Exclusive Aix En Provence and Marseilles

Fantastic Tour Guide for Aix En Provence and Marse
September 25, 2022
This was a great tour of a beuatiful citys. The major reason was our tour guide.The tour occured on 8/26/2022 at 3pm, unfortunately I can not remember the tour guide name. Information about the towns and surrounding area was fantastic. The tour guide took his time in expalaining in great detail all of the information. It was also obvious that he enjoyed his job. During the tour he gave us time on our own to explore which was great. The directions he gave made sure we did not get last. I would say this tour is a can't miss. Sure Excursons should never cancel this tour from their tours.
Reviewer: Jacob Howard
5 Stars
Small private tour
January 29, 2020
This was a small and intimate tour which included our family of four and another couple. Private vehicle and tour guide. First part of the tour was guided and the second was on our own which gave us time for a relaxing meal and time to stroll the markets
5 Stars
Very Nice Excursion!
September 27, 2019
Our cruise line stopped at Marseilles and I was not overly interested in visiting that city ... so I booked the Aix trip. Aix is a beautiful little city in Provence and it truly captured our hearts. The town is picture perfect with upscale shops and inviting bistros lining the streets. The tour basically is a bus ride to Aix and then free time to do as you wish. Then, on the way back there is a stop to the Cathedral Notre Dame overlooking Marseilles. The cathedral is absolutely stunning and the views of the city below are wonderful. The only negative is that there was a good 10+ minute walk (close to a mile) from the ship to the bus. My girlfriend has MS and struggled with this walk as did some of the older people on this tour.
Reviewer: Doug Hindman
4 Stars
September 07, 2019
Loved the architecture, wide, leafy streets and cafes. Plenty of free time to explore. Lots of fountains and amazing visit to the basilica.
Reviewer: Kenneth Buchanan
4 Stars
Fascinating and Personalized Trip
July 15, 2019
Great tour guide. Found Aix En Provence to be polarizing different customer service wise - had a horrible experience and an awesome one! Great small town with many dining/drinks venues. Delicious candy!
Reviewer: Iva I Ivanova
4 Stars
Pretty Place
June 28, 2019
Tour bus was very nice and comfortable. The sites in France were beautiful. We did have plenty of free time to go shop and eat lunch on our own. The reason I did not give this a 5 Star was for several reasons. First, we were supposed to stop to see several spots to take pictures and the tour guide chose not to have the driver stop even though other buses were moving. When asked about the importance of these places by another guest the guide said “Im here to show you my country not give history lessons” ! This was a nice tour don’t get me wrong I fully enjoyed it bc had a lot of alone time to explore. Also, on this trip you go to this church St George and it is beautiful !!!!!!! The pictures you get from the top of the church are breath taking . You can see all of the Towns and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea! You also do a ton of walking and climbing flights of stairs to get up to the church . Very enjoyable tour over all!
Reviewer: Krista Clavecilla
3 Stars
Aix En Provence and Marseilles
June 21, 2019
Good tour with a very knowledgeable guide. Two plus hours in Aix at lunch time and then return to Marsellies for a tour of Notre Dame de Garde.
Reviewer: Paul J Tantalo
4 Stars
June 17, 2019
absolutely fantastic our guide made the day
Reviewer: greg cooke
5 Stars
Great concept, poor guide English skills
June 09, 2019
The itinerary was great: 2 places in one stop. The guide's English however was worse than the driver's. For that reason the information we got was very limited. Both places are very beautiful though and definitely worth visiting.
4 Stars
January 24, 2019
This tour was one of my least favorite. Saw some historic buildings and had a good time walking among the people but it just didn't ring my bell.
Reviewer: Marvin Williams
3 Stars
Exclusive Aix En Provence and Marseilles
November 22, 2018
This was a very good excursion showing us the highlights of this part of France.
Reviewer: Nick Ewanchuk
4 Stars
En Provence and Marseilles
October 24, 2018
Delightful in every respect (except the walk to the bus).
Reviewer: Audrey
5 Stars
Enjoyed the tour
October 12, 2018
We truly enjoyed this excursion. The tour guide is very friendly and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Wendy Chai
5 Stars
Enjoyable day
October 05, 2018
We thoroughly enjoyed our day touring Marseilles and Aix En Provence. Our guide Laure was very knowledgeable, a good driver and thoughtful of our needs. She graciously offered to find a place for lunch and stayed with us to assist us with the menu selection. There were no concerns with returning to our ship on time. Laure kept a close watch on our schedule ensuring we had lots of time to explore but still getting back to the ship with time to spare. Over all a great experience which we would recommend.
Reviewer: Judy
5 Stars
Enjoyed the tour
October 01, 2018
The tour guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous.
Reviewer: Wendy Chai
5 Stars
Exclusive Aix En Provence and Marseille
August 27, 2018
Beautiful sites and guide was good. Just enough time to shop on our own.
Reviewer: Nancy
4 Stars
A Lovely, Full Day
July 23, 2018
Our guide, Emmanuel (sp?), was prompt and courteous--got us to Aix in plenty of time to wander the streets at our leisure and to each stop in Florence with enough time to check everything out before pushing on. We were back to the ship with time to spare. From what little I saw of it, Marseilles really is the type of place that you need a tour (or a few full days) to properly explore. Everything is very spread out, and getting up to Notre Dame de la Garde is no joke. Very much enjoyed all of Emmanuel's insight during drives, and I think the day was a great mixture of at-your-own-pace exploration in Aix and more structured stop-hopping in Marseilles. I do wish the guide had actually accompanied us during some of our time at the Basilica or in Aix--he mostly stayed with the car or did his own thing while we looked around. Loved the freedom, but it would have been nice to learn more about some of the bigger sites. Overall, a great experience.
Reviewer: Townsend
4 Stars
Good Value
June 25, 2018
Bus trip to Aix En Provence was speedy and efficient. The guide gave us some basic info on AEP and as this was not a guided visit, we set off on our own based on her earlier guidance. Marseilles was a bus tour an trip up to the church on the hill, where you have a great vista. Traffic was tough but our driver did a good job.
Reviewer: Jeffrey Hine
5 Stars
May 30, 2018
This tour person took us to Aix en Provence and then to Marseille and to the Notra Dome church. He explained about the areas but didn't personally walk with us to the different points. We were on our own.
Reviewer: Linda Robinson
4 Stars
Aix En Provence and Mareilles
May 22, 2018
The walk to the bus was much too long. The tour of the cities was interesting and we were given free time in an open market.
Reviewer: Brent Dobbs
4 Stars
What a surprise
November 13, 2017
Aix and Marseilles were beyond our expectations. Great tour and wonderful tour guide. Highly recommended
Reviewer: Peter J Jerszynski
5 Stars
An Excellent Day with Florence!
October 24, 2017
Florence was our tour guide and she was outstanding. Aix EN Provence was enchanting - she gave us a wonderful walking tour AND gave us sufficient time on our own to explore (which "big bus" tours typically don't). We even had time to venture to Cezanne's studio, plus enjoy a leisurely lunch (chosen from a couple great recommendations Florence made as well). Then back to Marseille, and a great tour there as well. We're enticed to go back, all because of Florence!
Reviewer: Dave & Heather
5 Stars
Great tours of Aix En Provence and Marseilles
October 09, 2017
Our tour guide was informative, flexible and she added to our overall enjoyment of Aix and Marseilles. We were also given plenty of time to be on our own to explore what we desired.
Reviewer: Alan J Cutler
5 Stars
Excursion de groupe en privé
July 04, 2017
Avions acheté cet excursion en croyant être en groupe comme mentionné, mais étonnement, nous étions seul avec la guide... Bravo! Et merci. Note, la guide est venue nous chercher directement au bateau.
Reviewer: Jean
5 Stars
Great tour and guide
December 17, 2016
We had a great time in Provence. We were a group of 7. The town was just waking up although there were coffee shops. We were able to walk leisurely through the town taking pictures and enjoying this beautiful city. After a traditional French breakfast with a lovely glass of rose' we headed to Marseille. We were give history of the city and the opportunity to visit and spend time in two historic Cathedrals. Enjoyed this day very much.
Reviewer: Beverly Johnson
4 Stars
Aix en Provence and Marseilles
November 30, 2016
Not too happy that we had to walk quite a distance to get to our tour bus to start the day. Most of this tour was done on our own when left in Aix en Provence. Be ready to climb lots of stairs when you get to Marseilles but it was worth it at the top
Reviewer: Tisha
4 Stars
Marseilles and Provence
November 25, 2016
Great guide Florence, driver and guide was very knowledgeable; nice small group; gorgeous place
Reviewer: Josefina Almassy
5 Stars
Enjoyed our time in Aix En Provence ....
October 07, 2016
There were a few people that didn't find the designated tour guide meeting area, which delayed our departure somewhat. Our time spent in Aix was enjoyable, but it took us a little bit to understand how best to utilize the free-time to do a self-guided tour of Aix - which was quite enjoyable overall. As we returned to Marseilles we weren't able to get to Notre Dam. The streets were closed down to traffic due to some civil disobedience that was going on between two soccer teams that were scheduled to play in Marseilles the next day. Missing this landmark was disappointing, but the first half on the tour was enjoyable.
Reviewer: Debby Olson
4 Stars
Buen Recorrido
August 19, 2016
Mas bien fue un tour por nuestra cuenta. El guÌa solo nos acompaÒo pero muy poca informaciÛn.
Reviewer: Roberto Acosta
4 Stars
Aix En Provence and Marseilles
July 21, 2016
An excellent tour! The only disappointment was that there were road restrictions due to the Euro 2016 cup so we weren't able to go to the Notre Dame Basilica in Marseilles. Our tour was modified because of this.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Great experience in both Aix En Provence and Marse
November 06, 2015
One suggestion. A defined place at the cruise port to wait for your excursion.
Reviewer: Traveler
5 Stars
Best Tour of our Holiday
September 08, 2014
I loved this tour. It was a long day but it was well organised and the guide kept it interesting. I also like the small vehicle with a small group. Much better than a big bus with 50+ people.
Reviewer: Loving Life
5 Stars
Our tour guide was wonderful
July 01, 2014
Our tour guide was a young man who is very friendly and knowledgeable about what to do and not to do during tour. What a wonderful guy. It will be perfect if we had been notified the tour started about 2 1/2 hours late after the ship docked while all other tours had left. We thought we were missed in a foreign land.
Reviewer: A F
4 Stars
Marseilles and Aix
November 22, 2013
French guide was oh so delightful. It was a pleasure to spend the day with him.
Reviewer: Doria
5 Stars
Great tour in France
June 18, 2013
This was our first of 5 tours booked with Shore Excursions while on a 12 night Mediterranean cruise. It was a good experience with a friendly and very knowledgeable guide. Our small group of 6 in a van was wonderful as compared to other tour groups from the ship.
Reviewer: Metzie
4 Stars
Loved this way of cruising
June 15, 2013
We were a group of 12 on the May 15th sailing of Nieuw Amsterdam from Barcelona to Venice. Booked 5 excursions with Shore Excursions and loved it. Our first stop, Marseille, we were meet by two tour guides in 6 passenger minivans. Toured the town of Aix En Provence with wonderful fountains, shops, open air markets and French chocolate. After lunch, returned to Marseille to tour the basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde overlooking the city. Loved the personal touch of small group.
Reviewer: Jim the Photographer
5 Stars
Interesting day!
June 14, 2013
Having a small group in a van was good because we could park easily and get around quickly. Pro easy to park and get around. Con ...not as good viewing from the middle seat of the van. Our guide stayed with another one but knew enough stories to keep us well informed.
Reviewer: Suzy Q
4 Stars
Very Nice Tour
June 13, 2013
Very nice and informative young lady was our guide. She did an excellent job & made sure we saw as much of the tour areas as time would allow. Nice Tour.
Reviewer: Vicstictok
5 Stars