Bay of Fundy Trail

Fun Day at Fundy
October 14, 2019
Excellent tour. Amazing to see flow in river reverse. Great guide and lunch stop for the best seafood chowder ever. Fun to walk out into the bay at low tide.
Reviewer: Frank Bonoff
5 Stars
Excellent, Personalized tour
August 13, 2019
We spent a wonderful day with our guide, Loren. He was more than willing to customize the tour to our preferences. With just five people in the group, we were able to learn a lot! At several points, Loren gave us choices about how we would like to spend our time along the trail. He shared his experiences having lived in the area his whole life which gave us nice insight to the area and the changes it has seen over time. We saw fabulous greenery, picked up wishing rocks, ate delicious chowder (which is why my husband wanted to go on this tour), and even saw the Canadian Coast Guard pick up crew at the lighthouse we visited!
Reviewer: Melissa Daniels
5 Stars
One of the highlights of our cruise
September 19, 2017
*This tour got off to a slightly rocky start because our ship was unexpectedly docked at a different pier. If this happens to you (if you end up at the "industrial" pier instead of the "city" pier), walk past the tent and out of the fence along the red walkway toward town and you'll find the tour company - OUTSIDE the fence. This was a great tour! We ended up on a private tour with just the two of us (while hordes of people were stuck on the ship's tour buses). Jeremiah took us to quite a few sites and taught us a lot of the history of the area. We walked on the rocky beach, hiked up to and inside the sea caves, hiked through part of the forest to beautiful falls, had a delicious lunch at a beach side restaurant, did some shopping, drove through miles of gorgeous scenery, saw the reversing falls. Highly recommended (we've already passed the info to friends for their cruise next year). Would definitely tour with this company again if we get back to the Saint John area.
Reviewer: Robin Schiltz
5 Stars
Bay of Fundy Trail
July 04, 2017
This was outstanding. The guide was so knowledgeable and so caring and went out of his way to give us an amazing and educational tour. He catered to our children and showed us wonderful sites.
Reviewer: Ellen Lewis
5 Stars
Wonderful Tour
December 14, 2016
Instead of being on a bus with 50 people, we wound up with a private guide, Annabelle, who took just the two of us to the Bay of Fundy. She had been a teacher earlier in her career so she did a fabulous job educating us that day. We stopped and had fish and chips/chowder and beat all the buses. Would highly recommend to anyone (even on a big bus).
Reviewer: Sally Dye
5 Stars