Stone Island and Old Town Sightseeing Tour

Stone Island and Old Town Sightseeing Tour
March 29, 2022
The tour started out traveling through the old part of town. The tour guides shared interesting history with several stops along the way, for a couple of chances to see sites and/or shop for souvenirs. The latter part of the tour was a boat ride to Stone Island followed by a couple hours of beach activities (we did boogie boarding and banana boat), lunch, and relaxing. Great tour, highly recommend!
Reviewer: Matt McBride
5 Stars
Fun Excursion
January 24, 2020
this was a very fun Excursion. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Enjoyed the Sightseeing tour and the time on Stone Mountain.
Reviewer: Pam
5 Stars
Nice combination
November 12, 2019
We enjoyed this tour as we got to see some of the city as well as swim in the ocean on Stone Island. We had 2 problems on Stone Island though - the cleanliness of where we had lunch was barely enough and it was noticeable that every little thing we did on Stone Island, people were pushing for tips. Maybe I just needed to know beforehand so I could be prepared. We are used to tipping but not to the extent that was evident on Stone Island.
Reviewer: Karen Cumpstone
4 Stars
Good Tour
November 08, 2019
Our guide was great. Very knowledgeable on the history, and different areas on the Old Town Sightseeing part of the Tour. The boat ride to Stone Island was fun. Stone Island was a nice setting. Open Bar, and the food was decent. Dining right on the beach. Only disappointing thing was we were offered three activities. One of the three we chose was horseback riding. We had hoped it would be on the beach, however, it was on city dirt roads in the vicinity of the restaurant. Overall, we did have fun and would recommend the tour.
Reviewer: Rob Lambert
4 Stars
Great experience
August 24, 2019
Very good tour. The tour guide and people work on beach are very nice. My sons like the beach time!
Reviewer: Mei
5 Stars
Great shore excursion-City and Beach
June 30, 2019
great combination of both city tour and beach tour with food, drinks and activities included (chose horseback riding and banana boat), so much fun! definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Zita
5 Stars
Great Time
May 16, 2019
We had a really good time on this excursion, just didn't know we were going to a beach. So we didn't wear swim suits. Still had a good time though
Reviewer: Cathy A Coss
4 Stars
Stone island and sightseeing
May 15, 2019
Beautiful experience the hosts were very welcoming and attentive but wished we had more time in the city
Reviewer: gabriela c
4 Stars
Well worth the money
May 09, 2019
We had a wonderful time on the Stone Island and Old Town Sightseeing Tour. Our guide was very proud of his city and gave lots of information to the history and the progress that is happening. We had plenty of time to shop and he was able to help guide us to a few items we were searching for. I never felt rushed. Stone Island was very nice and the food was great.
Reviewer: Danette Geltz
5 Stars
Stone island
May 09, 2019
My husband and I had a wonderful time on this excursion. The beach was our favorite part. We ended up going on the banana boat ride. We had a great time.
Reviewer: Shelley Hobbs
5 Stars
Convenient and coordinated
May 03, 2019
It was great double dipping in this port we were able to see the town and relax at the beach as well as pump some adrenaline with the banana boat and horseback riding. Once you're done with the taxi tour you come back close to the pier and hop on a ferry to stone island (it's right by the ship). Convenient and coordinated.
Reviewer: Carson
5 Stars
Full day of fun with a great finish at the beach
April 16, 2019
Great excursion great staff, food, hospitality and entertainment. In the description I would add that towels are not supplied so we could make sure and bring our own.
Reviewer: Judi Smith
5 Stars
Great tour & fun day
March 26, 2019
This was a great excursion to take as we got to see and learn about Mazatlan from a local guide. Then for the second half of the tour we visited Stone Island and got to hang out at the beach. We enjoyed good food, incredible cocktails and a horse back ride as well as other activities on offer. Really worth the money!
Reviewer: andrew lees
5 Stars
Great experience
March 05, 2019
We really enjoyed ourselves. Prefect amount of time siteseeing and relaxing
Reviewer: Deanna Rodriguez
5 Stars
AMAZING time at the Stone Island and Old Town Sigh
February 28, 2019
We really enjoyed our time at the Stone Island and Old Town Sightseeing Tour! Beautiful city view and at the Stone Island beach we had a beach reservation with 2 seats in front of the beach and just next to restaurant and the bar. The food was good and we love their coconuts. Two ladies were giving massage for a small amount of money at the beach and that was a plus. The tour guides were so nice, and made us always feel secure with them. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Francellies Otero
5 Stars
Great over view of the city and fantastic Beach tr
February 12, 2019
This was way more than we expected. The city tour gave a good feel for the history and the growth of the area. The beach with the lunch drink and horse back ride made it seem like we had actually had a vacation there. Highly recommended for every age!
Reviewer: Digette Trask
5 Stars
Great Tour
January 09, 2019
Great tour. We had a fine guide who took us on a boat to Stone Island. We lunched at a lovely restaurant on the beach with an open bar and had a choice of activities. My wife and I went kayaking. Then I went horseback riding while she rode on a banana boat. There were lots of people selling foods, colorful towels and souvenirs both on the beach and on the road.
Reviewer: Al Zagofsky
5 Stars
It was great.
December 20, 2018
This was a great tour. More time at Stone Island would have been preferred. But all in all, it was terrific.
Reviewer: Ferdinand & Debbie Hanssen
5 Stars
Good Tour
December 19, 2018
Tour of Old Town was ok. We loved seeing the cliff divers. When we got to stone island, everything was a bit disorganized at first, with food and what activities to do. But it all worked out in the end. Banana boat was an experience, make sure you can get back on.
Reviewer: Jen Gould
4 Stars
Fun Excursion
November 07, 2018
This excursion was very fun and we felt safe all the time. The return back was filled with a lots of entertainment and the food was really good.
Reviewer: Yolanda Ortiz
5 Stars
Fun but less than advertised
November 06, 2018
The excursion was fun but the horse drawn carriage was a donkey drawn tractor. The beach is swarming with vendors. Everything was a little less nice than I expected. However, I had a fun day splashing in the water and lounging on the beach. The food was good.
Reviewer: Sarah
4 Stars
Fun Tour in Mazatlan!
May 23, 2018
Our tour guide and driver, David, was great. He made sure we were all comfortable and didn't make us wait when we were ready to go to the next tourist spot in Old Town Mazatlan. Comfortable van too. The Stone Island Tour was great especially the 2 free activities included. Take note, it is very dusty in the quiet and quaint Stone Island. The beach there is amazing. The food served for lunch was minimal.
Reviewer: Sylvia
5 Stars
Great excursion
May 21, 2018
Would recommend this excursion . It was great , guides were great ,had a great time
Reviewer: Patricia
5 Stars
Fun day in the sun & Good Food
April 16, 2018
We took the horseback ride and the horse carriage ride because we did not bring bathing suits - the food was very goods and the coup-on was appreciated.
Reviewer: Elisa Evans
4 Stars
Old Town tour
February 27, 2018
We spent a delightful afternoon touring Mazathlan. Our guide was very knowledgeable and fun to be around. We would certainly do this tour again.
Reviewer: Craig Bertholf
5 Stars
A Great Tour!!!
October 23, 2017
This turned out to be a great call! The instructions were very clear, and it was very easy to find our guide and fellow passengers. There were only 6 of us total, plus the guide. The city tour part was perfect. The guide was very knowledgeable, and spoke excellent English. We made several stops where we were able to get out and enjoy the views and see the sights, including a great coastline overlook, the cliff divers, and the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Then we were off to Stone Island, where we were set up at a beach front restaurant with unlimited drinks, lunch and a couple of activities. My wife and I did the horseback ride, which was short, but a lot of fun. I ventured out with a few of our excursion mates on the "banana", towed behind a boat, again, a lot of fun! Then they got us back to the port in time to walk around the marketplace that is right there by the cruise ship.
Reviewer: Al Breitwieser
5 Stars
Stone Island
March 30, 2017
Excellent, very accommodating, interesting, knowledgeable, and nice guide. I love Mazatlan! We always felt safe and happy. Great tour.
Reviewer: Rosemary
5 Stars
Fav. Excursion
March 01, 2017
We loved our tour guide, Jean Carlos! When ever we had questions, he would show us historic pictures on his phone and was happy to explain. He had a true love for Mazatlan! He would take us to beautiful vantage points, there were street vendors at a couple spots, but he never pressured you to have to buy anything. He knew we were there to see the city. We enjoyed Stone island. Went for horseback rides along the beach, and the food was great. Lots of things to do. Enjoyed a fresh coconut. Only downside was the people selling things on the beach. There were a lot of them walking along the beach, so don't expect to sleep in the sand. Overall, we would go back and do a tour with Jean Carlos again. We are definitely planning a trip back to Mazatlan.
Reviewer: Andrea
5 Stars
Excursion, Stone Island
February 01, 2017
It was awesome, loved my guide
Reviewer: Cindy Gates
5 Stars