El Quelite Rural Tour

Nice tour
December 12, 2019
This tour was nice. It was a great way to get off the beaten path and stay away from the touristy areas, and suitable for our 2 year old. About a 30 minute drive to a small town outside of Quelite that had cute little houses and cactus growing on the roofs, and we got to see a tiny rural quail farm. When we got to Quelite we did a little walk up to a lookout, which had a nice view of the town, then walked up to the rooster farm, but it was closed so we did not go inside. Then we got to walk around town for a little. Lunch was the highlight of the tour--absolutely beautiful with roosters running around, green plants, artistic chairs, and a very rural feel. The food was authentic and was fantastic. A great tour if you want to see a side of Mexico that most cruise ship passengers don't get to see. Martin was our guide and we absolutely loved him. He answered all of our questions and offered a Mexican perspective.
Reviewer: Alison Rodgers
4 Stars
Slow pace
December 02, 2019
Interesting tour if you just want to see the country, but there isn't much to see in El Quelite except the cuteness of the town. On the way we stopped at a liquor-making factory. In El Quelite we visited the excellent local Panaderia, and had lunch at the adorable restaurant (which came to like $10 per person total). We were given some time to shop, but there wasn't much interesting to buy. Stopped at a quail farm. Very slow-paced, but a great way to see how people live in rural Mexico. If you're there on a weekend, apparently the town has more going on (folk dances and such). The guide was interesting, and we travelled in comfort in a new Mercedes mini-bus, with plenty of drinks offered.
Reviewer: Stacia Roesler
4 Stars
Get out of the City!
December 23, 2015
El Quelite Rural Tour is a visit to old Mexico and a chance to see places and people in their rural Mexican villages. It's a 45 minute or so drive out of Mazatlan with a guide who shares what living in rural areas is like and gives some history along the way. We only had five guests in our van, so the guide asked if we wanted to take in anything special. I don't think we knew what to answer, so we stuck to the set tour. We visited a working farm and saw the livestock, checked out the cheese factories and then headed to El Quelite. Nice small town that raises fighting roosters (among other things). We than ate at a very unique restaurant. Good food, came to about $10 per person including tip and soda.
Reviewer: Randy
4 Stars