Catamaran Sailing and Snorkeling with Lunch

Catamaran sailing and snorkling
July 05, 2023
we had a great time. The crew was gret.
Reviewer: Don Grischow
5 Stars
Great day of fun
April 04, 2023
This was a great excursion. The crew of the catamaran was fun and engaging. We were just expecting your basic sandwiches for lunch but were treated to a really great buffet spread with dessert. My wife had never been snorkeling before and their instructions for beginners were very well presented. It was probably one of the best excursions of our whole cruise.
Reviewer: Dave Plitt
5 Stars
Lovely time
February 28, 2023
This was a wonderful excursion. The catamaran was wonderful and clean. The crew was very friendly and helpful and they kept a watchful eye on the kids. Snorkelling was great. The lunch was wonderful and filling. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Coriann Mizzi
5 Stars
So much fun!
November 24, 2022
My group of 4 thoroughly enjoyed this tour. The snorkeling was great and the beach time was relaxing! Would definitely book this again.
Reviewer: Linda Farlow
5 Stars
Fun Day
October 24, 2022
This was just what I wanted. It was fun, well-run, the right amount of time, beautiful scenery, fun people, nice lunch and drinks. Crew was thoughtful and caring. So glad I chose it.
Reviewer: Christine Stevenson
5 Stars
St Kitts catamaran snorkel w/lunch
September 15, 2022
Our family of 6 had a wonderful time. The crew was great and the snacks after the snorkel were delicious.
Reviewer: Angie
5 Stars
Fun Fun Fun
July 05, 2022
Our group, ranging in age from 18 to 49 loved this catamaran excursion! Everything about it was wonderful and the staff was beyond terrific. They went above and beyond to make sure everyone was having a great time. I personally really appreciated that staff insisted my flippers fit properly before snorkeling. They went through four pair to find the right ones for me. And everyone was cleaned and sanitized. By the looks of it, everyone else on the excursion enjoyed the trip too. The boat ride out was calm and relaxing, snorkeling was beautiful, lunch delicious and on ride back drinks flowed and dancing commenced.
Reviewer: Melinda
5 Stars
The Captain and his Crew were great!
June 23, 2022
The Captain and his crew were great. Their catamaran was clean and well stocked for the snorkeling adventure. The lunch was incredible and they made it a memorable party in paradise.
Reviewer: Dave and Tina
5 Stars
a great day
January 09, 2020
This was a really fun excursion. The crew were great and it had a fun party atmosphere without being too rowdy or crazy. Not the most amazing snorkeling we've ever seen but still worth while and a decent variety of marine life was seen.
Reviewer: Steve
4 Stars
I highly recommend
December 20, 2019
What a great day in beautiful blue water. This was the first time I Snorkeled and I will say it was incredible to watch all the fish under the water and the different colors and types coming within reach. The crew did over and above to help me learn what to do and helped me into the water. They made sure I was comfortable in the water and waited for me to give the thumbs up that I was ok. I was in the water for 45 minutes and it seems like a minute only went by. Lunch was delicious. I raved to anyone that would listen to me about how much fun this excursion was. I'm 64 and if I can do this anyone can, you won't be sorry. Thank you.
Reviewer: Sally Tetreault
5 Stars
Good snorkling and fun
December 02, 2019
had a great time with the crew on this snorkeling trip. Need to shout out to one individual who made it fun. His name is Alvin and he took good care of us making sure we had drinks, food and was comfortable with snorkeling. The trip on the catamaran was fun and also the snorkeling. The lunch provided was delicious and was enough for seconds. Trip on the way back we danced and sang and had a ball. Yes we would take this excursion again in a heartbeat.
Reviewer: Glenda Stiebing
5 Stars
Great Day
October 30, 2019
great tour, great operators. everyone on board enjoyed the trip
Reviewer: Rebecca
5 Stars
Awesome adventure!
September 24, 2019
Our group of four had a spectacular day at sea! The five man crew was terrific! Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the island. Great free drinks. Lunch was delicious and dessert was fresh homemade banana bread. Yummy! We went to a very nice snorkeling site....calm water with a ship wrecked boat to snorkel around. One of the women hadn’t snorkeled in quite some time and one of the crewmen helped ease her into the water and stayed with her the entire time! It was so nice to see such kindness. I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Gloria
5 Stars
awesome experience
September 17, 2019
This is the best catamaran i had so far. the crew were very hospitable. schedule wsa reasonable. the food was delicious. Would love to go again next time.
Reviewer: Ye zhou
5 Stars
Excellent Adventure
August 27, 2019
A wonderful catamaran ride to the snorkeling sight. No sea sickness (as experienced going to Molokini off Maui) and areas for lots of people on the hammocks or at tables under the roof. Bathroom on board was helpful. Lunch was served after the snorkeling and plenty of beverages available.
Reviewer: Linda Muse
5 Stars
August 06, 2019
Great excursion,I recommending
Reviewer: Boguslaw
5 Stars
June 09, 2019
This was a great excursion, very professional crew, beautiful catamaran. Snorkeling was average, but the views were amazing! ( very easy to get in and out of water )Open bar! These guys really watched out for passengers, didn't even have to move once we were set on the catamaran , brought us drinks and took our empties. The Lunch was good too.. just a great trip! Thank you guys for all that fun!
Reviewer: candace l krueger
5 Stars
very nice
May 08, 2019
staff was very funny and interactive. Food was great.
Reviewer: Teresa Williams
5 Stars
awesome experience
May 01, 2019
great experience
Reviewer: steve
5 Stars
Party in Paradise
April 25, 2019
These guys do it right. They start off the excursion getting people comfortable, enjoying the ride, providing refreshments. Then it's serious business with safety in mind for all who want to go snorkeling....which was beautiful - my kids loved it while mom stayed on board. Then the party got cranked up on the ride back which was a blast. Crew was fantastic - fun for everyone! Food was authentic island cuisine and delicious. Enjoy!
Reviewer: David Burhop
5 Stars
Best Catamaran Ever
April 25, 2019
The crew was the best we've ever had! They danced and entertained everyone on the boat. Super fun day!
Reviewer: Mary F Czechowski
5 Stars
Fun day!
April 25, 2019
The snorkeling was pretty good. It was really windy so I was kinda nervous about going out but they took us to a calm spot and we had a great time. The way back was dancing and drinks and entertainment for the whole family! They took all the kids and let them "drive the boat"! Would definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Tania L Rapier
5 Stars
April 25, 2019
We had a blast on this catamaran. Can't say enough about the crew! They are really nice and really get involved with the people on the boat. Snorkeling was fun and we even saw a barracuda!
Reviewer: sharon rapier
5 Stars
Great day at sea!!
March 03, 2019
The catamaran and snorkeling tour was just great. The crew was very friendly and accommodating. Good food and rum punch. Lots of time to snorkel. Great way to meet new people from our cruise ship. Students from the veterinary college on the island were also lots of fun.
Reviewer: Bergeron Glen
5 Stars
Crew is Crazy Fun!
February 10, 2019
The day was fabulous. Boat was very clean and looked like new. The Crew was VERY friendly and took great care of everyone. Singing and dancing to Carib music and all of a sudden we caught a fish! Lunch was pretty good, drinks great. Only thing they took our shoes and I don't do bare foot well. Most went snokleing even the crew! Wonderful.
Reviewer: JUNE C. LEWIS
5 Stars
Super Fun Excursion!
January 13, 2019
The marina was close and the directions were perfect. The catamaran ride was fun and we sat much of the time on the netting at the front of the boat. Drinks were unlimited (beer, rum etc. and soft drinks) and the lunch was excellent: banana bread, chips and salsa, chicken and chick pea curry, pita bread and salad. There were covered booths you could sit at for lunch and whenever. Top 40 dance hits with a caribbean flavour were played after the ~1 hr snorkeling and lunch were over and many of the passengers danced. The captain came to get our 14-yr old daughter and led her by the hand to the dancers and that was enough prompting to get her to dance too. Those who wanted a quieter experience sat at the very front and read and enjoyed the scenery etc. You could snorkel, swim or just hang out on the boat. This was the best excursion we did on our cruise and would do it again!
Reviewer: Lisa Parsons
5 Stars
Good snorkeling, Ran out of Food
January 07, 2019
The tour was super fun and the sailing was wonderful. Snorkeling at the ship wreck was beautiful. The water was anywhere from 6-15 ft. deep. Beautiful clear water and marine life all around. My only complaint was that the crew didn't bring enough food so they ran out and several people including myself went without.
Reviewer: Josh
4 Stars
What a crew!!!!!!
January 03, 2019
This is a must on your excursion list. I wish it was a longer trip that way the party would last longer. The crew awesome and great food. Just watch out for that hot sauce!😂😜 this excursion with this crew and this company is a great deal.
Reviewer: Chester Crowley
5 Stars
A Must Do!
January 03, 2019
What an excursion! Our cruise ship docked late, so we were so worried about our excursion. I called Shore Excursions from the ship. We were assured that they would wait for us, and they did! Very professional and understanding that the lateness was out of our control. The catamaran was gorgeous. Alex, Shaq and Captain Crackers were very personable and attentive. They waited on us hand and foot, serving drinks and a delicious lunch. Shaq joined in with the guests and danced on the boat. Alex was very helpful with my 8 year old son (he was struggling with his equipment and Alex jumped right in to help him). The ride to and from the dock was peaceful with breathtaking views. The snorkeling was not the best, but the water was clear and beautiful. We did see many fish and a moray eel. Some saw a sea turtle, but we missed that.I cannot say enough good things about this boat, crew and overall excursion. We will book this exact trip when we return to St. Kitts.
Reviewer: April Lewis
5 Stars
Great Service
October 23, 2018
Can't believe they did not cancel this excursion as we were only 5 guests and a crew of 4 on the catamaran. Lovely views, clear water, attentive crew, and a very nice lunch. Easy walk from our ship to the marina. Easy check in and we left right on time or maybe even a few minutes early as we were all ready to go. Overall, a great value.
Reviewer: Jean Adcock
5 Stars
nice sailing
July 30, 2018
The catamaran was fun and the food and drinks were good. The snorkeling at the shipwreck was not that great. Just an old rusted ship and not many fish or anything else.
Reviewer: john chappo
4 Stars
The Greatest
March 17, 2017
This is the best excursion I've ever been on with the greatest crew . I couldn't of had a better time with the people/workers on the ship. Once again I would like to thank everyone for greatest time which I will never forget! ! I definitely will do this excursion again in the future...
Reviewer: Joseph Zampella
5 Stars
Good day on the water
March 17, 2017
It was a short walk to the pier where the boat was and a short wait. They were ready and on time. Nice boat and nice fun crew. Snorkeling was ok/good. We did see alot of fish, but not alot of variety. Lunch was good and the punch was flowing. The captain even let us jump off the boat and swim on the way back.
Reviewer: Kathleen Foco
4 Stars
Great sail with a great crew
January 13, 2017
Blue Water Safaris provided a great vessel and fun crew for our afternoon.
Reviewer: Jeffrey Wolff
5 Stars
Great Time
December 22, 2016
This was a great excursion from start to finish. Great lunch, plenty of beverages, and good snorkeling. Hats off to the crew: Winston, Alex, and Shockair. They were truly outstanding in every way.
Reviewer: Darryl Metz
5 Stars