Snorkel at Pelican's Rock

Snorkeling at Pelican Rock
December 11, 2023
An amazing experience and helpful staff
Reviewer: Jo Hetherton
5 Stars
A beautiful day at Pelican's Rock
May 16, 2023
This was the best shore excursion of the 7 that I took on my recent cruise. Highly recommend
Reviewer: Janita Lee Aalto
5 Stars
Friendy crew
January 30, 2023
We had a really nice time on our snorkel. It was listed as 'Captain's Choice', so I was hoping we would go someplace other than Pelican Rock (where I have been on a couple of occasions, and it is always a crowded mess thanks to the iconic view of Cabo's famous Arch). The water was cold (it was January), but nevertheless, we acclimated and saw a ton of fish. They gave us a nice lunch (which I was happy to eat) and took pictures, which they (same day) e-mailed to us for free.
Reviewer: Traci
4 Stars
Great Tour!
May 17, 2022
The tour was easy to find, everyone on the pier helped to direct us to where we needed to go, so friendly in Cabos! Our guides were fun and knowledgeable. We learned so much and go some amazing pictures!
Reviewer: Kelly Reid
5 Stars
Snorkeling at Pelican Rock
March 29, 2022
Great shore excursion and guides, who explained some of the history near Pelican Rock. They offered to take pictures of us both from the boat and in the water while snorkeling. The snorkeling pictures taken were emailed to us the following day. Sub sandwich, chips, and drink provided. Highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Matt McBride
5 Stars
Beautiful snorkeling
October 28, 2021
Well run operation, seen plenty of wildlife both in the water and out. These guys did a great job. With lunch and a DVD of pics they took in the water, this excursion is a good value.
5 Stars
March 24, 2020
Was an excellent experience, have never seen or swim with so many fish. The staff was top notch. Will recommend this excursion to all my friends & family.
Reviewer: Chad Christenot
5 Stars
Great Snorkel Expedition
March 11, 2020
My wife and I have snorkeled during numerous shore excursions and this was the best for several reasons. First- a friendly crew that first went out of their way to make sure we saw some whales. Second- a small/manageable group on the boat- nine guests. Third- the guide snorkeled with us using a Go-Pro camera and gave each of us a CD of the pictures he took.
Reviewer: John Lundell
5 Stars
Surprised by whales
March 10, 2020
This was supposed to be a snorkeling tour, but the water was pretty cold (February) and no one on the boat with us lasted in the water very long. The water is very clear and we ran into some whales -- it sort of became a whale-watching tour. We were all freezing, so we all asked to be taken back to shore early -- didn't even go on the beach. If you were to go during warmer season, I think this tour would be perfect.
Reviewer: Yunny
4 Stars
So much fun!
March 09, 2020
Had a wonderful time on our snorkeling tour! The tour of the beaches around Pelican's Rock was informative and lovely! Our guide and boat driver were very helpful getting us into and out of the boat safely. So many fish in the water! Our dive master made great efforts to show us sea life: star fish, sea urchin, and even a puffer fish! He kept our group together safely! Very good tour!
Reviewer: LEI PUTNEY
5 Stars
Snorkeling at Pelican's Rock
February 12, 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed this whole experience. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone who loves snorkeling and swimming with the "fishes". The weather was perfect and the tour operators were excellent.
Reviewer: Sue Northcott
5 Stars
Fun time snorkeling
January 28, 2020
This was a great time. We saw lots of fish and toured the area. It was especially great to get the disc with our pictures on it when we were done. I would highly recommend this trip.
Reviewer: Rick Krupa
5 Stars
Awesome Snorkeling
October 22, 2019
This was a great little excursion! The instructions were clear and correct, and even though our ship’s itinerary changed, the tour was rescheduled to match. The guides were great, one was Aurelio, who was a lot of fun and took some great GoPro videos and photos that were provided on CD for free at the end. The bag lunches were pretty great actually and the guides were happy to drop us off on Lover’s Beach for lunch. The guides were laid back but professional. The “glass bottom” boat isn’t a selling point; you can’t see much through it at all, but the snorkeling was awesome. It was also great having a small group (3-4 couples). We’d do this excursion again for sure.
Reviewer: Brandon
5 Stars
August 28, 2019
My wife and I have snorkeled in other places before and found this to be as enjoyable as anywhere else. Our guide took pictures of the whole group, as well as, individual pictures of us while we were underwater. The scenery was awesome and the rock formations were magnificent. Good Time!
Reviewer: Mike Bell
5 Stars
So much fun!
August 20, 2019
Traveled with my 2 kids 12 and 11. We had a blast. We saw beautiful fish. In the end the tour guides gave us a disk of pictures they took while snorkeling. Now I have memories for a life time. Thanks!
Reviewer: Monique
5 Stars
Great Afternoon!
August 03, 2019
We enjoyed our outing very much. The up-close views of outcropping rocks, beaches, and the world-famous Arch did not disappoint. Our guide, Aurelio, was wonderful: pleasant, knowledgeable, and personable. He was very patient and professional with one passenger who was ridiculously cranky, even rude. The area we snorkeled was very busy, with many small group tours line ours in a relatively small area. But Aurelio guided us to an area that was full of amazing fish and not crowded. The water was choppy, but still very clear. We could see all the way to the bottom, which was 15-25 feet. The photo CD was a nice bonus, and the sack lunch of a sandwich, chips, and juice was welcome after a busy time snorkeling. I would definitely take this trip again and recommend it!
Reviewer: Kendra Helsley
4 Stars
Great Excursion!
July 31, 2019
Everyone involved was professional and nice. The sack lunch was tasty and fresh. The boat staff were friendly and helpful. They took pics during the entire trip including underwater during the snorkeling, then burned each group a CD of the pics for free. The snorkeling area itself was a little small and shallow, but that’s just Cabo.
Reviewer: Nick
5 Stars
Glass bottom snorkel
April 11, 2019
Very enjoyable. The boys saw tons of fish and were thrilled. The captain and helper were very helpful and nice.
Reviewer: Norma Jean Walsh
5 Stars
Fun and rewarding snorkeling
March 20, 2019
Our guide did a great job he really went the extra mile, took underwater photos and pointed out different species. Plus he burned the photos to a CD and gave all the clients copies. He knows how to entertain tourists.
Reviewer: Bruce Corder
5 Stars
Awesome adventure!!
March 13, 2019
Had a great time snorkeling! Got to make new friends and see beautiful fish, pelicans, sea lions and harbor seals up close! Water was wonderful and guide was very informative and friendly. Photos taken by guide with underwater GoPro camera turned out amazing! Definitely will do this excursion again next time in Cabo San Lucas!
Reviewer: Susan Conrad
5 Stars
March 04, 2019
Snorkel guide was excellent. Pictures he took were great. Best snorkel experience we have had.
Reviewer: Kevin Hachinsky
5 Stars
Wonderful excursion
February 07, 2019
Went on this excursion with 2 kids ages 13 and 3. They were very professional, started our tour a couple hours early and upgraded us to a private tour. My 3 year old is under the minimum age but they allowed him to not only tag along but they also allowed him to participate provided I held him the whole time in the water. Note we did bring our own toddler life vest for him. Kids were excited to see the different fishes through the glass bottom and also snorkling. They provided lunch (sandwich, granola bar, chips, juice) which was a nice surprise considering I didn't know or remember that it was provided. Also because they started us early, that gave us time to go back into the cruise to change then head out for a couple of hours to explore the area and shop. Overall, it was a terrific excursion and I would not hesitate to book it again.
Reviewer: Amy
5 Stars
Saw lots of fishes
January 11, 2019
Great experience, saw lots of colorful fishes. The guide is super nice, he helps to take pictures and provides all equipments. He even provided the disc with all photos to us.
Reviewer: Buxin Chen
5 Stars
January 09, 2019
This excursion was awesome! The whole family loved it.
Reviewer: LN
4 Stars
Pelican Rock Snorkeling
August 20, 2018
This is an enjoyable excursion especially for those who are not strong swimmers but enjoy the water and want to see aquatic life. The guides require you to stay together as a group which is understandable from a safety perspective but it does inhibit you to freely look and observe the sea life as you are constantly looking around to make sure you have not gotten too far from the group. There were quite a few beautiful fish and other sea life to see. The guides also provided a tour of the various rock formations as we drove to and from our snorkeling location. It was a nice outing.
Reviewer: Chanda Felder
4 Stars
Children enjoyed snorkeling
August 13, 2018
We are family of 4, including 11 years old son and 8 years old daughter. Both enjoyed excursion safely. We saw a lot of fish, tour guy tried to entertain, it was good. Negative points are 1. sea water temperature was low, 2. it was open water area and bit hard for children, 3. clarity of sea was not so good.
Reviewer: Yu
4 Stars
Snorkel with the Fish
May 14, 2018
Our boat was "full" but that still was less than 14 people - great for snorkeling in 2 small groups. There are 3 relatively small windows in the bottom of the boat but everyone could see the fish. Many boats were around the "fish" area but most had left that snorkeling area by the time we returned from the sightseeing portion to the snorkeling time. The fish are quite accustomed to the guides and swim toward them as they feed them. Guides were great, pointing out different species, letting us hold puffer fish and finding sea stars for us to hold. Loved the CD of pictures! Be warned: the water is quite cool!
Reviewer: Peggy Kirkman
5 Stars
Great adventure !
April 09, 2018
We had a great time, Mario went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time. He took the time to "capture" specimen to allow us to see them from up close and personal. Can't wait to get back to Los Cabos !
Reviewer: Francois Burton
5 Stars
Pelican Rock snorkeling tour
February 27, 2018
We were treated with the upmost respect and felt very safe. The staff was helpful and made it fun.
Reviewer: Craig Bertholf
5 Stars
Best tour!
January 26, 2018
The snorkeling was a little choppy but out of a few hours the water was most clear with the most wildlife. So beautiful. But best of all the people we so friendly and funny. I feel so bad we completely forgot to tip and out of all the tours I would have rather given them all the tips!
Reviewer: Arthi Sachdev
5 Stars
Snorkel at Pelican Rock
November 22, 2017
The excursion met all my expectations. We took a short trip around the tip of Baja and into the Pacific Ocean and back again. The young men gave informative information. I saw many fish, including some unusual ones I hadn't seen before. The crew were extremely helpful in facilitating getting us on and off the boat and leading us in the water. They were also very fun!
Reviewer: Phyllis Hamilton
5 Stars
so much fun!!
May 22, 2017
First off our cruise ship arrived late into Cabo and we were so stressed we would miss the excursion. Thankfully they waited for us. Check in was a little unorganized but that would be my on complaint about the experience. Mario like super Mario (that was how he introduced himself) was our guide and the drivers name has escaped me. Anyway, both were friendly and helpful upon boarding the boat! Mario was a great tour guide super fun and informative. Then they both snorkeled with us and educated us on the fish and area. They had a GoPro and took pictures of us and fish and quickly burned them to a DVD and gave it to us and with all that lunch was included. Our party had a great time and learned a lot about the sea life and local area, would definitely book it again!!
Reviewer: Mel
5 Stars
great service
March 30, 2017
The trip was excellent. They even took pictures of us snorkeling. The guide never left us at any point. We even got a little lunch. Well done!
Reviewer: Joanne McDonald
5 Stars
Great tour, but a little hard to find the office
January 21, 2017
Our ticket for the excursion said meet the guide at the end of the pier. There were many tour guides with signs trying to get people to go on their tours, but we did not see the one we were looking for. We asked a few of the guides. Finally, someone pointed us down the street, to the right of the pier. There was a row of little buildings and we found ours. They welcomed us, gave us snorkel gear, and a sack lunch. We took the glass bottom boat out in the harbor, saw Pelican Rock and the Arch, had lunch on Lovers Beach, then got back in the boat to the snorkel area. Our guides were great, they dove down to show us animals, and took pictures of each person. We saw lots of fish, octopus, ray. I got to hold the octopus. At the end, they gave each family a DVD with pictures--no extra expense!
Reviewer: Laurie M Engelbeck
4 Stars
Pelican Rock Snorkeling
December 13, 2016
This excursion was excellent!!! We did not have to wait in line with the large cruise groups and received personalized attention. It was wonderful for my younger brother who had never snorkeled before. The guides were both amazing and enthusiastic. We also loved the pictures that they took of us underwater. We give it a 10!! We'd definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Brittany Lovett
5 Stars