Athens Introduction with Acropolis and Museum

November 10, 2022
Our tour guide was great. Group size was small and very manageable for everyone being able to hear and enjoy.
Reviewer: Johanna
5 Stars
October 23, 2022
Great excursion. Like small group.
Reviewer: Christine Savich
5 Stars
Great tour!
October 08, 2022
Our guide was fantastic and was very knowledgeable. Acropolis was busy as expected but it took a long time to get down be prepared to stand in line. The museum was interesting and not to be missed. Overall we were very happy with this tour. We would recommend it.
Reviewer: Laurie Young
4 Stars
The Best!
October 01, 2022
We were met at the pier, and learned we were the only ones on the tour -- and we're so glad Shore Excursions hadn't canceled it on us. Maria and Harris (the driver) were excellent!! We learned so much and had so much fun with the two of them all day -- from the Acropolis, to the tour of the town, and then a lovely lunch in the Plaka, and then the museum. We were thrilled they could drop us off at our hotel nearby (rather than going back to the pier) and Maria's recommendations for the next day on our own were perfect! Thank you so much--we loved our two days in Athens thanks to you!
Reviewer: Catherine Gerbracht
5 Stars
Must-See Tour in Athens
September 20, 2022
The Acropolis was amazing! The New Archeological Museum was breathtaking! Beautifully organized and brilliantly lit displays showcased hundreds of relics spanning centuries of ancient Grecian culture. Our guide was extremely informative, allowing us to enjoy the museum and the spectacular view of the Acropolis from the museum's second floor restaurant at our leisure. This tour should not be missed!
Reviewer: Dan & Pam W.
4 Stars
Athens Introduction with Acropolis and Museum
July 11, 2022
Be prepared to do a lot of walking on this tour. Guide was very knowledgeable, both sites are a must see if in Athens.
Reviewer: Dave Oppal
5 Stars
Great and Very Complete Tour
May 31, 2022
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She gave us much more than we expected. Although this was a small group tour, we were the only ones who showed up so it turned into a private tour and the guide and driver made it special. Much better than cruise line excursions.
Reviewer: Ron Seidel
5 Stars
Very nice
November 22, 2019
I loved this excursion very organized and our guide was wonderful!
Reviewer: Yai Valdes
5 Stars
Loved this tour!
November 07, 2019
We had the best tour guide! She led us all through the Acropolis, changing of the guards and her tour through the museum was incredible,
Reviewer: Patricia Somers
5 Stars
Excursion of Acropolis and the Museum
November 01, 2019
This was a fantastic excursion with a very knowledgeable guide. We could not have asked for a better day. We will definitely use The Shore Excursion Group again.
Reviewer: Denise Dinville
5 Stars
Great and Caring Guide
October 31, 2019
We loved Martina, her information and the fact that she cared after some lost participants, twice. She was educated and delightful!
Reviewer: Julie Schrag
5 Stars
Excursion to the Acropolis
October 30, 2019
The entire excursion was wonderful. The guide was so knowledgeable and his English was perfect. We were given audio headsets which made the excursion so much better because we could hear every word even as he spoke quietly in the museum. We would definitely book with and recommend the Shore Excursion Group.
Reviewer: Denise Dinville
5 Stars
October 28, 2019
Our guide on this excursion was number 1 Best guide. She was Very knowledgeable and very passionate about Greece and its history, she made the ruins of the Acropolis Museum come alive because of her enthusiasm
Reviewer: Ernie Dowsett
5 Stars
Outstanding value and wonderful guide!
October 28, 2019
Fabulous and funny guide (Domitris?.?jwith excellent knowledge of history..the early small group tour was excellent as we had no large crowds at Acropolis and Parthenon...beautiful tour and as advertised, good value here....climbing steps to Acropolis is arduous if you are not in shape, but take your time, the steps are gentle. Uneven cobbles in some places...the view of Athens is beyond description from atop !!
Reviewer: Susan Roberts
5 Stars
October 21, 2019
Wonderful tour, extremely knowledgeable guide. Enjoyed the small group.
Reviewer: Sherry Waters
5 Stars
Great Tour!
October 07, 2019
Loved our tour guide. Very knowledgeable. Everything ran so smoothly. Thank you
Reviewer: maren hansen
5 Stars
Day in Athens
August 31, 2019
We saw everything we wanted to see in Athens. Great tour!
Reviewer: Marianna Grieco
5 Stars
August 06, 2019
Very professional. We were the only ones to sign up, so we enjoyed a private tour, lead by a graduate of history, a private driver, in an SUV limo. We were able to head back to the ship after we had seen all that we wanted to see.
Reviewer: Shelley Ansiel
5 Stars
Solid guide, good logistics
August 03, 2019
The guide was knowledgeable, and the logistics well-planned to avoid the worst of the lines and crowds. Still, the Acropolis was extremely crowded. Even with a small group (9), you had to stay focused to keep track of your guide and stay with your group. Better to see the Acropolis early in the morning, before the cruise ships arrive.
Reviewer: David
4 Stars
Top points
July 20, 2019
Best of Athens in 1x day. My girls learned sooo much and loved the day. Amazing history and the guide taught us so much. She was teally passionate. Its very hot though, even for someone from Africa, and you are out in the sun. I would recommend umbrellas. Hats are not enough.
Reviewer: Marilette
5 Stars
Nice tour but HUGE crowds at Acropolis
July 05, 2019
Our guide did a good job of managing a tough situation. Crowds. A rest stop just before going to the Acropolis took almost an hour - the facilities were not all operational. Then the climb to the top took over an hour within a shoulder to shoulder, barely moving crowd. The tour group was separated during the climb but most were reassembled for some expanations of the ruins and the area around. The trip through the museum had to be limited to a description of a few of the most famous pieces. Too crowded and too rushed. Not the guide's fault, and she handled things well, but the tour should rethink the time constraints.
Reviewer: Carol Shepherd
4 Stars
Be prepared for quite a climb
June 11, 2019
Be aware that climbing up the Acropolis can be daunting due to the huge crowds and slippery stones. Wear shoes with good traction. And be prepared to be patient. Our guide was excellent. Note that you are given a 2-hour break between the Acropolis and the museum to go on your own to find lunch and/or roam the Plaka.
Reviewer: BLAZE Newman
5 Stars
Good Tour of a very crowded attraction.
June 10, 2019
We liked the quick meet up and the small group. We travelled in a van, which we liked better than the big busses used by the cruiseline tours. We had a nice overview of the city,stopped at an old stadium prior to the Acropolis. Our tour guide was knowledgeable . We had adequate free time to take pictures and walk around by ourselves. The Acropolis was crazy crowded, which for me detracted from enjoying it, but that could not be helped by the guide. We had a nice tour of the museum and then time in la Plaka. We were very satisfied with our experience. No trouble getting back to the ship with plenty of time. We took several excursions with Shore Excursions group, and liked them way better than the ones we took with the cruiseline. They were smaller and more efficient, with more personal experience.
Reviewer: Cathy Gellenbeck
4 Stars
Athens Introduction with Acropolis & Museum
June 06, 2019
We expected to meet our guide as we walked out of the terminal as it turned out they were waiting for us on the road as our guide told us that they were not aloud to wait on the terminal grounds. Our guide studied Greek history we were very lucky to have here she did a fantastic job. From the time that our tour started to the time the tour ended she never stopped giving us info. The Acropolis was under reno's so it makes you wonder how much is original. The museum was fantastic and was built over a archeological dig using glass flooring so that you could see the dig. The food in Placa was amazing. You could spend the whole day in the museum.
Reviewer: Robert Bunyan
5 Stars
Would Not Want To Do This On My Own!
June 03, 2019
Bus picked us up directly from our ship and we proceeded into town along the coast covering the 3 ports of Athens. We stopped in the first Olympic Stadium where we were given 10 minutes of time to explore, would have liked a bit more time here as there are tickets for the stadium, so if you want to run the track you need to be in and out quick. From here we headed to the Acropolis where there was nearly a million people. Luckily our guide held us all together and was very informative throughout the Acropolis tour. This tour alone was worth it for the convenience of getting into the Acropolis. Next we headed down to the Acropolis Museum where our guide showed us all the remaining artefacts from the ruins that are on display. After about a 1.5 hour guided tour in the museum we were given free time in plaka for the remainder. The tour met at its scheduled time and departed. The guide was very informative as he studied to be an Archaeologist which also made the tour more interesting.
Reviewer: Matt H
5 Stars
Athens Introduction with Acropolis and Museum
May 23, 2019
This was an excellent excursion. The tour guide was super knowledgeable - knew her history and was a patriotic Grecian. She gave us a lot of information at every stop through her mike and also gave us plenty of time to explore on our own. She made sure none of us got lost also. We visited many places in Athens and also got a city tour by bus. The Acropolis was spectacular and so was the follow-up museum tour. All in all, a great day being introduced to what Athens has to offer.
Reviewer: Sonia
5 Stars
Tour of Athens
April 23, 2019
Today we saw the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum. Our guide was Yotti. She was excellent. Her knowledge of Greek history was amazing. Our tour van and driver were great. We had time for lunch as well. This was a great choice of tours. We have been so happy with Shore Excursions as we travel abroad.
Reviewer: Linda Heaps
5 Stars
great time in Athens
March 18, 2019
it was an amazing day, small group, private driver, excellent guide, lots of knowledge! free time at the pantheon. very interesting day
Reviewer: leonie weeland
5 Stars
George T.
November 23, 2018
The tour was great. Our guide was excellent and made sure we saw as much of Athens as possible. I highly recommend this Athens tour!
Reviewer: George T.
5 Stars
November 17, 2018
This tour was needed as Athens is a big city and having a guide to go along was great. From the Port to city center is approximately 8 miles which unlike smaller port cities things are well within a walking distance; Athens is not. Our guide was very knowledgeable about history and current spots to visit while there.
Reviewer: Sam
4 Stars
Amazing History
November 15, 2018
Our tour was a great balance of walking to the Acropolis, seeing the Museum and having some free time. It is a ways from where we docked to the Acropolis area so the tour made it very easy for us.
Reviewer: Gary Ostby
5 Stars
Good Athens Overview
November 14, 2018
If you only have one day in Athens, this is a good over view tour for a very reasonable price.
Reviewer: Morris Passmore
4 Stars
Acropolis & Museum Excursion
October 29, 2018
One of the best! Excellent guide, adequate time to fully enjoy the sights.
Reviewer: Charles Owens
5 Stars
October 10, 2018
This excursion was more than that we expected. Our guide spoke excellent English . Great tour, fantastic guide, well organized operation . We would like to recommend the tour to others.
Reviewer: Teressa Brown
5 Stars
Good Tour
October 06, 2018
Our tour leader was very friendly and knowledgeable. She tool plenty of time to answer our questions and make the tour worthwhile.
Reviewer: WG
4 Stars
September 17, 2018
Excellent guide & tour. Guide skillfully helped us navigate the crowds. Museum very interesting - helped put everything we'd seen in context.
Reviewer: Pat Ross
5 Stars
Great one day tour
July 30, 2018
We were picked up in a bus and driven to the sights. The guide, Nina, was very experienced and informative. We had some guided time and some free time at the sites, which we enjoyed. We could have used a little more time in the Plaka because it took a long time for us to get lunch. Would probably choose a quicker lunch option next time.
Reviewer: Angela
5 Stars
Shore excursion
July 09, 2018
The shore excursion staff was AMAZING and we highly recommend our guide and drive. The van was very comfortable, clean and safe. The only dissatisfaction we had was the paper documentation describing where to meet. A map should be given for both terminals and a clear understanding of what to do if you arrive at A or B. The Shore Excursion staff - same company because logo was same - for travel excursions that other passengers arranged on ship was not helpful at all. They had the line of people and a card raised in the air. Our driver was there at the right time but as paperwork said go early based on what terminal you were at - all other groups were there with their guides in a line and we waited alone for a bit not knowing if we were at the right place. Again, our guide and driver more than made up for the rocky start.
Reviewer: Jen Duenhoelter
5 Stars
July 09, 2018
This excursion surpassed our expectations. My husband and I had a private guide who spoke excellent English and was able to provide interesting historical commentary. She was also sensitive to our need to move at a little slower pace than most guides.
Reviewer: Georgia Nivison
5 Stars
Athens Introduction to Acropolis and Acropolis Mus
June 11, 2018
We were extremely happy with the tour! Our guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. It was the perfect amount of structure for us and we would highly recommend it to others.
Reviewer: Stephen Healy
5 Stars