Palma City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus

Great way to see Palma
June 12, 2022
Hop-on-Hop-off, excellent way to get around, especially if looking for shopping, food, people watching
Reviewer: ron tilton
4 Stars
October 07, 2019
Great way to see the city!
Reviewer: Marjorie Smith
4 Stars
August 12, 2019
Relaxing way to see the city and get your bearings. Lots of stops along the way
Reviewer: Kate
4 Stars
August 11, 2019
Nice trip
Reviewer: amj
5 Stars
Hop on-off
August 05, 2019
City is small, no mandarin
Reviewer: Patty
3 Stars
July 15, 2019
This also was a good hop on/off. We enjoyed the city of Palma and saw all the sites and were able to hop off when we wanted. I pre purchased the tickets from you and was supprised that I could have purchased the tickets $22.00 cheaper from the local ticket agent.
Reviewer: Mark W Howell
5 Stars
Hop-on, Hop-off Bus - Palma
June 21, 2019
Good quick tour of the main city.
Reviewer: Paul Tantalo
4 Stars
June 09, 2019
Convenient way to see this beautiful island. Even to the point of making round trip first, pick your favorite spots to stop by on the second round.
Reviewer: Andrey Pukalov
4 Stars
Palma City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus is good
May 08, 2019
5 Stars
Palma Hop on Hop Off
May 03, 2019
This bus was a newer bus....the recorded overview worked on this bus....unlike Lisbon where we could not get any of the pre-recorded information (faulty). The town was beautiful and while there was not a lot to showcase, what we saw was spectacular. There were 2 employees that watched to make sure everyone was seated before we took off. We had a grandmother that lost her family, who scurried up to the second level. The employees made an announcement and located her family members, which was very anxiety producing for the guests. This was handled well as it was a packed bus and could happen to any of us.
Reviewer: Susan Nabors, Travel Agent
5 Stars
Good way to see the city
November 17, 2018
This tour was a reasonable way to see the city. It was rainy the day we were there, so we didn't do as much as we would of liked, but the views were beautiful, and I think we saw the highlights
Reviewer: WL
3 Stars
Skip, Skip, Then Hop on
November 05, 2018
It was a rough start once we got off the ship. It took approximately 20 minutes to find out that there was a shuttle service to where we had to catch the bus. Once that was over, we really enjoyed the tour.
Reviewer: George Howard
4 Stars
October 08, 2018
This was an excellent tour, it was rain and still wonderful. Loved all the sights
Reviewer: Robert Johnson
5 Stars
HOHO Palma Majorca
September 10, 2018
Since we are going to be in Palma in October, we decided to do the HopOn HopOff to get an overview this summer. The itinerary was fine--seemed to hit all the highlights. The airconditioning was feeble and of course it was quite a hot day.. Don't know if anything could be done about that.
Reviewer: Juliana Hastings
4 Stars
Our first!
August 13, 2018
It was an excellent way to see the different spots of the place or places plus more! We were able to stop and hop back into the bus at our leisure. We stopped and went around those places we were interested to see, shop and just be was a wonderful experience! Our first hop on hop off experience in Europe.
Reviewer: Mila Rose
5 Stars
Excellent way to see all the sights in Palma
July 23, 2018
The location to get on the Hop on and Hop off bus was perfect. Right at the end of the pier was one of the stops. There were several agents there selling tickets or that validated your tickets. They provide a map, a headset and told you which channel to select based on your language. The bus had a top level and a bottom level and made many stops throughout the city. We got off a few times and the next bus was coming within a few minutes of the time we got back to the stop. It was a warm day and and the open air top felt great.
Reviewer: Robert Patterson
5 Stars
Palma hop on hop off
May 21, 2018
Glad I bought this. A great way of seeing Palma. The ship's shuttle took me to a very short walk to the start of the hop on hop off route
Reviewer: Judith O'Rourke
5 Stars
Palma City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus
June 19, 2017
Very convenient
Reviewer: sarasu
4 Stars
A must do
June 12, 2017
Wonderful way to see the city and a great way to go from a site at one end of town to another. Audio added to the trip
Reviewer: MJ
5 Stars
June 05, 2017
Very nice, we really enjoyed the hop on hop off bus tour.. loved the ear buds to understand in different languages.
Reviewer: Irene
4 Stars
Palma tour
June 03, 2017
Great hop on hop off. Loved the tour
Reviewer: Irene
4 Stars
Palma sightseeing bus hop on and off
April 24, 2017
This was great value and we did three bus trips well worth booking in advance and it is cheaper than paying on the day. Remember to hold onto your ticket because if you do another hop on and hop off bus at a different location and you pay on the day you can save money again
Reviewer: Bridget
5 Stars
Palma Hop on Hop off
April 21, 2017
Great way to see allaround city. very good . Will do this type of trip in future.
Reviewer: Tom Barry
5 Stars
Palma city hop on hop off
December 29, 2016
Beautiful and enjoyable
Reviewer: Pilar Newport
5 Stars
Bus tour
December 16, 2016
It take almost 20 min walk to this bus stop from cruise ship terminal long line for boarding a bus , wish they have more bus form the beginning stop
Reviewer: Michael Liu
5 Stars
May 28, 2016
It was a very rainy day but we still sat on top of the bus as they had a hood on the bus to keep you dry. Saw all the beautiful sights of Palma. Did venture off the bus as we couldn't resist the beautiful shops.
Reviewer: Marleinie
5 Stars
Pleasant viewing
December 03, 2015
We have been on several Hop-on, Hop-Off buses in the US and Europe. The trip in Palma was the most pleasant. The weather was nice, which always helps, but we really appreciated the variety of streets and parts of town, some cultural, some residential, some historic.
Reviewer: rammpb
4 Stars
Super value! Great Overview!
September 01, 2015
This is a great thing to do to just get an overview of the city in a relaxed way. All the buses have WIFI so it is great for getting caught up without spending any extra money. Just ask for the password when you board the bus. I would do this again. We took these red buses in almost all the cities we went to.
Reviewer: Jay
5 Stars