Mini-Speedboat and Snorkel Adventure

Great Day
February 06, 2023
This was a fun excursion, tour guides were fantastic, boats were lots of fun, snorkelling was the usual. We only had a small group of 5 couples which was nice. They served us fresh fruit and water which was a nice touch. We were able to stay at the beach after the excursion, it was a nice beach with vendors for food and drinks. Definitely recommend this excursion for a day of something fun.
Reviewer: Mary-Louise
5 Stars
Best excursion ever!
January 12, 2023
Hands down the best excursion we’ve ever taken! The men running it were friendly and helpful. We had a blast on the mini boats and the snorkeling location was amazing! Guide pointed out sea turtle, sting rays, conchs and more as we snorkeled the beautiful waters of St. Kitt. Highly, highly recommend!
Reviewer: Alice Liotta
5 Stars
So fun
January 05, 2020
One of the best shore excursions we have done. Mini speed boats were fun and the view of the coastline was gorgeous. We drove quite a ways and then snorkeled in a private area. Good price for what you get to do.
Reviewer: Nyla
5 Stars
Will do it everytime
February 25, 2019
6 of us (3 - 2 person boats) had a GREAT time. I will be looking forward to doing this excursion again. FUN, FUN, FUN
Reviewer: Dean Maccagnone
5 Stars
Great Adventure
April 30, 2018
Our family of 4 booked this excursion for St. Kitts. It was so much fun. Little rough as a driver of the boat, much more enjoyable as a passenger. The snorkeling spot was secluded and was only for our small group of about 22 people. We saw turtles, stingrays, fish and coral. It was a great way to spend our time.
Reviewer: Heather White
5 Stars
Great fun boating / snorkeling / swimming
April 02, 2018
We are avid kayakers, sailors, and powerboaters and have always wanted to try a small inflatable/rigid hull boat. We had a great time running the boat at top speed (25HP) which is safe due to the design. Our tour leaders were friendly and gave us plenty of room to try out the boats instead of a slow follow the leader tour. The water was beautiful and great for swimming without a wetsuit. We got back to the ship with time to spare for a little shopping.
5 Stars
Awesome adventure!
October 18, 2017
Our excursion began with meeting the guys who wo uld be taking us out. They were a great group of guys and explained everything to us in detail. As we headed out, it began to rain, but we continued down the coastline. As it rained harder and harder I was worried that our excursion would be ruined, but we stopped at a beautiful snorkel spot where the sun popped thru. The snorkeling was one of the best spots we have snorkeled in the Caribbean and the guides were fantastic! My teen daughter decided she didn't want to snorkel, so she stayed on the mini-speedboat with the guides. They were great with her and made her feel comfortable and happy. I would HIGHLY recommend this excursion! It was the best one on our caribbean vacation!
Reviewer: Cheryl Unger
5 Stars
Would do it again
July 24, 2017
I had a blast on the mini speed boats! I think I like it better than jet ski's! Our tour guides were very helpful and informative. I was nervous at first but the tour guide went over everything thoroughly until you were comfortable. The three gentlemen were funny guys also. I'll be back to do this again!
Reviewer: Tee
5 Stars
best excursion ive done
July 05, 2017
this outfit has done a great job staffing, everyone was helpful, fun, enthusiastic and patient. the boat ride was about 20 - 25 minutes and very fun. After the ride we tied all the boats together and had 1 hour to snorkel. I know the tour company cant control water temp and what you see but we saw and swam along side a sea turtle saw a barracuda and Lots of fish. It was a great trip and everything was on schedule and again the staff was great, I will do this same excursion every time I visit this island.
Reviewer: Joe Palma
5 Stars
Mini SpeedBoat
April 13, 2017
we really enjoyed this excursion. It was so much fun to ride out on the open water. Then to go snorkeling, Id say it was one of the more funner excursions that we have been on. I don't understand why its not offered by the cruise ship.
Reviewer: Maryellen
5 Stars
cruise excursion
April 13, 2017
Lots of fun.Boats were faster than anticipated.Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Barry Wagner
5 Stars
What a great time!
April 01, 2017
We had no idea that for the amount of money for this tour we would have our own personal speedboat for the day. Our guides were very friendly and helpful. Snorkeling was great. I would recommend this for all.
Reviewer: Frank Nemeth
5 Stars
great time..
March 11, 2017
My wife and I really enjoyed our speedboat an snorkel trip.Just wished we could have gone all day. But we will be back again though..seen some cool things ,a small ship that was washed ashore,a stingray and lots of fish....
Reviewer: pete mastrantonio
5 Stars
Awesome Experience
December 27, 2016
The day was great! Small group taken from cruise port via taxi van to meet with the guys who run the boats/snorkel activity. After a short instruction time we took the speedboats out (2 people per boat) for 39 minutes to the snorkel spot. We snorkeled for an hour in deep water. We then returned back to starting point. The taxi van returned to get us & she gave us a little tour of the island on the way back to the port.
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Great Adventure and staff
December 22, 2016
Fun time - great staff - well worth it!
Reviewer: Paul Hopke
5 Stars
Memorable and fun
December 06, 2016
Value is important for all of us and this excursion was high in value. We were a few minutes late and missed the departure of the early trip- but walked around a few hours and were easily accommodate into the 10:45 tour. Driver was kind and knowledgeable- staff at the beach were great! Fun safe - boats were easy to drive for myself and my husband- snorkeling was amazing near a ship - we were secluded amazing views and I would highly recommend others choosing it
Reviewer: Anna q Harrelson
5 Stars
So much fun!
December 05, 2016
This tour was great. We were taken by a comfy bus to the beach about 10-15 minutes away, and met by the crew who did a quick intro and lesson on the boats. Then we jumped right in and took off. The boats were fast, easy to operate, and fun! We had a 30-45 minute ride to the snorkel spot which wasn't the best snorkeling ever, but was fun, then another 30-45 minute ride back. The boats have a dry dock in them which kept all our stuff safe and dry. The crew was lots of fun and we had a blast. The only word of caution was that the ride was pretty bumpy for my wife in the back of our boat, but it wasn't so bad that it prevented her from enjoying it.
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars