Half Day Tour to Piran

Pleasant excursion
December 12, 2019
Piran was a pleasant seaside village. There is no guided tour just time on your own.It is probably delightful in the summer. Our tour was in November and it was a cold, cloudy day with showers. Despite the fact it was a was a weekday, most of the stores were closed and there were few people around. We took shelter in the Maritime Museum which turned out to be quite fascinating once you get thru the boring first floor. Upstairs there are excellent displays on the history of the merchant seaman and the Navy. A separate room is an excellent display of marine artifacts from the Roman era.
Reviewer: Carolyn
4 Stars
Wonderful tour to Piran
December 02, 2019
Our tour guide was excellent and full of information on Slovenia and the local delicacies. We only had 8 people on our bus. We had plenty of time to tour Piran on our own. I would highly recommend a visit here!
Reviewer: Lisa Wilmott
5 Stars
Half day Tour to Piran
November 15, 2019
An excellent tour with a very informative guide. A beautiful trip. The guide needs to be commended.
Reviewer: Xavier Fernandez
5 Stars
Half Day Tour to Piran
October 14, 2019
This was a wonderful tour to Piran from the cruise port. We had 2 hours to visit independently. The guide gave so much information regarding the country of Slovenia. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Lisa Wilmott
5 Stars
October 03, 2019
Got to see some beautiful countryside and the village of Piran is very beautiful. Tour guide told us a lot about the history of Slovenia as well as details of the current progress of the country.
Reviewer: Rod
4 Stars
Nice bus tour and nice walking tour on our own
September 17, 2019
We were pleased to see a significant amount of the country in Slovenia. It was beautiful and the commentary described it well. Piran was quaint and clean and pretty.
Reviewer: Susan Rowley
5 Stars
Nice views from the bus
August 30, 2019
Piran is a lovely town to walk around with fantastic views from the wall. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable about Slovenia on the drive. Glad we took this tour!
Reviewer: Liisa Stevens
4 Stars
Visit to Piran
June 14, 2019
We took our granddaughter on a cruise on the Adriatic, and this was her favorite excursion. Our guide was very passionate about his country and it's history. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour!
Reviewer: Robert Wibright
5 Stars