Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dolphin Swim Adventure
January 23, 2023
The Adventure was very well organized and it was a pleasure to swim with the dolphins. Enjoyed it very much. Just a heads up: Plan for an hour to choose your pictures.
Reviewer: Gloria Edwards
5 Stars
Dolphin swim!
December 08, 2019
Our dolphin swim was so much fun. To interact with such beautiful and amazing creatures was such a joy.
Reviewer: Tanya Hite
5 Stars
People great, Facilities fair
April 30, 2018
The island and this facility were hit hard by last years hurricane. The facility is being rebuilt and will be nice when completed. The people were great and did their best to insure a fun experience and for our family they succeeded. We have also done the dolphin swim in Cozumel where the facilities were beautiful but the actual experience was not as good as this one. Here they split you into smaller groups so our family of 5 were all by ourselves. The trainer made sure we all did all the interactions with the dolphins and was very friendly and patient with us. Our son has autism and was very timid but with the patience of the trainer and dolphins he was able to do everything. Of course they take pictures of everything but we bought the disk after haggling down the price. We would definitely do it again. The kids loved it.
Reviewer: Raymond Duffield
4 Stars
Unique Dolphin Opportunity
January 18, 2018
Great chance to truly interact with the dolphins and learn more about them. We were able to learn some of their training cues and have them touch their nose to our hand, dance for us, pull us with their flippers and propel us through the water by pushing against the sole of our feet. It was an excursion to remember. It was a shame that the photos were so expensive.
Reviewer: Robin Stearns
5 Stars
timing is everything
January 08, 2018
We arrived for our dolphin swim a half an hour before as it told us to on our tickets, I guess to get ready just before you swim, only to find out that we were then going to be waiting another half hour after what our printed time said to start was. total of an hour to sit and do of the girls suggested we could go out and swim with the group before us even tough they started 15 min earlier, so we'd miss 15 min of swim time but it would get us back to the ship and not make us late for ship departure, so we jumped at the offer... They took us out to the swim area where there were two different groups already swimming and taking turns with the dolphins. We were taken to a girl in the water with no guests and her dolphin, so basically we were alone with just her and got tons more time with the dolphin and the swim, it was a blast, loved loved loved it!
Reviewer: steven white
5 Stars
Outstanding Opportunity
July 10, 2017
This was the best Dolphin Encounter we have ever participated in. The trainer was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He made sure everyone participated in all of the activities even if they couldn't swim. We have paid much more for Dolphin Experiences in other places and didn't experience half of the activities. A wonderful family experience.
Reviewer: Donald L. Vasconcelles
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim Adventure
February 07, 2017
We signed a release, donned life jackets and the adventure began We were able to swim with two dolphins at first and then treated to a third! Lucky us! Each of us got to pet, cradle, kiss and be transported through the water holding their fins and, finally, pushed through the water holding onto a kick board with the noses of two dolphins against the instep of your foot. It was definitely a bucket list thing for each of us and exhilarating! The only criticism that we had is that you are not allowed to take photographs. Im certain that that would have taken time and attention away from the experience. A souvenir photo would have been nice. They had a photographer who took 228 pics of the four of us and we could have purchased a single photo or the entire disc [$180] which I thought was pricey. We chose to hold our memories instead.
Reviewer: Sharon Albietz
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim Adventure
September 28, 2016
This excursion met all expectations. The family had a lot of fun. Pictures are ridiculously expensive.
Reviewer: Edward Diaz
4 Stars
dolphin swim adventure
August 27, 2016
WONDERFUL! first off I would highly recommend using this company over the cruise ship. we had a group of 10 in our party, book early, we were done when a group of about 75 came in from carnival. it was one of my best lifetime memories. it was fun! The people were very friendly, price reasonable. the dolphins are exceptional! They took hundreds of photos for us to remember!!
Reviewer: Lind Aldrich
5 Stars
Great service
August 08, 2016
On July 12, 2016, my niece, best friend, and I missed our excursion around 10 am but while at the ship port we met some of the Dolphin Discovery staff, and they informed us that we would be able to join another group. When we arrived at the Dolphin Discovery we thoroughly had a great experience swimming with the staff and the Dolphins. Prior to swimming with the Dolphins the young lady at the front desk introduced us to Abba. Working with Abba we set up pictures our package. Not only did he help us with pictures, I had another niece in the 12 pm session he made sure we all could take pictures even though we were in a different group. After explaining the picture packages and making sure we all could take pictures together, he answered any questions we had about the dolphins, he was a great part of the team. Abba was detailed, patient, and, great to work with!! He really helped make me feel at ease with my interaction with the dolphins.
Reviewer: CAG
5 Stars
July 13, 2016
Amazing experience and highly recommended!
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Would Do This Over 10000x Over Again
April 18, 2016
The employees were extremely friendly, insightful, professional, and they had this excursion down. They constantly had us doing something with the dolphins and you could tell they respected the dolphins and the dolphins respected the trainers. The facilities were beautiful. The dolphins had plenty of room, the place was beautiful, and the store front inside looked brand new. One of the things that impressed me was just how busy the trainers kept us with the dolphins. There was no wasted time what so ever. This really was quite an experience.
Reviewer: Mark J
5 Stars
fun experience
April 13, 2016
trainers were wonderful quite expensive
Reviewer: cat bat
4 Stars
Best ever!!!!
March 03, 2016
This was the best shore excursion ever once we got there. It was just my husband & I with the dolphin trainer & a photographer and the two dolphins!!!! It was a fantastic experience!!! The downside is we had to take a cab to get there & back. Plus they don't allow photos. You have to buy their photo cd & get your own prints made when you get home. The photo disc was over $100 but they did have almost 200 pictures of us on it.
Reviewer: Laura
5 Stars