Evening River and Canal Cruise (Visas Included)

Evening River and Canal Cruise (Visas Included)
November 08, 2019
It is a very worthwhile cruise to explore the lovely St. Petersberg city at night. We saw many places that we could not have seen with the bus tour. The guide explained the various interesting landmarks to us. We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise.
Reviewer: KEE
5 Stars
Good tour, needs a little improvement
October 18, 2019
This tour didn’t quite feel like a cruise at first on the main Neva River but more like we were racing from one point to another. The speed did get better in the canals. The boat’s PA system was not working at first so we missed the narrative at the beginning. We did see a lot of sights and the length of the tour was good. It was difficult to hear the narrator with the wind and cold and being bundled up so this tour would have benefited from those personal earbuds that the day tours provide. The narrator did have an accent but was still understood for the parts we heard. Would still recommend this tour but really needs personal headsets.
Reviewer: Susan K
4 Stars
Great service
October 16, 2019
The tour guide person (sorry I forgot his name) came to pick us up on time at St. Petersburg port. Seeing St. Petersburg at night time from canal cruise was quite an unforgettable experience. We did a similar canal cruise during the day but the night one was better as the city was lit up spectacularly at night time. It was a bit cold in the end of Sept but we thought it was worth it. I would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Mimi
5 Stars
Great excursion
September 27, 2019
We loved this night excursion even though it rained. Was one of the highlights of the trip. Was so beautiful. Only negative I have is that it was difficult to understand the guide, given his accent
Reviewer: Pat Hjelmhaug
4 Stars
Canal cruise in Saint Petersburg
September 21, 2019
Really enjoyed the evening cruise in St Petersburg! The lights were spectacular and the commentary about the buildings along the canal were very informative. It was a beautiful night!
Reviewer: Freddie DiPlacido
5 Stars
September 20, 2019
It was a very enjoyable river cruise. We even saw fireworks.
Reviewer: Carol Weirich
5 Stars
Not to BE MIssed--Magical!
September 02, 2019
Well organized, well presented, well worth the money! St. Petersburg by night, as seen from a comfortable canal boat, is extraordinary. Our guide was easy to understand and had a lovely presentation style. The canal boat crew offered us blankets as we boarded. A few minutes into the tour, I mentioned I was disappointed in the lack of lights--and then magic! Miles of waterfront imperial palaces just glowed. It was Disneyworld on the River Neve. Absolutely five stars!
5 Stars
September 02, 2019
It was a beautiful evening to see the river lighting up. The tour was organized and the guide was fantastic. We enjoyed our tour very much!
Reviewer: O’Shea
5 Stars
Beautiful way to see St Petersburg
August 27, 2019
This was a very nice tour. Our guide was very informative and funny. It was a lovely way to spend our first evening in St. Petersburg. It was absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend it especially in the evening.
Reviewer: Rose
5 Stars
great evening river and canal cruise
August 27, 2019
Our tour guide was excellent.Lots of opportunities to take pictures of Fortress, and Museums.
Reviewer: carline Rodriguez
5 Stars
Canal tour
August 25, 2019
This was nice and was relaxing. Our guide was great and I really appreciated that she brought us to the People’s Square after the canal tour! I think I’m retrospect I personally might have liked a tour that got us out sightseeing more, but it was a very nice canal tour
Reviewer: Kathleen Smith
4 Stars
Easy evening
August 05, 2019
This was a marked change from the day tours. It was an easy evening cruising through the waterways around St. Petersburg. Although we could hardly hear the guide on the boat PA system just seeing the city from another angle was quite amazing. Due to the time of the year (June) it was still daylight throughout the tour so we couldn't enjoy any city lights. The guide was informative and pleasant.
Reviewer: Laurent Frost
4 Stars
August 01, 2019
Was good
Reviewer: Nikki
4 Stars
Evening River Cruise
July 27, 2019
This evening cruise was our second tour of the day and was well worth our time. Our guide was informative and the boat was clean and well staffed. The view of the historic sites were stunning. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Joe Kelley
5 Stars
Great river cruise
July 27, 2019
The Evening River and Canal Cruise at St. Petersburg was great.
Reviewer: G. Ye
5 Stars
July 26, 2019
Unfortunately, I got confused about the time and missed this one. I was very sad but the show in the theatre helped make up for it.
Reviewer: Roanda Heye
5 Stars
Definitely a Must-do
July 21, 2019
This evening river and canal cruise was a highlight of our trip. The guide was fun and informative. Seeing St. Petersburg from the water was amazing. We got to see the buildings we visited earlier in the day from a beautiful perspective minus the traffic and crowds. If you are stopping in this city, this is a must-do tour. It helped to lessen the frustration we felt throughout our crowded daytime excursion. The boat was small and we were easily able to sit in the open air enjoying beautiful views along the way.
Reviewer: Anne Yerger
5 Stars
Canel/river cruise
July 11, 2019
Great tour
Reviewer: Michael John Harris
5 Stars
A View of St. Petersburg Russia from the water
July 02, 2019
We were picked up at our Ships Port on a coach bus. The english speaking guide gave a great talk on the 30 min drive to the dock about places we were passing and on Russia itself. We boarded the boat on the canal with our same guide and took a 1 hour tour on the water, it was a great way to see St. Petersburg from the water. All the different bridges we went under were very interesting. We are so glad we took this tour. Once the boat ride ended our bus was at the dock waiting and took us right back to our ship at port. Would highly recommend this tour
Reviewer: jldsmd
4 Stars
Nice Views of the City
July 02, 2019
The River Cruise was pretty well done and it was a small private boat so everyone had good views and it wasn't overcrowded. The Cruise started on time and was informative. The city from the water at sunset was beautiful.
Reviewer: Steve Harris
4 Stars
St Petersburg evening river and canal
June 07, 2019
Excellent. St Petersburg at night with all the monuments lighted up is so beautiful. I really enjoyed the tour even though I twisted my ankle when stepping out of the bus.
Reviewer: Cam Nhung Phan
5 Stars
St. Petersburg canal tour
June 02, 2019
Our guide was excellent and to see St. Petersburg by night was absolutely amazing. As always Shore Excursions can be counted on to do a first class job!
Reviewer: John Kapustay
5 Stars
October 12, 2018
The pick up and drop off were excellent. The guide was very good but it was such a shame that a group of guests were not very polite. They continued to talk over the guide constantly to the point I had to make an exit outside, I therefore missed what he was saying. The city was fabulous at night and this cruise was just what we needed after a hectic day. It was sit on the ship and watch a show or get a few more hours in a beautiful city !
Reviewer: Carroll Adams
4 Stars
Canal Cruise in Russia
September 30, 2018
Great cruise seeing all the fantastic lights of the major buildings of St. Petersburg. The guide was excellent and very informative. We would highly recommend Shore Excursions to our friends. Thank you so much for the excellent service !
Reviewer: Robert & Jeanette Carter
5 Stars
At Petersburg Night Canal Cruise
September 26, 2018
Stunning night canal cruise. This a MUST for anyone visiting St Petersburg. Our young guide was punctual in meeting us at the cruise terminal. Both he and his bus driver kept us entertained with their banter on the journey. During the canal cruise, our guide’s commentary on the historic river sites was most informative. We were amazed how the city transformed at sunset. One flick of a switch and the rivers edge was aglow - spectacular! Most of the tourist buildings we had seen on our daylight bus tour became ablaze with colour. This was the highlight of our visit to St Petersburg.
Reviewer: Colin Newington
5 Stars
September 17, 2018
Perfect evening
Reviewer: Desrochers Guy
5 Stars
Delightful and Informative
September 10, 2018
So glad we took this tour. St. Petersburg is so pretty at night. Our guide was fantastic and he gave a great presentation. Would highly recommend this tour. We took it on our first evening. Next day we took the tour of 4 1/2 hours offered by the Cruise Company and it was such a disappointment.
Reviewer: Kath Bach
5 Stars
Beautiful St. Petersburg
August 13, 2018
Beautiful city to see by boat. Fun and relaxing, definitely a must do!
Reviewer: Lynn F.
5 Stars