Hop-On Hop-Off Total Corfu Tour

Dionisia - Hop on Hop Off Corfu
January 21, 2020
We had a exceptional time on the bus. We were able to visit the sites, do some shopping, eat at a cafe and take a dip in the waters of Corfu. All this in one day. Next time we would go on the bus and stay longer on the stops that were short.
Reviewer: Dionisia Tuscano
5 Stars
October 03, 2019
Five ships in port so Corfu was extremely busy. Tour was good. Line ups at all the stops were very long but just because it was so busy.
Reviewer: Rod
4 Stars
Great Experience/Value
October 02, 2019
Great way to see the region, highlighted by the tour of the Achillion Museum.
Reviewer: Ed Vigluicci
5 Stars
Very relaxing.
August 17, 2019
Our tour was on June 24, 2019. The Sightseeing tours was relaxing in itself. The tour management and the tour bus driver gave clear directions. They clearly pointed out the time & meeting place for the next bus. My only regret for this tour bus was their earphone ports, a lot of them were not working. So we just go by the scenery and google maps to find info on our location.
Reviewer: Mildred Alpuerto
4 Stars
Hop on Hop Off - Excellent
July 11, 2019
This was extremely good to get to go around and see quite a bit. We took the bigger tour so we had best of both Line 1 and Line 2 tours. and having the option to get off whenever and at different locations and get back on the next bus or a much later one which was usually 20 minutes apart was great!
Reviewer: Martin B
4 Stars
Good Overall Sightseeing
June 03, 2019
A great way to get an overall view of the area with limited time.
Reviewer: Alan Merson
4 Stars
Hop-On Hop-Off Total Corfu Tour
October 24, 2018
Fun way to enjoy this beautiful stop.
Reviewer: Audrey
5 Stars
Very Enjoyable!
October 09, 2018
Loved the choice of long or short tours. We did both. Also enjoyed walking across the pedestrian bridge and finding a great restaurant at the top of the hillside, overlooking the water and airport.
Reviewer: SG
4 Stars
Great way to see Corfu
October 09, 2018
This was a great way to see Corfu. We had plenty of time while in port to cover everything we wanted to see at our own pace. Go to the palace first and then switch on to the other route last. When you walk ove to get the other bus you pass some great little restaurants to stop for a bite.
Reviewer: Dianne and Harold
4 Stars
See a lot with not too much effort
September 18, 2018
Touring on a hop on hop off tour is an easy way to tour Corfu.
Reviewer: Ann Woleslagle
5 Stars
May 26, 2018
Great way to see city on short time
Reviewer: Eleanor Bean
5 Stars
Great view
May 21, 2018
The hop off bus is a great way to see a city. Very convenient and the narration that goes along is helpful
Reviewer: Donna Zumbrum
5 Stars
Very convenient
November 11, 2017
Hop on hop off was easy to get around town. Headphones provided for historic info about the island.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
Nice and Easy
September 29, 2017
Directly out of the Port we took the Red Bus. Very practical to see the importants sights of Corfu. Reasonable prices also! Go for it!
Reviewer: Edith BĂ©liveau
5 Stars
a good way to see a lot in a short time
August 23, 2017
Enjoyed the tour and the beautiful area. A great way to see a lot in a short time.
Reviewer: Ann
4 Stars
July 29, 2017
Too hot and humid to hop off but the commentary was quite good. Would try it again.
Reviewer: Pauline Cooper
4 Stars
Hop-On-Hop-Off Corfu Highlights Tour
July 17, 2017
Overall a good excursion. Getting off the ship there should have been someone there to explain that it was about a half hour walk to the tour buses. Although there was a free shuttle to the "gate" no one explained that the "gate" was the drop off point for entrance to the city. It was a very long walk in the heat.
Reviewer: Irene Maurice
4 Stars
Stayed on from start to finish
July 10, 2017
Nice bus ride with headset tour but seemed somewhat disconnected and confusing to what we were seeing. Nice scenerie
Reviewer: Ron & Donna O'Genski
4 Stars
A lot of fun and flexibility!
June 26, 2017
This worked really well giving us the flexibility to choose which areas and how much to spend at each. The bus operators were really helpful in giving site info for each stop allowing us to decide. It was really easy to find the office at the terminal and you can see the buses in the lot from the cruise ship. We really enjoyed Corfu! Just wished we had more time there!
Reviewer: DL
5 Stars
June 20, 2017
We were vey satisfied with this tour. Great overview of a beautiful city. Buses ran frequently and drivers were pleasant. If you only have a short window of time this is a good way to experience the city. Last stop before returning to port was fantastic! Definitely don't miss the shops, markets and cafe as food was good! Shop owners will bargain for lower prices.
Reviewer: Carolina girl
5 Stars
Excursion Travel Planners
June 13, 2017
This tour was nice. We could not get off the bus because it was raining. However we enjoyed the bus ride seeing the different views. It was pleasant and the head phones explaining the different places was really helpful. We went to the second floor of the bus but had to get down to the first floor because we were getting wet.
Reviewer: Reinaldo Garcia-Cruz
4 Stars
Quaint little island
January 19, 2017
Nice to drive around Corfu island and see the different sites....we stayed on the bus and went around twice to escape the rain. Got off and explored the little shops. Stopped in a bar for a drink....people are very friendly.
Reviewer: Karen Buttimer
4 Stars
Good tour
January 09, 2017
Having never been to Corfu, we were not sure of the availability of "Hop On/Hop Off" buses. Therefore, this was a good deal when booked from Costco. However, now we know that Hop On/Hop Off buses are available at most ports and consequently, can be purchased at quite a savings if done so at the vendor booths.
Reviewer: John Gardner
4 Stars