everyone in our family loved this excursion; from our 16yr. old to 8yr. old. I am told this is the best zip-lining in Honduras - 13 platforms. The guides were fun and very helpful. The younger kids loved that they got to hold a monkey as well during the trip. The beach break was beautiful - just enough time to relax and enjoy a cold beverage --- a few too many walking vendors though.
Reviewer: na
5 Stars
Most Fun Ever!!
March 17, 2011
The zip guides were very professional and helpful. They took great care to be sure we felt secure and enjoyed the experience. They even assisted us with pictures using our own cameras! I would do this again in a heartbeat!
Reviewer: Choirchick
5 Stars
Fun Time for all!!
February 28, 2011
This was a great excursion. Everyone at the zipline were enthusiastic and excited! They made sure all our equipment was on correctly and that we were having fun. They pointed out animals that we can see while we were looking over the jungle. My mother in law has had both her knees replaced and she was able to do the zipline. Wonderful experience and I would suggest this to everyone! Thanks!!
Reviewer: Zippo
5 Stars
February 01, 2011
Great people, great experience! Couldnt ask for more!
Reviewer: Geoff
5 Stars
Best Zipline on the island
January 04, 2011
The cruiseline offers a zip excursion right near the boat, but it pales in comparison to this one. Tourbus driver is excellent, zipline views and runs are unmatched. Beach break afterward is relaxing. I would do this excursion again.
Reviewer: Chip
5 Stars