Migrino Beach ATV Adventure

Great excursion with some reservations
February 02, 2020
The tour itself was so much fun and gorgeous but there are some important things to know. 1. the pick up spot is wrong on the ticket. It says in front of dophin center but it's in the back to the left. 2. When you arrive you will be presented with many upsells from insurance to private tours to upgraded ATVs. 3. Pictures are negotiable and the guys will take cash for themselves to reduce the price. We got a package for 8 reduced from $194 to $100 with a $10 slide to the guy helping us. 4. No cameras allowed because they will charge you for the photos after.
Reviewer: Melissa Munitz
4 Stars
ATV tour
January 13, 2020
This was so fun. Something a little different than the usual sailing tour when near the ocean. Guides and staff were very friendly and helpful. We felt safe and taken care of.
Reviewer: Gina Prater
5 Stars
Just awesome
November 06, 2019
This tour operator (Cactus ATV Tours) was 100% well done. Transport was smooth, check in was smooth, equipment was safe and first class, the staff was excellent and professional. It was all-around super awesome and I would recommend this to anyone (well, not anyone - there could have been more warning that this ATV adventure is not for anyone who is weak, old, or not in good physical shape - it was challenging).
Reviewer: Gitte Russo
5 Stars
December 22, 2018
I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone, it was a ton of fun!!!!! Easy for all ages. Staff was friendly and easy to ride. A+++
Reviewer: Leigh Anne Logue
5 Stars
ATV Adventure
July 02, 2018
This was our first cruise and our first time to Cabo. This was by far the BEST excursion we have ever been on. My husband and I both had an absolute blast and would do this again in a heartbeat! Highly recommend this adventure.
Reviewer: Tamara Magee
5 Stars
Fantastic Ride & Views
May 24, 2018
We are in our early 60's. We've ridden ATV's many years. This was the highlight of our cruise. It was a beautiful breezy day. Low humidity and a just right temperature. It was exhilarating to ride through the dessert and on the beaches on the Pacific Coast. Feeding the birds was an extra delight. We did get moved to the back of the pack, but that is okay. We don't ride fast over the washboard areas. At our age that is understandable.
Reviewer: Joyce A. Erb
5 Stars
What an Adventure!!
May 22, 2018
Be aware of the “up” sale of bigger, better, ATV and insurance (which we took because we were in a foreign country and wanted to avoid potential problems). The equipment was well maintained, the scenery was gorgeous, and the staff was funny, friendly, and professional. The only disappointment was everyone else brought a cell phone to take their own pics but we followed the instructions/rules and left it in a locker. That being said we would definitely recommend this excursion and we will do it again when/if we get back there. Btw, we are in our 50s so if you can handle an occasional very bumpy ride.....DO it.....YOLO!!!
Reviewer: Athena Nickels
4 Stars
Super fun time!
April 09, 2018
We had a blast! The directions where to meet the driver was bad. We almost missed them. Find the surfboards (10) that are standing up, go past them & wait by the street. None of that was in the directions. I had to call to see if we missed them. They try to make it seem like you have to buy their insurance but you don’t! Don’t buy it, it’s a total waste of money! I had to do some talking to find out you don’t have to buy it & we didn’t. When you are riding you stay in a straight line with the group. It would be very difficult to damage one with the speed you go & the straight line you stay in. They told us we couldnt take our cell phones at check in so I put them in our locker but then the tour guides asked our group if we wanted pics taken w/ our phones & we didn’t have them so that was frustrating. We bought some of the awesome pics their photographer took but that was $50 later! It was a fantastic excursion but I wish I had known these few things to make it even better!
Reviewer: Ashley Pead
5 Stars
ATV Good Times in Cabo
March 07, 2018
An excellent time with a well seasoned staff that was super friendly and accommodating. They all spoke perfect english. Very clean facility and well cared for ATV's. A little challenging to communicate with staff via phone once on land from the cruise ship, but it all worked out. A great friendly, nice drive from the Marina to the ATV location.
Reviewer: Dave Eklund
5 Stars
So much fun!
November 07, 2016
We had a hard time figuring out the guys who came to pick us up as they did not wear the bright colored shirts or pants they were supposed to wear but just held Cactus signs. The whole operation at the ATV place was awesome! Everyone was very professional and watched us while we rode. I don't recommend kids driving the vehicle themselves, not only can it be unsafe to the, but towards others. They get too excited and were constantly cutting people off and not following the safety directions. Thank goodness we had great tour guides who really watched everyone( Alonzo, Jesus, and Sergio). We mostly drove in the desert, but had the last ten minutes or so on the beach. BTW, the whole ATV ride is no more than an hour and a half. I think the 3 hours include the time getting to and from the tour also.
Reviewer: Sophie
5 Stars
On time return
July 27, 2016
The actual arc ride was great the only problem was at the end the bus driver was told to wait for one customer to look at pictures for a passible sale in the mean time we are all in the van waiting almost missed getting back to our cruise only reason we made it all of us made the driver leave the one customer behind very stressful trip back to port
Reviewer: Jaime rocha
4 Stars
Lots of fun
January 07, 2016
The meeting directions are wrong. We were told to meet on the harbor side of the dolphin center when in fact they were waiting for us on the street. They do not wear orange shirts and shorts. Missed our connection with them due to bad directions. We called and they had to come back to get us.
Reviewer: Wally
5 Stars
A Great Experience
June 01, 2015
The guides were skilled, friendly, & great to ride with! We got to see far more than expected.
Reviewer: Tomy T.
5 Stars
June 03, 2012
Well unfortunately we were on ship time and not cabo time so we missed the ride there. Had to pay $60 for a taxi there since it was really far. A tour guide took us to meet up with the group that had already left. It was out fault. It was so fun! The only con is that we were riding around the desert mostly. I wish we could have rode more on the beach and relaxed for a while on the sand.
Reviewer: Kris
4 Stars