Historic Kona

April 07, 2023
We very much enjoyed the Sanctuary and the views in general.
Reviewer: Lale R Divringi
5 Stars
Great tour and guide
November 24, 2022
Very enjoyable historic bus tour of Kona! Our tour guide was very pleasant and informative. Highlights of the tour included the Ancient Place of Refuge and the Painted Church. Our guide regaled us with tales of Captain Hook and explained the intricacies of Kona Coffee.
Reviewer: Jean Williams
5 Stars
Historic Kona
December 10, 2019
Very interesting history.
Reviewer: Cindy Hausman
5 Stars
Great Value, Service & SuperTour Personnel
November 24, 2019
In the past we’ve booked our shore excursion thru our cruise line, Celebrity. Since discovering Shore Excursions Group, we’ll never book thru Celebrity Tours again. Less expensive with much greater value. Shore Excursions never compromised on anything. We’ll only use Shore Excursions Group again & always.
Reviewer: William Cira
5 Stars
November 09, 2019
We purchased Shore Excursion Group tours for all of our NCL Hawaiian Island Cruise. They all met or surpassed our expectations.
Reviewer: Georgia
5 Stars
September 25, 2019
Great value. The driver was entertaining. Closer access to Captain Cook’s landing with accurate I formation would have been appreciated
Reviewer: Kathleen M Brockliss
4 Stars
Historic Kona
July 31, 2019
Enjoyable, relaxing, informative
Reviewer: Jeff Taylor
4 Stars
May 31, 2019
Reviewer: ISA GARCIA
5 Stars
Historic Kona
February 07, 2019
These guides must all be great!! Ours was! We visited the Kona Coffee Shop where they had all kinds of Kona coffee, etc; visited a Polynesian village/National Park-HOT day in Oct 2018! Around 97degrees, I almost melted! Magnificient city, pretty sand, crystal clear blue water! Little shopping time.
Reviewer: Vicki Miller
5 Stars
Kona is a Beautiful Area with Much History!
November 15, 2018
Our bus driver was a native Hawaiian with all kinds of tips. So very cordial & proactive with instructions. Very seasoned, he anticipated all our questions. We sampled Kona coffee & saw some of the process. Next, we visited a Polynesian village, Nat'l Historic park. Visited a painted church. So informative!!
Reviewer: Vicki Miller
5 Stars
October 24, 2018
Loved the coffee plantation and the coffee.
Reviewer: Deborah R Shuler
4 Stars
Good guide in Kona
October 23, 2018
Super guide with great knowledge and communication skills
Reviewer: Andre
4 Stars
Highlight of our trip
June 05, 2017
Kona is a wonderful stop. Henry was an amazing tour guide and super knowledgeable. He made this excursion very special and wish we could give him 10 stars!! The coffee was super yummy! Can't wait to get back!
Reviewer: Heiko
5 Stars
Kona Tour
February 15, 2017
Very Good overall tour of the highlights of Kona. Driver was extremely knowledgeable on the history of Kona. He was an elementary school teacher. Large Bus was comfortable but still prefer smaller tours.
Reviewer: Kevin Cook
5 Stars
Historic Kona - Big Island
January 19, 2017
Stopped at several spots, but two tours were just outstanding. First tour was Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park, a sanctuary of Hawaii's past, where traditional Hawaiian lifestyle is preserved. This place was peaceful and enjoyed just walking around and viewing the sites. Even saw a sea turtle among the rocky shore. The second tour I loved was the "Painted Church," overlooking Kealakekua Bay. The inside of the church and the paintings are fabulous. The curator was phenomenal and did a great job explaining the history of the church and its paintings.
Reviewer: David Ritchie
5 Stars
Very interesting
January 08, 2017
Good sites. Historic Kona, coffee factory, and a lovely small (the painted) church. We have tried a coffee factory before at Kauai, which we found a little more interesting because it was in the coffee field where we could see the coffee plants, and more of the manufactoring.
Reviewer: John Norris
4 Stars
Tour Guide
December 31, 2016
The tour guide's accent at times make it difficult to understand him. However, he made SIGNIFICANTLY more effort to enhance our tour than any other of your guides. For example, he included local several different Hawaii fruits for our tasting, examples of plants and flowers that were passed around the van and examples of different rocks to be found in the area. There were other tour guides on this trip that could be best described as bus drivers. This man was a tour guide!
Reviewer: Ramona Nelson
4 Stars
December 22, 2016
As I sit here drinking my Kona coffee I can say I did enjoy this trip very much. The visit to the coffee place was great but the Painted Church was the highlight of this trip. The gentelman who gave the talk was very nice and the church is great could have used more time there.
Reviewer: Margarett Terpening
5 Stars
Great outing, its a keeper
May 21, 2016
This was a great tour and a lot of . Loved all the samples along the way.
Reviewer: Cruising Senior
5 Stars
May 19, 2016
Our guide was a native Hawaiian who was very proud of his island and heritage. We enjoyed the re-creations at Puuhonua O Honaunau Park. The site was very educational and interactive. It would be helpful if guide had told us to follow the signs (which are small). The terrain at the park goes from sandy beach to volcanic rocks. Park guides dressed in ancient native outfits told stories of activities, etc. Another tour stop listed as Kona Coffee museum was NOT a museum. It was just a rest stop that provided free cups of KONA coffee. Our final stop was a church---not unlike any other small church in any small town. This church had hand paintings done by the missionary/priest. The highlight of this tour was definitely the State Park.
Reviewer: Fred & Trish
4 Stars
May 05, 2016
Very interesting and beautiful. The driver was wonderful. See so many things.
Reviewer: gina c.
5 Stars
Cutural and Educational
January 10, 2016
The local representative at the painted church was very knowledgeable and described the history of the church and well as the origin and meaning of the paintings. The cultural center depicted what we would think Hawaii would look like when explorers first arrived. It was very beautiful and calming. A movie was provided that gave the history. Kona coffee is really good but their gift shop is better.
Reviewer: CharandRand
5 Stars
Good overview
December 21, 2015
The tour company involved in these off shore excursions were very trustworthy and gave what they presented
Reviewer: Doodle
5 Stars
So much amazing scenery & history. Great Tour
August 01, 2015
The tour was conducted by a friendly tour guide with great local & historical knowledge of Kona. The stop at the Royal Kona Coffee Plantation is just a quick stop, with not really enough time to check out the plantation, but it does have a great gift shop with lots of local product. St Benedict's Painted Church is amazing and holds some mysterious stories and the grounds are lovely. I would have liked to spend more time there. We also enjoy a walk around the Pu'Uhonua O Honaunau National Park & Historical Site, which was a great place to visit and learn more about Kona's history and the customs of its citizens. It was at this point that we got really hungry, but there are no food or drink stops, except at the Royal Kona Coffee Plantation, and we didn't have the sense or foresight to grab a quick snack there... so be warned. Take something with you, or pick something up at the Plantation. The tour was made so much better by our lovely guide ""Cousin"" Dean/Dino. His dulcet tones, narrating our tour, instructing us in the native language and finally singing to us, made our day so enjoyable. Great Fun!
Reviewer: Linda C
5 Stars
Good value
April 23, 2014
This trip is a good value. The place of refuge and Painted Church were great. The Kona Coffee Tour was nothing but a store by the side of the road. That was very disappointing. We were expecting more. The stop should have been more clearly explained. That was our primary reason for taking the tour. Everything else was great. Well worth what it cost.
Reviewer: Jadyjomo
4 Stars
January 03, 2014
All Roberts bus tours were great
Reviewer: Grass shack
5 Stars
A nice scenic drive of the island.
January 02, 2014
This tour was just ok...nothing fantastic. Enjoyed all the stops but don't remember learning about how they made the coffee. The historic site was interesting and the tour guide was very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: The retired traveler
4 Stars
get a taste of Mauii
December 05, 2013
We loved the trip to see the needle.absolutely beautiful.
Reviewer: steve
4 Stars
Historic Kona
September 21, 2013
The Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park was particularly interesting with temples and historic artifacts. It is also beautifully apparent that our guide loved this island and the Hawaiian culture.
Reviewer: The Traveler
4 Stars
Great value b
September 10, 2013
Awesome for the price.
Reviewer: Ricky D
5 Stars
Historic Kona
August 09, 2013
You will try a famous coffee Kona.
Reviewer: Elizabeth
5 Stars
I would buy this product again and again
February 18, 2013
It was great to have the shore excursion selected and paid for prior to our trip. Well organized and fun!
Reviewer: LINDA
5 Stars
Wonderful Overview Experience of Kona
November 22, 2012
We loved the chocolate covered coffee beans and seeing on site roasting. We just wished we had experienced a working plantation as the beans were already bagged up on site. I would have loved to have walked and learned more about the coffee plant. The painted church was memorable. Our guide was exteremly knowledgeable and at the end of our tour gave us his art work as a momento of our day.
Reviewer: Irma
4 Stars
Great small group tour.
September 20, 2012
Joe was a good guide.
Reviewer: sucograd
4 Stars
great tour
September 18, 2012
Reviewer: tourist
5 Stars
I would buy this product again & again.
July 05, 2012
Our guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour fun and interesting.
Reviewer: Landis & Linda Trullinger
5 Stars
December 29, 2011
This was a most beautiful trip which included coffee tasting, the national part and the painted church.
Reviewer: Bev
5 Stars
Pretty as a Picture
December 01, 2011
Great tour had wonderful time touring this part of the Island. Great food and sights.
Reviewer: Cris the Cruiser
4 Stars
Food and coffee
September 29, 2011
Enjoyable day, Kona coffee factory interesting and informative.
Reviewer: Snowwhite
4 Stars