All About Mussels Tour

Fantastic- just Fantastic
October 17, 2019
I have taken many tours from cruise ships over the years, but this one ranks among the best. We were picked up at the dock next to our cruise ship and were then taken on a private boat. It was a 17 foot boat with an English speaking guide and captain. We went over to a private island but the next stop at the mussel farm was amazing. You talk about grass roots, we met locals, at this fish camp type of place. Our hosts prepared the 2 pound of mussels in a black pot over a wooden open fire. The plate came with delicious garlic bread, for soaking up the juices and a full jug of homemade white wine. Well worth the money spent for this tour. Highly recommended
Reviewer: Tony Bonvini
5 Stars
Simply Scrumptious
August 24, 2019
The boat ride to Lady of the Rocks was swift and smooth. Time on Lady of the Rocks was ample and unhurried. The meal of mussels and wine was a distinct change for the cruise ship. And the guide was quite informative and gracious.
Reviewer: Jim Young
5 Stars
Best tour of the cruise
August 22, 2019
This tour was great. Our guide, Daniel was superb. Stayed with us the entire time and gave out some great local information. We had a blast. Don’t miss this exciting adventure in Kotor. The mussels we ate at the end of the tour were the freshest and best I have ever had. We did drink a little too much wine. Make sure you check out the toilet at the mussel farm.
Reviewer: Marc Z
5 Stars
All about Mussels tour
August 27, 2018
This was our favorite tour. The food was delicious and it was a beautiful, enjoyable day. We were also able to swim and kayak.
Reviewer: Nancy
5 Stars
A dimond in the rough.
August 25, 2016
As the picture depicts, we arrived at a beach area after cruising through a field of orange buoys to which the mussel nets were suspended and then on to shore. We were directed to a covered patio with 4 tables and benches then given a quick tour of the facilities and introduced to the staff. Shortly there after, we were given some bread and a bottle of outstanding white wine. Before we knew it, our host had placed the most beautiful pan of mussels and lemon wedges on our table. The aroma was wonderful and after tasting my first few, I was certain that I have never had mussels as fresh and tasty as these. After devouring that pan and being very satisfied, out comes ANOTHER pan of mussels. The wine was great, the mussels delicious, and we were stuffed. This excursion ""All About Mussels"", was truly a diamond in the rough. Our small group highly recommends this excursion through Shore Excursion Group as one of the best.
Reviewer: Maurice Fykes
5 Stars