Taormina and Savoca with The Godfather

Beautiful Taormina
June 01, 2023
I didn’t expect that Taormina is so beautiful! This was a walking tour and entailed long walks. But you will be happy with all the shops and restaurants as you along the way. They have high end luxury shops as well. Walking tour ended at the Odeon or amphitheater which reminds me as small version of the Colosseum in Rome. I wish we were given longer free time.
Reviewer: Evalyn Romero
5 Stars
Great tour!
May 29, 2023
This was the best tour of our entire 10 day cruise. Chiara was our guide and was amazing with her wealth of knowledge! Our port changed from Messina to Catania and I was so happy that our tour was able to still happen. The village of Savoca was awesome and not crowded. Taormina was a lot more crowded, but still interesting and BEAUTIFUL. We had just enough time to have a meal and enjoy the view. This tour was also hands down the most organized tour we had been on. I had multiple communications from them prior to the day via WhatsApp and I greatly appreciated that!
Reviewer: Jami Jo Studer
5 Stars
Wonderful excursion!
December 12, 2019
We have been to Italy three times now and this was one of our favorite trips. We particularly enjoyed Savocca, not because we are big fans of the movie "the Godfather", but because it was fascinating to travel the switchbacks to visit a semi abandoned mountain village in Sicily. You can really get a feeling for medieval to 19th life as you wonder the pedestrian streets. Taormina, as always, is a wonderful village to wonder through and shop. Don'.t miss the Greek theater. Our tour guide was a lovely young lady who helped make our trip enjoyable.
Reviewer: Carolyn
5 Stars
Wonderful tour
October 12, 2019
This was an exceptional tour. Our tour guide was very informative and friendly. She even started the tour by bringing everyone a Sicilian pastry to our introduce us to Sicily. Taormina is a beautiful place, well worth the visit. And what fun exploring the places in Savoca where scenes from the Godfather were filmed. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Judy Mcarthur
5 Stars