USS Constitution and Harbor Cruise

Both the Harbor and Old Ironsides Made a Good Day
October 15, 2019
Enjoy seeing the stately skyline of Boston, but when you get to the U.S. Navy Yard, you MUST get off to see Old Ironsides. You'll hear an announcement about the option to debark and get picked up an hour later, but it doesn't mention that this is where the USS Constitution is. Seeing the top of masts that we recognized, we ran to exit the boat just in time. Only 6 others did. Must be a way to ensure that Old Ironsides does not get overrun with too many tourists. Too bad for all those who stayed aboard to go directly back to Boston Harbor. The Navy Yards Museum and the Constitution (which was under repair when we were last in Boston) were wonderful attractions to have as memories at the end of our cruise. [Note: A taxi will cost 2 people $16, not $10, each way between the cruiseship dock and the departure point for this excursion. By waiting around to spot another couple wearing the same kind of lanyards as ours, we were able to trim the one-way cost down to $8 plus tip per couple.]
Reviewer: Sue Mortenson
5 Stars
USS Constitution Boston
October 01, 2019
We went to the USS Constitution. It was great to see "Old Iron Sides". We were able to go down into the ship and we were told all about this ship's history. It is a must for every visitor to Boston. The ticket booth is next to the Marriott Long Wharf.
Reviewer: Dr Steven A Wolman
5 Stars
What's not to like about a cruise?
September 09, 2019
The Harbor Cruise was very relaxing and interesting,but we were disappointed to find it did not include a stop at the USS Constitution as we had thought it would.
Reviewer: SHARAN G Perry
4 Stars
Very interesting part of history.
September 26, 2018
This is a great piece of history and definitely recommend visiting. My husband and I could visualize his father and my brother in laws working & sleeping on board similar ships like the USS Constitution while serving in the Navy. Wish we would have had a little more time to walk about town and hope someday to return to see more of the wonderful buildings and museums.
Reviewer: Billie
5 Stars