Corfu Past and Present

Corfu Past and Present Unforgettable Memories
June 15, 2022
The most memorable and joyful tour that we have been to. This was our second time in Greece. We were a family of 14 people different ages and everyone had a blast. Our guide Narine was amazing. She was so knowledgeable, professional, friendly so we all felt like we’ve meet a family member who was going out her way to make sure that we get the best of our tour. Narine took as to have lunch at amazing restaurant on the top of the hill with a breathtaking views. Most delicious food in Greece. We also had a best driver and comfortable Mercedes Sprinter just for our family of 14. Driving up in the narrow streets he was extremely careful and very considered of our safety. Thank you to Narine and her assistant driver 🙌. We highly recommend this tour to everyone.
Reviewer: Araksya
5 Stars
Wonderful tour!
June 09, 2022
Our guide made sure that we saw all the high points around Corfu! We had an absolutely wonderful time and a beautiful day. It was the best tour of our cruise.
Reviewer: Jane Varghese
5 Stars
November 26, 2019
We had a group of 8 in the van. The driver (guide) was upbeat and cheerful and gave us a delightful day in Corfu. We had plenty of time at the stops to visit the site and take pictures. The commentary from the guide was well presented and informative. I would surely recommend this tour with this guide
Reviewer: Joan Szczepanski
5 Stars
November 25, 2019
Our tour was as great as could possibly be expected considering the rain and wind! Ines clearly loves her adopted home and wanted desperately to show us everything she possibly could. We had a great tasting of Greek food, ouzo and a pastry, but it was too rainy to walk around the old town. She was fantastic in the breadth of knowledge, charm and enthusiasm.
Reviewer: Monica
5 Stars
Corfu Past and Present
November 24, 2019
Great tour, guide and top spots to see. The boat trip to the caves was very enjoyable. Our guide was full of energy. Shame the same couldn't be said for the service at the hotel manager/staff where we stopped for the wine and apps break. That was the only negative on a great tour of Corfu
Reviewer: Margaret Baker
4 Stars
Super nice
November 22, 2019
I loved this experience. Very organized and the guide super nice and accommodating!
Reviewer: Yai Valdes
5 Stars
Corfu Past and Present
November 14, 2019
We enjoyed our guide. She was very informative and proud of her island. We opted to do a short boat excursion to see the caves and that was fun as well. A great day!
Reviewer: Julie Kaal
4 Stars
Corfu Past and Present
November 11, 2019
One of the best tours we have been on. The scenery was spectacular! The tour guide was knowledgeable, friendly and thoughtful. She was so passionate about her home island and provided good value options for activities and shopping.
Reviewer: Donna Gomes
5 Stars
Corfu Past and Present
October 24, 2019
Great day. Great views and sampled the local food and drink.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lord
5 Stars
One of our best excursions
October 15, 2019
Our tour guide was very knowledgable about the area and all the questions we asked. It was nice being able to walk around and really see and experience things rather than just sit on a bus and look out the window. Our favorite stop was at the beach and taking a boat ride!
Reviewer: Jason Leeder
5 Stars
Charming Corfu
October 05, 2019
Corfu is magnificent and the tour, most exciting! For navigating narrow winding roads, enjoying fine food and Ouzo after an early morning speed boat tour( not included) of the local bays The tour was well managed, relaxed and well worth it
Reviewer: Roger Comfort
5 Stars
Great Excursion
September 30, 2019
Really enjoyed the day. We were taken to a wide array of areas in Corfu. We were able to sample some local cuisine and saw the island from great heights. There is a rich history. Also liked walking through the town.
Reviewer: Leisa
5 Stars
August 09, 2019
We really enjoyed this tour and our tour guide Maria. It ended up being a very hot day so she gave us the option of going up to the monastery at the top of the mountain or doing a boat tour along the island and seeing the grottos. We all decided on the boat tour, the water is the most incredible colours of blue. In the grottos the water is such a beautiful bright blue with pretty white stone all around. We could see fish and some of the coral. Lakonnes is up the mountain, we went to a restaurant for a Greek snack and drink. It had the most incredible view over part of the island and bays. The shop we went to with the kumquat liqueur was really neat as well, they had many locally made items, snacks, olive oils and spice mixes. Definitely a good tour
Reviewer: Jennifer S
5 Stars
Corfu Past and Present
July 28, 2019
Tour Guide excellent, beautiful views
Reviewer: Enid Mitchell
5 Stars
Excellent views
July 20, 2019
Great tour! We took a boat ride to explore the caves..the cost was extra and I think it should have been included with the tour personally. Took a ride up to a nice little restaurant to have a light snack and see the beautiful views of Corfu. Didn't get to spend much time in the shopping areas one too many stops along the way. The roads are extra bumpy so I recommend taking some form of motion sickness medication. Overall I enjoyed the tour and would consider doing it again.
Reviewer: Shanette Nobleton
4 Stars
Good tour but unnecessary stop.
July 15, 2019
The tour company provided a comfortable bus with a limited WiFi connection. The tour guide lady was informative but difficult to understand sometimes. In the middle of the tour we stopped by a rural/ local products shop ( set up for tourists) where we spent way to much time. I would rather have more time on the Corfu downtown area (last stop of the tour) where there were plenty of things to see and do and we only had about 30’ instead of that tourist shop in the middle of nowhere.
Reviewer: Kathy
4 Stars
Pretty Coastal outlooks
May 17, 2019
While our guide was very knowledgeable and personable our driver and vehicle were very good the tour was not as we expected. The first stop was the township where we had 40 minutes free time after a 10 minute overview, followed by a choice of monastery or cave stop, our group chose the monastery which was well worth a visit, then a stop at the highest lookout, point hotel accompanied by a light tapas, the vibe here was not too welcoming the scenery and view we however fabulous, finally a stop at local olive merchants which was really rushed.
Reviewer: Lynda Cassidy
3 Stars
Corfu is Beautiful
May 05, 2019
The island of Corfu is beautiful with green, blue and turquoise water. The mountains and hills are spectacular and the culture is warm and friendly. The only critique that I had was that the tour guide, while knowledgeable, was a bit overly dominant, making the tour a bit uncomfortable at times.
Reviewer: Ann Bateman
4 Stars
May 01, 2019
Fantastic excursion and thoroughly enjoyed it. The tour guide is very knowledgeable and gave us clear details of the entire trip, and yet made it very interesting & enjoyable. Love it.
Reviewer: NANCY TAN
5 Stars
Anne Marie made this tour special
April 12, 2019
We really enjoyed seeing Corfu and learning about the life and culture of Corfu from our tour guide, Anne Marie. Her anecdotes really made the tour great. The incredible views of the coastline, traditional lunch, and the monastery on the hill top were highlights for me.
Reviewer: Lucia Wojtyniak
5 Stars
Remarkable scenery
December 06, 2018
great ride into the mountains and small towns
Reviewer: Dale L. Theiling
5 Stars
Interesting tour with a knowledgeable guide
November 13, 2018
The guide met us in the terminal in Corfu and clustered all participants together. After a short wait, we went to the mini bus and toured the newer parts of Corfu, a resort area and hillside restaurant and then we went to the 'old town' for a walking tour of a very interesting area. There were many shops selling a variety of goods. The old town was very clean and also very busy. It was quaint and the guide gave us a historical summary of the area. She was easy to understand and was very good at keeping us together. She provided us with options at the end of the tour which allowed those who wanted to have more time in the area to do so and the others to return to the ship. We were very pleased with this tour.
Reviewer: Larry Ciglen
5 Stars
Beautiful & Fun!
August 27, 2018
This tour was a lot of fun and really educational without being too heavy-handed. It was a great blend of walkable self-exploration and guided bus tour. The views and sights are absolutely breathtaking. The Greek snack and views were the highlight, with a fun tour to the Kumquat distillery. Good blend of events that would be hard to come by anywhere else. We were a bit crunched for time (due to extenuating circumstances outside of our guide's control), and weren't able to fully take advantage of the Old Town. Would recommend cutting some of the monastery exploration time to make sure each stop was well-rounded. Would definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Mollie Clark
4 Stars