Exclusive Medieval Town of Rhodes

November 16, 2023
Really unexpected tour. We found it really interesting
Reviewer: Vera Parent
4 Stars
November 13, 2023
Really enjoyed this one. Knowledgeable host. Great experience.
Reviewer: Dave MacDonald
5 Stars
October 28, 2023
This was a good pick. Not too much walking
Reviewer: Marian Askegren
4 Stars
Excursion medieval town of rhodes
October 21, 2023
It was a good trip our tour guide gave us lots of information. And lots of time to go on your own.
Reviewer: Diana Ordonez
5 Stars
Shopping and history
October 09, 2023
Booked thinking not much to do here but there was and enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Risa Rosenthal
5 Stars
My photographer husbands favorite !
October 07, 2023
Everywhere you looked was a beautiful picture to be taken !
Reviewer: Teresa Holland
5 Stars
Worthwhile, fun and very interesting!
July 26, 2023
Such a great day and truly enjoyable! We learned so much from this well organized tour. Our guide started is at the Ancient Greek acropolis and then walked us forward in time to the Crusades. It was so well done and made for an educational day. The palace tour was amazing and we felt that this part alone was worth signing up for the tour. Highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Susan Croushore
5 Stars
June 27, 2023
I would highly recommend this tour. The guide was very knowledgable and friendly.
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
September 28, 2022
Well paced tour of a historic site
Reviewer: Hezzel Jacobsen
5 Stars
Perfect Tour!
September 23, 2021
If you’re a history and culture buff, this is the tour for you. Instead of the big bus experience, we rode in a cool and comfortable van. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and actually went into the palace with us, explaining everything in English and answering our side questions. Though we knew next to nothing about the eras involved, I feel she gave us a good basis and a curiosity to learn more. The tour ended in the old town in front of the archeological museum. Lucky for us it was a free day. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your passport and covid vaccination card for entry. We walked back to the ship from there. It was an easy walk through shops and restaurants. We had a wonderful time. Thank you!
Reviewer: Chris Calcut
5 Stars
Take This One
January 02, 2020
Great tour...smaller group. Rhodes is very interesting and the guide was very good.
Reviewer: rick anderson
5 Stars
Fun tour
December 28, 2019
The guide was knowledgeable and professional. She was patient with all the questions of the tourists and was very good about keeping the group together.
Reviewer: Bari Kahn
5 Stars
Best way to see this histrionic island
December 11, 2019
Our tour was a great way to experience and explore this beautiful island in a short period of time.
Reviewer: Athena Bell
5 Stars
Medieval Town Rhodes
December 02, 2019
As expected.
Reviewer: Bradford Wainwright
4 Stars
Fascinating Rhodes
November 12, 2019
Wasn't expecting such an interesting tour based on comments from other travelers. This was much the opposite! Great guide, very knowledgeable and personable.
Reviewer: Lance and Candy E Gidcumb
5 Stars
October 31, 2019
Excellent in both content and history. Our guide was very knowledgeable about all the history and was very obliging to answer every question. Excellent value!
Reviewer: Sharold Mergl
5 Stars
You've Got to See Rhodes
October 24, 2019
We saw some of the highlights of Rhodes at the beginning of our tour. We were brought to a spectacular lookout that provided wonderful photo opportunities. Our next stop at the Grand Master's Palace was a highlight with so much to see including the mosaics. We stayed behind after the tour to enjoy a lovely lunch and some shopping. The walk back to the ship did not take long and was easy. Our tour guide was professional and knowledgeable
Reviewer: Angela
5 Stars
September 14, 2019
Absolutely loved this island! It is so very clean and our tour guide was great. At the end of the walking tour we had the option of walking back to the ship on our own or waiting for the bus as the port is very close to the old fort we were visiting. There is also the opportunity to walk to a beach from the ship on your own and have a lovely swim. Would recommend seeing this island!
Reviewer: Pat Swanson
5 Stars
September 09, 2019
Mary was an excellent guide and very knowledeable.
Reviewer: Norman Corbin
5 Stars
Great visit to the Palace
August 07, 2019
Stephania was a fantastic guide. She was so well-informed and passionate about her city. The Palace is very beautiful with quilt-like mosaics everywhere. We were fortunate to find a local artisan in the shopping streets with finely made wooden pyramidal 'toys'. A most special gift to have. One caution - don't forget your eyeglasses on the bus! Another local guide tried to make connections with our guide later to solve our problem, but it wasn't possible. I appreciated the gracious effort.
Reviewer: Deborah Grundman
5 Stars
Excellent tour with AMAZING tour guide
July 05, 2019
Great and very informative tour of Rhodes. The guide was very passionate about the island and its history and was truly an expert and historian. We enjoyed the over view of the island before entering old town and visiting the castle with beautiful mosaics. Rhodes was one of our favorite ports and we truly enjoyed our tour. Just the right length and pace, and a great guide!
Reviewer: Carol Shepherd
5 Stars
Such a Beutiful place
May 07, 2019
The Medieval town of Rhodes is fantastic. You do a lot of walking but it is fairly level with few hills. The only strenuous part is walking the stairs in the Grand Masters Palace. Warning: There are no hand rails. But it's well worth seeing. We opted to just walk back to the ship (even with my bad knee) which is very close by. I'm so glad I got to see this site.
Reviewer: Marcine Lohman
5 Stars
Great Excursion!
February 16, 2019
Enjoyed it!
Reviewer: William L and Paige C Horn
5 Stars
February 16, 2019
Enjoyed the day
Reviewer: William L and Paige C Horn
5 Stars
Real Rhodes
October 08, 2018
This tour will submerge you into the history of Rhodes. Our guide was detailed and knowledgable and was clearly proud for her city. This museum and site tour is for those who like historic sites. There is time at the end to dine and explore the charming streets of the old city. Eat at Nimmos for authentic cuisine and great hospitality. It is a short walk back to the pier and worth it, for the extra time in the city. Wear comfortable shoes for uneven cobbled streets.
Reviewer: HKL
4 Stars
Unexpected Surprise
October 06, 2018
I really didn't know anything about Rhodes. However, I learned a lot here. Enjoyed the castle. It was so interested to be able to explore the entire thing. The shopping was excellent. Loved the guide here.
Reviewer: Denise A Ross
5 Stars
Excellent guide
October 03, 2018
Guide was very knowledgeable. Some delays due to a person on the tour was constantly late at the meeting places.
Reviewer: Robin Scott
5 Stars
September 17, 2018
Due to transit strike we missed the driving portion of our tour. Guide for 2.0 hour walking portion was very knowledgeable and interesting.
Reviewer: Pat Ross
4 Stars
July 30, 2018
Totally amazing!!! Our guide made it all come alive during our tour. She was so upbeat and informative. Her passion for her homeland was contagious. The medieval town had so much history and charm. An amazing tour for an amazing town!!
Reviewer: Natalie
5 Stars
An informed guide
July 09, 2018
Our guide was a trained archeologist and entertained us with fascinating facts and history from the moment we boarded the bus. She kept the group organized and was extremely well informed.
Reviewer: Sandy Fletcher
5 Stars
June 25, 2018
Great tour and guide was the most knowledgeable in history not just of this Island but all of Greece. Loved every second.
Reviewer: Christopher
5 Stars
Lots of good stuff packed in 3 hours
June 03, 2018
Efficient pickup at the port, then we drove to Mandraki Harbor for a quick photo stop (needed more time here). Then we drove along the coast and up to scenic viewpoint Monte Smith with view of bay and island. Small view of Temple of Apollo Pythios and quick stop at the Acropolis of Rhodes (a bonus stop for 10-15 minutes). Then inside the walled Old Town, a guided tour of the Grand Master's Palace (entrance fee included), which took about an hour and was very interesting. Then guided walk down the Street of Knights (Ippoton street). At noon you can either leave the tour and walk back to the ship on your own later, or come back at 1pm and the bus will take you back. Most elected to just end there and have more free time in the Old Town on their own, as it's just a 5-10 minute walk back to the ship anyway. Overall, lovely little tour that packed a whole lot of good stuff into a short time. Good price, friendly and knowledgeable guide. Definitely recommend.
Reviewer: BKM
5 Stars
Rhodes of fun
December 02, 2017
This was one of our top excursions. Our was very knowledgeable and experienced in Rhodes history. Our first stop was the Evangelismos Church at Mandraki Harbor with plenty of time wonder around and take in the area. A short ride along the coast and we arrived at the Temple of Apollo. Our guide shared her expert knowledge with us about the Acropolis of Rhodes which added tremendously to the experience. Then on to the Medieval Town of Rhodes which was incredibly well preserved. We had an amazing day in Rhodes thanks to this tour and historian guide. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: mhartmann
5 Stars
Rich History
October 05, 2017
Our guide was a retired archaeology professor who made this ancient city come to life in his presentations. He lives on site for his decades of service. This excursion "knocked it out of the park".
Reviewer: Drew Blake
5 Stars
Medevil Town of Rhodes, Greece
September 29, 2017
We had an excellent tour guide that after a short ride to the top for a good view and picture opportunities of the island and it's history, we came back to the medevil town and we were given an extensive tour of the castle and ancient buildings, artworks and history. I took so many pictures I will have trouble remembering all the great stories. One of my favorite tours. After the tour we had an afternoon free to explore, shop and eat in one of the numerous cafes. Would have loved to have spent more time there.
Reviewer: Alma Rogers
5 Stars
September 13, 2017
Reviewer: Warren Frederick
4 Stars
July 10, 2017
Great tour. Highly recommend this tour. Very interesting
Reviewer: Mike Frazier
5 Stars
Medieval Town of Rhodes
July 08, 2017
We were picked up by our tour guide just outside of ship in a nice mini bus and headed out for our tour. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of Rhodes. It was a small group which was so nice and we were able to get to the main attractions before most other tours. Our tour guide spoke perfect English and even set up a small stop at a little restaurant so we could partake in a local Greek desert. The whole experience of the tour was very positive and would recommend Shore Excursions to everyone. We will definitely be using them again.
Reviewer: Kay Gibb
5 Stars
Elena Our Tour Guide
May 26, 2017
I am so happy we opted out of our cruise line excursion and chose to do Rhodes with Shore Ex. We had an extremely positive experience with "Elena" our guide, and "Nikos" our driver. We were actually the only participants so had a van to ourselves! They even had bottles of water available to us. Will always use Shore Excursions.
Reviewer: Carolina
5 Stars
Tour of Rhodes
December 20, 2016
We were very pleased with our tour of Rhodes. The bus overview was good, and then the walking tour through the Palace. Our guide was very patient about answering questions.
Reviewer: karen
5 Stars
Very Good and Informative
December 18, 2016
Our guide was very knowledgeable and proud resident of Rhoades. I was not excited about the port stop by the cruise line, but glad we did. Beautiful island!
Reviewer: Donald Wilt
4 Stars
Great Tour
November 09, 2016
Loved all the excursions. Our guide Tony was especially great. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Shirley
5 Stars
November 06, 2016
It was short but good excursion
Reviewer: Paul Angel
5 Stars
Medieval Town of Rhodes Excursion
October 03, 2016
The bus ride there from the ship was comfortable. The town was so scenic and the churches were beautiful. Only complaint was that we did not have that much time to really look around because of the ship's time constraints.
Reviewer: Sonia Gallegos
5 Stars
July 18, 2016
Very well organised tour. Lots of trees obscuring arena and parts of the tour. Very informative guide regarding palace etc. and plenty of time to explore the town.
Reviewer: George Sim
4 Stars
Very good tour, guide was exceptional
May 14, 2016
Everything was in sinc on this tour.
Reviewer: John and Carole
5 Stars
October 27, 2015
Excellent place to visit
Reviewer: curlymop
5 Stars
October 27, 2015
A delightful guide who did her best to show you her town.
Reviewer: Jan
5 Stars
October 25, 2015
I had no idea such a fascinating place exsisted. The guide was well-versed and courteous, waiting for those of us who move a little slower. I was disappointed that there was an extra fee to enter the Knights' Hospital. Perhaps this could be included for a slightly higher fee.
Reviewer: Cat lover
4 Stars
Perfectly scheduled
September 02, 2015
Again, we were met on the dock by a great tour guide. She was professional, very interesting and kept well to our scheduled events for the day. Rhodes is so much more than just the walled city and she expertly shared it with us. After the tour, we still had time to taxi across to the Mediterranean Sea to swim, taxi back to Rhodes and still quietly enjoy a stroll through and meal in the city. It really made for a nice day.
Reviewer: ceb
5 Stars
There's more to Rhodes than you would imagine
August 17, 2015
Our guide was so very interesting. She took great care to ensure we were all involved in the tour, could hear what she was telling us, and knew exactly where we were when. She was also very helpful in providing information about the area so we could explore afterwards on our own. The group was small enough so that time wasn't lost waiting for anyone to catch up, a big improvement over most cruise-line tours.
Reviewer: Cheryl
5 Stars
I'm Going Back to Rhodes
October 26, 2014
The attractions of Rhodes are very real, but it is pleasant now and then to encounter an excursion that keeps things in a tidy, pleasant space. The main attraction was, deservedly, the 14-th Century Palace of the Grand Masters. The grounds and beautifully preserved interiors were splendid. Following our tour of the palace we had the option of exploring the old city. Wonderful places for lunch were all around us. Rhodes was probably the high point of our Greek Isles tour -- and that says a lot. Our guide was excellent!
Reviewer: Tall Photographer in Tilley Hat
5 Stars
February 01, 2014
great tour for first time to Rhodes
Reviewer: Lm
4 Stars
With in the city walls
November 26, 2013
I will defintely use Shore Excursions on my next trip. It was far better than the tours from my ship. It was a great value and the local guides were trained, enthusiastic and knowledgeable..wanted us to learn and have a good time in their city. Tour guide was very good, I wanted more information about the Knights period in Rhodes.
Reviewer: Cool Gram
4 Stars
Excellent Day in Rhodes
November 19, 2013
the tour in Rhodes was informative and guide well informed. The highlight of the day was accompanying our guide for his lunch in a local Taverna at the tours conclusion. No words to describe how much fun and unique the experience was. The owner/chef took each of us back to his kitchen to see what had been prepared that day. No menu just selected from the multitude of available items, all delicious. We were wined and dined for a couple of hours on real local cuisine. It was fabulous
Reviewer: sam
4 Stars
Excellent time efficient tour by local
October 27, 2013
The cruise itinerary only allowed a few hours in this port but the tour was enough to give us a great overview of Rhodes in a short efficient time. THe tour was small which allowed personalized attention from the guide. Way better than the 40+ people groups from the cruises
Reviewer: efdrei
5 Stars
October 22, 2013
4 Stars