Boston Tea Party and Museum Pass

Very nice excursion but getting to it......
August 17, 2019
Boston Tea Party and Museum Pass we really enjoyed visiting it, however flagging or finding a cab to get there and back to the ship was awful. It was way to far too walk but once you get there you will enjoy the place it was very informative.
Reviewer: H. V. Thomas
4 Stars
First time in Boston
December 01, 2017
We enjoyed the tour. It was very informative and provided a fun way of providing a good insight into American history. Booking the tour was easy, and directions for joining the tour were clear. I appreciated the email reminder of the tour date.
Reviewer: Diana
5 Stars
Tea Party Museum
July 24, 2017
This excursion, was sincerely outstanding for my entire family, and mostly my 11 yr. old son is still talking about the museum. This was one of the highlights of the entire trip for him. The only thing that, in my opinion that could made this excursion easier, would be arranged transportation from the ship to the museum and back. Taxi's from the dock to the museum is easy, but a little rough to find one from the museum. With that being said, if you ever have the opportunity to visit this place, I strongly suggest you do. It is worth it.
Reviewer: Lenoard Rishkowski
5 Stars
A History Review
December 05, 2016
We thoroughly enjoyed our visits to both of these points of interest. The partial re-inactment was vivid and well played. I would recommend it to others stopping in Boston whether on board a Carnaval cruise liner or on there own. It's definately worth their time.
Reviewer: Lois Jarrell
5 Stars
Guide was Great
November 30, 2016
Our guide was very knowledgeable and very informed.
Reviewer: William Klein
5 Stars