3 Bay Kayak and Snorkel

Amazing Excursion
April 19, 2022
Our kayaking and snorkeling excursion was the highlight of our trip. The guide and his assistant were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We were given snacks and water during a break on-shore; they were delicious! I would definitely recommend this excursion. Thank you!
Reviewer: Angie Dowell
5 Stars
More physically challenging than we thought
October 26, 2018
We took this tour on October 18, 2018. Casey, the guide, was very nice and helpful. He should be more flamboyant on the dock, at the meeting point because he is hard to see among all the others. This tour is fantastic. The crew helping us with the kayaking made us feel safe even if it was our first experience in a kayak, in the middle of the ocean on top of that. The snorkeling was fantastic. So often, we don't see any fish but this was different. There was plenty of colorful fishes. before you book this tour, you have to now that you will kayak for one mile in the ocean before you get to the first spot for snorkeling. You might already be exhausted at this point. You snorkel for 30 minutes and then you go back in the kayak for another 2 miles, still in the ocean, to get to the last spot for snorkeling. We did not do the last 2 miles kayak and Casey was well prepared and brought us to the last bay with the van. The snorkeling equipment was in good condition.
Reviewer: Francois
4 Stars
Awesome family excursion
November 01, 2017
We had a fabulous time and my 10 year old kept talking about our excursion!
Reviewer: christina Landers
5 Stars
Great Trip !!
December 11, 2016
Casey and crew were excellant. Nice trip with great gear and good excursion. Nice kayaking, Great snorkeling, Great interaction and snacks. Not rushed, easy paced and very relaxing. It was a little difficult finding our guide upon disembarkation with several hundred people milling around. It took a couple of phone calls and a frantic search to locate our guide. Please provide a better meet location and be more prominate in the crowds.
5 Stars
Great Expreience
May 05, 2016
Guides worked hard, so we didn't need to
Reviewer: BCPOWDR
4 Stars
Great Experience but a tad too long
April 01, 2016
Overall we had a wonderful experience and would definitely do again and would recommend this adventure to others who are in fair to good shape. The two guides are great guys and we when we met them we immediately felt safe and in good hands. This was our first attempt at kayaking and everything went fine. The one drawback was that time went by too quick and were a little rushed to get back to the ship but made it with time to spare.
Reviewer: Stan
4 Stars
Clear waters
January 17, 2016
Went to lovers arch instead of the planned itinerary because of waves. The guides were good at handling beginner kayakers. And the water was so warm and clear! A great nature experience.
Reviewer: Austin
4 Stars
The Best Ever Kayak and Snorkel
October 31, 2015
We thought there was going to be a small group. Turns out it was me. my guest and the guide. We went at our own faster pace and had more time to snorkel and relax at the last bay. Sunscreen up before you go if you aren't prep'd for hot sun.
Reviewer: Paul/Nick
5 Stars