The Best of Malaga

Excellent tour guide
November 27, 2019
We enjoyed the bus ride to the sites. The guide spoke English well and was knowledgeable. Timing was perfect.
Reviewer: Lee Innocenti
5 Stars
Lots to see in this walking tour.
October 23, 2019
The instructions were very clear on where to meet our Malaga A Pie tour guide, and to look for the orange shirt and umbrella. I like that, make it easy. We found the meeting place, and the other tourists waiting for the guide, no problem. We even found our guide easy enough, despite that he didn't have the orange shirt or umbrella. I enjoyed the tour, my spouse thought it was more strenuous than the description suggested. The description we read said no wheelchairs but walkers may be accommodated. We had no walkers in our group. Good thing, I think there were too many stairs and ramps. I suggest you avoid this tour if require a walker, or a lot of stairs is a concern. I liked the tour, and the city of Malaga.
Reviewer: J Carlson
4 Stars
Wonderful Seaside City
June 06, 2019
We took the walking tour of this beautiful city. Everything is close to the port. Our guide was very knowledgeable but tended to ramble on and on.
Reviewer: Marc Kanne
4 Stars
The Very Best In Tour Guides
May 09, 2019
Tour guide was excellent.
Reviewer: Barbara hunt
5 Stars
Excellent Guide-- so-so logistics coordination
March 31, 2019
We did the 3hr walking tour with Malaga a Pie. The meeting place at Plaza de la Marina tourist info center was easy to find. About 1/2 hour after the scheduled time, our tour began. Our guide, Tanya, was fantastic. She had an engaging personality & strong English skills. Her pace was perfect. She adeptly avoided large crowds and gave us sufficient time for taking photos without lingering too long at any one site. She provided perfect overviews of each site, & could provide more detail for those who wanted to learn more. Tanya maintained a brusque walking pace to keep ahead of the other tour groups, which we appreciated. Toward the end of our tour, we combined with another tour group. This was a bad decision, logistically. The meeting point was poorly coordinated & resulted in another delay. The larger group made it more difficult to keep us all together. It would have been better to keep the tours separate & group sizes smaller. 6-10 people seemed like the sweet spot.
Reviewer: Scott Moreland
4 Stars
Beautiful city
December 10, 2018
The instructions of where to meet the guide were very clear. Candy arrived on time and we had a wonderful walking tour of this beautiful city with her. She was full of interesting information and she was charming. We totally enjoyed this tour and highly recommend it. We even stopped at Antonio Bandaras' bar to try the local sherry.
Reviewer: Barbara Westervelt
5 Stars
Tour Guide was very knowledgeable
December 06, 2018
This was better than I had expected. The guide knew her history and pointed out all sorts of thing we would have missed on our own. Even threw in some humor. The only reason not 5 out of 5 stars is because they did not force people who could not walk to stay behind. This was listed as a strenuous walking tour but some inconsiderate people who could barely walk slowed us down and even yelled at the guide. Some body should have made them stay behind or suggested they not even come. Not sure how to prevent this unless a waiver signed before hand stating they will be left behind if not capable of doing tour.
Reviewer: Don McCauley
4 Stars
Family Cruise
September 19, 2018
We were met by our guide outside the port terminal and we were lucky enough to have a private tour for our 5 family members. Our guide listened to what we were interested in seeing and adapted the tour to our requests. We spent time at the Alcazaba and were able to avoid the crowds. Great experience and highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Barbara Leedom
5 Stars