Exclusive Top Twenty Sites of Berlin

Great tour
July 21, 2022
One of the best tour we did on our Baltic cruise. Our tour guide was very professional and knowledgeable. Clean transportation and on time. Small group which is a plus.
Reviewer: Ruth Burns
5 Stars
Exclusive Top Twenty Sites of Berlin
December 17, 2019
the tour guide is very nice and knowledgeable the tour is better than expected
Reviewer: jiuping cui
5 Stars
Loved our trip!
October 27, 2019
Our guide was great. Very informative and knowledgeable. We felt like we got a great overview of Berlin. Lunch was great. Felt like we got a taste of Berlin.
Reviewer: Kaye
5 Stars
August 04, 2019
If you're into Berlin and the history, this is for you. We saw the remains of the wall and Checkpoint Charlie.
Reviewer: Dennis
5 Stars
Berlin one day tour
July 30, 2019
Excellent guide. Covers all the must see sights along with good guidance.
Reviewer: jiuping cui
5 Stars
July 15, 2019
Although the three hours drive to and from the port was long, the bathroom stops were at the right times and there wasn't a lot of chatter. The bus driver was great. He had to do some work arounds in the city because of an accident but we would not have known it unless they told us. The stops and sightseeing was great. We could take pictures through the windows that can be used in albums. Loved seeing such history and a good commentary by the guide. The lunch however was truly disgusting although my sister did eat it. I opted for dried out chicken.
Reviewer: Deborah Zack
5 Stars
Berlin Excursion
June 18, 2019
Great guide and comfortable bus. Loved the tour very much!
Reviewer: Jacquie Brown
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
September 24, 2018
This was an great overview of Berlin. Had an excellent guide who was very knowledgeable
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
Excellent Overview of Berlin
September 22, 2018
We took this shore excursion from our ship's port of Warnemunde because it provided transportation to and from Berlin. With the bus transit time we knew we wouldn't have but a few hours in Berlin. The bus was efficient though. Most notably, our superb tour guide covered a great deal of territory and topics in the time available. He was knowledgeable and organized, and we very much enjoyed his personal observations about life in Germany and Berlin. We experienced several shore excursions on our 9-day cruise, but this shore excursion was one of the most memorable. In addition to the bus transit to, from, and in Berlin, the package also included lunch. I would highly recommend this excursion to parties docking at Warnemunde.
Reviewer: David Fitts
5 Stars
2 Day Tour
September 03, 2018
Our tour to Berlin was great. Even though the bus ride is 3 hours each way from the port we enjoyed the tour and the sights of Berlin. Our guide was efficient, our group was smaller (the large group from the ship was divided into 2 groups at the Olympic Stadium). Our guide pre-ordered our lunch so it was ready when we arrived saving substantial time and allowing us to see more of Berlin. A great tour.
Reviewer: Ronald Hanks
5 Stars
Review of Berlin Excursion
July 30, 2018
Enjoyed seeing all the sights of Berlin. Very vibrant city. Excellent lunch was included. Very long bus ride. The woman tour guide was rude, unorganized, and not a good communicator. She spoke rudely about other members on the tour who were confused about the meet up spot. They were confused because her communications were poor.
Reviewer: Ed Connolly
4 Stars
Top Twenty Sites of Berlin
July 23, 2018
Overall a very good tour, our guide was very thorough, knowledgeable, and articulate. A few negative comments about the lunch served in the pub, most of us were expecting a more German type of lunch, sausage, for example. That’s a minut point, for sure, the tour itself was very good. Most of us thought maybe it was a bit rushed as we had very little time to see each point of interest. I would suggest starting the tour as early as possible in the morning. ,
Reviewer: Ken Adams
4 Stars
Very informative tour
July 23, 2018
It was a great tour of a beautiful cite. The guide was very informative. There were four people who were always late getting back to the bus. The guide tried to handle them as best she could. You could tell this frustrated her and it made some later visits very short. The city is extremely busy with traffic. The lunch was fantastic. Overall a great visit.
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
Long but great tour
June 25, 2018
The visit to Berlin was excellent, showed many details of the city, the guide and the driver where professional, the van was absolutely comfortable, the lunch provider was very accommodating not like the experience we had in Saint Petersburg
Reviewer: Leopoldo Kahn
5 Stars
20 sites de Berlin
April 16, 2018
Reviewer: Nathalie Blanchard
4 Stars
Berlin Tour
October 07, 2017
Excellent tour - fast moving and a knowledgeable tour guide. A bit far from the cruise ship but did really enjoy. Would highly recommend to others Fran Simmons
Reviewer: Fran Simmons
5 Stars
Exclusive Top Twenty Sites of Berlin
October 04, 2017
Most enjoyable visit. Long bus ride though. In hindsight we would have preferred the train.
Reviewer: John Agnew
4 Stars
Memorable Berlin Tour with Stefan Weise
July 22, 2017
The Monument to the Holocaust, the Victory Column, the Brandenburg Gate, Check Point Charlie, etc. – all of the sights were seen and toured in Berlin. This trip was very enjoyable and skillfully narrated by guide Stefan Weise of E-L-S. The nicest touch was the German lunch at a Bavarian style restaurant with a beer or wine. Also, credits to the bus driver for maneuvering in the Saturday traffic on July 1. It was easy to just get off our ship, and E-L-S’s bus was right there outside the terminal tent in Warnemünde. Bus was so comfortable that we napped the way home to our ship. The unexpected event was at the end of the tour in Berlin. We witnessed one of Berlin’s 5000 demonstrations per year near the Chancellery. That was something! More police than demonstrators, but Stefan kept us informed.
Reviewer: Douglas P & Julia A Keenan
5 Stars
Dream to return
July 10, 2017
Great tour. I have wanted to see Berlin since I was last there in 1988. What a change. The tour showed me everything I wanted to see, including checkpoint Charlie and the east sector where I was. Thank you. Excellent, and back in plenty of time.
Reviewer: Robin Walter
5 Stars
Berlin Top Sites with a Great Guide
June 05, 2017
Guide made the trip! She was very knowledgeable with personal experience living in East Berlin. The group size was perfect and we all fit in a mini van. We also enjoyed our meal. Highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Rebecca Ogle
5 Stars
Top 20 sites Berlin
December 02, 2016
We toured in a small van rather than a large bus. Drive to Berlin was 1 and 1/2 hours rather than the 2+ hours on a bus. Tour guide was very flexible and adjusted the length of the stops to suit our needs. Fabulous day.
Reviewer: Michael Borkovich
5 Stars
November 29, 2016
It was a long trip back and forth from the ship , but well worth it. The tour took us to all the sites we have heard about ver the years. Very educational!! The German lunch was excellent .
Reviewer: Edward Vanderleelie
5 Stars
Top Twenty Sites of Berlin
November 24, 2016
Our tour guide was Katharina. She met us at the pier in Warnemunde, Germany at the appointed time and we were off on a full day adventure to Berlin. Our guide was outstanding and would rate an A+. We enjoyed all of the sites and had time at the important ones for pictures and a bit of wandering around on our own. Katharina was personable and knowledgeable and always had time for questions. Insights from her own childhood in East Germany provided terrific perspective on the reality of life before reconciliation in the late 1980's. An outstanding lunch was provided and we arrived back at the port in plenty of time to embark and prepare for the next phase of our journey. All in all, we would highly recommend this tour to others and we commend Katharina for an outstanding job as our tour guide.
Reviewer: Wayne and Nancy Marino
5 Stars
Twenty sites of Berlin
November 12, 2016
Good tour
Reviewer: jyoti Malhotra
4 Stars
Very nice day with Shore Excursions Group
November 09, 2016
My wife and I were very pleased with the Top Twenty Sites of Berlin tour. We met the tour promptly as per printed instructions and our guide, Katrina, was simply wonderful. She was bubbly and animated without being annoying. Both her English and her knowledge of Berlin were impeccable. She had been born in East Berlin and told us some fascinating stories of her life there. Our group was small (13 people) which allowed us all to interact much easier than within a larger group. The bus was small and comfortable enough but had no bathroom and the first br stop was two hours into the tour (the ride from the dock to Berlin is about 3 hours).The lunch that came with the tour offered beer and pigs feet (better than I expected but don't intend to try it again anytime soon). We saw several 'must see' stops such as the remains of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate as well as some lesser known but nevertheless interesting sites. It was a terrific day!
Reviewer: Charles
5 Stars
Twenty Sites of Berlin
November 06, 2016
Katrina, our tour guide, was excellent! Vivacious, informative, energetic, smiling personality and demeanor made all the difference in the tour. She covered all sites listed on this tour, had a loud voice so we could all hear her, and provided a comfortable air conditioned bus. She even provided us cookies when we got on the bus, that's a first! She gave us time to see the sights comfortably and enough time to take our photos. Lunch was very good and different. Keep this tour guide, she was one of the best I've had on my tours! (This was one of the ""three port package"" purchased through United Cruises.)
Reviewer: Lillian
5 Stars
Great tour!
November 06, 2016
Tour was more than I expected! Great guide that gave wealth of information and shared personal experiences. Small group of less than 30 in a very nice coach we had plenty of room with most everyone having 2 seats to relax in. With out a doubt would book again.
Reviewer: John B
5 Stars
Berlin - Top Twenty Sites
November 05, 2016
Long ride - nearly three hours each way from ship, but worth doing. Our guide, Katrina, grew up in East Germany while it was under Communist occupation, and was superb. Our time in Berlin was carefully arranged to see the important sites, yet have an enjoyable lunch. There were only four of us guests on the van, and all was well done. Thanks.
Reviewer: Glen
5 Stars
Berlin Top Twenty
September 28, 2016
The guide made sure the group was able to view the listed sites. Time was given for a bit of shopping and exploring. Lunch was definitely German, though, remarks from individuals in the group indicated choice would have been preferred.
Reviewer: B. Johnson
4 Stars
Very good
August 25, 2016
Very good guides, knew our wants and very professional and gentlemenly.
Reviewer: Yezdi Batlivala
5 Stars
Very informative
August 24, 2016
Good tour and excellent leader.
Reviewer: Rosanne Ehrlich
4 Stars
Wonderful and Educational
August 22, 2016
We've traveled to many countries and taken many tours and THIS tour goes in our book as one of the top 5. Our local guide was interesting, knowledgeable, and best of all taught us powerful lessons and history through stories. I would recommend this tour company to everyone I meet heading to Berlin. I wonderful day!
Reviewer: Mark Given
5 Stars
August 20, 2016
Squeezed as much on as you can in one day! The tour guide was excellent, even though the weather turned awful!
Reviewer: Bruce Sanft
5 Stars
Berlin, Tallinn , st.petersburg,
August 18, 2016
We purchased the combined excursion for the above three destinations. The tours were very informative, the guides were excellent , the buses were clean and comfortable, And we even got lunches that were delicious and typical of the region. We will definitely book excursions through your company again.
Reviewer: Marsha
5 Stars
Fabulous Day
February 12, 2016
Our trip to Berlin was wonderful. Our guide shared so much information about Berlin and her life as a child in Germany that the time went past very quickly. The meal we had in Berlin was the best meal of our vacation. We would like to return to Berlin to go to that restaurant. It was great being in a small group. Being in Berlin was a moving experience. I would highly recommend this tour. We've taken 4 other tours with Shore Excursions and highly recommend this tour company.
Reviewer: MJ
5 Stars
Extremely Pleasant, Competent Guide Leads Interest
September 08, 2015
An excellent aspect of the tour was that the guide shared personal stories of her childhood during the time of the Berlin Wall. The guide was good-humored and knowledgeable, and kept to the schedule so as to include all the promised sights. The day was very hot and we were glad the bus was air conditioned and comfortable.
Reviewer: Historybuff
5 Stars
August 04, 2015
Long day but worth it to go to Berlin
Reviewer: Mary
4 Stars
Great Adventure
July 03, 2015
Great value for the money, was very pleased with the amount of places we visited.
Reviewer: Maddi
5 Stars
Fun Time
June 25, 2015
Very educational
Reviewer: Dee
4 Stars
Great way to see Berlin and it's sites in a day!
May 31, 2015
This was a wonderful shore excursion. The guide was well informed, knowledegable, professional. A couple of cons was the fact that she gave us instructions on meeting back after we exited the bus, etc., but could have easily been done while we were still on the bus and would have given us a little more time sightseeing at the destination upon getting off of the bus. We had to take a detour on our return because of flooding, I believe, and it was lovely to be on back roads instead of travelling the highway and seeing houses, farms, fields, etc. I would suggest this alternative on the return trip since it is a 3 hour bus ride and it is long and not exciting.
Reviewer: Mediterranean Mama
4 Stars
Interesting and excellent guide
October 04, 2014
The best is that we were only 12 people which is so wonderful having a small group as you always promise.
Reviewer: Ing
5 Stars
Excellent ride, guides andtour
September 16, 2014
Great ride, guides, and group size
Reviewer: Mike reviews
5 Stars
Berlin tour
August 26, 2014
Guide was very informative.
Reviewer: Old Traveler
5 Stars
Important historically, but a long trip
August 17, 2014
The restaurant used for lunch was not nearly as good as ones used in other cities The tour guide gave out a city map at the end - why not give it to us earlier in the trip? Too much time at the McDonald's roadside stop Tour guide was guite moving when he spoke about his experiences growing up in East Berlin
Reviewer: K&M
4 Stars
July 18, 2014
Reviewer: RAMESH
5 Stars
Well worth the drive
July 10, 2014
This was a very interesting trip. I loved seeing Check Point Charlie and the Berlin wall.
Reviewer: BDR
4 Stars
Great Tour
June 27, 2014
Great Tour Guide! I would have liked a little more time to shop for souviners in Berlin.
Reviewer: Just Me
4 Stars
Our guide was wonderful.
June 24, 2014
Our guide had grown up in East Berlin, so she was very knowledgeable. We covered all the sights I had wanted to see. I was in Berlin in 1972, so it was good to see the city booming.
Reviewer: Ann
5 Stars