Private Imperial St. Petersburg (Visas Included)

Shore Excursions grp tour in August
September 09, 2019
This tour covered the same itinerary as the one offered by the cruise line at just slightly less cost. The best feature was that we had a private tour for just our family rather than being on a bus with upwards of 36 other people. Our guide and driver, Margarit and Victor, were great and being in a small group and vehicle had the flexibility to travel faster and do 2 other stops in the afternoon.
Reviewer: Don Leong
5 Stars
I can't imagine seeing St. Petersburgh another way
September 30, 2017
Wow. The private tour and our guide was outstanding. We were able to n!avigate the city and see much more then a typical tour in this busy port city. Our guide knew the ins and outs of all the various musuems. We saw much more then anyone on a more public tour through the cruise line. Private St Peterburgh is the only way to go!
Reviewer: Dileep Prabhakar
5 Stars