Naples City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus

Naples, Italy
October 23, 2022
The Hop On Hop Off tour is a good way to see the sights. If interested you can stop for a while and catch the next bus. The bus provides commentary in several languages via earphones along the way.
Reviewer: Terri Hennon
5 Stars
excellent stops
October 22, 2022
Nice overview of Naples
Reviewer: Sharon George
5 Stars
Great 2 Lines
October 13, 2022
This is the BEST way to get to know a city and to evaluate places to visit later. An average cost of about $20 dollars is very fair
Reviewer: Carlos Vargas
5 Stars
Naples City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus
August 14, 2022
It was a hot day but I enjoyed the excursion and the sights
Reviewer: Laurie Hollowell
4 Stars
Great way to see the city
January 11, 2020
Buses were clean and we didn't have any problems. We were only there for an afternoon as we were on a cruise. So it was a great way to seeb as much as possible.
Reviewer: Brandy McCormack
5 Stars
Two tours Blue and Red - both excellent
December 10, 2019
The best way to see a city is ti use the Hop on Hop Off bus. Get off whenever you like and back on to your next adventure.
Reviewer: Paula Wilkie
5 Stars
Naples City Sightseeing Hop On Off Bus Excursion
November 10, 2019
I enjoyed the excursion. The bus driver and tour guide were friendly and professional. I recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: A Anderson
4 Stars
good overview
November 07, 2019
Got a good overview of the city and the coastline. Stop #1 is near the port exit so that was nice.
Reviewer: Thomas Walsh
5 Stars
Naples Hop On Hop Off Bus
November 07, 2019
We enjoyed this tour. Drivjng around Naples is not someyhing that I would attempt! It was easy to find the bus stops. We enjoyed the day!
Reviewer: Judith Walsh
5 Stars
Fantastic Time
October 18, 2019
Absolutely wonderful time in Naples. Bus stops were well marked, and stops were frequent. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Steve Skulavik
5 Stars
Hop on Hop off bus you see everything easier
September 21, 2019
Each time we did a Hop On Hop Off tour it was wonderful first time we do the whole circuit then we decide where we want to get on and off it we were too tired we just enjoyed the ride wonder way to see places
Reviewer: Irene Benfell-Herron
5 Stars
August 11, 2019
Nice option.
Reviewer: amj
5 Stars
Hop on hop off bus
August 04, 2019
These buses are always a great way to get a general overview of a city, along with a bit of knowledge from the plug in earphones provided.
Reviewer: Deb Chilton
5 Stars
July 13, 2019
Tour was good and the recorded guide was very informative.
Reviewer: Emily S Mills
5 Stars
Naples City Hop On Hop Off Bus
July 02, 2019
This tour was an excellent way to see the maximum number of sights in Naples. The routes covered both the old and newer sections of the city. The free time allowed for an authentic Naples lunch of pizza and gelatto.
Reviewer: L.Van Bergen
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
June 07, 2019
We had a wonderful day in Naples. The hop on, hop off bus was great. The stops were convenient, and came often. Definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Steve Skulavik
5 Stars
Safer on a Bus
June 07, 2019
For the city of Naples and its frenetic drivers, this was a wise choice. It includes ear buds for a recording in your preferred language. We were lucky in that the "A" line ended and became the "B" line, so we didn't have to change buses. The wild & crazy Naples drivers were thus kept at bay while we rode the safe bus. The sights were quite good, too.
Reviewer: Harvey E Watson
4 Stars
May 31, 2019
on time, pleasant, Driver very good. Tour Guide very friendly and nice. Enjoyed the entire experience. Thank You
Reviewer: Irma lane
5 Stars
best of Berlin rating
February 28, 2019
Great excursion and guide.
Reviewer: michelle lalonde
5 Stars
October 30, 2018
We enjoyed our tour on Hop On Hop Off bus.would recommend this ,great way to see a lot of cities you are visiting!
Reviewer: Elisabeth Elsinga
4 Stars
Hop off and in bus of naples
September 10, 2018
Was just as described. I don’t know if the price was the same but anyone can grab this ride. It doesn’t need to be prearranged
Reviewer: Colleen
4 Stars
Naples Hop on Hop off Bus
July 23, 2018
Good overview of Naples. There was a coordinator on the bus to make sure the passengers were comfortable and informed
5 Stars
The only way to get around
July 02, 2018
We were able to caught the bus right out of the security gate at the pier. This was our second trip to Naples and we decided to take the Hop On Hop Off bus this time and we were very happy with sights and it is a great way to see the city! We were so happy with it we booked it when we went to Rome, Loved It!
Reviewer: Donna Perrine
5 Stars
June 25, 2018
Excellent tour was able to see everything that I want to be labels guy and on the recording on the bus was excellent I would recommend it to my friends
Reviewer: Gregory Taylor
5 Stars
Naples hop on and hop off
June 01, 2018
We took the hop on and hop off bus tour and found it it very interesting and convenience. However, the first bus route is a very busy route through the city and recommend to stay on the bus through out. After that we took the route 2 which the shore and was a very much different scenery route, very well worth the tour.
Reviewer: Joseph Huang
4 Stars
Naples Hop on Hop Off
May 26, 2018
Great way to see the sights on a short period of time
Reviewer: Eleanor Bean
4 Stars
Loved it!
September 30, 2017
The bus is an easy way to see the city, get information about important sites, get off the bus and experience the city, and get back on.
Reviewer: Norbert Diaz
5 Stars
Beautiful City
January 10, 2017
Having never been to Naples, we were not sure of the availability of "Hop On/Hop Off" buses. Therefore, this was a good deal when booked from Costco. However, now we know that Hop On/Hop Off buses are available at most ports and consequently, can be purchased at quite a savings if done so at the vendor booths.
Reviewer: John Gardner
4 Stars
Naples Hop-A-Bus Sightseeing
December 06, 2016
Best way to see Naples in a few hours! They played local Italian music when the guide was not speaking, we loved it. We got off directly in front of the Catacombas, no wasted walking time. Next bus came promptly, too.
Reviewer: Carol Rodriguez
4 Stars
November 01, 2016
Excellent tour. Easy for families with kids. Sit on top for great pics and views.
Reviewer: Andrea
5 Stars
July 18, 2016
Very interesting tour of city, unfortunately it was Sunday and most places were closed. However we enjoyed it immensely.
Reviewer: George Sim
4 Stars
Enjoyed this and got good overview of naples.
June 01, 2016
Good way to see a bit of Naples in a short time period.
Reviewer: Deberoon
4 Stars
I would boy this excursion again.
May 26, 2016
Very enjoyable
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars
I would buy thhis excursion again
May 26, 2016
Wonderful experience
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars
I would use it again
May 04, 2016
no commeny
Reviewer: bwell
4 Stars
Best way to get around on Budget
November 18, 2015
Like the commentary
Reviewer: Ital
4 Stars
Super value! Great overview!
September 01, 2015
Great way to get an overview of the city. Very convenient. We are cruising on a budget so these buses are a fantastic way to see things very inexpensively. None of the cruise excursions looked good so we just did these tours in almost every city. Saved lots of money and had a blast. There is Wifi on all the buses so just ask for the password when you board. We just rode around, saw the sights, caught up back home and had a great time. This is the way to go for the first time in a city.
Reviewer: Jay
5 Stars