ATV Adventure

March 05, 2020
My wife, daughter and I had an amazing experience. That is a fantatstic was to see the sights and the guides and organization of the day was perfect. Worth every dollar!
Reviewer: Dan
5 Stars
St Maarten ATV Tour
February 27, 2020
We recently took the ATV tour that included both The Dutch and French sides of the island. We stopped for great picturesque views in several spots as well as the border. Our guides kept us very safe on the roads when we came to intersections. They stopped traffic and allowed our entire group to stay together. We all very experienced riders as well as first time ATV riders. They took care of them very well too. We off-roaded some but most of the tour was hard surface. We saw countryside, and towns and everyone waved and smiled at us. We stopped at the market and had time for a quick bite and drink. The. We headed to the airport beach. Unfortunately no jets took off or landed while we were there. When we completed our ride one of our guides walked us around the beach there at the ATV center and showed us a good place to eat. We felt completely safe the entire time we were with them. They also picked us up at our cruise ship and took us back after the beach and eating. I recommend this.
Reviewer: Jeff B
5 Stars
ATV Adventure
January 27, 2020
This was a great excursion! We had a blast and the guides were great! Especially Mike! He took great care of us and hooked us up with a few hours on the beach after we rode the ATVS!
Reviewer: Jon
5 Stars
January 22, 2020
This was an amazing adventure! Saw more of the island than I did on 2 previous visits. Highly recommend this!
Reviewer: JoMarie Coburn
5 Stars
Fun ride. Great guide
January 02, 2020
We had a good time. 80% of the ride is on the road with traffic. Would have liked more off-road time. But overall we had fun
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Fun/Scenic Tour!
December 25, 2019
Our tour guide Dwight took us all over the island and took us to sights only accessible by ATV. The ATV's were in great condition.
Reviewer: Mike
5 Stars
ATV Adventure
September 29, 2019
This excursion was the best! Mike is the best tour guide anyone could ask for!! We went all over the island and got a little side ways off roading! Then Mike took great care of us on the beach!!
Reviewer: Jon U
5 Stars
August 29, 2019
The ATV adventure was much better than we hoped. The equipment was well maintained. The safety equipment was adequate and the guides were outstanding in helping the group tour the island. I will plan to do it again!
Reviewer: Milton Kawabe
5 Stars
Great way to see St. Martin😎🏍
July 30, 2019
My husband and I had so much fun on this almost 4 hr four wheeler excursion. We took a shuttle bus to our 4 wheelers. We were greeted by friendly staff and given bottled water. Our tour guides were Great, friendly and knowledgeable as well as entertaining! They gave us a safety talk and then we were off to tour the island. We traveled on main roads and also off road. The off road was hilly, rocks, inclines, and dunes. So much Fun!😁 We did make a few stops at beaches, and other points of interest! This was a fun way to see the island and what a beautiful island it is!🏝🌞 I would highly recommend this excursion for anyone that wants to see the island in a Fun way!😊
Reviewer: Anissa Pankratz
5 Stars
Great fun
July 29, 2019
My family of 4 did this excursion. We all had a blast! It was a great way to see the island. The tour took us to many locations on both half's of the island. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes the wind in their face and wants to see many locations on the Island.
Reviewer: Charles Sviland
5 Stars
ATV advenrure
July 23, 2019
Very much worth the price. It was quite a ride through the island. Very scenic, through town and off roads. Amazing. Also, a good amount of stops for refreshments, bathroom break and pictures. We finished right next to the beach for a final break and that was also very nice. Toyr guides were excellent. I had never ridden an ATV and I felt very safe.
Reviewer: Francis Urdanivia
5 Stars
Great time!
July 22, 2019
We had a great time riding ATV's and the people running it are amazing! They took care of us, we felt comfortable and safe all while having so much fun!
Reviewer: Christina Darcy
5 Stars
Great tour!
July 07, 2019
We had a great time! Enjoyed seeing the island by ATV!!
Reviewer: Leona lenaz
5 Stars
Great time
July 05, 2019
We had a great time would do it again
Reviewer: John Kiefer
4 Stars
Best investment in St Maarten
July 03, 2019
This was a great excursion, 4 hours of ATV riding around the entire island (27) miles. You visit two beaches and see every interesting aspect of the island. BEST excursion money could buy. Highly Recommended!!!
Reviewer: Jorge B.
5 Stars
ATV Adventure
June 15, 2019
This was by far the best experience we’ve had on an excursion!! So much fun!! It was a great way to experience the island! The tour guides were very helpful with the safety and they guided the tour very well. It was a surprise though that they took us to a nude beach! This was not the highlight
Reviewer: Kindra Robbins
5 Stars
Really Kool
June 03, 2019
Probably one of the neatest ways to see the Island. The only negative would be spending more time at the airport eating lunch. Other than that We Loved It!!!
Reviewer: Jimmy Smith
5 Stars
My St Martin's ATV Adventure
May 20, 2019
We had the best time. The best way to see St Martins. We stopped at several sites of interest, including Orient and Maho beach. The planes awesome, we got to see quite a few landing and one taking off. I would highly recommend this and definitely looking forward to going back to experience this excursion again :)
Reviewer: Debbi Ross
5 Stars
May 10, 2019
This excursion exceeded my expectations! We had such a fun day! The ATV tour went to both the French and Dutch sides of the island and you got to see so many different places! The tour guides were very nice. Definitely recommend doing this!!
Reviewer: Jen
5 Stars
Great first time experience!
May 05, 2019
I've never done ATV riding before but this was an amazing tour of the island! The instructors were very patient especially for the ones that needed it. Be advised that you do drive around on actual main roads of the island with other cars but the instructors make it safe for everyone and direct traffic. A stop at the airplane beach was pretty cool! Would definitely do this tour again.
Reviewer: Narisha
5 Stars
ATV Adventure - St. Martaan
April 24, 2019
This was super, we circled the complete Island which took 4 1/4 hours. Good value for the money. I would do it again.
Reviewer: Paul Cordingley
5 Stars
April 10, 2019
Extremely fun
Reviewer: Amantu Caldwell
5 Stars
March 28, 2019
My husband and I absolutely loved our tour on the ATV. The personnel we encountered were friendly, helpful, and pleasant. I'm thrilled for our next visit to St. Maarten. It was memorable
Reviewer: Lateisha Robinson
5 Stars
Enjoyable Adventure
March 27, 2019
This was an excellent tour but since the cruise ship arrived a little late, it felt a bit rushed. They used an opposite schedule so we did the off road part at the end. This was my first time on a ATV so it was a little challenging due to rushing. But I! had a fabulous time!
Reviewer: Robin E Ware
5 Stars
St. Maarten ATV
March 13, 2019
My family and I did this excursion in February. We had 3 ATV drivers and 3 passengers. We were led all around the island very safely. We also made a stop at Sunset Beach where the airplanes come in for a landing just above the beach. It was quite a sight. We enjoyed this excursion very much.
Reviewer: Norine Stachura
5 Stars
A great time on a beautiful island
February 27, 2019
We absolutely LOVED this excursion! Never having driven a quad, I ventured out of my comfort zone and booked two for me and my husband. Great move! We drove all over the island for 3+ hours, seeing beautiful landscape. We were supposed to stop more often for pictures, but a fire on the French side did not allow for that. Our tour guides readjusted, though, making the excursion well-worth the price. While all of the guides were super friendly and helpful, we were very impressed with “fluffy” who is 18-years-old and speaks 5 languages. Only two were taught at school. Smart and kind, this young man communicated with all in the group, jumping easily from one language to another. They provided safety gear and tips, blocked traffic, and kept us together, making this an excursion that we are booking for 6 of us in June when we return to St. Maarten. Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Kim Piekut
5 Stars
Atv excursion St.Maartin
February 01, 2019
Nice way to tour island,with stops at maho beach,orient beach etc,this tour was 95% road riding,with very short off-road section
Reviewer: Shawn king
3 Stars
Amazing shore excursion
January 28, 2019
I took my father on his first cruise and we decided to do this shore excursion so glad we did. Had a great time and saw a ton of the Island. Jacob was our tour guide and he was great would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
Reviewer: David Carlson
5 Stars
ATV adventure
January 18, 2019
What an awesome time!! Everyone loved the ride!! The two guys who ran the event were so outstanding. Stopped traffic for us, made sure all of us riders were safe and having fun. Definitely worth the money!! Tip the two guys who ran the show cuz they work hard to keep you safe.
Reviewer: Merrilee Keller
5 Stars
January 03, 2019
This expedition is a MUST DO! We had a fantastic guide (I hate that I do not know his name). We rode all over the island (French and Dutch side). The sights were breathtaking. The guide would occasionally pull over to the side of the road to share tourist information with us or to make sure we were all fine. We zipped all over the island, visiting 2 beaches and a shopping area. We had 30-45 minutes at each location to swim or shop. The food was delicious at the restaurant at our last stop. After returning, we were each offered a complimentary rum punch (or soda/water) for the kids. This was hands down the best way to see the island. Beautiful views with a guide who knows the ins and outs of where to take you. We will return and book this excursion again. Lots of bang for your buck....worth every penny. Check out the Candy Man inside the Dive Shop.
Reviewer: April Lewis
5 Stars
Excellent choice for exploring the island of St. M
December 24, 2018
This was my first ATV experience and one of the excursions I ever took. The guide was very helpful and professional. If you like to SEE and FEEL St. Maarten please consider the ATV Adventure. You will get to experience many beautiful views around the island, feel free and alive with the sun and wind on you skin. Enjoy!
Reviewer: Nelli
5 Stars
So much fun!
December 20, 2018
Booked this excursion thinking it would be a group shuttled to a rural location, led through a scenic tour on trails..SURPRISE! We were driven directly downtown with 2 other individuals who rode in the Jeep with the tour guide. My fiancee and I on our own ATV's, whipped and wound through streets, in city traffic on both the dutch side and french side. Wind in our face, Throttle WIDE OPEN on highways, immersive views of the island you dont see unless on a special tour. Stopped multiple times at beautiful beaches (caution the second stop was a nude beach) Our group decided to forego shopping at the french market but it looked really neat!! The group in the jeep called it a relaxing tour but we felt it was more of a white knuckle thrill! We had big smiles on our faces the entire time! We were told that it was due to the small size of our group but larger tours run a little slower, convoy style. All in all I would recommend this tour because of all the fun we had and the sights we saw.
Reviewer: ty hathaway
5 Stars
Amazing staff! Worth doing!
November 17, 2018
We definitely recommend this to anyone! It was a great way to see the entire island both sides! Our guide Mr. White was beyond great! Very personable and insisted to take our photos at every stop. Definitely do it!
Reviewer: Denia
5 Stars
September 30, 2018
My sister and I had an amazing time. The very best excursion ever!!! 💗Thank you. Your wonderful indeed!!! Omara😊
Reviewer: Omara
5 Stars
St. Maarten ATV Adventure
September 24, 2018
We had a great time on the St. Maarten ATV Adventure!!! We explored the entire island and even saw airplanes landing at the beach airport! Shore Excursions Group has been an awesome way to save money and have fun. We use it on every cruise we take.
5 Stars
ATV Adventure in St. Maarten
September 18, 2018
We were very pleased with this excursion. We rode approximately 37 miles over the island and the group was about 15-20 people. The tour was fun and was not as rough as one we had done through RCL in 2017. Would highly recommend this excursion. Lots of fun. When we returned back to the Dive Shop where the excursion began, we went to the beach behind it---a very nice beach as well.
Reviewer: Charlotte Hoff
5 Stars
Very good!
August 20, 2018
The ATV ride was awesome! My husband and I shared one and it was perfect for us! The tour took us all over the French side and the dutch side! Beautiful Island with amazing views! I would highly recommend! I would like the mention it says shopping however, that is in the beginning of the tour before you actually ride the ATV's so I would advice against going on the strip to shop prior to checking in right when you get off the boat until you check in with ATV ride and then do exploring on the strip. Also, it states one of the locations they ride to is the beach however, there was no actual time to spend in the beach. It was just a brief 5-10minture stop. Overall it was really great!
Reviewer: Jamie Williams
5 Stars
Grandmom and Granddaughter on ATV's
June 25, 2018
This was an excellent tour. We rode all around St. Maarten on the ATV's. The guides were wonderful. They stopped traffic in the round abouts so we could stay together. We stopped at all the must do sites. Will do this again.
Reviewer: mary Plummer
5 Stars
Fun adventure for a good price!
May 21, 2018
We really enjoyed our ATV excursion on St. Maarten, our leader was fun and very personable. We rode around the entire Island and we saw some beautiful beaches and some hurricane damage as well. If you enjoy ATV riding, then this is a good excursion to go on.
Reviewer: Lisa Peterson
5 Stars
St Maarten island tour
April 23, 2018
My family and I had a great time on this ATV tour. the guide did a great job keeping all of us together, as it was about 12 ATVs on the tour and he made sure other traffic let us all go and stay together on the main roads. when we booked it i think it said the tour was 2-3hrs? but it ended up being like 4 since we tours the whole island! it was very cool. and we made it back at least 1hour before we had to be on boat. Super fun tour! my wife and our 9yr old son all had a blast.
Reviewer: Terrance
5 Stars
ATV rocks
April 09, 2018
this is a must do excursion, if you love ATVs, off roading and adventure. Apache and the rest of the crew will take you through town and up the mountain where you'll see some great sights, take pictures and get some local knowledge as well. every time my wife and I visit, we make sure that is one of our stops. A++
Reviewer: Brad
5 Stars
ST. Martian
February 21, 2018
Had a good time, covered a lot of the area, 1 suggestion slow down & let people check out the area, give some commentary on the different areas & landscape.
Reviewer: ROBERT
5 Stars
February 18, 2018
The ATV excursion was a blast. I have a motorcycle but never rode a ATV and it was fun. It was only me and the guide but we circled basically the whole Island of St. Martin with stops on the beaches and a scenic view to take pictures...very much recommended and would definitely do it again! !!
Reviewer: Fareed
5 Stars