Hop-on Hop-off Helsinki Highlights Tour

Good value if you have limited time
July 16, 2019
The bus was waiting right by our cruise ship, and provided seamless access to the city. We got off at several stops. This was an easy and effective way to get around he city in the limited time we had. The buses ran frequently and were clean with properly functioning headsets. The buses were much newer and nicer than the hop on hop off buses run by the same company that we tried in another city in Europe.
Reviewer: Mark
5 Stars
Tour around Helsinki
July 01, 2019
Bus was easy to get to from cruise dock. Rode bus all the way around first time and stopped where we wanted to the second time around. Free headsets were easy to use and understand. We had a interesting glimpse of Helsinki. We were able to get off where we wanted to without a problem. Short wait to reboard bus. Buses were running about every 20-30 minutes. Buses were clean.
Reviewer: Jean RePass
4 Stars
Very Good Choice!
September 21, 2018
The Hop On, Hop Off bus worked out extremely well especially as we had pre-planned our stops before our visit to the city. I was particularly happy that despite the Ticket Voucher stating that the tour did not start until 3 hours after our arrival, the shuttle bus was waiting at port upon our early de-boarding even before the stated start time. My only complaint was that the pre-recorded guided narrative was very nearly non-existent as most of the ports for ear-buds either operated poorly or not at all no matter what bus we used. But our main objective - to visit the city were we wanted, was perfectly met!
Reviewer: F Miller
4 Stars
Unsurprising Self-Guided Excursion
August 20, 2018
Understandably, we were on our own in the city. The tour company staff were very helpful at the cruise port and in the town square, as were the bus drivers. The earbuds are helpful but are one-size-fits-all (bring your own, if possible). The tour covers well the few places of tourist interest the city has to offer.
Reviewer: Dilip Rao
5 Stars
July 30, 2018
No complaints. I was able to get off and visit places of interest and then get back on another bus.
Reviewer: Mary Paulette Lollar
4 Stars
Hop on and off experience
January 08, 2018
We already had friends in Helsinki so the Hop on and off was a great way to meet up with them and then go around and see the city. Great when it was drizzling to get out of the rain and then when sun out, great to take top off the bus and see the sights! Get to see more in a short period of time and spend more time where you want.
Reviewer: Scarlette Owens
5 Stars
Great Time
August 08, 2017
We were on a cruise ship and had limited time. We did the hop on hop off busses at most of our ports and we found this one to be the best. We got off at a flea market and had a great time shopping for bargains. Then we went to the Market Square which was another great place to shop or eat. Very interesting and the people were to nice. Easy time getting a bus here, not too crowded.
Reviewer: Barbara Paymaster
5 Stars
July 20, 2017
Hop-on/off bus toor was convenient and easy to find our way to the important sites. Confusing that there are two bus tours with same name but now know the difference. Audio was sometimes garbled
Reviewer: Colin Willmott
4 Stars
Helsinki Highlights
June 13, 2017
Four of us did this tour and all thought it worthwhile. Pickup location was good and the tour was good. The stone church was awesome.
Reviewer: Lois Lafek
4 Stars
Good choice
May 31, 2017
We had a great, informative time in Helsinki via the Hop on Hop off buses.
Reviewer: Larry
5 Stars