Snorkel by the Arch

January 21, 2020
Good crew, small snorkeling area
Reviewer: Kim Thurgood
4 Stars
Esperanza's Tours
December 02, 2019
We had a wonderful day with Aurelio and Jonathan. The snorkel location is very close, so not a long boat ride. There are an amazing number of fish to see, and this is easy snorkeling---great for beginners. You get a good lunch (sandwich on very fresh bread, chips, drinks, granola bar; recommend taking the lettuce off your sandwich though, to be safe). And you get a CD with pictures on it at the end! We brought our own snorkel equipment but were impressed with the quality of theirs. One thing to be aware of, there is a long wait (maybe 30 mins) at the start while everyone gets fitted out with snorkel equipment. And, Cabo is a tendered port, so make sure you get in the tender line early enough.
Reviewer: Stacia Roesler
5 Stars
Snorkel by the Arch
October 31, 2019
This tour turned out to be a very interesting, fun and pleasant experience... even though unfortunately we did not get to do the snorkeling part! Cabo San Lucas had been hit with extreme rain causing the waters to be polluted and all swimming/snorkeling in the area was was banned due to health safety by the city officials. We did however get a great boat ride out and around the Famous Arch and area. The tour company re-arranged and added good alternatives to make up for the lack of the main anticipated part of the tour and gave a bit of refund as a good gesture for the unfortunate problem. I would recommend this tour as it is a beautiful place to tour!
Reviewer: Reba Rosshardt
4 Stars