Highlights of Cephalonia and Wine

Perfect introduction to Cephalonia
October 02, 2019
Really enjoyed this tour. Tour guide was very easy to find at the port and we only had 3 people on our tour! Tour guide had a lot of interesting facts and made the ~30-minute ride to the cave much more enjoyable. Be sure to ask questions! Sometimes he's a bit shy :) The caves were really cool and beautiful. Plus, there's a nice little cafe up above that has good coffee and pastries. The church of Saint Gerasimo was very nice. A beautiful little church. We especially loved the flowers in the garden. The highlight was definitely going to the castle. The views were stunning and the history was very interesting. The wine tasting was nice. We tried 3 different varieties and ended up buying a bottle. It's a very unique flavor profile because this particular kind of grape only grows in this region. I would definitely recommend this excursion if you're trying to get a variety of experiences packed into a day!
Reviewer: Joseph Davis
5 Stars