Jeep Safari

Bobbie Bubbles AMAZING
August 21, 2022
We started out running late but Bobbi and his staff jumped in and made everything so Amazing. The owner Bobbi bent over backward, drivers took us all the way around the Island. Seeing all the great sites and getting a real feel for the locals. Even took us to feed the Iguanas! If I could give them 10 stars I would. But don't be late! Advisors Book your clients here you will not be sorry!
Reviewer: Anthony Curtiss
5 Stars
Outstanding Excursion
July 01, 2022
This tour was by far the BEST excursion we booked during our cruise! Our tour guide, Ruben, was the greatest (funny, very knowledgeable, very personable, outgoing, etc.). We had such an amazing time and it was so nice & a great way to see the ENTIRE island of St. Maarten!
5 Stars
Had a good time
May 04, 2022
Ruben was great. I loved being taken all around the island. We could have bypassed the nude beach. I would not have missed anything. The jeep was comfortable. Ruben, Ruben.
Reviewer: Julia Thorman
4 Stars
Great way to see St. Maarten
February 19, 2022
This tour was a great way to see all of the island - both Dutch and French sides! There were only 2 in our group so we lucked out having the tour guide drive our Jeep which was nice and we didn't have to worry about driving. But the tour guide kept in touch with the other Jeep in our tour which followed behind us. The tour went all the way around the island to the French side. Highlights were Maho Beach where we got to experience Jets taking off and landing, and also watching luxury yacht pass through a draw bridge along our route where we got stopped. We had lunch (on our own) at Friars Bay Beach. Ended with Rum punches back at the tour office and some spare time to shop in St. Maarten before they gave us a ride back to the port. Great fun, highly recommend!
Reviewer: Everett O Williams
4 Stars
Shore excursion
December 28, 2021
Our driver (Andre) was excellent. We toured the Dutch and the French side of St Martin. He gave us the history of the island and we got to shop and go to a beach on both sides. The highlight was feeding the Iguanas. I would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Greg
5 Stars
A great way to see the entire island.
August 02, 2019
We were a group of 8, ages 80 to 16, and this was a great way for our family to spend a day on a beautiful island and experience the two different countries. There were a variety of experiences throughout the tour to provide interest and good breaks [a French bakery, a Fort, well known beach with airplanes taking off and landing closely overhead, wildlife stop, and more. Our guide, Latch, was fantastic. He kept the 5 different colored jeeps together with excellent communication with drivers via walkie talkies, guiding drivers thru rural roads and crowded city streets. Seeing the effects of Hurricane Maria and redevelopment efforts was also interesting.
Reviewer: Carolyn Schomer
5 Stars
Breath Taking
June 12, 2019
Mr. Latch the tour guide did an excellent job of taking us safely around the island. His knowledge and friendliness were welcoming and informative. We got a great view of the island from the scenic hills and he even took us to a couple locations he thought we would like, which we DID! Great experience.
Reviewer: Morgan Johnson
5 Stars
Jeep Safari Awesome day
May 29, 2019
We had the best day! The tour guide was amazing and he even surprised us with a stop at Maho Beach! He took us at the time when the larger planes were coming in! Highly recommend this! One of the best excursions we’ve been on.
Reviewer: Wendy Wood
5 Stars
Jeep Safari St-Maarten
May 24, 2019
Our tour guide, Latch, is an excellent tour guide, very attentive and kind! He showed us both sides of the island, geographically and culturally. We stopped by the Maho beach where we witnessed jets took off and landed! We recommended this tour.
Reviewer: X-T Mai
5 Stars
Great way to see both sides of the island
May 01, 2019
Latch was our excursion group leader. He was great. He was informative, answered all questions and had a wonderful outlook and attitude. There were 5 vehicles in our caravan and my husband drove “The Green Monster”, his normal vehicle, but due to the numbers of participants in each group, he ended up in an ATV leading the way. We hit many highlights including a group of friendly iguanas, Princess Julianna airport, a French patisserie and, sadly, so much of the island that felt the devastation of the two hurricanes that struck so hard two years ago. Happily there is a HUGE amount that has already been rebuilt and was under construction while we visited. The warmth, generous nature and spirit of the people was evident everywhere. Couldn’t be happier with the experience.
Reviewer: Bruce Porter
5 Stars
Fun and eassy way to see St Maarten
April 13, 2019
Had a great time exploring St Maarten by jeep. Our guide Latch was fun and informative. The beach after the tour was beautiful. And the drinks at the beach bar were a great way to end the day!
Reviewer: Lisa Keller
5 Stars
Really enjoyed our day
April 09, 2019
This was a family-run business and the owner was a fantastic guy. He does a great job making sure you have a good time. We got lucky and didn’t have anyone else on the Jeep safari our day so we got to move at a slower pace and stop numerous times to take in the island. Af the end of the day back at the shop we had a fun time chatting with the owner and employees. We shared some rum punch and then played on the beach. We got in a little shopping and then they dropped us back off at the port. We would definitely use this company again when visiting the island next time.
Reviewer: Brian
5 Stars
A fun day
January 31, 2019
A very nice way to see the island. Relaxing jeep tour followed by a nice beach with restaurants galore. I especially liked the open ended return to the ship that was offered. We could stay as long as we wanted to on the beach.
Reviewer: Hugo
5 Stars
Fun way to see the island
January 13, 2019
Our family of 4 really enjoyed this fun way to see the island. We enjoyed the stops, especially the iguanas&turtles. We liked being in our own jeep, using the walkie talkie&the steep roads.. Our guide encouraged us to ask questions but we would have liked more commentary e.g. he mentioned the hurricane several times but never told us anything about it. We were not impressed with waiting 40 minutes for one of the parties to arrive for the tour to begin. The same party got lost during the tour &we waited 20 minutes for our guide to find them. The instructions indicated that a rep would be waiting near the Information booth. We asked at the booth&were directed to proceed to the end of the road, to the white tents. This was not far but the instructions should have been accurate. At the end of the tour, our guide asked us if we'd like to be dropped off at the beach or return to the ship. We were very pleased when one of the employees joined us&drove with us to the ship.
Reviewer: Lisa Parsons
4 Stars
Jeep Safari
May 14, 2018
Our jeep safari excursion was very very exciting--the jeep was in excellent condition and it was nice that we got to drive the jeep ourselves--we followed the driver and he kept in contact through walkie-talkie's giving us info on the area--which we loved--we stopped at a few shops and then stopped at a delicious lunch place that had the most delicious fish tacos ever. All in all a great experience--they had a cute little shop that I bought some t-shirts--loved it
Reviewer: Cindy
5 Stars
Do not miss this Excursion
May 07, 2018
The jeep was great but that was not the best part. The crew took us everywhere on the island. Explained everything along the way. We stopped at the beach, went to lunch and even saw some off site revues. The crew all along the way stopped to take pictures with us and for us. The entire time we communicated by walkie talkie. The entire stall was so nice and helpful. We ended up with the jeep for about 6 hours. Don't miss this excursion!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Debbie Martin
5 Stars
Jeep Safari
May 07, 2018
Our guide was Dwight and he was terrific. Because we were the only jeep going, we got extra time on the French side and saw much more than what was scheduled. This tour is highly recommended. They were very accommodating and friendly. This another great tour by Costco travel.
Reviewer: Mary Miller
5 Stars
Jeep Safari
March 22, 2018
This excursion was awesome. Well worth the money. The tour guides were great, especially Denzel! He is the best! They did a great job of leading the group safely and blocking traffic for the group to stay together. I would do this again!
Reviewer: Sherrie Brown
5 Stars
Up close and personal: St. Maarten/St. Martin
February 23, 2018
We cruise every year and St. Martin is one of favorite islands. We wanted to see for ourselves the devastation of the hurricanes. This excursion, driving in open air Jeeps, was the perfect way to see it. It was heartbreaking, though we were also impressed at how far they had come in a matter of months. We will probably do it again next year to see the progress.
Reviewer: Gayle Green
5 Stars
jeep safari
June 01, 2017
jeep excursion was good
Reviewer: Keith Gotzmer
5 Stars
Excursion review Jeep Safari tour
May 01, 2017
We had such a great time! Ashby from Bubbles & Baubles was the best! We would recommend this tour! We had such a great time. This was by far our favorite excursion!
Reviewer: McCamant Family
5 Stars
Jeep Safari ride
February 14, 2017
The jeep safari was a great experience. Wish we had known however how long it was prior to signing up. We apparently were miss informed which messed up our time on the island and the other folks who were in the jeep.
Reviewer: tanya Barber
4 Stars
February 02, 2017
Great personalized tour. A little hard to find the guide. Needs a sign on his tent.
Reviewer: Pam Heide
5 Stars
Jeep tour
January 07, 2017
Enjoyed it a lot. We rode with the guide and that actually added a lot b/c of his knowledge of the island. Only negative was that our ship, Oasis of the Seas was never scheduled to dock b4 the tour was to start. Difference was ship time vs. island time. It was nice that the tour people waited on us, but we weren't the most liked people b/c those that waited. The tour info had a time for us to meet, but the ship was scheduled all along to be an hour after.
Reviewer: Eric Parker
4 Stars
Fun times!!!
December 01, 2016
We had great tour guide (Ashby) and with the top down and tunes up, we had a blast. Beautiful tour of both sides of the island and was very open to letting us stop for pictures whenever. It was like a private tour as it was just the two of us.
Reviewer: Missy S.
5 Stars
Fantastic Views & A Memorable Experience
November 11, 2016
My wife and I took this excursion with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Our guide (Ashby) was really knowledgable and took us to see some of the highest points on the island. We went on both the Dutch and French sides and got to see some "interesting" beaches. We stopped for lunch close to the airport and even had a chance to see airport beach and the excitement that comes with it. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to sightsee and really wants an education on the island and what it has to offer.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars